Brothers and Sisters in Heaven


Dear Father

Thanks for the great site. Let's suppose, in earthly life, a husband/wife have a child. The marriage fails, resulting in a divorce and annulment. Both parents go their separate ways, but through the years, both remain in the child's life, throughout their entire earthly existence. Through the years, the man and woman re-marry other people, have other children.

Now, everyone involved has died and gone on to the afterlife. What of that 1st child, that was so loved by both parents . Must that person divide his/her time in heaven amongst his/her 2 separate families? If so, what of the saying-In heaven, we will all be reunited. Thanks for your help, Father.


Well, one mistake that many people make is that they try to imagine Heaven as if it is Earth.

This can't be done.... heaven is entirely different. Marriage and families is something that we need while here on Earth. However, our goal is to be one with God in Heaven. Ultimately, we belong to God's family, and that is the only family that will matter in the Kingdom of Heaven. Even Jesus tells us that in heaven people are not seen as husband and wife.