True Forgiveness


Have you ever dealt with folks who are repentant and full of remorse for confessed sins? I understand that my sins were forgiven, forgotten by Our Lord, but the memories still haunt me. My spiritual director has not found me to be scrupulous. Your advice please.


Yes, I have. As you stated, you realize that God has fully forgiven you, but sometimes we have a hard time forgiving ourselves, because we truly are sorry for our failings. I would not say that you are scrupulous either, but rather that you take your relationship with God very seriously.

If someone like you came to talk to me, I would try to get a deeper understanding as to how your past sins haunt you. Not the sins themselves, but rather how you are affected by them now. Then perhaps going backwards to the sins themselves, as well as the remorse and spending time talking about the unlimited love that God has for all of us.

To know that God forgives us is easy, but to forgive ourselves, and to go on as if those sins never happened, is the difficult part. But know in your heart, that that is exactly what God wants us to do, after we are forgiven..... God forgives, and forgets..... we forgive, and remember.