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Is there a Catholic organization for Jewish people? Advise on Confession Is oral sex allowed? Do you ever go to the Catholic chat rooms? Can we send you private e-mails? Is there Scriptural basis for Free Will? Does our "free will" out weight God? Why is there no salvation outside of the church? If Christ frees us from sin, why purgatory? Are priests more holy? Jesus' brother's being cousins Do you have to be a catholic to participate in the sacrament of reconciliation? Did Judas really have a Free Will? Is it o-kay to accept aid from Masons? Must I serve jury duty? Tabernacle location? Do you really respond to questions? Willingness to have Children Can a lay person expose the Blessed Sacrament? What happened to the use of medals and devotions? Should I receive Communion from a priest only? On Forgiveness, 2 parts Is there more than one Heaven? Do pets go to Heaven? Does wearing a scapular save a person from hell? Question about getting invested About broken families and Heaven Can a Catholic receive Communion more than once a day? Should I be uneasy after face-to-face confession? I want to be confirmed, what can I do? I'm Baptist, can I receive Communion? How do I become Catholic? Having Medals Blessed Living together before marriage Should we be bowing our head at the Name Jesus What is "Internal Forum"? What criteria must be met for Mortal Sin Tridentine and Ordo Missae Masses Free Will & Predestination Can Stations be followed by exposition? Why do we call a Priest "Father"? What is the Paschal Mystery? Can you explain Purgatory to me? Catholicism or paganism: which was first? If I'm already saved or damned, does it matter how I live my life? Who can preach? Can Creed be omitted? Why did God create when He knew we would fail? 1 Should we not kneel during consecration? 2 Kneeling: Latin or Eastern Catholic? 3 Kneeling -- obey or disobey? 4 Stand corrected! Though only for some Confused about end of times predictions. Do I need to confess to a priest? Do I need to confess once a year? Can the SOUL be called Immortal? What Bible is reliable? Bible says Jesus had brothers and sisters, did He? A question of Impotency or Disability? Being forgiven by God, and forgiving ourselves. What is "Infused Contemplation? Can a Catholic be a Mason?

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