Are there pets in Heaven


Recently, I have lost my constant companion of 15 years,my dog Bandit. Bandit's last 2 years were tough because he became ill. What happens to our pets when they pass. As he is one of God's creatures I believe that he too will have everlasting life. Perhaps in a different more perfect than earthly form. Father, what is your belief? Thank you for your help?


When the church speaks of going to Heaven it refers to humans, because we are rational, and can choose between good and evil. God has made a covenant with us, and resulting from that covenant comes the promise of eternal salvation to anyone who accepts and welcomes God's love and mercy.

That being said, the Church does not teach anything about pets going to Heaven. Does that mean that it does not happen? No. Does it mean that pets do go to Heaven? No. I guess it means that we do not know. And since it is believed that Heaven is far greater than anything we could ever imagine, then why could pets and animals not be allowed into Heaven?

God Bless,

Fr. Ray