Communion and Full Communion


Dear Father,

I have been brought up as a Baptist, but feel most comfortable with the teachings of the Catholic church. My question is two part. 1) When I attend mass is it permissible to receive Holy Communion. 2) What is the process of formally converting to Catholicism?


To respond first of all to part 1. The answer is no. Only those who are Catholic are allowed to receive in the Catholic Church (In special cases, those in union with Rome can receive). The reason for this is that those who receive Communion are expressing their belief that they are receiving the actual Body and Blood of the Glorified Christ, and not bread and wine.

Now for part two. The best way is to talk to the local priest. Tell him of your interest in learning more about the church and possibly coming into full communion. Depending on how much you already know about certain issues of faith and morals, this could be a somewhat short process or lengthy, but not more than 8-9 months.

God Bless,

Fr. Ray