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Needs that people have asked that we pray for Please include these prayers in your intentions.

Dearest Mother Mary, through your Immaculate Heart, united to the infinite merits of your Son's Sacred Heart, the whole Heavenly Court, and the Church on earth, please intercede, direct, and allow all the souls in purgatory and all the Guardian Angels to intercede for all the intentions of the Church and that are upon our hearts, which are offered up for others, the world, and ourselves.  Also let these special Angels that are present at all the Eucharistic Celebrations of the whole world, each and every day in perpetuity through your grace, that each Guardian Angel bring a soul out of purgatory, conversion and contrition for a dying soul and deep miraculous conversion for a lost soul, so the evil one be left empty-handed.  Mama Maria let all people who have chosen and been gifted with celibacy, especially Priests, religious, and the consecrated, that each and every day of living the celibate life, that they to also bring out souls out of purgatory, conversions to the dying and new miraculous conversions for the lost each day.  Mother Mary may your Virginal, Pure and Immaculate Heart reign in all souls and may many more people come to live in Christ. Amen.
Please pray for my husband who is suffering from heart disease.
Please pray for my father who is suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.
Please Pray for my father he has a heart condition and seems unhappy and irritable all the time.
For my husband. For him to understand he has got to put ALL his problems in God's hand and stop taking them back in anger and a special intention
Please pray that we have as much as we need as long as we need it.

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