Communion to a priest only?


Dear Father,

I strongly believe in receiving Holy Communion on the tongue by the hand of the priest instead of the lay minister. Is this considered a sin of "vanity"? Whenever there are two lines leading to the priest and the minister respectively, I have the urge to follow the line that leads to the priest during Communion. I just can't bring myself to go to the lay minister.

I am going to join the church choir soon, and there is always a lay minister giving communion to the choir members. What should I do? Peace be with you, Father.


Is this one of those times when I can be a little punful and say, don't bite the hand that feeds you? (sick I know, but I could not resist {;-) )

First of all, I would have to say that the ordinary minister of the Eucharist is the priests and deacons. Everyone else who distributes Holy Communion is an Extra Ordinary Minister of the Eucharist. That being said, Extra Ordinary Ministers should only be used when the situation warrents it. Where I am pastor, we offer both the Body and Blood of Christ. Now it is impossible for me to administer both, so I have two Extra Ordinary Ministers assist, and I distribute the Body of Christ myself.

However, there are times, when the church is full, and I do invite another Extra Ordinary Minister to come forward and assist. Since they are allowed to be used, and they are installed, a person should find no reason why not to receive from them. Put another way, if everyone had to receive from the priest, what is the point of having anyone else assist? Granted, they should be used a little as possible, or as the situation warrents.

These ministers have a ministry, but they can only carry it out, when others will allow them to minister to them. I would advise you to join the choir, that too is a ministry, because singing is a vital part that allows the Mass to flow, and as we let you minister, allow the lay person to minister to you.

Thanks for your question.... I hope this helps.

God Bless,