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For too long the major news/media outlets have used their monopoly to sway public opinion; sometimes in how a story is reported, which stories are reported, or more importantly what is not reported. Thankfully, the Internet provides "we the people" with a tool to see past the lies and dig deeper in search of the whole truth.

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Stories you probably haven't seen -- ask yourself why

New Fast and Furious Emails Show Who is BLOCKING Congress! (fast and furious...and the lying, corrupt obama administration)
Biden: More Women and Gays Will Only Make Military Stronger (biden is not the sharpest tool in the shed)
Find Out Why This Professor Says “Islamophobia” is Accelerating ‘Global Warming’ (parents, take your kids out of this college)
Artists in Phoenix Threatened with Jail for Not Serving a Homosexual Wedding!

Venezuela, Where a Hamburger is Now Officially HOW MUCH?!! ($170 dollars...stupid  bernie supporters)
National Park Service Director Makes MIND-BLOWING Comments About Trees Being Racist (shouldn't there be a minimum intelligence requirement for government jobs?)

Target Sues Men For Subduing A Man Stabbing A Girl (since target is pandering to the 0.3%, it's time to show them the other 99.7%...#nevertarget)
Why Is the Media SILENT on This 95-Yr Old Vet Nearly Decapitated by a Black Thug?
Clinton’s Received Nearly $85 MILLION from Gulf Leaders (pay for play...this is why she is not qualified to run for president)
New Study Finds that Scientists are Obsessed with Climate Models that Don’t Work! (so if they don't work why have them...follow the money, it's a scam)
PC MADNESS: Liberal Town ELIMINATES This Holiday Because It’s ‘RACIST’ (liberal indoctrination)

Bachi Bazi: The Horrific Practice of Selling Boys to Islamic Men for Sex (this is perversion...not a religion)
 Google Honors Woman Who Said She “Admires” Osama bin Laden and Mao Tse-tung (how ridiculous)
Al Gore Says He Underestimated How Serious the Climate Crisis Is (and this imbecile was a heartbeat away from the presidency)
Number of Pregnant Women in U.S. With Zika Virus Suddenly Triples Due to New Counting Method (when the facts get in your way, redefine words)
Chinese Gov’t Fabricates Several Hundred Million Social Media Posts a Year to Influence Public Opinion About the Country, Researchers Say (exactly what liberals/progressives/democrats are doing)
School Board Votes to Ban Materials That ‘Cast Doubt’ on Climate Change (once again, it's NOT about education)
Security Guard Arrested For Enforcing Bathroom Law (this is ridiculous)
Retired General Fired for Disagreeing with Obama’s Transgender Policies!
Hillary Clinton “Lying for 13 Minutes” Goes Viral – You Can See it Here!
A Sting That Exposed Facebook’s Liberal Bias (I'm guessing the same would hold true for a conservative versus liberal sting)
#BlackLivesMatter ‘Leader’ Was Just BUSTED For Something That’ll Make You FURIOUS (look what kind of people are leading this moronic movement)

Obama Gives $2 Million to “Summer Jobs Program” for Illegals (isn't this aiding and abetting a criminal?)
NC Newspaper Suggests Girls Must Overcome Their “Discomfort” at Seeing Male Genitalia in Public Restrooms (there are some real perverts in the media)
‘America Was Never Great’: Home Depot Employee’s Hat Sparks Threats and Support (then why are you still living here)
North Carolina School Board Votes to Stop Naming Valedictorians Because It’s ‘Unhealthy’ (the snowflake generation)

White House Refuses to Let Obama Adviser Ben Rhodes Testify After His Stunningly Candid Remarks on Iran Deal (everyone in the administration needs to be behind bars)
Pro-Turkey Lobbyist Sought Secret Favors From Hillary & Huma
Obama Forces Doctors & Hospitals Getting Federal Funds To Perform Abortions (should read...obama forces doctors & hospitals to commit murder)
Classified Details of Iran’s Treatment Of U.S. Sailors Will Shock Nation (how in the world did this morally vacant person get elected a president...TWICE?)
Hillary Dumbfounded When Told Of Rising Obamacare Costs (duh!)
Al Qaeda Magazine Calls For Assassinations Of American Business Leaders
Obama Announces New Rules To Regulate Oil And Gas Industries (congress makes laws not the president, calling it a rule is no different)
ICE Roundup Of Criminal Illegal Aliens Nets A Total Of 84 In One Week (for every one ICE deports, 100 illegals come in...not very effective)
Iran Tortured This Marine, The US Government Refused Do Anything About It (but bergdhal, a muslim sympathizer and deserter is retrieved immediately)
Rep. Chaffetz Castigates EPA Over ‘Systemic Cultural Problem’ as He Reveals Shocking Instances of Employee Misconduct (infuriating)
Black UI student recants claims of racist hate crime (he lied!!!)

05-17-2016:High School Bans Flags, Including Old Glory, in Effort to Not Offend Students — but Officials Were in for Quite a Surprise
Judge tells America – If Law Enforcement Won’t Stop Hillary, Voters Have To! (smart lady)
Fact-Check Finds Hillary Clinton Lies IMPOSSIBLE to Believe (hillary is a despicable person)
Classless Obama Uses Rutgers Commencement Speech to Bash Trump and the GOP (the great divider...has no business being president)

Obama Foundation Tries to Oust Homeless Vets to Make Way for Presidential Library (obama is such an embarrassment to this country, and to the human race)
Target Refuses to Remove Creepy Guy From Women’s Bathroom (target is free to have such a policy...and I am also free to choose not to shop at target)
Surprise! Electric Vehicles Worse for the Environment than Fossil Fuel Burning Cars!
47 Different Times that the Clinton’s Friends Turned Up… DEAD. (Part 1)
TEN More Dead Bodies Left in Clinton’s Wake, Part 2
10 More Dead Bodies Connected to the Clintons, Part 3

Fake Mustaches Are Now ‘DEHUMANIZING’… Extension Of Racism (what fantasy world are these screwballs living in?)
Fake Hate Crime Victims Who Fooled Hillary Get Expelled
Liberal College Demands “Sanctuary Campus” where Border Patrol is Excluded (what part of illegal do they not get?)
Little Girl Walks Into Public Bathroom Only to Be CHOKED By This Sicko WAITING for Her
Chicago Students Now Required To Use ‘Transgender Speak’ Or Face Consequences (flipping insanity)
Washington Post Is Writing a Book on Trump, But We Haven’t Even Seen Obama’s Birth Certificate? (can you say...media bias?)
Talk of Impeachment as House Begins Hearings to Investigate IRS’s John Koskinen (this is the most corrupt administration...ever)
Obama’s Decree Also Gives Males Access to Female Living Facilities at Colleges (this is what you get when stupidity is in charge)
You Won’t Believe How Much This Clinton PAC is Paying Online Trolls (no surprise for me...are YOU listening?)
Flight Logs Reveal SERIOUS Implications on former President Bill Clinton (sick...)
Impeachment Hearings for IRS Commissioner? (doesn't matter...congress will do nothing, as usual)
FIRED! Two Conservatives Fired for their Religious Beliefs, Who’s Next?

BREAKING: Blogger Who Tried To Connect CRUZ’S DAD With Lee Harvey Oswald Found DEAD
New email reveals Hillary violated MORE than just email security…
Obama admin to order all public schools to give transgender students access to bathroom of choice
Judge Rules Obama Admin. Usurped Congress’s Power of the Purse (lawlessness)

Bombshell Report: Crooked Hillary Took $100 Million From Middle East Regimes: “Massive Conflicts Of Interest” (hillary's lies and lack of moral character speaks volumes about her supporters)
New Benghazi Witness Says U.S. Military Could Have Saved Lives That Day (anyone with a brain knew this)

DISGUSTING: Supreme Leader of Iran Says Sexual Intercourse With Nine-Year-Old Girls Is Permitted (wow)
Gross Charity Fraud is what this whistleblower has found. Stuart Varney sorts it all out below. (why is she not behind bars)
Hillary Laughs As Supporter Introducing Her Takes Under God Out Of Pledge (sickening)
Hillary Rakes In Nearly $75K In Contributions From Employees Of DOJ (if they are supporting hillary they probably aren't trustworthy enough to be working in the DOJ)
QUESTION: Do YOU Think Obama Is A MUSLIM or A Christian? (of course he's a muslim...but the media is still trying to provide cover for him, read these 20 quote by obama)
BRUTAL Truth Bomb By Denmark Teacher EVISCERATES Liberals’ Call For “Free Stuff” (listen up bernie supporters...read this, if you can)
Federal Government Throws Journalist into Prison for the “Crime” of Covering BLM Protests! (are we a communist nation now?)
Former DOJ Official: Email Case Against Hillary Clinton ‘Stinks To High Heaven’ (honestly, this woman belongs in prison)
Judicial Watch Lawsuit Uncovers More Hillary Clinton Emails Withheld from State Department
Obama Admin. Suffers Another Technical ‘Glitch’ (hardly a glitch, this was intentional...their criminal behavior is so blatent)

The Federal Gov’t Ignoring Biological Facts in Favor of Wishes and Feelings
Lawsuit Alleges Flint, MI Mayor ‘Redirected’ Crisis Funds to Her Election Campaign (and yet democrats would have you believe it is all the republican governor's fault)
FBI Wants to Exempt Biometric Data They’re Collecting From the Fed. Privacy Act (symptoms of a government out of control)
Video of a State Dept. Official ‘Lying’ to Reporter James Rosen Mysteriously Deleted — Here’s the Government’s Response (liars...wasn't this supposed to be the most transparent administration...HAHA!!!)
Judge Rebukes White House for Showing “Bad Faith” and Lack of Transparency (I'm getting carpel tunnel from annotating these links with the word liar...ouch)
Environmental Activist Lied about Research Findings to Smear Opponents! (lies, lies and more lies...it sure seems there is little, if any, truth to what environmentalists are claiming)
The never ending saga of State Dept emails has another shocking turn of events (the corruption surrounding hilllary and everyone around her is astonishing)
Socialism Forcing Citizens to do the UNTHINKABLE for food in Venezuela (hey bernie supporters...this is what socialism brings)
DEAR AMERICA: School APPROVES Mexicans Wearing THIS But Bans U.S. Flag Shirts (it's time to clean house regarding public schools...remove the useless left/liberals/progressives/democrats)

Liberal NYT Columnist Admits Discrimination Against Conservatives On College Campuses (whoops...someone is going to get spanked for going off script)
Feds Put Credit Card Felon In Charge Of VA Purchasing Program (let this be a lesson to all those who think big government is the answer)
Hillary BUSTED Again: Lied About Not Being Contacted To Be Interviewed By FBI (classless, unfit got presidency)
Facebook MADE Black Lives Matter Artificially Trend By Inserting It Into News Feeds Manually (completely untrustworthy...imagine what they will do with your personal information)
NYC Priorities: No One Should Drink Soda, But Pregnant Women Should Be Served Alcohol (this is how insane liberals/left/progressives/democrats are)
Surprise! Obama LIED about Iran! (not for those who have been paying attention)
Alabama Suspends Chief Justice for Standing Up for Traditional Marriage!

It Takes 300 Hours to Become a Shampooer in Tennessee (this is what big government gets you...and why the framers of the constitution were so brilliant)
ESPN Erases Curt Schilling From Baseball History (less than ethical organization...I won't be watching any longer)
An Inconvenient Truth: Liberal Climate Inquisition Can’t Explain Past Temperature Changes (once again...global warming is a hoax, a money laundering scheme)
Illegals Feel Threatened by Park Ranger Uniforms – Demand Change (insanity...and tough!!!)
Obama Admin. Fails to Deport Approx. 99.5% of Aliens Who Overstayed Visas (what was the oath he took, oh right...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States)
Department of Education Publishes ‘Shame List’ of Faith-Based Colleges Seeking Title IX Exemption From Transgender Anti-Discrimination Rules (I guess they are more concerned about pushing liberal/progressive/democratic agenda rather than education...this organization needs to be abolished)

Parole Board to Release Muslim Radical Who Wanted to Kill U.S. Soldiers (sounds like a background check is needed on those granting the parole)
The NY Times Just Exposed Obama as a FRAUD Regarding THIS Controversial Deal
QUESTION: Why Is the Media So HESITANT to Report These Black-on-White Murders?

Terrorism Fears Rise Under Obama’s New Plan (this is treasonous...he needs to be tried and convicted)
NY Post: Even Hillary’s pals can’t pretend to believe her lies (but that won't stop them from covering for her and to help her get elected President)
Lawsuit Uncovers MORE Hillary Emails Withheld from State Dept
Investigation Proves Facebook Bias Against Israel (so facebook is a racist)
Traitor! Georgia Governor Vetoes Campus Carry Bill! (this is the very definition of a RINO)

Kerry Warns Assad: There Will Be “Repercussions” If He Breaks Ceasefire (everyone knows kerry and this administration is a joke...no one takes anything they say seriously)
Father-Daughter Dance At Elementary School Canceled: Not Inclusive Enough (this is flipping BS)
Hillary Now Trying To Suck Up To Coal Miners For Votes…  (is anyone concerned that she is able to lie so easily)
NYPost: Pet Owners Deserve “Paw-Ternity” Leave (really pawternity leave...this is insanity)
Virginia Tech Claims They Never Really Disinvited Conservative Columnist — So the Writer Releases the Evidence (are they stupid, a liar or both...you decide)
Do You Know What Your Kids are Watching? Sesame Street Goes Muslim! (more indoctrination)
After 10 Years Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” is still Startlingly Inaccurate (he did become extremely wealthy pushing the green lies)
#BlackLivesMatter Bullsh*t Just CRUSHED Their Student Enrollment, Parents Don’t TRUST This University (haha...stupidity bites the university in the rear)

Congress Considering Legislation to Feed Social/Emotional Data on Children to Feds (honestly, is there any teaching going on in schools anymore...it's all big government indoctrination)
Potential for Tyranny Off the Charts as “Digital Cash System” Unveiled on Wall Street (dangerous...you have no control over your money...government back doors,...)
New York’s Entire Roster of Democrat Leadership Caught in Various Corruption Scandals!
Consumer Watchdog Received MILLIONS in Hush Money from Google? (seems google is as untrustworthy as the government)
IED found under Texas bridge (seems like we are becoming more and more like the middle east countries)

Universities Actively Promoting Polyamory On Campus
Socialism In Action: Venezuela Runs Out Of Money To Print New Money
Lynch’s Climate Gestapo Closely Mirrors 1920-1940 Reich “Protections” (this is scary...this country is crumbling right in front of us and too many can't see it)
POP QUIZ: Guess How Many HOAX ‘Hate Crimes’ There Have Been In The Past Decade?

Obama Drops the F-Bomb at Press Cor. Dinner (that's about right...for the level of class he has shown as President)
Major Corruption Questions as the EPA is Caught Hiding Billions of Dollars in Slush Fund-Like Accounts!

WATCH: White Teenage Girl Bitten And Beat By BLACK Thugs (No Word From Obama Yet)

Shock Report: John Kerry has Millions Hiding in Offshore Tax Havens! (this is the same person who docked his yacht out of state to save $500,000 in taxes)
Kansas Required Work for Food Stamps. Here’s What Happened.

Oops! The Left Was Caught Red-Handed Stuffing the Ballot Box (the left only knows lies/deceit/corruption...so does the right but the left has mastered it)
Trump holds massive rally as protesters riot, fly Mexican flags (one question to all Mexican illegals...if you love Mexico, why did you come to the US?)
ICEGATE: Guess Who Got Caught Tampering With Climate Records? (a settled science sure needs a lot of tampering of the data to keep the lie going)

DOE Encourages Teachers to Introduce Islam to Protect Muslims from Bullying
House Passes Measure That Would Force Women to Sign Up for the Draft (let's just see if women want equality...or special status)
#BUILDTHEWALL: 19,723 Criminal Illegals RELEASED, Guess How Many Murderers & Rapists Were INCLUDED?
SOCIALISM: Refrigerators TURNED OFF as Venezuela Rationing Hits (listen up all you bernie fans...this is what socialism gets you)
The Danish Council of Ethics voted in favor of taxing red meat for the purpose of curbing global warming. (stupidity)
FYI: Here Are The TOP 20 Sex Crimes That Were Committed At Target Stores Across America

More Insanity From the WH as They Legitimize Iran’s Nuclear Program
Congressman says Most of Congress is so Corrupt they should be in Prison (duh!)
Do as they say, not as they do: Kerry, Heinz family have millions invested in offshore tax havens (hypocrite)

UPDATE: State Dept Hid Key Clinton Benghazi Email (and she will be the democratic presidential nominee...stupidity at its finest)
Pro-Hillary PAC Enlists Internet Trolls to Attack Negative Comments About Her on Social Media (nothing new to me...see the caveat link at the top of the page)
For all the Bernie Sanders supporters across the nation, this post is for you. (this is what socialism brings...wake up people)
Is This MAJOR Relief Organization Misusing YOUR Generous Donations? (the larger the organization...the less efficient and more corrupt...just look at the federal government)
Just when you thought that ‘Dirty’ Harry Reid could not surprise you any more (actually no, I'm not surprised)
7 Enviro Predictions From Earth Day 1970 That Were Just Dead Wrong (epic fail)
Student Kicked Out of Masters Program for being a Christian! (war on Christians -- or maybe good vs evil)
Black Mob VICIOUSLY Beats Blonde Girl At SCHOOL (animals)

Harvard Administration Caught Secretly Investigating Conservative Students! (America's colleges...a breeding ground for leftist/progressive/democrats)

Insanity!! Students Ordered to Stop Singing National Anthem – Cause They Didn’t Have a Permit (do we even have a constitution anymore?)

Border Patrol Council VP Just Dropped a BOMB About What Obama Has Secretly Been Doing (he took an oath to uphold the constitution and is doing the exact opposite...treasonous)
Costly Broken Wind Turbines Give College Whopping Negative 99.14% Return On Investment (it's all a money laundering scheme...just check out who profits from this)
Smoking Gun: Newly Revealed FBI “Document 17” Officially Proves The Connection Between The 9/11 Terrorists And The Saudi Arabian Embassy (all governments are corrupt that is why our (brilliant) founding fathers sought to limit their powers)
Maryland Sheriff says Immigrants are Responsible for a Recent Spike in Violence!
What the State Dept Did to the Benghazi Files AFTER they were Subpoenaed (corruption at its finest...jail time...more of this is what you get with hillary as president)
HUGE Amount of Illegal Immigrants Apprehended by Rio Grande

Female Islamic Scholar Says Muslims Can Rape ‘Non-Muslim Women'
KARMA: Black Lives Matter Leader BUSTED in Swindle (this is what justice looks like)
1,180 Documented Examples of Barack Obama’s Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, Hypocrisy, Waste, Etc.
28 Senators Send Letter Demanding That John Kerry Obey the Law (and if he doesn't we'll send another letter only this time in ALL CAPS)
Testimony Before Congress: “There is Proof” Abortion Clinics Profited from Sale of Fetuses (absolutely sickening...shows just how far society has fallen, morally)
House Republicans Introduce Resolution to Investigate Obama for High Crimes and Misdemeanors! (dog and pony show...none have the guts to do their job...and no one is ever held accountable anyway)
Obama Admin Awards $270K to Islamic Group Outlawed in Israel and UAE (aiding our enemies...how much more proof do we need before trying this sorry excuse of a President for treason)
GA Dept of Public Health Fires Doctor for Christian Beliefs (how dare someone have morals and integrity...fire him)

White Guy Tells College Students He’s a ‘Chinese Woman’…Then HILARITY Ensues (home school and skip college...you can do so much better)
BOMBSHELL! Proof Clinton Lied about Benghazi, Phone Call Catches Her Admitting Her Lie! (how is it that democrats are so easily fooled into thinking she would be a good President?)
What Does Science Really Say About ‘Climate Change’? (hint: it's not what democrats/progressives/environmentalist want you to believe)
WATCH: Dude Says Whites OWE Him Reparations, What He Said NEXT Has People Pissed Off
DEAR AMERICA: Federal Court Just RULED on Bathrooms, Get Ready To Feed The ‘SWEAR Jar (where do they find these idiotic judges?)
LIBERAL PROFESSOR Calls Non-Whites Unruly, Lying, Lazy, and Losers — Where’s the Outrage?
FEC Democrats to BAN Drudge, NYT, Free Media on Election Eve? (I can only assume that they don't want you to know what is going on)
PROOF! New Study Proves that Violence Follows Black Lives Matter!
Target Takes Stand on Transgender Bathrooms, Receives Immediate Backlash

REVEALED: Eric Holder participated in coordinated effort to obstruct Congress on Fast and Furious (time to start holding people accountable for their actions...jail time)
The Only Thing Renewable About Solar Energy is Failure (I repeat...this is all a money laundering scheme...CEO's pay themselves huge salaries and provide political donations in return)
Weeks After Fox News Hosts Smeared Cruz, Voters Are Still Buying Into Their Lies (seems like is the media is the one doing the lying)
Obama’s final attempt to destroy the US! He just undermined our national security! (remember who let them go...when they return to commit terrorism)
Judge Allows Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturer (more idiotic judges...does this mean overweight people can sue the companies that make forks?)

Spoiled Brats Get a Judge to Rule They Can Sue the Gov’t for Climate Change Inaction (idiotic judges like this are what is helping to kill America)
Lawless Government Unjustly Imprisons a Patriot for Defending Innocent Citizens
Branch of the Federal Reserve Caught Lying, Cooking the Books on Energy?
Syria Debacle: CIA-Armed Militia Are Shooting Pentagon-Armed Militia (I used to think this administration was children's hour...now I'm not so sure they are even ready for that)

What’s the Difference between “Whiteness” and Being “White”? (more BS from college professors)
FACT: Islamic Terrorists Have Entered Texas via Mexico
Not So Subtle Takeover Plan: Islamist Party Held “Fall of Capitalism and Rise of Islam” Conf. in IL (they are flaunting their intentions and we still can't see them)
IRS Commissioner Not Too Concerned By Illegals’ Theft of SSNs – As Long As They’re Paying Taxes (this man is not competent to hold his job)
Farmer Says He’s Getting Harassed, Threatened by Protesters Who Want to Save Cow He Raised to Feed His Family: ‘They’re Trying to Tell Us How to Live’
‘We Are Working Hard to Eradicate the Disease’: Why Group of Iowa State Students Are Advising White Peers to ‘Head to the Doctor’ (instead of excuses and blaming others...why not look in a mirror)
Hillary Clinton Mocks America – “You’ll Never See Me in Handcuffs”!
Obama Administration Admits it’s Running Scared on Foreign Policy!
Almost ALL Obamacare Co-ops Expected to Collapse in 2016! (once again...remember this is ALL on the democrats, no republican voted for this)

Robert Spencer EXPOSES The Islamophobia SCAM In This Epic Takedown (probably too long for most...the word is intended to squelch any dissent)
CAIR Is Covering Up This DISTURBING New Poll from Muslims (caveat emptor)
#BlackLivesMatter SPITS On Trump Rally Attendant (vermin)
President Obama Pushes the “Fair Share” Fallacy Again (what part of zero is a fair share?)
Border Patrol ordered to release illegals ‘still soaking wet’ from Rio Grande (are we no longer a nation of laws?)

Obama Maintains He Doesn’t Need Legislative Approval for Paris Climate Deal

Twitter Makes STUNNING Decision After Banks Calls For Palin GANG-RAPE (guess you can add social media to the deception game)
Justice Dept. Fails Again to Comply With Court-Ordered Subpoena (many many people in this administration need to be put behind bars)
Hillary Campaign Used Noise Machines to Block Reporters from Hearing This Speech (honestly, you have to be insane to consider voting for this dirtbag)
Uncovered: Why The Climate Change Business Is A CON Job [Meme]
Taxpayers Are Paying Over Half a Million Dollars For This Ridiculous Study (seriously...we are more than $19 trillion dollars in debt and we spend money on this?)
United Nations Troops Caught in Another Child Sex-Trafficking Scandal! (tell me again why we have this organization and why we foot the majority of the bill?)
When You Elect a ‘Community Organizer’, You Get a Race-Baiting, Lawless Fool (speaks volumes about those who voted for the fool)

Kentucky Congressman Explains how Bribery and Corruption Runs Washington, D.C.
Black Lives Matter Founder Tweets About ‘Killing White Folks,’ Lashes Out at Critics… (I believe all people are created equal...some just choose to not do much after that)
Hillary Clinton Declares ‘Not Even Remotest Chance’ She’ll Be Charged in Email Scandal (she's obviously lying, off her rocker OR the fix is already in)


About “Whiteness” & “Privilege” Is Unbelievable (this is the crap that is pushed onto your kids when they go to college)
Muslim Public Schools Prove that Islamic “Extremism” is Mainstream (can't say that you weren't warned)
Obama Claims to Have “Discretion” to Grant Illegals Social Security/Disability Benefits
Arizona College Imposes Mandatory Fee to Fund Scholarship for Illegal Immigrants (this is absolutely mind boggling)
White House to Deal with Pressing Issue of Toys That Perpetuate Gender Stereotypes (are you serious...how in the world did this clown get elected president...twice?)
Texas School Bans Parents From Walking Children Onto and From School Property — and Principal Is ‘Threatening to Arrest’ Those Who Try

Gov’t Raids Home/Seizes Property of Activist Responsible for Planned Parenthood Videos (this is what government tyranny looks like)
Watch These College Students Prove How Clueless They Are About The Supreme Court (this is the product of our education system...time to start over)
Watch What Happens When Reporter Asks College Students to Point to New Hampshire on a Map
Mom Unleashes Fury After Teacher Sends Children Home With This ‘Privilege’ Assignment (this is the BS that schools teach)
CNN Host ABRUPTLY Ends Interview Over Hillary’s Defense Of Rapist (the media providing cover for hillary)
Liberals Dumbfounded as Hillary Clinton asks Former Employee and Friend to Moderate Debates! (hillary isn't even trying to hide it)
WATCH: Hillary Goes On ‘The View’ and the Hosts Take @ss Kissing to a Whole NEW Level

Americans just got screwed by the Supreme Court one again (this is bull...why are we counting illegals)
Here’s The TRUTH About Welfare Leeches That Liberals DON’T Want You to Know
Guess How Many MUSLIMS Have FAILED To Register In Germany In Last 18mos? (merkel is transforming germany just like obama is America)
John Kerry: Thanks to Obama’s Deal, Iran is “Not as Dangerous” (this man is delusional...or a traitor)
ICE Director (Sarah Saldana): Vehicular Homicide Not Enough to Detain Illegal Immigrants (as idiotic as kerry)
White House Issues Warning: EXTREME Global Warming Threatens to Kill (right...and the root cause for this is --- an internet video)
Leader of Group Trying to Force Unisex Bathrooms in Charlotte is Hiding an Ugly Secret (he's a sex offender)
Rapper Suggests Palin ‘Needs’ to be Gang-Raped by Black Men (an embarrassment to the human race)
Muslim Mom Sues Tampon Company- She Says It Took Her Daughter’s Virginity… (stupidity on display)
Sidewalks are a local county issue. Not a federal issue. (ridiculous...children's hour at the white house and his administration can't end quick enough)
According to John Kerry — We Are Winning the War Against ISIS!

Student Accused of Violating Campus ‘Safe Space’ Policy After Raising Her Hands During a Meeting (this is where we are headed...just look at mizzou)

260,000 Veterans Have Had Their Gun Rights Revoked by the VA Since December 2015 (this is how the president and his administration treat our veterans...pathetic)
New Utah Law Requires Anesthesia for Babies Being Aborted at 20+ Weeks (if it is a mass of flesh, as some would have you believe, then why does it need anesthesia)
Chicago's murder rate soars 72% in 2016; shootings up more than 88% (keep in mind that Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country)
How Are Cyberterrorists Able to Hack US Water Treatment Facilities? (what else has been hacked that we are not told about...)
WATCH: Trump Protesters Can’t Figure Out Why They’re Protesting Donald Trump (the definition of useful idiots)

Watch as Muslims Protest FOR Terrorism NOT Against It (folks this is what evil looks like...and what we are up against)
Colleges Now Feature “Drag Shows” while Censoring Conservative Speech! (and all this only cost you $15K per year...what a bargain)
HEY, CNN: Watch Black Protester Shout Homophobic Slurs at Black Trump Vendor (NSFW) (whoa...the media can't air this...it would ruin their credibility)
Megyn Kelly And Her Crew LOSE IT When Harvard Student Explains This… (this is absolutely crazy...I barely recognize this country anymore)
California Democrats Pushing Law that will Crack Down on Global Warming “Skeptics”! (democrats/liberals/progressives live in La La land)
UNREAL: The White House EDITED Out this Little Word from the French President (lying to "we the people"...completely unfit to hold public office)
Taxpayers Are Footing Bill for Solar Project That Doesn’t Work (as I have said before...this is nothing but a money laundering scheme...follow the money)
Calls for Fracking Bans Ignore Sound Science

Obama Is FUMING After Seeing this ONE Word Insult from the Cuban State Media (even cuba thinks obama is a fool)
Teen Thugs Make RAP Video Calling for MURDER of Trump — Will the FEDS Investigate? (I don't see much of a bright future for this kid, if he continues on this path)
Another Climate Scientist Calls B.S. On 97% Consensus Claim (the liberal's fantasy world is crumbling all around them)
Woman Who Claimed That a Man Called Her a ‘Terrorist’ and Slashed Her Face Changes Her Story (lacking morals)
HEY, CNN: Muslims Celebrated In The STREETS After Brussels Massacre… Is THAT Not News?

EXTREME DANGER! It seems as if Illegal Aliens are above the law (ridiculous...illegal was arrested 24 times before being put in prison)
Stunning New Report Shows Massive Increase in Deaths by Terrorist During the Obama Era
Federal Judge Shuts Down Free Speech Rights of the Oregon Protesters – Orders them to Stay Silent! (something smells rotten here...wake up America!!!!)
Trump Campaign Manager Admits Cruz Not Involved in Melania Ad
A List of PHONY Studies The Left Counts on to Advance Their Agenda (you won't see this covered by the media)
Emmy Award-Wining Pittsburgh Anchor Wendy Bell Fired After Posting and Apologizing for Controversial Facebook Post (you will conform)
Oops Democrat Candidate Not on DC Primary Ballot After “Registration Error” (ha ha...was it incompetence or intentional...I say the latter)

Leading Journalist Admits that the Main Stream Media Constantly Lies (more proof)
Operation Mockingbird – From The Inside Out (more proof)
Propaganda 101: Operation Mockingbird Continues (more proof)
Dem AG’s Form ‘Climate Change’ Coalition: “Deniers” Face Investigations, Fines, etc. (this is what a tyrannical government look like...wake up America)
Tense Scene Unfolds When Black Woman Accuses White Student of Cultural Appropriation for Dreadlocks (childish)
Cops Respond to 17 Men Firing & Shouting “ALLAHU AKBAR” In THIS U.S. City (just because the media doesn't report it doesn't mean it isn't happening)

Obama’s Plan To Give Iran Extra Sanctions Relief (Beyond Nuke Deal) (aiding and abetting the enemy is treasonous)
Feds Want to Fine Schools for Not Obeying Michelle O’s Lunch Rules (this is insanity...we have a tyrannical government)
Obama’s Homeland Security Chief says Illegal Immigrants are “In Effect” US Citizens! (no, they are criminals)
Syria: Islamic Militias Armed by Pentagon are now Fighting Those Armed by the CIA (this administration is completely incompetent)
College Professor Ordered to Apologize for His Beliefs... or be FIRED! (college is fast becoming a waste of money)
‘The View’ Co-Host Says It’d Be ‘Satisfying’ If Cruz Really Cheated on His Wife (wow...wishing immoral behavior on someone...now there's real character and morals)

This Dairy Queen Owner Is Muslim- Enacts Sharia Apartheid To Ban Certain People…. (lets see if he gets fined $135K like the Christian bakers did...don't hold your breath)
Obama: We’ll Win the War with ISIL By Welcoming Refugees and Partnering With Muslims (ridiculous...only those with an IQ smaller than their shoe size will believe this)
One Detail Was Noticeably Missing From State Department Statement on Pakistan Taliban Attack (no mention that Easter celebrating Christians were targeted )

North Korea Threatens Nuclear Attack on D.C.


Microsoft 'deeply sorry' for racist and sexist tweets by AI chatbot (learned after only 16 hours...you might want to keep your kids away from social media)
Brussels Jihadis Plotting a NUCLEAR BOMB ATTACK (did you hear about this? No. Why not?)
Another Muslim Has Been Caught Faking a “Hate Crime” (taqiyya - lying is permitted in Islam)
15 Times Obama B**CHED About America During His Visit to Cuba and Argentina (clearly the wrong choice for a President of the US...pathetic)
Democrat State Senator says “If I was a White Guy, I’d get my Semiautomatic Weapon and… Mow Everybody Down” (why would people elect such a person)
New Jersey Insanity – Actor Faces Hard Time for Using a Prop-Pellet Gun while Filming a Movie! (Chris Christie's State...and he claims to be a republican)

Obama: ‘There’s Little Difference Between Communism And Capitalism’ (well....they both start with the letter 'C' and end with a 'M')
Blatant Admission: “We Redistribute De Facto the World’s Wealth By Climate Policy” (to all you tree huggers...it has ALWAYS been a LIE)
CBO: Cost of Obamacare Subsidies $600 BILLION in 2016 (remember who is responsible for this...it is ALL on the democrats)

Obama Admin. Engaged in Backroom Deals With Iran – Returns Artifacts and Makes Nearly $2 Billion in Payments (isn't this treasonous?)
University Student Government Demands Staff Paycuts to Fund Student Abortions! (wow)
College Students Left Feeling ‘Afraid’ and ‘in Pain’ After Seeing Presidential Campaign Messages Chalked on Campus (Generation Snowflake)
BREAKING: 400 ISIS Ops Trained For European ‘WAVE of BLOODSHED’ (obama's JV team)
After The Brussels Attacks, Hillary Doesn’t Want YOU To SEE This Tweet (delusional)
BORDER CHIEF: Feds Fudging Numbers of Illegals & It Get’s Worse!! (must read)
Brussels Ran An Ad Mocking Notion of Islamic Violence A Short 2 Months Ago. (fools)

Watch GOP Rep. Destroy Obama’s Defense Sec. For Not Presenting A Plan to Defeat ISIS (folks this is what the obama administration looks like...incompetence)
Obama Annoyed When Asked About ISIS Strategy: “I’ve Got A Lot Of Things On My Plate” (obama is the worst president ever, those of you who voted for him should hide your head in shame, those of you who voted for him twice should refrain from ever voting again)
WATCH: CAIR Calls For Islamic Revolution In The USA (pure evil)
After The Brussels Attacks, NBC Warns About ‘The Rise Of The Right Wing’ (what an absolute ridiculous thing to say, this goes to show you how incompetent and downright nasty the media have become, in my opinion their actions are simply treasonous as they are always pushing an anti-American BS narrative...sickening)
HORRIFYING Video Captures Moment 6-Year-Old is Taken Away by Authorities Because Foster Parents are the Wrong Race (stupid government and politicians for making up these ridiculous laws. kids are not merchandise, a mother/father are the ones that love, care and raise them...any male can be a donor and any woman can be an incubator)
Belgium is Attacked by ISIS, and This is What Obama Calls a Response? (obama is only about gun control for "we the people", nothing else matters to him)
Tucson Cop: Trump Protesters “Most Hateful People I’ve Ever Seen” (read it again...it's the scumbag protesters)

Small Town in NY Bans Pledge of Allegiance (if you don't like this country then get the hell out but don't ruin it for everyone else)
LIBERAL Teacher Takes 1st Grade Students To Black Lives Matter March – Parents Are OUTRAGED! (this is what happens when the student are intelligent than the teacher)


Illegal Immigrants Allegedly Drag Woman From Boyfriend to Rape Her (illegal immigrants don't follow the law when entering US, why follow them while in US)
Florida Man Is Turned Down After Trying to Buy $60K BMW With Food Stamps. (fraud in food stamps program...who would have guessed?)
Soros, Alinsky Behind Trump Protestor Violence (make no mistake it is the left/democrats/progressives that are responsible for the violence)
WATCH: White Journalist Gets RUN OVER In MUSLIM ‘No-Go Zone’ In SWEDEN (it's time to wake up as to what is going on around the world)
Liberal University Forces Students to Read Professor’s Sexual Fantasies! (what kind of perverts are teaching our kids?)
AZ COP: Describes The DIFFERENCE Between Trump Supporters And Trump Protesters (so its' the protestors funded by Soros that are the violent ones)

Soros Board Member is Head of Firm Running Online Elections for THIS Caucus?!?! (still think your vote actually counts?)
Bill Introduced to Strip Police Powers from Federal Agencies (It's about time!)
Soros-Funded John Kasich Called an Anti-Gun ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ (the latest on the establishment's replacement for  Jeb, Rubio, Kasich)
Tennis School Bans Girls With Big BOOBS Because Bouncing Hooters OFFEND Muslims
BREAKING: Muslims RIOT And Attack Cops AFTER The Arrest Of The Paris Terrorist (muslims support terrorist acts rather than denounce them)
Whoa! New Program Brings GUNS to School To Teach Safety & Marksmanship

Middle Schoolers Horrified After Teacher Shows Them ISIS Beheading (only fined $300...how about fired -- by the way, this woman makes $105,000 per year)
Obama Has Set a New Record… (most corrupt and unethical president...ever)
New Evidence that the Government Ordered the Murder of Oregon Protester LaVoy Finicum? (this is starting to get serious...tyrannical government)
California Allows Non-Citizens to Vote, Which is Illegal, So Every California Vote should be Disqualified (AGREE: states that don't follow the law should be barred from federal elections)

Hillary: We’ve Done A Really Good Job Securing the Border (next she'll be saying they did a good job protecting the ambassador in Benghazi)
Black Lives Matter Protester Threatens, if Trump Wins We Riot! (not only a racist but an idiot to boot)
Are THESE Black-On-White Crimes Ignored Because They Don’t Fit The Media’s Narrative? (a must read)
Watch Elizabeth Warren Literally Dodge Answering 11 Questions in a Row During CBS Interview (it's like watching a deer in headlights)
Senate Committee Demands Jeh Johnson Cough Up ALL Documents on Whistleblower smear (such upstanding people in the obama administration...NOT!)
When You See Why This Murderous Illegal Alien Got Let Off, Your Blood Will BOIL
Teacher Crosses MAJOR Boundaries At SCHOOL, Recruits For #BlackLivesMatter (Parents Are FURIOUS) (this is who is teaching your kids)

Democrat Poll Worker Caught Attempting Voter Fraud (is anyone surprised?)
Trey Gowdy Scolds Elijah Cummings-Sets Up New Rules To Prevent Benghazi Leaks (how does someone with such low values get elected)
DHS Sends Permanent Residency Green Cards to People Who Didn’t Apply for Them (are they that incompetent...or is all this planned)
Former Defense Secretary Says Obama Went Against the ‘Entire National Security Team’ on Egypt Coup (obama instigated the arab springs)
Trump Says He’d Kill Terrorists’ Families, But Obama Already Has (media hypocrisy...where was the outrage when obama actually killed the terrorist family)

VIDEO: SR GOP OFFICIAL: VOTERS DON’T PICK NOMINEE — WE DO! (time for a 3rd party that is upfront with "we the people", these two are one in the same)
Relatives of Thug Burglar Outraged After He’s SHOT By Homeowners: ‘How Else Was He Gonna…’ (put him and his relative under the "drain on society" category)
Military Leader says Obama's National Security Team is FULL of Unqualified Activists!

Did Clinton JUST Say The U.S. ‘Didn’t Lose A Single Person In Libya?’ (Benghazi is in Libya...can Hillary be that stupid?)
CNN Reporter: Was it RIGHT for Hillary to tell the TRUTH?! [VIDEO] (such biased reporting....the media is all but useless)
BUSTED: George Soros Donated $200K To Kasich GOP Candidate
DEAR HILLARY: You Just Got An EMBARRASSING Endorsement… Should We Tell CNN? (the media jumped all over Trump for David Duke's endorsement (which was a lie that the media made up) but now that a KKK member actually endorses Hillary...not a peep from the media)
BREAKING: Look At How MANY Democratic Rallies CONSERVATIVES Have DISRUPTED (here's the real story...that the media will not report)
Kasich Co-Chair On Donald Trump: ‘You’ve Got To Take Him Out With a HEAD SHOT’ (I guess this doesn't fit the medias agenda...so why report it, right/)
This Russian Who Lived Through Communism SLAMS Bernie (hey liberals, don't let fact get in your way)

ACLU Board Member URGED People To KILL Trump Supporters
Lebanon Passenger Flight Bound for Portland, Oregon Contained 2 HELLFIRE MISSILES
Video of Worker Urinating on Kellogg’s Cereal Assembly Line Surfaces (this person doesn't deserve minimum wage...let alone in a job)

Media is MUTE After Another Workplace Shooting – THIS Is What They Are HIDING! (ask yourself why the media chose not to cover this story)
Media Praises Lesbian For Telling Her “Hate Crime” Story, Then The TRUE Story Came Out (she deserves jail time and a lot of community service)

FBI tells teachers to INFORM on their students for expressing THESE political beliefs! (government out of control...I don't even recognize America anymore)
Poetic Justice! Liberal University Caves to Black Lives Matter Protesters and then This Happens!

The army lied by making Congress think they killed a $725 million program. They didn’t. (when is the court marshal?)
Obama: I Can’t Be Blamed for Polarization in Politics (someone is off their meds again)
Arizona Sheriff Can’t Take It Anymore, Spills Obama’s Deep Dark Border Patrol Secret (aiding and abetting the enemy...sounds like treason to me)
ISIS fanatics rape little girl in room with other captives – But what the captives did was terrible (this is what evil looks like)

Angela Merkel Forces Immigration Solution Worse than the Crisis! (stupid is as stupid does)
Shocker: Union Official Admits She Let Veterans Die For This Reason… (wow)
This Illegal Alien SLAUGHTERED 5 Americans…Here’s A GREAT Reason For A WALL (media bias argument is supported)
YO, EUROPE: Top Danish Imam Admits WHY Islam Is Invading The EU (convinced yet?)
AG Lynch Testifies: Justice Dept. Has ‘Discussed’ Civil Legal Action Against Climate Change Deniers (this is lunacy...when will the asylums take back their patients?)
NFL Great, Mike Ditka, Gets AXED By ESPN After Saying THIS About Obama (speak the truth and get fired; it's their choice...it's also our choice to NOT watch ESPN)
700K Watched Trump’s Victory Speech On Fox, 1M Changed The Channel After He Finished (so the obvious question is...how did they know you changed the channel?)
Culturally Sensitive Germany Just Swore Off THIS Food Because of Muslims (you have to wonder about Merkel's thought process...if there is one)

Muslim Attacks Crew, Threatens to Blow Up Plane in Air Over NYC? Media Bury the Story! (WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN REPORTED!!!!)
H&R Block: Customers Owe Twice as Much as Last Year Because of Obamacare
MEXICAN GANG BANGERS Busted After Destroying Trump Sign and Pulling Gun on Trump Supporter
Crime, Sexual Assault, Murder, and Treason a Clinton Family Dynasty!

ALERT: North Korea Threatens ‘pre-emptive nuclear strike of justice’ against the U.S. Mainland! (what we get with such a weak President)
HORROR: Jihadists Target Catholic Nursing Home … (the so called religion of peace)
Bill de Blasio Mandates Transgender Access to NYC Bathrooms (is this what they were talking about when they said New York values?)
Muslim Professor says Marriage has No Age Barrier and Muslims Have No Need to be Ashamed about Sex with Children
MSNBC Accidentally Airs Exchange Between Anchor, Clinton Spox Before Live Interview: ‘Can You Guys Hear What We’re Saying Here?’ (media bias)
Convicted Sex Offender Leads Transgender Rights Effort in North Carolina

Alabama Supreme Court tells Supreme Court to Take a Hike on Marriage Opinion
Bill Clinton Breaks Massachusetts Law - Now 60K+ People are Calling for His Arrest! (apparently, ALL clinton's are above the law)
Muslims In THIS U.S. City Chant ‘DEATH To America” (No Word From CNN OR FOX, Yet)

Clinton, on her private server, wrote 104 emails the government says are classified
‘Dead Broke’? Hillary Pays Herself Over $250K From Campaign Coffers
Here’s What The Media Didn’t Tell You About Last Week’s Mass Shooting - If They Even Mentioned It At All (what the media doesn't tell you is very telling of their bias)
Making Up a Fake Hate Crime Hoax is OK, Says Professor (not it is not and this should be grounds for firing this professor)
Hey Criminals! Washington, D.C. Wants to Pay You to Obey the Laws! (stupidity is rampart in  government)
Parents in Uproar Over This School Project in NYC (sounds like treason to me)

FBI Investigating If Clinton Aides Shared Passwords to Access Classified Info (how can anyone in good conscious vote for her)
Rubio Campaign Manager Plots Brokered Convention to TAKE Nomination (he seems to be operate like a democrat - not worthy of the office)
Air Force General: These 15 Applicants Won’t Do – Not “Diverse” Enough (here's a novel idea, how about we hire the most qualified)
The Inconvenient Facts the Media Ignore About Climate Change (biggest snow job ever...want the truth, just follow the money)
South Dakota GOP Governor Has No Problem With Boys in Girls’ Locker Rooms (red flag alert...maybe they should check into the governor's behavior)

John Kasich NEVER Balanced The Federal Budget..NEVER! (he claims he does at every debate...I wonder why the media hasn't called him out)
Obama FAILS Again says Muslim Terrorists Killing Christians is NOT Genocide! (seriously, how can anyone believe a word that comes out of his mouth)
Facebook DECLINES To Delete “ASSASSINATE Donald Trump” Page (but be politically incorrect and you will suffer the wrath)

FBI Investigating Clinton Aides For Possibility of THIS?!
Judge Napolitano Says Hillary Clinton ‘Should Be Terrified’ of New Revelation in Email Scandal — and the Answer to This Simple Question
Obama’s State Dept. Says It Isn’t Going to Rush to Review Clinton’s E-mails
Florida Man Charged with Hate Crime for Leaving Slab of Bacon at Mosque – May Go to Prison for Life (how ridiculous)
Have You Heard About Obama’s Secret Plan For Refugees He Is Quietly Pushing Through?
Exclusive Breitbart Audio — Rubio Campaign Manager Plots Brokered Convention In Manhattan Donor Meeting To Take Nomination From Trump. (Rubio is untrustworthy)
Fox News’ Roger Ailes ‘We’re FINISHED with Rubio’  (seems to confirm the media bias and its attempt to sway opinion rather than report news)
CHELSEA CLINTON: How She’s Carrying the ‘Right-Wing Conspiracy’ Torch for Mom (left the church at 6 years old...I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree)


Little Marco Rubio HATES This Video Of Him VOTING For A Gun BAN (sorry Rubio, calling others a liar won't negate this hard evidence)
Rampant Voter Fraud and Manipulation Thanks to Electronic Voting and Dirty Politicians
Obama's Job Czar Agrees with Conservatives - "Most Government Policy is Anti-Growth"

BREAKING: KKK’s David Duke Says He NEVER Endorsed Trump (the media is just making up stuff)


German Court Let’s Muslim Go Free…But GUESS What He Was Charged With! (stupidity is worldwide)
Our Principles PAC Explains the Difference between what You Believe and What Donald Trump Believes

BOMBSHELL: New Report Reveals Fox News Colluded with Rubio To Do THIS for Illegal Aliens (I rest my case)Need More Proof that Hillary Isn’t Qualified to Be President?
DEAR AMERICA: Here’s Where 76,000 Muslim Refugees Will Be Housed, Is Your City On This List?

WATCH: Joe Biden Just Humiliated America by Apologizing to Mexican Officials for THIS (do any democrats like America?)
Feds Flag Thousands of Illegal Bernie Sanders Contributions


New York Daily News Front Page Hypes Donald Trump’s Support From the Klan: ‘Ex-KKK Leader: Vote for Donald, He’s Just Like Us!’ (and this is where people get their information from...no wonder most are uninformed)
Three Black College Students Say They Were Racially Attacked; Outrage and Protests Follow. But New Information Just Turned the Tables. (liars) 
Upstate N.Y. students who claimed bias attack face criminal charges
One in four sex offenders in Norway last year had a migrant background, study finds
UNREAL: Dad Walks Into His Daughter’s Classroom And Finds THIS Anti-Police Art (perhaps we need to raise the bar on qualifications for teaching)
BREAKING: Workplace Shooting In Kansas; 4-7 People Killed, 20 Injured (imagine the media coverage had the shooter been white)

Panel Advises Obama: Screen Everyone Over Age 12 for “Mental Health” Disorders (on what authority...oh, and what constitutes a mental disorder (like they could identify one anyway), being a patriot, christian, republican, white,...)
Indoctrination Education: Schools Spending Millions on ‘White Privilege’ Training
World peace' hitcher is murdered (liberalism really is a mental disorder)
Seattle Allows Man to Lounge Naked in Front of Little Girls, Charlotte Next?

Hillary Rep Says Email Scandal Is A Right-Wing Conspiracy, Then CNN Drops This Inconvenient Fact (how stupid do they think we are, it was a judge's decision and the judge was appointed by Hillary's husband Bill -- but it's still a right wing conspiracy)
Feds Clueless About Tax Dollars Lost in Medicare, Medicaid Fraud 
Teens Who Allegedly Knocked Decorated Marine Unconscious After Asking Him if ‘Black Lives Matter’ Won’t Be Charged With Hate Crime (this is unbelievable)
1958 Communist Warning About America Eerily Happening Now
Obama Praises #BlackLivesMatter Leaders… Leaders Who Fueled The Murders Of Cops Nationwide

Bernie Sanders Supporter Cries Uncontrollably Because Trump Voters Were “Mean” to Her (if this represents our future...we are screwed)
Video: Obama jokes about Scalia’s death, audience laughs (this is what class isn't...those who voted for this clown should hang your head in shame)
Why Whitewater Matters: Newly Released Documents Show A Pattern Of Clinton Deception (I guess some are above the law)
DEAR AMERICA: 90,000 Illegal Immigrant Criminals Were Released Last Year, Do You Approve?

Jihadist Is Shown Giving His Son A Goodbye Kiss- Before Sending His 11-Yr Old Off, To Blow Himself Up (not a father but a coward)
Justice Dept. Enabling the Effort to Allow Voting Rights for Non-Citizens (Loretta Lynch is just another Eric Holder)
Social Security Administration Confirms: Illegal Aliens To Begin Collecting Benefits In 2017


Rubio Just Got Caught LYING About An ICE Agent to This Major News Network (his campaign is run like the democrats, deny, deny, deny and call everyone else a liar...expect a big push by the republican establishment for this guy now that Jeb is out...you have been warned)
QUESTION: Did You Know Rubio’s ‘Gang Of 8’ Bill Would’ve Opened The Floodgates To Islamic Refugees?
MALKIN: The Open-Borders BIG Money Peeps LOVE Marco Rubio
CAUGHT ON TAPE: Hillary Clinton supporters allegedly register AFTER voting? (anyone surprised?)
Twitter “Trust & Safety Council” “Shadowbanning” Policy In Effect (stealthily banning opinions they don't agree with...more liberal media bias)

VOTERS EVE: ICE OFFICERS WARN VOTERS “BEWARE OF RUBIO” (voters you have been warned about this candidate)
Watchdog Report: Border Patrol Leaving Security Gates Wide Open! (WAKE UP  AMERICA!!!)
QUESTION: Why Isn’t CNN Harping On This Video of Black THUGS Attacking This Famous MARINE?
Liberal Students Are Complaining About FLUNKING School Because They’re Too Busy Doing THIS (liberals sure are a bunch of whiners)

DEAR AMERICA: What Do YOU Think Of This Muslim CHILD Bride Video? (need I say more?)
Liberal Scientists Now Argue – Killing Newborns is “No Different” than Abortion (we told you abortion was a slippery slope)
MIT Climate Scientist says There is NO Consensus on Climate Change! (listen up tree huggers)
In New Hampshire Bernie Experiences the Harsh Reality of Socialism (Bernie gets a taste of his Socialism)
Sorry, Girls Just Have to Deal With Being Assaulted for the Sake of Trans People (really, this is insanity)

Intelligence Analysts say Superiors Altering Reports to make Obama "Look Better" (is anyone in the obama administration capable of telling the truth?)
THE POTUS IS A POS: Obama Snubs Justice Scalia’s Funeral (obama showing his true character...I mean lack of character)
Horrible VIDEO of children lined up and ‘shot in the head’ sickening game played by ISIS jihadis (evil breeds evil)

A Nurse’s Perspective: Justice Scalia’s Death in Texas is the 21st Century Version of the Assassination of JFK (regardless of whether you buy into this there are sure a lot of incompetent and/or corrupt people who hold power in this country)
Treason According to US Constitution – Barack & Hillary Are Guilty!
“Deconstructing Whiteness”: A Weekly Northwestern University Program for White People (if you chose to accept this lunacy then maybe you shouldn't be attending college)

JEB’S SUCH A JEB: “It’s Really Not Important to Me” Whether Senate Gives Obama SCOTUS Nominee a Vote (this is why Jeb is not Presidential material)
ISLAM ON DISPLAY: Muslim Molests Toddler Granddaughter, Mom Comes Up With DISGUSTING “Fix” (pure evil: trump is right on this...ban all muslims, forever).
DISGRACED Race-Baiting Professor Is BUSTED On Newly Released Video Going PSYCHO On Cop (the caliber of liberal professors at universities)
DON’T TOUCH MY WEAVE: Black Chick, Unhappy With Her Hair Cut, Tries To Kill Everyone At The Salon
Sanders Supporters Fighting Back Against Superdelegates (the establishment in both parties are against "we the people")
Undercover Journalists in New Hampshire find Democrat Poll Workers and Sanders Campaign Staffers Encouraging Voter Fraud! (the poll workers that encouraged this should go to jail)

Muslim Leader Demands that Western Countries Allow Muslim Child Brides because “It’s Part of their Culture”!

Obama-Backed “Rebels” Fighting Obama-backed Militias in Syria (depicts obama's idiotic foreign policy)
Gov’t Employee to Miner: My Authority Supersedes the United States Constitution (someone needs to read the constitution)
Former Daily Show Producer Stoops To NEW Low Regarding Scalia’s DEATH (this truly exposes the lack of morals in the media - the tweets are absolutely disgusting, my how low progressives/liberals have sunk)                     
Just Guess How Keith Olbermann, Dan Savage and the Onion React to the Death of Conservative Justice Scalia
After News Broke of Justice Scalia’s Death, a BuzzFeed News Editor Tweeted This
15 percent of latest Clinton emails marked classified; 551 released Saturday


National Debt Surpasses $19 Trillion (has anyone seen this reported by the media?)
$750M in ObamaCare subsidies to illegals could be lost
This Professor’s Solution for Stopping Muslim Terror Will Make Your JAW DROP (what reality do these professors live in....and why are we letting them teach our children?)
BREAKING: Obama Administration Attempting to Cover Up Thursday Muslim Attack (proof of media deception...who is controlling the media?)
MILO: Twitter ‘Embarking on a War Against Conservative Points of View (it's not just regular media...we now need to add social media to the deception)

Ethically Squirrelly! Hillary Linked To At Least Four Investigations By Feds (this is what qualifies you to run for President as a democrat)
Muslim Kills Sister With Hammer, Sets Body On Fire, For This RIDICULOUS Reason (more from the religion of peace)
Pro-Choice Staffer of Major College Allegedly Posts ‘Offer to Rape’ Pro-Lifer’s Relatives. School Takes No Action (this is the type of person employed at liberal colleges)


If You Receive Social Security... the Obama Administration is Coming for Your Guns!
Congressman Who Yelled “You Lie” During Obama’s State of the Union was Right!
Turkey's President says Obama has Created a "Sea of Blood"! (congrats obama, not only do our enemies hate us but now so do our allies)
WATCH MUSLIM ‘REFUGEES’: Savagely Attack Mother & Daughter In Germany (VIEWER WARNING) (watch the whole video and tell me you still want to allow this vermin into your country)
After Crushing Defeat, DNC Quirk Still Gives Hillary More New Hampshire Delegates Than Sanders (come on Bernie, its called sharing the wealth, ha ha...seriously though this is how the political elite keep getting elected)
ASTONISHING New Revelations in Ever Widening Clinton Email Scandal (clearly Hillary and everyone else in this administration are unfit to hold a security clearance)
China Just Purchased Stock Exchange!… Trump Was Right All Along (China just a key to to hack stock exchange...this won't be good)
GEORGE SOROS: American-Hating, Democrat-Financing, Puppeteer, Liar and Traitor ($5 billion...explains a lot about democrats and the media)


Watch As Undercover Video Exposes Flagrant Voter Fraud In New Hampshire Primary (bet NH isn't the only place where voter fraud exists)
New Tech. Allows Feds To Track Your Child’s ‘Mindset,’ ‘Attitude, ‘Cognitive Process’ (this can't be good)
Judge Mocks: Hillary ‘Wants to be President, and She’s a Felon’!
Common Core Confusion – Your Daily Dose of Crazy (this is considered education in our public schools....really?)


Watch the ‘White Guilt’ Video Shown to High School Students That Has Some Parents in an Uproar


DHS Scrubs Records of Hundreds of Muslim Terrorists (anyone else believe DHS is an oxymoron?)
Military’s New Directive: “Prioritize Climate Change” (no it is not, 2017 can not come fast enough)


YOU KIDDING!? It’s “Racist” And “Insensitive” To Tell Refugees Not To Poop On The Floor (wow)
OMG Bathrooms Get Strange Addition To Prevent Muslims From Being DISGUSTING…sigh
Wait…WHAT! FBI Posts Surveillance Team Outside Radical Mosque… Guess Who Just Went Inside
Mitch McConnell Sponsors Bill that Would Open Up Use of US Military Force to Obama Anywhere at His Discretion, both Foreign & Domestic
North Korea Launches Rocket Testing Missile Technology Designed to Hit US
Horrifying! Investigative Report Reveals Obama Admin. Placed Children With Human Traffickers
DISGUSTING: Black Teen Thug Punches Old Man In The Face While Friends Film and Yuck It Up (sickening...where's the media outrage on this?) 
ISLAM: 14 Year-Old Belgian Muslim Videotapes ‘Migrants’ Gang Raping Girl (the face of evil)
AMERICAN MUSLIM MAN: ‘It’s My Dream To BEHEAD Someone’ (make no mistake they ARE at war with us)
GOP Establishment Tells Jeb To Knock Off The Attacks on WHO?? (still think the establishment doesn't control elections? -- but only if you let them)
BORDER BATTLE: ‘Spike in people from terrorist nations crossing’ our U.S. Southern Border. (America better wake up)

New Report: ISIS Fighters Entering Europe Disguised As WHAT? (well duh!)
Find Out How Much Bernie Sanders Supporters ACTUALLY Know About Him (absolutely stunned)
REVEALED: Why The Global Warming/Climate Change Industry Is a Massive SCAM (it's a scam, always was, just follow the money)
British City Council Gives Children 25 ‘Gender Options’ to Identify Themselves (this is idiotic...this madness has to stop)
Stand Down Given To Border Patrol? (this is ridiculous)
Rush Limbaugh Asks ONE Question About Obama’s LOVE for Islam: “Why Would He…” (obama is NOT a christian, don't listen to what he says just look at his actions -- kind of like saying I'm a republican but I always vote democrat)
BORDER AGENT: Immigration Laws ABOLISHED — ‘We Will Be Fired If We Try To…’

John Kerry in the Hot Seat: Asked to Justify 1.7 Billion Payment to Iran
14 Things That Are WRONG With Common Core In America
Europe Is Teaching Women How to Prevent #RAPEfugees…By Using Invisible ‘Force’ (who ever came up with this is incompetent)
Texas takes a Stand Against Sharia Law says American Law is Supreme!
Liberal Democrats Lead the Way… In LIES: A Long History of Tall Tales (facts simply don't matter to democrats/liberals)
Germany Considering Forcing German Kids to Study Arabic!
Trump Uses Only 5 Words to Completely OBLITERATE Obama’s Mosque Visit (this is spot on)
Obama Wanted Jesus ‘Hidden’ At Catholic University, But LOOK What He Did With Allah (anyone that still believes this clown is a Christian...I have a bridge to sell you)
Marco Rubio Just Proved Why He Should NOT Be President — ‘Amnesty First, Then…' (shameful...not to be trusted)

Military Officials Call for Women To Register for the Draft
Illinois Elections Board: Cruz a “Natural Born Citizen…Further Discussion Is Unnecessary”
“Stop the Fed” Campaign Launched to End Common Core and Abolish DOE
BREAKING: Obama Scrambles After Iran Naval Cmdr. Admits Truth About Captured Sailors…
Israeli Reporters Stunned by ‘Unreal’ CBS News Headline on Terror Attack Near Jerusalem Holy Sites (this is EXACTLY what I call media bias)
Professor Explains how the Young Voters' Attraction to Bernie Sanders Proves that the American Education System has Failed


BRUTAL Meme Reveals Truth About European Socialist Countries (this is a must read)
ISIS Does This to 14 Year-Old Boy in Front of Parents…His Crime? Missing Prayers. (the religion of peace?)
‘GUN-FREE’ CHICAGO Records 51 Homicides In January, It’s The Highest Toll Since …
Texas Governor Storms: Why is DHS Reducing Our Border Monitoring? (there is only one reason why DHS is doing this, they don' want you to know who/what they are letting in)
CNN Host Asks Bernie Sanders Supporters to Define ‘Socialism’ — Take a Look at Their Answers
Secret Documents: Obama Misled Congress on Debt Crisis
Under Obama: USA From 6th Freest Economy to This!

Intelligence Official Confirms: Hillary’s Personal Email System Jeopardized “Sources, Methods and Lives”
‘You Got Egg on My Face’: After Bernie Sanders Supporters Excoriate Billionaires, They Get Hit With an Uncomfortable Truth (facts don't matter to liberals/socialists - as long as they get free stuff)
Former IG Just Made Serious Accusations Against State Dept and Hillary!
Billionaire SOROS Makes MEGA-DONATION In Support of THIS Candidate (Hillary)
Obama Gets Caught In a HUGE Lie…But No One Is Saying a WORD About It

How does a Democrat win reelection…FROM JAIL! Insanity has hit us hard… (unreal)
SCANDAL REVEALED: Muslim Refugees LYING About Their Age… Children Who LOOK Like Adults! (evil running amok -- stupidity allowing it to exist)
Marine Sues School After Daughter Was FORCED To Convert To Islam In SCHOOL
Phoenix City Council To Allow Satanic Temple To Do WHAT?
Issa: FBI director would like to indict Clinton and Abedin
US father taken to court for THEFT after he took his 12-year-old daughter’s phone as punishment
School Principal Bans “Dominant Holidays” Because It Might Offend…
BREAKING: Obama Refuses to Release Some of Hillary’s Emails Because They’re Too…

Iran’s Leader Says the Holocaust is a Hoax (this guy is either living in his own reality or he thinks people are stupid)
A Liberal Explains which Conservative He Fears the Most (interesting read)
Mitt Romney's Bain Capital Sends its Money to Hillary Clinton (kind of like the political establishment against "we the people")
Legal Counsel for Operation Rescue Has Damning Planned Parenthood Invoices


UH-OH! It’s About To Get Really NASTY: Clinton’s Former MISTRESS Speaks Out!! (this woman's facebook post says a lot about Clinton)
Guess What a Mob Did When Police Rescued a Raped Boy
Classified Emails on Lost Blackberry of Hillary Chief of Staff (is anyone else sick of children's hour in our government?)
Hillary Exposed Intel From Human Spying
Texas City Councilman Caught Smuggling Illegal Aliens! (lawlessness)
Emails Prove that the Government is Working with Liberal Activists against Conservatives! (the government is out of control -- too big and corrupt)
GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER: Look Who Gets to Question The GOP Candidates Mañana (anyone still think Fox News is conservative?)
ISN’T THAT SPECIAL: Fox News’ ‘Debate Chief’ Has Daughter Working for Rubio (FAIR & BALANCED?)

NY Couple Ordered to Complete “Re-education” to Contradict Religious Beliefs About Marriage (WTH!)
Massachusetts Liberals say No 2nd Amendment Unless You Pay the Government and Compose an Essay first!
Unbelievable. Houston Justice Clears Planned Parenthood but Indicts Undercover Investigator in Baby Parts Scandal!
Unjust DA Persecuting Pro-Life Activist has Ties to Planned Parenthood's Board of Directors! (and now we know why)
Nominate Barack Obama to the Supreme Court? Hillary Says “Great Idea”! (just in case you don't think it matters who gets elected president in 2016)
What freedom of speech? 11 year-old reprimanded by teacher when he supports Donald Trump (not that I'm a Trump fan, but I'm wondering what the teacher's reaction would have been if the boy wrote down Obama, Hillary or Bernie's name)
EYEWITNESS: OR Militiaman Was Murdered by Cops… “He Had His Hands in the Air”
UNREAL: Teen Fights Off Muslim ‘Rapist’… And Now She’s In Trouble (really?)

Hillary made millions off secret Wall Street speeches (from which the press was routinely banned) (hmmm...I thought it was the rich republicans than took money from wall street)
THIS CITY Bans Muslims From Nightclubs Because They’re Molesting Women In Bathrooms After Drugging Their Drinks
“YOU ARE A F–KING SLUT”: Muslim ‘Migrants’ Abuse Female Reporter On Live TV
CHILLING NEW WARNING: ISIS has created a whole “industry” out of the production of fake passports [VIDEO]
Here We Go Again … IRS Destroys Another Hard Drive


Muslims DEMAND A Ban On ALL Alcohol Or They Say, The SEX ATTACKS Will Continue! (and they are spreading link a cancer)
Seattle Prosecutor: “STRICT MUSLIM,” Charged with Slaughtering 4, was on Terrorism Watch List
Campus ‘Diversity’? Of 1300 Teachers/Professors – Not ONE is a Conservative (these are the people with influence over your children and the power to destroy their careers if they don't conform)
Too good to play? Rogers basketball team kicked out of league (this is what happens when feelings overrule common sense; this is how you bring everyone DOWN to the lowest common denominator)


This Is the SICKEST Video of a Muslim Threatening a CHILD You Will EVER See
VA Program Specialist Claims VA is Spying on Whistleblower Emails [VIDEO] (highlights the contempt this administration and the VA have for our veterans...you know the ones that put their lives on the line to protect this country)
DEVELOPING: Iranians Exchanged for Our 3 Americans Never Boarded Flight Back to Iran (these terrorists were in gitmo and now they are roaming free in the US...unbelievable)

German Teen Posts Video Apparently Telling Angela Merkel She’s ‘Destroyed’ Their Nation by Allowing Huge Migrant Influx. But Is Facebook Censoring It? (anyone notice how easy it is to shut down free speech...I mean speech that disagrees with the government; remember once you give up free speech it is gone forever)
Data Show These 6 Big Cities Aren’t Faring Well After Minimum Wage Hikes (every time government intervenes, we the people suffer)
Muslim says “Christian Girls are only meant for one thing - the pleasure of Muslim Men”! (wow...need I say more?)
SICK: Watch Muslim Refugee KICK and PUNCH a Woman and Her Child In PUBLIC (wait...wasn't swedish police instructed to withhold race and religion from the public, how is that working out? -- see 01-17-2016 below)

Crazy. During Hearing on Constitutionality of Obama's Gun Grab Democrat Senator says She Doesn't Want to Hear about the Constitution! (I guess the oath she took to uphold the constitution was a lie...stupid people who elect idiots like this woman are destroying this country and when it's gone, it's gone forever).
This Video PROVES The Anti-American Agenda In Common Core (SHOCKING) (education is not about education, it's about indoctrination)


Female Muslim Professor says it’s Okay for Muslims to Capture Slave Girls and then Rape them to “Humiliate” Them


Inspector General: Clinton emails had intel from most secretive, classified programs (anyone else would have already been behind bars...WAKEUP people)
After California Police Arrest Panhandler, Officers Make a Peculiar Discovery While Searching Him (what's astonishing is that you need a permit to beg...what's next, a 6 month certification?)
THUGS ‘CELEBRATE’ MLK’s Birthday By Breaking The Law, Laughing At Cops And Putting Citizens At Risk (it's not your skin color, it's your behavior)

BREAKING: Defense Secretary Slips Up, Reveals Obama Admin LED IRAN Straight to Our Sailors (does this make anyone else sick to their stomach?)
Gross and REAL! Masturbation Station Pops Up in NYC to Help Men Handle Stress While Working (new york values?)
Clinton's 'no individual too big to jail' tweet backfires ... hard (can she really be that dumb?)
Report: U.S. Rescue Team Was on Its Way to Benghazi, But Was Turned Back
FRAUD!!! Obama Lied And Misled About Iran Deal/Hostage Exchange On Sunday
RAPED FOR 30HRS: 13 Year-Old School Girl Kidnapped by 3 Muslim ‘Migrants’ Who SAVAGED Her (Trump is right on this one)

Swedish Police Instructed to Withhold From Public Suspects’ Skin Color and Ethnicity to Avoid Being Labeled Racist (stupidity on display)


Hillary Takes $20Mil From Her Most DASTARDLY Donor Yet And It Gets WORSE (wait...we are funding planned parenthood with tax dollars who then turns around and donates $2 million to Hillary's campaign -- WTH)
Author of Va. Bill That Requires Students Use Bathroom That Corresponds With ‘Anatomical Sex’ Responds to Controversy (how did we get to a place where we select the restroom or locker room based on what gender we feel like?)
Religion of Peace? In 2015 99.6% of Suicide Bombers were Muslim
Bill Banning Child Marriage In Pakistan Fails After It Is Declared ‘Un-Islamic’
MUSLIM ‘REFUGEES’ Molested Three Girls at Austrian School for MONTHS Before Cops Notified
German Leisure Center Bans Muslim ‘Refugees’ After Schoolgirl Was Raped At Public Pool
Lesbian Couple Beats 5-Year-Old With Hammer, Duct Tapes Eyes, Kick Groin Until He Suffered Strokes
QUESTION: Why Is ‘The Media’ SILENT About Black Thug Stabbing White Child Multiple Times In The HEAD? (everyone should ask themselves this)


‘This Is Embarrassing’: New York Daily News Blasted for ‘Disgusting’ Cover Attacking Ted Cruz
Watch These Americans’ Responses When Asked What Country Mount Rushmore Is Located In (how very sad...)
Iraqi ISIS ‘Refugee’ Arrested In Texas Who Was Planning to BLOW UP These Places (ISIS is NOT contained)

UK REPORT: Muslim Men 200X More Prone To Rape Children Than Non-Muslims


BEHOLD, The 5 BLACK THUGS Who GANG RAPED 18yr. Girl In Front Of Her DAD
Obama: ‘There Are No Existential Threats’ To The U.S. (delusional?)
Congress: More Than 179,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants Roaming Free in U.S.

Biden: ‘The Second Amendment Says You Can Limit Who Can Own A Gun’ (wow....has he even read the 2nd amendment?)
Meme About Solving ‘Poverty’ by Redistributing $1.3 Billion Lottery Jackpot Goes Viral — Can You Spot the Irreconcilable Problem? (are we uneducated or just plain stupid?)
“PRETEND TO BE A CHRISTIAN”: Handbook Instructs Muslims To Shave Beard, Wear Cross Before Killing (and they want us to believe this is the religion of peace?)
WATCH: Muslim Men Shoot Up Nightclub, Govt And Media Refuse To Use The ‘M’ Word


Report: The FBI Expands Investigation of Hillary Emails for Possible Public Corruption (I'm convinced that even if she is charged and convicted there will still be those that will vote for her)
Watch PBS Panel of Journalists Call Ted Cruz and His Father ‘Satanic’ (wow...is this what qualifies for journalism these days...and to think tax payer dollars pay for this)NY Times Op-Ed Writer Has a Pretty Good Idea Where to Point Finger Over Migrants Accused of Sexual Assault in Germany (Hint: It’s Not at Migrants) (living in la la land)
Politics: Checkmate: Hillary ordered aide to strip classification markings to get around security protocols (still think she is Presidential material?)


Black Thug Slashes Woman While Yelling ‘White B*tch’…Did The MSM Tell You About It? (anyone?....seriously anyone?....chirp chirp)
State Department Official Is DUMBFOUNDED When This Reporter Asked ONE Question (my gosh, this administration is run by a bunch of idiots))
Obama’s Town Hall Event, Closed To HONEST Questions? (a staged event...how this administration and media mislead "we the people")
Columnist: I’m More Afraid Of Legal Gun Owners Than Gun-Wielding Criminals (wow...this has to be the very definition of stupid)
Another Islamic Attack, Another Round of Denials


This Soldier Asked for a Military Discount. What He Was Told? I’m Speechless… (great story)
JOY BEHAR: Would Vote In Rapist As Long As They Voted Her Way (wow....showing her true colors)
Feds Spending Millions to Arm Agencies That Don’t Need Guns  (we cut military funding for fighting our enemies outside the US and arm agencies within the US, it would seem that this President thinks that "we the people" are the real threat....hmm that's exactly what the enemies outside the US think)
WATCH: American Sniper Widow, Rape Survivor And Sheriff Put Obama On FULL BLAST During His Townhall Gun Meeting
Troops Killed and Wounded but We Mustn't Call it "Combat" (when "words" have no meaning)
Liberals Choose Islam over Sexual Assault Victims (to a liberal, criminals are the victims)
Liberals Make it Illegal to Feed the Homeless - Armed Patriots Disobey! (how in the world did we arrive here?)
Samuel L. Jackson Decided to Bash America — Now This Black Man Has a Message for Him (well worth reading)


Police Close 3 Mosques, 334 WAR Grade Weapons Found! (think this isn't happening in mosques here?)
Congress gives Native American lands to foreign mining company with new NDAA (why is congress giving "our" land away, shame on you Senator McCain and all others who allow this)
State Department misled public on Clinton emails, investigation concludes (loyal to Hillary, OK to mislead public)


A Muslim Leader from Florida Praises Terrorists, Calls Jews “Monkeys” and “Pigs” (evil hiding in plain sight)
GOP Rep. Drops Terrifying Revelation After Two Pakistani Men Are Apprehended at U.S. Southern Border
PHOTO: Cameras Catch What Obama Did Immediately Before He Cried on Air… He’s a Fraud (who cries out of only one eye?)
Obama’s Not The Only Leader To CRY And Get All DRAMATIC
Former Clinton Crony says Hillary Clinton Hired Secret Police to “Go After” Bill Clinton’s Victims!
‘YOU CAN’T JUST MAKE SH*T UP’: Gun Lovers JACKHAMMER Obama’s ‘Fear-Mongering Falsehoods’ With EPIC Truth Bombs (can you say "liar")
Ben Franklin WARNED America About GUN-GRABBERS Like BHO 200 Years Ago
Clinton Mercilessly Grilled on MSNBC: ‘What’s the Difference Between a Democrat and a Socialist?’ (why can't she answer this question?)

Teacher sexually assaults boy in her house… while HIS mother sat at the dinner table downstairs
Sorry, Obama. Only 2% Believe Guns Are our Most Important Problem. More Worry about Government and the Economy.
Bernie Sanders Says His 25 Years in Congress Show He's not a Career Politician (stupidity on display, and to think 30% of Democrats support him)
Chicago Cops “Protecting Us” at O’Hare Airport Told to “Run and Hide” in Active Shooter Situation

White Female Student Executed By Black Thugs in Texas

REAL Islamic State Law States: Have Compassion When Forcing Your Female Slaves To Have Sex


Paper: Scientists Still Can’t Explain The ‘Grand Hiatus’ In Global Warming (good bet the major news/media outlets won't report this)
German Police Under-Reporting Muslim Crimes (after reading this article ask yourself if you can trust what the government (or the media aligned/controlled by the government) tells you; obviously the masses are just too stupid and irrational to be told the truth)
Would-be Teacher Admits He Approves Adult-Child Sex. How Many Others? (the liberal "if it feels good, do it" mantra)
Houston Mosque Burned Down... by Muslim Faking a "Hate Crime" (clearly trying to stir the pot)
9 Incidents That Prove The Left Is Trying to Destroy Western Culture
A Christian is Martyred by Muslims Every 5 Minutes; Obama says “There’s Nothing We Can Do”
Here’s The List Of WOMEN Hillary Attacked & Shamed AFTER Bill Molested Them (the real war on women)

The whipping girl: Screaming in agony, a woman collapses as she and a man are caned under Sharia law in Indonesia merely for being 'seen in close proximity' to each other without being married (the religion of peace)


2015: Hillary Clinton's Year of 111 Scandals, Lies and Flip-Flops (holy cow, when will people realize she is NOT presidential material)
It begins: Massachusetts Court tells Catholic School it Must Hire Homosexuals (and we were told this wouldn't happen)
You Could be Fined $250,000 for using the Wrong Pronoun (absolutely ridiculous)
Muslim Family Whines ‘Racism’ For Being Kicked Off Plane, LOOK What We Just Caught Them Doing


Christ Hidden in Our Schools, While Muhammad Roams the Halls Freely
College Kids Actually Trying to BAN "White Christmas" because... RACISM (if these kids are our future, then God help us)


Emails Show Hillary Ignored Concerns About Device Security
A Third of Syrian Rebels Agree with ISIS (and these are the people Obama is arming)
When You See How Cruz’s Children Were Depicted in WaPo Cartoon, You’ll Understand Why He’s Not Happy (can you imagine the outrage if the media portrayed Obama's daughters like this)
Ted Cruz Fires Back at Washington Post With Cartoon of His Own: ‘Seems Like a Better Idea’ (Ted's response)
$7,500 A NIGHT: Want to See How Obama’s Spending Your Money For Christmas Vacation? (1 night = rent for a year)
School CRUMBLES after teachers told not to punish minority students because of white privilege                    
Teacher Sues School After Nearly DYING, The Reason Why Will Make You ANGRY AS HELL
SHOCKING 1995 Video Surfaces of Barack Obama Revealing Who Obama REALLY Is [VIDEO]
Hamas-CAIR tied Deputy Sheriff Teaches Jihadis How to Use Guns in US Mosque


Media Says Trump Supporter Threatened to Blow Up Mosque, But Here’s Who He REALLY Supported
Trump Told The Cameramen To Zoom Out…Now The MSM Doesn’t Want You To See This


Judge Jeanine: Hillary poses greatest danger to our safety [VIDEO] (holy cow, you don't want to miss this)
Muslim EXPLODES After Hearing White Man’s 6-Word Joke… Then Stranger Comes Forward, Destroys Her (Bias?)


More Evidence Global Warming Is a Hoax

BREAKING: 17 Black Thugs Arrested for Burning White Girl Alive…The MSM Is SILENT
Obama Reportedly Makes Eyebrow-Raising Terrorism Remark in Private Talk With Columnists — A Short Time Later, Comment Disappears From NY Times Story (Bias?)

Hillary Clinton: The criminal investigation keeps moving forward


The DHS Monitors YOUR Social Media Accounts, But REFUSES To Monitor These…
Professor Offers Extra Credit on Exam to Students Who Choose ‘Correct’ Definition of Donald Trump

Troubling and Unanswered Questions About the San Bernardino Massacre
Cops Made WEIRD Discovery Buried Where MUSLIMS Bought Cellphones



Loretta Lynch’s Pro-Muslim Rhetoric Stems from Her Own Ties to a Pro-Terrorist Group


SHOCK: 72 'Homeland Security' Employees on Terrorist Watch List

At Least 22 Verified Islamic Terror Training Camps in US – All Under the Watchful Eye of the FBI

Islamic Child Abuse gets you Probation in Arizona

In my opinion "people in power who have betrayed America"

Rule #1: Always assume stories are reported with a bias. (example)

Just because a news/media organization, the president, a senator, congressman or a political appointee states something as if its fact -- it doesn't mean its true. Always seek confirmation from multiple sources.

Note: This is a personal website. I am not paid for my effort of maintaining this site. I do it out of frustration at the number of uninformed people running around this country.

Caveat: Don't be fooled into thinking that those in control will give it up willingly. They have devised unique ways to mislead, misinform or simply flat out lie to "we the people". Examples include website with names designed to make you think they are trustworthy, fake social media accounts, professional commentaries (whose job is to seek out and comment on news articles that support their agenda in order to appear as if it is normal everyday people commenting), repeating lies through use of multiple outlets (again in order to make it appear more legitimate)...