Are priests more holy?


Why are priests considered to be more holy than other Christians? Does Paul lie in 2 Corinithians 5:21 when he extends equal righteousness through Christ upon all believes?


Good question. I don't know why people presume that priests are more holy than other Christians. Some indeed are. We can look at Bishop Fulton Sheen, and few would doubt his holiness. We can look at the Pope, and no one would argue. However, at the same time we can look at a lot of layity and see people who are just as holy, and some who are even more holy than the average priest.

I guess, for the most part, people refer to priests as being more holy, because they have given and dedicated their life to the service of God. But this does not mean that my prayers have any more weight than Mrs. Jones' prayers.

God Bless.

Fr. Ray