Free Will



Is God all powerful? Your previous replies seem to say that our "free will" out weights His. ("God may nudge us from time to time, but ... it still remains up to us to choose our actions.") Additionally, how can God plan the ends if He doesn't plan the means?


Yes, God is indeed Alpowerful. No, I'm not saying that our free will outweighs God. What I am saying is that God does not force us into making the correct decisions in life. God wants us to choose Him, but because He wants our true love, He has graced us the "Free Will," whereby each and every individual has to decide for themselves, if they will Love and follow God, or if they will go their own way. The choice is ours.

God wants each and everyone of us to one day be with Him in Heaven, however, because we can make our own choices, there are some who will accept God's love, and there will be some who reject God's love. The choice is YOURS. Choose wisely!

God Bless,
Fr. Ray