Stations and Benediction?



Can Stations of the Cross be followed by brief period of exposition of Blessed Sacrament and then followed by Bennedition?


Certainly. In fact during Advent I offered to the parish Evening Prayer followed by Exposition and Benediction of the Most Holy Sacrament. People really enjoyed it.

Now that Lent is just about here, they asked if I was planning on having Stations and then following it with Exposition and Benediction. I said, "I'm way ahead of you. I have been planning for it, and looking forward to it."

The one thing to be careful of, is that the Church does not encourage two devotions going on at the same time. Exception being, Evening Prayer and Exposition can take place at the same time. Putting Exposition and Stations at the same time would be wrong, but to have Exposition follow the Stations is on good standing.

God Bless,

Fr. Ray