According to Table 2-4, Fuel Costs (per 1000 miles), the 20th page of the Oct. 95 Battelle Final Report for the Metropolitan Council Transit Operation, Minneapolis/St. Paul, FMD's fumigated ethanol buses ran with an improved fuel mileage over straight diesel powered buses. The total cost reduction for fuel is $19.70 per 1000 miles or a total of $689.50 per year. This fuel savings was expected by FMD because of a more gentle vehicle acceleration that was programmed electronically into the throttle control of the fumigated buses using FMD's 1990 model ThrottleMaster dual fuel controller.

Both fuel mileage and maintenance cost reduction, resulting from the FMD dual fuel controller, can be seen by comparing the cost of operation using Figure 2-3, on the 24th page of the report. Only the diesel baseline buses and the FMD fumigated buses can be compared using this graph because they ran almost equal (mile to mile). The E95 and the Trap bus comparisons cannot be compared (apple to apple) because they did not accumulate equal miles driven by the diesel baseline or fumigatedbuses. By combining the vehicle cost of operation and fuel cost, FMD's fumigated buses had a reduced cost to operate of $58.43 less than the diesel baseline buses for every 1,000 miles driven.

The grand total cost reduction of vehicle operation for FMD's five demonstration buses over the 24 month program calculates out to be a whopping $23,372 less than the five diesel only baseline buses, according to the Battelle report.

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