The Visit

                  The Visit

                  Silently the young child enters the church
                  It is dark
                  It is quiet
                  and just a little frightening

                  as his eyes adjust to the light
                  objects begin to take shape
                  a statue,
                  a side chapel,
                  windows full of color,
                  telling beautiful stories of love
                  more statues
                  an enormous crucifix. . .
                  but they are not why he has come

                  He continues searching with his eyes
                  until he finds it  
                  behind the altar

                  There is what he has come to see
                  Jesus' house,
                  all of gold  
                  so beautiful, yet so lonely

                  He knew people didn't visit much
                  making Jesus sad
                  That was why he'd come
                  He didn't have anytning to say
                  He didn't know how to pray
                  He had just come to be. . .
                  with Jesus
                  just for awhile
                  And inside His house of precious gold
                  Jesus smiled.

by: Marlicia Fernandez