July 22

Becoming A Most Faithful Disciple

Saturday, July 22 9 St. Mary Magdalene Mary of Magdala went and announced to the disciples, "I have seen the Lord," and what he told her. John 20:18

Nowhere in Scripture is Mary Magdalene called a prostitute, although that reputation persists. Instead, she is identified as a woman "from whom seven demons had gone out" (Luke 8:2), and listed with Joanna, Susanna and other women who were early followers of Jesus. First to encounter the Risen Christ, Mary of Magdala bore this great good news back to the Twelve. Does the Church have a tendency to discount the testimony of women? Have male commentators on Scripture identified, Magdalene as a prostitute because they could not imagine her outside of a sexual role? Such theories are intriguing, but they are in a way beside the point.

Freed of her demons through the healing power of Jesus, Mary of Magdala became one of the most faithful of disciples, persevering even to the foot of the cross. As modern-day disciples, we are called to believe Mary Magdalene not because of who she was, but who she became.

Lord, may the witness of your great saints move our hearts to follow you more genuinely.

Mark Neilsen Walk With Jesus

Micah 2:1-5 * Psalm 63:2-6, 8-9 John 20:1-2,11-18