I'm curious. What are your thoughts on all this "end times" hysteria? I normally have not thought much about it as I expected there would be plenty of this stuff going around as we approach the year 2000. However, I have since heard rumors that the pope believes the end is near. Also a couple of things I've read have me curious.


There have been people for hundreds of years, claiming the the end of times was just around the corner..... Even the Gospel writer Mark, thought that the end was near, that is why he used the word immediately so often.... over 40 times in his Gospel. He wanted people to realize that they needed to get their business in order, and that that business was their relationship with God.

Down through the centuries, people keep saying that the end is near. and there have been thousands of predictions that have come and gone,and yet, here we are. Each time one date of judgment passes, someone comes along with another one. The latest I've heard deals with the Egyptian pyramids, and accordingly they are predicting that the world will end on May 5 of the year 2005 I believe.

Jesus tells us in the Gospels, that the exact time is not for us to know, but is reserved to God. I personally do not listen to the predictions, nor do I worry about them. Whether the world ends tomorrow or ten years from now, or even hundreds of years from now, there is nothing I can do to change it. I can however, follow the Gospel message, and live my life in accord with Sacred Scripture, and hope and pray that when the end comes, if I still happen to be alive, That I will be ready to meet God with a clear conscience, knowing that I did my best to live the Commandments of Loving God and Neighbor.

In other words worry about the things you have control over, and leave the rest of the worrying to God.