I am interested in buying a reliable Bible for our family use. Could you Recommend one? As background, over the past several years, I had a chance to read some works by Raymond E. Brown, a well-known Catholic Biblical scholar and I recall that he suggested a specific version. Unfortunately, I am not able to track down my copy of the Brown discussion to double check. Are you familiar with Brown's recommendations? Or, could you recommend one of your own favorites. I just don't know where to begin in making a selection. There are so many versions to select from.


When it comes to selecting a Bible, there are indeed many out there. It is wise to take the time to get one that is good. The Church uses the New American Bible St. Joseph Edition, as the official Bible of the United States. It is the Bible from which the Sunday and weekday readings are taken for the Mass.

The Church also recomends the New Jerusalem Bible.

Also The New Oxford Annotated Bible: New Revised Standard Version is a good choice.

Oftentimes, when reading the Bible it is not a bad idea to read a passage from more than one version. In doing so, you often get a clearer understanding of the text and the meaning because of the different translations.