Kneeling -- obey or disobey?


OK, so now I'm really confused (over the standing/kneeling during the consecration of the host)! 2 years ago (this coming lenten season) our Bishop, ordered that we all stand during this time. My wife and I do, soley out of respect for the orders of our Bishop...Yet I have always thought that this was wrong. I even inquired of our priest and was told that it was OK, because the US Bishops Conference approved this. Now I see by your answer, that this has not been approved by the Vatican. So what's a good catholic to do? Abide by my Bishop's authority, or disobedience? Respectfully


That is indeed a very good question....

What should one do, when even the Bishop (the leader of the local Church) tells people to do things that they should not.

First in regards to kneeling: The correct discipline now is to kneel from the end of the Sanctus (Holy Holy) until the conclusion of the Great Amen (just before the Our Father). Everyone but the priest (and if present the deacon) is to kneel. The Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions is pressuring the National Conference of Catholic Bishops(NCCB) to change this, claiming that "the people" are clamoring for the right to stand during the eucharistic prayer. The truth of the matter is that the people are not clamoring for this and in fact have never even been asked! This is the effort of a handful of self-appointed authorities who seek to undermine the sense of the sacred and to blur the distinction between the priesthood of the faithful and the ministerial priesthood. (I'm not including your Bishop as one of these, your Bishop has simply acted on what he thought is right.) However, when the issue came up before the NCCB, they voted to have the Rite remain as it is.

For as much as I know, kneeling is still be be from the Holy Holy until the Great Amen. Perhaps your Bishop, being a Bishop and going to the NCCB meetings knows something that I do not. What you might want to do, is ask the local pastor, "When did the NCCB make the change possible, and where is it written?"

I can't tell you to go against your Bishop, but I do hope you check into this some more. Let me know what you find out, because I'd like to know if I'm wrong (I don't think I am, but I could be).