Our Ladies Help

Table For Two

by Antique1

I had been suffering from chronic migraine headaches since the birth of my son three years ago. I began seeing a specialist who prescribed medication for me. Prior to the last four weeks, I had a migraine every single day for approximately six weeks. I was not only taking daily preventative prescription medication, but pain relieving mediction at the onset of a headache as well. I contacted the doctor on numerous occasions because they had become increasingly out of control. He finally said he did not think he could treat me anymore and was going to send me to a biofeedback specialist. I was extremely upset because I thought this meant living with the headaches, which were slowly taking over every aspect of my life. That night I said the rosary and asked for help. I asked Our Lady to take them away and to help me help myself. The next day they began to go away. This was approximately four weeks ago. I no longer take any pain relieving medication. It's been a miracle for me.