Catholicism or Paganism


Which came first? paganism or catholicism, because both have the same rituals.


Paganism came first.

Reasons: 1) Paganism has roots in polytheistic practices. That is to say, a worshiping more than one god. This was wide spread practice thousands of years ago. We see this in the Egyptian time as noted in the Old Testament.

Granted, God revealed Himself to Abram, later known as Abraham, as the one true God. Abraham was the father Isaac, who was the father of Jacob (later known as Israel). Jacob had 12 sons, which became known as the Israelites. From Abraham on, even though at time they wandered to other gods, they became known as the People of God. They had one God, but this is not Catholicism.

Catholicism, has it's roots in Christ. Through the teachings of Jesus, we have come to know God as One Being, yet three distinct persons. This is the mystery of the Trinity. God = Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

2) Paganism also refers to people of little or no faith. From the beginning of time, there have been many that have walked the face of the earth, in search of earthly delight and have had little or no faith in God. There are still many today who choose to live the same way. Catholicism has only been around for a little under 2000 years.