Infused Contemplation?



In my readings as one in RCIA, I've come across some references I don't understand and which aren't explained in any of my books. They're from "Seeking Spiritual Direction" and seem to be part of, or connected to, something called "infused prayer" or"infused contemplation.

"The references are to 'two dark nights' and 'seven mansions.' They also seem, especially the 'mansions' to be related to St. Teresa. Can you provide me with, or point me to, more information on these? Many thanks, and Dominus vobiscum.


Infused Contemplation is a state of union with God in which love, rather than any distinct idea, is the means of union. However, infused contemplation is not something we can achieve by our own efforts; it is a gift of grace. It gives us an intimate contact with God far superior to theology but does not prohibit us from turning back (outside of prayer) to the more rational type of knowledge proper to theology.

To put that into English: A good example would be something I experienced years ago. I awoke early one morning, and decided to look out the window. I noticed that the sun would be rising soon, so I sat on the window sill and waited. Growing up on the farm, I saw the sun rise many times. Yet, this day was the first time I experienced the sun rise. The beauty was breathtaking. I truly experienced God that morning, and I'll never be able to put into the words the very intimate moment that I had with God. Nor will I ever forget that moment.

Thanks for the Question. I hope you have a wonderful year.

God Bless,

Fr. Ray