Is it o-kay to accept help from Masons?


Father -

My family is new to the faith.
My son was born with many birth defects 11 years ago.
My family was devastated by the costs of medical care
for our son.  After loosing every material thing we owned,
we applied to the Masons for relief.
They have paid for almost all my son's medical needs since.
Does the Church expect me to refuse further help for my son,
now that I know the official stance on the Masonic orders?


Let me start by saying that I'm sure that you and your family have gone through an awful lot over the years. I'm sure that you are very grateful for all that the Masons have done. The Church states that a Catholic cannot be a member of the Masons. As far as any other response, I think that it would be best if I stopped here, and invited you to go and talk to your local pastor. Without being aware of all the details and such, I think that this is a case where you need to sit down and have a conversation. Sorry that I can't tell you more, but I'm sure your pastor can help you sort things out. God Bless, Fr. Ray