Did Judas really have a Free Will?


Dear Father,

Jesus said to the 12 apostles that one would betray Him. He said it would "have been better if this man had never been born." Jesus knew Judas would betray Him--now was Judas predestined to do this so Scripture could be "fulfilled." If so, was it fair to Judas? I know we all have free will and Judas could have changed his mind and not betrayed Jesus. An act of free will. But if Judas chose not to betray Jesus, would Scripture have been able to be fulfilled? Would Jesus have been crucified and died for all sins if Judas did not betray Him? It almost seems like this job was meant for Judas to pave the way for Jesus to die to save all men. Just as Jesus was destined to come from the line of David---was Judas hand picked--- destined to betray Jesus for Scripture to be fulfilled? It would have been better if this man had not been born----but the fact that he was born---was Judas predestined to


Well, that is a question that many people could argue over for many moons, and still not settle the debate.

However, the Church tells us that each and every one of us, has a free will. That is, we can choose to do good, we can choose to do evil.... we can choose to sit and do nothing. The choice is yours, mine, and theirs.

The Church also teaches that God is all knowing. His omniscience, lets God know beforehand what the outcome will be. How is this possible? Because God's foreknowledge exists in the Eternal order and not in the Temporal order.

Even though God may nudge us from time to time, by way of others, our Guardian Angels, and the Holy Spirit, it still remains up to us to choose our actions, or lack thereof.

God Bless,

Fr. Ray