Why are lay persons sometimes allowed to preach the homily. Canon Law 767 S1 states that preaching the homily is reserved to a priest or to a deacon. Canon Law authorizes lay preaching in the liturgy but such preaching should not replace the homily Cans. 766 767 S1.


Lay people are never allowed to preach, at least not legally. Only the ordained have the Faculty to preach (that is as you have stated, Priests and Deacons). You are also correct in saying that others can speak at times, for example, why not invite a couple to talk about the joys of marriage, or have a Principal talk about education? But they should do so after communion, and it does not take the place of the homily. The homily, can be shortened, but not omitted. Exceptions to having a Homily are weekdays, and Palm Sunday(a brief homily may be given).