In going back to confession I carried a life's worth of baggage. I went face to face with the priest. I found it embarrasing for several weeks after that to speak to him or even look at him. Is this normal? I have been back to the sacrament since. The problem is not as severe but I still have difficulty with it the day after going.


The first couple of times that a person goes to confession face to face can be a bit embarrasing. It is not easy to admit our faults when the other knows who we are..... it is a lot easier when we can hide ourselves behind a screen.

However, there is no reason for you to feel uncomfortable afterwards. 98% percent of the time that someone comes to me for confession, I know who they are, whether they go face to face or not. On the same token, 100% of the time, after confessions are over, I will not be able to remember one person that went to confession, and I remember none of the sins that I hear. I can tell you that people over the years have confessed this or that, but I will not be able to say that today, someone confessed this or that. I am not there to remember what people say, I am not there to remember who confesses and who doesn't. I am there to listen, to assist, to forgive.... to share God's love and grace.

So rest assured, you can freely talk to your priest after confession. It will not make him uneasy, and it should not make you uneasy.

God Bless,
Fr. Ray