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For too long the major news/media outlets have used their monopoly to sway public opinion; sometimes in how a story is reported, which stories are reported, or more importantly what is not reported.

Thankfully, the Internet provides "we the people" with a tool to see past the lies and dig deeper in search of the whole truth -- rule #1

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If you get your news from ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC...STOP...

They are lying/misleading you as to what is going on in this country. They have an agenda and it doesn't align with our constitution...

Boycott - Boycott - Boycott


I support the right for those to disrespect the flag and our country. However, I think it is wrong, childish, and I question their motives. I also support everyone's right to NOT SUPPORT organizations that condone or enable such behavior.
Target Time to show these liberal jackwagon companies that "We the people" are in charge...
MTV Just because...
Facebook Can you really trust facebook to filter FAKE news or will it filter news that doesn't align with liberal views...based on who they chose to decide what's fake...it is the latter
Google Google Plus has a page just for Pedophiles
SNL Hard to support an organization that employs a writer that would sink so low as to attack the President's 10 year old son...truly pathetic

Food for thought

  1. Laws are for everyone, and you cant' just pick and choose the ones you want to follow.
  2. You can't claim to treat everyone equally, while carving out groups of people with special status...PERIOD)
  3. Wouldn't it make more sense to celebrate what we have in common (being an American) rather than celebrating our differences (diversity)
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Stories the media DOESN'T want you to SEE!

DISGUSTING: President Bush’s Daughter To Deliver KEYNOTE Speech At This HIDEOUS Fundraiser (what does this say about humanity...where the government provides funds to murder an unborn child...)
Mexico Warns Trump: They’ll Go to the U.N. to Protect Rights of Mexicans in the U.S. (more absurdity...even mexico doesn't want its citizens...hahaha)
Media melts down after some excluded from off-camera WH press gaggle (another effort by the media to push a false narrative...they have used up ALL credibility...#Slugs)
DNC Senior Advisor Says ‘Gender Identity’ is ‘Settled Science’ (and so is...hillary didn't have top secret emails on her in-home server, bill didn't have sex with that intern, and it was a video that killed 4 Americans in Benghazi...you get the idea, hahaha)
Chinese-American Businessman and Illegal Clinton Fundraiser Made Tape Fearing for His Life (it amazes me that 1/2 the people in this country are so ignorant of their corruption and willing to support them as President...#Clueless)
There’s important context missing from Politico’s report Wednesday making the dubious claims on Trump (one thing I've learned about the media/liberals...if they accuse YOU of doing something wrong...THEY are the ones doing it...)

How does felon Jesse Jackson Jr. collect $138,400 a year from the federal government? (unbelievable...is this what obama means by playing by the rules....)
CNN LEAK: Twitter Followers Fake, CNN In On The Scam (time to hold the FAKE media accountable...let's flood the courts with libel lawsuits...#PatheticCNN)
WTF? What Cuomo Said About LITTLE GIRLS Viewing A Trannie’s JUNK Should Get Him FIRED (this is just sick...are all liberals sexual pervert/deviants...)
More Than 300 Scientists Urge Trump to Withdraw from U.N. Climate Change Agency (you won't see this on TV...)
CT Governor Tells Police, School Leaders They Don’t Have to Cooperate with ICE (the rule of law is a fantasy to liberals/democrats...imagine if we all decided that we weren't going to pay our taxes...)
Google Plans To Fight Internet Trolls & Hate Speech With Tool That Automatically Flags It (I wonder how google would feel if the government started restricting its free speech...)
Florida Sheriff Drops Some Cold Hard Facts: Illegal Criminals Are Preying On Our People (let's enforce the LAW....)

Sweden’s Leadership Has President Trump’s Back, Defies Liberal Pundits (let's see...media was WRONG...Trump was RIGHT...hahaha)
Vietnam Vet Faces Federal Criminal Charges for Displaying U.S. Flag Outside VA Fence (absolutely ridiculous...I don't even recognize this country anymore)
Rep. Collins Suggested Senate Intelligence Committee May Subpoena Trump’s Tax Returns (I think everyone who holds a government office needs to have their finances investigated EVERY year...let's start with her)
Gen. Flynn’s Firing is Not as Unusual as the Media Claims…Remember When Obama Did This is in 2009? (for the uninformed...or...those with selective memory)
California Spent Too Much on Sanctuary Benefits…Now Look Why They’re Wanting Billions in Federal Aid (the sad part is...when the SHTF...the federal government will bail them out...essentially, rewarding bad/stupid behavior)
University Still Considers Sanctuary Status Despite Funding Cut (you can't pick a coose which laws to follow...pull all federal funding...including grants, and student loans...)
HEY CNN: We Found That ‘Hacked Election’ Story … It Wasn’t THIS Year (the media has ZERO credibility...)
WATCH: Media Slips, Tells Us Their ‘REAL’ Job … Do You Agree? (the media EXPOSED...they believe their job is to "control what people think")
Hilarious: New Chrome Extension … Makes Bogus News Sites Tell The Truth (the liberals/democrats ARE the racists...)
White House correspondent’s question shows why people have trouble trusting the media (people who see everything through color are the TRUE racists...)

New Link Found Between Russia and THIS Former Presidential Candidate (explains why mccain was all over the fake russian election interference story...#SoiledWhatsLeftOfHisName)
Colleges Actively Looking for Moles to Snitch on Student Opinions (colleges are nothing more than expensive child care...#FragileSnowflakes)
CPS tells principals not to allow immigration officials in schools without warrant (WTH...these jackwagon government employees think they can pick and choose which laws they will follow...)
BREAKING: NY Files A Tax Warrant Against Ivanka For Tax Evasion – The Amount Is HILARIOUS! (I think its time we let go 90% of federal workers...)
$1 Billion in Social Security Benefits Paid to Individuals Without a SSN (people need to be held accountable...find those responsible and FIRE them...)
Second State Confirms Attempt by Obama Admin. to Hack Their Election System (this is illegal AND those involved MUST be severely punished...)
Black Ivy League Student Talks About Traumatic Experience That Led Him to Skip Class for a Month (this is lunacy...this student is unfit for adulthood)
Maxine Waters says Trump’s cabinet is full of ‘scumbags’ (no sane person takes he seriously...the sad part is she was elected to congress...)
YO, CNN: 1000s Chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ In Detroit Rally, Go Off On Anti-Jew Rant, Is THAT ‘NEWS’ (useless media continues to hide the truth from "we the people"...)
DEAR PARENTS: This School District Teaches Kids Islam, But Christianity … Eh, NOT SO MUCH (parents need to be on constant watch when it comes to who and what is being taught to your children...)
NBC “News” Uses Carefully Scripted Kids To Trash Trump (the media has lost ALL credibility...#LIARs)


Refugees in US to cost taxpayers billions in 2017
DANG! Blacks Won’t Like What ESPN Reporter Said About BLACKS & RACISM! (blacks attacking blacks...this proves it's not about racism...but special status)
IT’S OFFICIAL! Federal Judge Finds CNN GUILTY of Pushing ‘Fake News’- This Is NOT Satire (BOOM...media exposed for FAKE news...#Untrustworthy)
College Students Demand Free College for Black Students, Illegals, Felons (this is so idiotic...theses kids are unfit for college)
A New York congresswoman is pushing a bill for “menstrual equity” (it has to be stupidity that elects these clowns...)
Fact Checker Snopes Gets a Big Pinocchio While Defending Planned Parenthood (whose guarding the guards...#MediaLIARs, #MediaUntrusworthy)
WHOA! Obama/ICE Raids Even Caused Restaurants to Close (#MediaNeverToBeTrusted, #MediaBias, #MediaLIES, #MediaUnstable....)
WHOA! This Teacher Makes ‘PRO-TRUMP’ Facebook Post – Her School Does THIS To Her (contrast this with the teacher who called Trump's election an "Act of Terrorism"...and then suspended the student who video taped her saying it...)
TRUMP IS RIGHT AGAIN: Sweden IS Experiencing A MASSIVE ‘Migrant’ Crime Wave (interesting how the media makes Trump out to be a liar...and then he proves them wrong everytime...#MediaLIES)
College Writing Center Declares American Grammar “Racist” (can the left be any more idiotic...don't waste your money at washington university...)

MEXICO is ANGRY (hahaha...this is almost comical)
Citing Terrorism Concerns Saudi Arabia Deports 40,000 Muslim Pakistanis (seems everyone is taking this seriously...except the liberals/democrats)

Border Agents Go Rogue, Defy The President (if they are NOT going to do their JOB...fire ALL of them...immediately)
Trump’s Border Wall Set To Save Taxpayers BILLIONS

Judge Rules CNN ‘Acted Recklessly With Regard to the Accuracy’ of its Reporting (looks like the crooked media is in for some trouble...)
Pelosi Defends ‘DACA-Protected Dreamer’ From Deportation, Even Though he’s a Gang Member (just plain stupid...or does she HATE America)
FLASHBACK, April 2012: Immigration Raids Lead to 3,168 Arrests in ONE Week…Media Silent, no Protesters (so how come they are jumping up and down complaining now...hmm)
Homeschooling Families Revolt Against Republicans??? (get government out of education...)
FBI Confirms Again: Nothing Illicit In Flynn Case (liberals and the media will ignore and bury this story...)

The White House says this AP report ‘100% not true’ (the media is just making shi* up...#Losers, #Unstable, #Liars,...)
Police: Indiana Grandfather Killed by Drunk, Illegal Alien Without Driver’s License (using liberal own words...if deporting illegals will save but a single life...)
Nearly 2 million non-citizen Hispanics illegally registered to vote (I'm sure  the liberals will tell you that none of them have ever voted...#LaLaLand)
News Flash! Study Proves Border Wall Would Save Taxpayers Money (doesn't matter...it should be built either way)
University Says Free Speech Shouldn’t Apply to Trump Surrogates (it is clear that today's universities have far too many students that have no business being there...)
High school basketball team makes pointed political statement before championship game (I call BS...image if it said, I am an American and I support enforcing our BORDER and LAWs...)
‘Get to work and stop whining about it’ – CNN’s Jake Tapper scolds Trump after press conference (jake WHO?...nobody care what you think...you are IRRELEVANT...hahaha)
Austin teachers union members caught giving students instructional literature on resisting ICE (fire every last one of them...)
HEY, CNN: Poll Finds That Hispanics SUPPORT President Trump’s IMMIGRATION Policy — Is THAT News? (shhh...the lamestream media doesn't want you to know this...)
Refugee Terror Link Confirmed…Once Again (listen up you brain dead liberals...)
Twitter Caught Censoring Positive Trump Comments? (ahh...social media BIAS...#MentallyUnstableLiberals)
Teacher in California Glamorizing Gambling and Trump’s Assassination (still think public schools are a good thing...)

ABC News analyst: Trump ‘shutting down’ part of First Amendment by not calling on mainstream outlets (more like the LAMEstream media...arrogance, inflated egos...)
Intel Community Denies Bombshell WSJ Report re: Intentional Withholding of Info. from Pres. Trump (if this proves to be true...we have a serious problem with traitors in our government...)
Charlotte Mayor: No one should be deported for merely having a broken tail light (hey genius...they are not deported for a broken tail light...they are deported for being here ILLEGALLY....)
Who’s the Traitor from the Obama White House Who Leaked About Flynn? (if you thought snowden was a traitor...then whoever leaked this is also a traitor...)
OBAMA’S WATERGATE? Why Was FBI Wiretapping An American Citizen? (the pathetic media will all but ignore this...just like they did when hillary was accepting bribes laundered through her so called charity foundation...or when she was arming our enemies, got 4 Americans killed and blamed it on a video...)
New York Times Falsely Accuses Trump, Then Exonerates Him? (this is character assination...pure and simple...#MediaGutterRats)
BOOM!!!! Remember When Obama’s 2008 Campaign Reps Talked with Iran, Hamas? (james carville is right...democrats are so easy to manipulate...#Pawns)
Student Suspended For Recording Professor Who Said Donald Trump’s Election ‘An Act Of Terrorism’ (proof that or education system is in shambles...kind of reminds you of the same tactics Nazi Germany used...)
Pro-Trump Designer Receives Death Threats On Social Media After Grammys (these leftists fools have lost their mind...it's time they are introduced to the FULL force of the LAW...)

Major health insurance company CEO says Obamacare is in a ‘death spiral’ (right from the horses mouth...a dismal failure and the democrats want to tweak it)
Teachers resign after video secretly shot at bar shows school staffers named in crude ‘MFK’ game (what a sick society...when some see nothing wrong with the very same people teaching your kids are fantasizing about having sex with or killing them...)
Time Magazine Caught in ‘Fake News’ Story About Muslim Olympian Being Caught in Travel Ban (how is this news...it would be nws if they were caught telling the truth...hahaha)
Ted Cruz Wants to Revoke Citizenship of Americans Who Turn to Terrorism — Why Aren’t We Already Doing This? (excellent question...)
Report: Flynn was ousted by former Obama officials to protect Iran Deal (there are some serious traitors within our government...)
Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings bash Mike Flynn’s tweets, and immediately regret it (cmon America...stop electing fools...these people have no business representing anyone...jeez)
BREAKING: Obama’s Buttkissers Behind Scenes To Discredit Flynn In Order To SAVE … (everyone hired while obama was president should be let go...it's the only way to drain the swamp...)
Did the CIA Just Bag Mike Flynn? (big government is out of control...they are NOT to be trusted...)
The One Trick Banks Are Using to Turn Us Into A Globalist Society (make no mistake...the government is coming after your liberty...keep an eye on this)
Obama Administration Under Investigation for ANOTHER Private Email! (former obama administration attempting to hide their treasonous acts...)

Pelosi Blasts Flynn For Tweets That Came From A Fake Account (I have to ask...are her constituents that dumb or is it massive voter fraud that keeps electing this idiot...)
Thousands protest Sheriff Clarke’s immigration crackdown (while hundreds of millions aren't there to support him because they are at work, paying their taxes, that provides the free stuff for these protestors, so they don't have to work and can go protest...)
DISGUSTING: Activist Creates LGBT YouTube Channel For PRESCHOOLERS (this is wrong on so many levels...you wanted us out of you bedroom - we want you to keep it there...
College Democrat Group Starts Campaign to Wear White Puzzle Piece Pins to Remind Them of ‘White Privilege’ (great...makes the job of identifying and weeding out snowflakes by would be employers, easier...hahaha)
Principal tells Parents that Trump Presidency is “More Troubling” than 9/11 and the MLK Assassination (and yet this principle is even "More Troubling"...I pity today's children...with idiots like this guy running their schools...)
Mass Rape Epidemic Sweeping Europe’s Refugee Camps – America Next? (if they democrats/liberals get there way...then yes, it is coming to America)
Bernie Sanders: Trump is ‘Delusional…a Pathological Liar’ (sorry bernie...the truth is, you are looking in a mirror...)
Al Franken on Trump’s Nickname for Elizabeth Warren: ‘Mr. President…That’s Racist’ (nice try al...but you couldn't be more wrong...Trump isn't attacking a race, he is attacking a LIAR and a CHEAT who was using "so called" 1/32 Cherokee heritage for personal and financial gain...)
Cory Booker Clears up Confusion on Cabinet Confirmations: Dems Aren’t Being ‘Obstructionists;’ Trump is ‘Trying to Ram Nominees Through’ (does he even realize how ridiculous he looks with such an absurd statement...#Sad+PatheticDemocrat/Liberal...)
BREAKING: Black ‘Comedian’ Tells 15k People To ASSASSINATE President Trump – Isn’t That ILLEGAL? (this is a crime...not a lot of intelligence here...)
For Black History Month Yale To Host ‘Black Panther Party’ (universities are showing their true colors...and it isn't patriotic...)
TSA Employees Caught Doing WHAT?! (this is why you want a small government...)
Socialist College Twerps Encourage Assassination at UCF (this is a crime...these people are a danger to everyone...round them up and put them in jail)

Toronto Black Lives Matter co-founder says white people are ‘genetic defects’ (how can anyone take this group seriously...hahaha)
Muslim Professor Promoting Rape and Slavery at Georgetown University (I'm speechless...though not surprised...the cause...liberalism...)
Watch as a Trump Supporter Gets Attacked, while Police stand by and Do NOTHING (it's not going to be good for the police when they end up in jail...)
National Heath Service prescribes Islam for mentally-ill Muslims (the UK has lost it's mind...can you say brain dead...)
Democrats Demanding that Immigration Officials Stop Deporting Illegals Convicted of Violent Crimes (come on...does the oath you took to uphold the constitution and protect Americas mean anything to the democrats...)
University Offers Counseling for Students Traumatized by Pro-Life Display (no counseling offered to those who murdered their babies...)
United pilot scares passengers off plane by using intercom for UNHINGED Trump rant (wow...makes one wonder how many more loose cannons there are in this country...like they say, liberalism is a mental disorder)

Majority of European Citizens Want Complete Halt to Muslim Migration (we always hear the liberal say we should be more like Europe regarding healthcare...I wonder if they feel the same about this...)
Trump Tweets ‘Dangerous’ Facts on Refugee Admissions Since Court Ruling (cold hard facts...these judges may very well end up with blood on their hands...)
Venezuelans Eating Dogs and Birds During Food Shortage (message to all bernie sander's supporters...this is SOCIALISM...)
How Much Did Your State’s Energy Costs Go Up In Under Obama? (another story the media WONT tell you...)

Bernie Sanders Believes Health Care Is A Right, Benjamin Franklin Would Disagree (maybe a sitting senator should actually READ the constitution...you know, the one he took an oath to uphold)
NBC Runs “Fake News” Story on Guns to Scare Americans (#UntrustWorthyMedia, #MediaLies...)
Apple CEO Declares: ‘We’ve Got to Filter Out’ Fake News (this should scare everyone...what gives him the authority to decide for you what is fake news...same goes for the media, who are the main contributors of fake news)
University Prof: ‘Black-on-Black Crime is Not a Thing’ (someone may need a drug and/or competency test...)
CNN Cuts Off Bernie Sanders Right After He Mentioned Them as ‘Fake News’ (what strikes me...a self declared socialist calls owhat makes him thinkut the media for Fake News even though they support his socialist views...)
UNBELIEVABLE! Another disgusting example of the left playing politics with national security (our government agencies are full of traitors...let's find, try and convict them...)
Foreign Leader Says Terrorists are ‘Definitely’ Mixed in With Refugees (enough said...)

Swedish School Now A WAR ZONE After Winning “Peace Prize” For Enrolling The Most Refugees (what you get when the people you let in don't want to be a part of your country...but to take it over...)
Mexican woman sentenced to 8 years for repeated voter fraud in Texas (but but but how can that be...the liberals keep telling us there was no voter fraud...)
Teacher posts ‘the only good Trump supporter is a dead Trump supporter.’ Now he’s paying for it. (this isn't funny...completely unstable...and he's teaching our kids...)
President Trump Proves the Necessity of His “Unfair” Travel Ban (what the media is hiding from you...)
UC Berkeley Newspaper Says Riots Were Example of Free Speech (right...and the Easter Bunny is real...liberals live in a fantasy)
Fake Science: NOAA Fudged Climate Data to ‘Eliminate’ Global Warming Pause (is this what liberals call settled science...#CilmateHoax)
University Warns Students About Upcoming ‘Disturbing and Offensive’ Pro-life Display (for me...offensive is killing a human life...in the name of choice)
HEY CNN: Dem State Senator Calls President Trump A ‘Fascist, Loofah-Faced Sh*t-Gibbon’ — Is THAT News? (more media bias...in plain sight)
THE MILO BILL: College Campus Free Speech Bill To Be Named After Breitbart Sr. Editor! (the very fact that a bill like this is needed tells you that there's not much education going on in so called "higher education"...)
Liberal Professor Attacks Conservative Student on Campus (another liberal meltdown...in what fantasy do they live in...#MentallyUnstable)

Poll Reveals Voters Trust Trump Admin. More than News Media (interesting...the media would have you believe otherwise...#MediaLies)
Dems Throw Temper Tantrum After Sessions Confirmed As US Attorney General (on the contrary...YOU are afraid that Sessions's WILL uphold the law...unlike the past 8 years...#1/32CherokeeMyA**)
Whistleblower: I Have Seen First-Hand The Abuse & Fraud In The U.S. Refugee Program (soon we will see exposed the traitorous actions of obama...)
Twitter Continues It’s Clampdown on Opposing Views (these companies are pushing LIES of omission...#UnTrustworthy)
16 Fake News Stories Reporters Have Run Since Trump Won (you definitely won't hear this from the media...)
Legislator in Liberal-Land Demands Russian Hack Story Be Taught in School (come on...are there ANY requirements for becoming a teacher...)
St. Joseph’s University Professor: ‘People are going to die’ because of white Trump voters (honestly,...how is it that such mentally unstable liberals are allowed to teach your kids...)
Chicago Public Schools Gets the Homework Very Wrong (seems the CPS teachers are only interested in themselves...#Pathetic)

SHUT UP, FAUXAHONTAS! Elizabeth Warren BANNED From Sessions’ Hearing – Do You LOVE It? (hahaha...another liberal meltdown...this is the type of person that democrats want writing laws...)
BREAKING: Major Network ADMITS They Didn’t Cover 24% of 78 Listed Islamist Terror Attacks! (so I guess Trump was right...the media LIES to "we the people"...)
Huffington Post Editor “Media Should Be Ignoring Terror Attacks” (right...why should "we the people" know what going on around us...kids, this is what happens to your brain on drugs....)
LMAO: Guess What PERCENTAGE of These Left-Wing Activists Live With MOMMY! (hahaha...enough said)
DEAR CNN: Omarosa Called ‘Trump’s WHORE’ By ‘Fat’ Lib Chicks – Is That Racism And/Or Sexism? (apparently, this behavior is acceptable if you are attacking anyone but a liberal...)

Barnard College Pledges To Hire Professors Based On Skin Color (this IS racism)
Parents livid over 6th grade ‘Five Pillars of Islam’ assignment (as a parent one should question whether such a school is capable of educating anyone...)
Justice Ginsburg would like to change the Electoral College (she is clearly not fit for being a supreme court justice...she should have been disbarred for performing a same sex marriage before it was law...)
Trump immigrant-ban protesters asked if they’d let refugees live with them. Here’s how they respond. (this highlights the absurdity of liberal arguments...)
Another Whistleblower Exposes NOAA Manipulation of Global Warming Data (there should be criminal charges brought against those who falsified data and attempted to mislead the public...)
‘Knights for Socialism’: A University ‘Fight Club’ that Trains Students How to Fight Conservatives (let me get this straight...the ones doing the rioting, looting, and assaulting...are getting instructions on how to fight...)
Black Lives Matter Kindergarten Teacher Screams It’s Time Start Killing People (people like this are clearly unstable and unfit to teach anyone...)
New CBS poll shows that majority of Democrats consider Christianity as violent as Islam (proof that liberals are insane...10 commandments = beheading, burning/drowning alive...#SnowflakeInsanity)
University stops formation of conservative group due to campus leftists feeling ‘unsafe’ (are we living in Nazi Germany...schools can't defend their views...so they ban all others...)
Schools Are Hosting Tunnels Of Oppression Exposing Privileged Students To “Dehumanization” (this is ridiculous...these schools are unfit to teach anything)
CNN spins fake news on Milo Yiannopoulos (maybe its time we start holding the media accountable...#CNNhasZEROcredibility)
Justice Dept takes on and DEMOLISHES Judge Robart’s Case (this may turn out to be robart's downfall...and removal from the bench for dereliction of duty...unfit to server...)
Dem Rep. Maxine Waters Calls For Impeaching Trump (this woman possesses zero qualities that should qualify you to serve in congress...like have a brain)

WATCH: What VP Pence Just Said About GAYS Will Freak Millions Out (you can't claim to treat everyone equally...while carving out groups with protected status...period)
Another Muslim Leader Speaks Out Supporting Trump; Asks Americans to Think Rationally
Feds Race to “Clean-Up” Debris, Trash Left Behind By Environmental Protestors (liberals doing what they do best...acting like spoiled children...)
15 Anti-Trump Fake News Stories: To Destroy Trump the Media Now Leads With Fake News Every Day (Trump hasn't been President for even 3 weeks and the FAKE NEWS (a.k.a LIES) on Trump are piling up...)
VIDEO: CNN Guests Pushes Wild Berkeley Conspiracy Theory (always the same tactic...blame someone else...like the right wing conspiracy that forced bill clinton to use a cigar on his intern...#BottomFeeders)
Global Warming Hoax: Middle East Sees “Apocalyptic” Blizzard
Huge Global Warming Data Flaw Discovered, Used to Dupe World (like I have always said...this is a money laundering scheme...follow the money)

More States Considering Laws Making it Legal Run Over Protesters Blocking Traffic (your 1st amendment right is for a PEACFUL protest...you don't get to bully/intimidate or interfere in others lives...)
DISGUSTING: Kid Wears MAGA Hat On Bus, Gets BEATEN By Thugs, and Then It GOT WORSE (time to file charges against the school...take them for everything...#Disgusting)
WATCH: Unhinged Black Teacher Screams Crap That Would Get A WHITE Teacher JAILED! (would you care if this lunatic was teaching your child...)
College Campuses Held World Hijab Day (the epitome of stupidity...celebrating Hijab Day...that represents female subjugation...)
Jordanian Prince: We Can’t Vet These Syrian Refugees (the truth...)
Now We Know: Those 'Spontaneous' Anti-Trump Airport Protests Weren't Spontaneous At All (of course they weren't...and it exposes the media as a co-conspirator...)
In Photos, the Latest Example of Liberal ‘Tolerance’ (these people are clearly, childish, intolerant, and highly unstable...)

12K assassination tweets: Secret Service Presented with a NEW Challenge with Trump (guess this proves who the real deplorables are...track down every last one of them and put them in jail)
CNN spins fake news on Milo Yiannopoulos (#CNNisFictionNews)
Look How This ‘Peaceful,’ ‘Tolerant,’ ‘Anti-Nazi’ NYU Prof Protests Right Wing Guest (take a good look...the left is anything but peaceful or tolerant...)
College Professors Wear Hijabs to Protest Trump’s Immigration Order: ‘We’re All Muslims Now’ (so I guess they support genital mutilation, polygamy,
Pelosi: What’s Making America Less Safe is Having a ‘White Supremacist’ on National Security Council (seriously...this woman needs a padded cell...)

Comrade Bernie Sanders: Dismantle Religious Freedom To End Homophobia, Racism and Sexism (bernie isn't helping Vermont residents with their image...bunch of RETARDs...please have someone READ the constitution to you...)
More Violent Protests Erupted: This Time Over Conservative Speaker At NYU (these jackwagons need a wakeup call...#Morons...)
Illegals Encouraged To Disobey Immigration Officials (it's time to prosecute and convict those who are aiding and abetting criminals...)
Reddit Turns to Censorship to Silence Conservatives (this is Germany all over again...wakeup America...)
WAR ON SPEECH: Conservative Commentator PEPPER SPRAYED At NYU … For ‘Tolerance’ (liberals/democrats = the fascists, the intolerant, and the violent...)
FAKE NEWS: Man Who Said His Mom DIED Because Of Travel Ban LIED — Guess Who Exposed Him (where REAL fake news comes from...the liberal media...)
Former Obama Admin. Official Suggests a Military Coup to Unseat Trump (and to think...this is the type of people obama had in his administration...#Incompetent)
Democratic lawmaker: Berkeley riots were ‘a beautiful sight’ (advocating violence...if you disagree with their position...how truly disgusting and pathetic...)
Progressive Rhode Island lawmaker fired from waitress job over ‘anti-male’ insults (exposing the true colors of a liberal/democrat...)
Trayvon Martin’s Parents Running for Political Office (umm, they raised a punk/thug...and this makes them qualified to run for political office...if you're a democrat it does...)
Michael Eric Dyson: ‘This is the First Toddler Presidency’ (watching the liberal media meltdown...is entertaining, #Irrelevant)

“Fake” News Hoax Completely Debunked by Researchers (my my...it seems the only thing fake is the media itself...)
Anti-Trump flier given to elementary school students. District says it was an accident. (democrat dictionary: misspoke --> LIED, was an accident --> GOT CAUGHT...these teachers are an embarrassment to education...)
ANTI-FREE SPEECH: UC Berkley RIOT Shuts Down Event Of Breitbart Editor — President Trump REACTS! (liberals have NO credibility...they are completely oblivious to their hypocrisy...)
SCOTUS: Dems Go APESH!T Over Gorsuch — But Forget THIS Little Truth Nugget (you have to be down right stupid...to believe anything coming out of a democrat/liberal/progressive's mouth...)
HEY CNN: Remember When Chuck Schumer Said THIS Without Crying? (dumba**...didn't think we would find this video...liberalism is a mental disorder...)

Joe The Plumber Schools Starbucks On Why They Should Hire 10k Veterans (wow...common sense...)
Black student says teacher punched him, offered students extra credit for going to anti-Trump rally (this should be a wakeup call to parents...get your kids out of public school...at a minimum watch them like a hawk...)
Teacher berates 7th-grader’s pro-Trump shirt, compares it to swastika. And that was the last straw. (there are some in society that should never be around children...let alone teach them...this teacher is one of them...)
WATCH: Pretenatural Pelosi Caught On Mic COACHING Operative – ‘Tell Them You’re A Muslim’ (zero morals, zero ethics...same goes for those who keep putting her in office...)
Pelosi Flayed By Question from Mom Whose Son Was Murdered by Illegal Alien (BAM...your actions (Pelosi) have real consequences for Americans...)
“We Need To Start Killing People… We Need To Start Killing The White House” – Seattle Social Justice Warrior Caught On Tape Threatening Violence and Demanding Reparations (this is ALL on obama's head...and the morons who voted him President, twice)
Dem Congresswoman Forced To Face Her Own Voting History After Calling Trump’s Travel Ban ‘Horrifying’ (wow...how dumb are the people that elect someone so stupid as to not think they would be called out on the LIES...)
Teacher Won’t Let Boys Play With THIS Toy Because Of ‘GENDER EQUALITY’ (it's time to raise the bar for qualifications to teach...you must work in the private sector for 20 years before you teach...)
THIS CRUD’S FOR YOU! Budweiser Goes POLITICAL, Debuts Pro-Immigration Super Bowl Ad (how is it that the stupidest of people are CEOs of large companies...way to alienate your customers dumba**)

Classless Ex-prez Weighs in to Encourage Protesters (the first word of this title says it all...#JackWagon)
Democrats Boycott Confirmation Hearings (actions of a child...)
Boy Scouts to allow girls who think they are boys to join (have we become so stupid that we can't even decide whether a person is male or female...I think GOD might have something to say on this...)
Trump Signs Executive Order On Regulation: “For Every New Regulation, Two Regulations Must Be Revoked” (now that's a good start in the right direction...)
Important Muslims Come Out in Support of Trump’s Immigration Order (will you look at that...even some muslims agree with Trump...)
Wall Street Journal Writer: No One Protested or Sued When Obama Issued 6-Month Ban on Iraqi Refugees (and the media BIAS/LIES are exposed once again...it also shows how easy it is to manipulate liberal snowflakes...#SafeSpacesNoVacancy...hahaha)
New Report: Facebook, Google, Media Matters are Teaming Up (birds of a feather stick together...#NeverToBeTrusted...#WatchYourBack...)

University Professor: Trump Voters Think ‘People of Color are What’s Wrong With America’ (when liberals look at a person they only see race, color, gender, sexual orientation...patriots see only behavior...)
Tolerant Left Sends Used Menstrual Products To Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (do women really want to be associated with this type of behavior...would any sane person support such a group...)

NY-Born Governor: ‘If There is a Move to Deport Immigrants, I Say Then Start With Me’ (OK...sounds like a plan)
DC Women’s March Leader Angry That U.S. Hasn’t Adopted Sharia Law (sharia law seems at odds with women's march...useful idiots...)

Liberals Seeking To Flee For Canada Find They Can’t Because Of Strict Immigration Policies (haha...this is just too funny)
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Says Not Being A Sanctuary ‘Would Betray The Constitution’ (this guy is brain dead...shame on seattle resident's for electing such an idiot...)
Mayor de Blasio Being Questioned by Feds in ‘Pay to Play’ Investigation (really...should anyone be surprised...)
Trump Argument Bolstered: Study Approximates Clinton Received 800,000 Votes from Non-citizens (hmm...what do you know...)
Trump: Hey media, you hear about this big pro-life march? (significant fact..."media networks have devoted 100 SECONDS on the March for Life over the past FOUR years")Why Rand Paul Voted Against Mike Pompeo as CIA Director (waterboarding is NOT torture...it does not KILL or harm the body...electrocution, burning, cutting off parts of the body...now THAT'S torture...)
Congress to Block Obama’s Secret Gun Ban?! (obama may have had a pen and a phone...but the current President has an eraser and a mute button..hahaha)
Unhinged liberal gets violent with conservative student: ‘Why the f*** are you filming me?’ (so what else is new...)

Texas high school teacher posts video of herself ‘shooting’ Trump in her classroom (would you want your kids taught by this lunatic...she should be barred from teaching...ever)
Sanctuary Suites: Defiant mayor vows to harbor illegals at Boston City Hall (yank ALL federal funding...find and prosecute those breaking the law...)
Fed’s Re-Investigating Syrian Refugees Allowed into U.S. Without ‘Proper Scrutiny’ Under Obama (yeah right...a glitch...you mean stand down order from obama...)
Reporters Take to Social Media to Entice Federal Employees to Leak Dirt on Trump (where was this enthusiasm for the past 8 years...you know when obama was in office...we still know nothing about his past...)
Restaurants Are Lashing Out Against Trump’s Executive Orders (simple solution...if you are found employing illegals...you pay a fine and go to jail...period)
Top Dems Voted FOR The Border Wall That President Trump Is Building (oh no...they are against it, after they voted for it...you can't fix stupid...)
NY Times Sneaks in STUNNING Correction on Editorial (hahaha...caught with their pants down once again...)
Lauer Fears Trump May Want To Commit “International Crime” (lauer thinks he's a journalist, he's just making things up...it's amazing how big their heads get...)
Proven Liar Dan Rather “We Must Stand Up To Trump’s Lies” (now this is classic...#PatheticRather)

DISGUSTING: Fast Food Worker Put THE UNSPEAKABLE On Customer’s Burger – She’s NOW In Custody (what the hell is wrong with people...)
Liberal NY Times columnist: Trump ‘was obviously mentally ill the moment he took office’ (it's almost comical to watch the liberal media meltdown...no one will ever be able to take them seriously again...)
Dems Intro. Legislation to Take Trump’s Finger Off the Nuclear Trigger (absurd and ridiculous...perhaps the democrats should worry about their own sanity...#LiberalMeltdown)
Buzzfeed Editor Justifies Publishing “Unverified Information” – it’s Trump’s Fault (being a member of the press does NOT give you authority to LIE...#Failure)
Potential DNC Chairman: ‘We Have to Teach [Volunteers] How to Shut Their Mouths if They are White’ (who's the REAL racist...)
Texas Judge Presiding Over Executive Amnesty Case SLAMS Obama’s DOJ (as the cover of obama's administration is slowly peeled back...the corruption, lack of morals and character will be exposed...)
Oops? Obama’s Department of Education’s Massive Math Error on Student Loans (more obama lies...he will go down as America's worst embarrassment)
Marie Harf Defends Obama Giving Palestinians $221 Million: “Isn’t All That Much” (like, I mean, like...whatEVER!...like, it's only $221 milllion...)
Officials Warn: Female Suicide Bombers Use Babies To Avoid Suspicion (clearly...they have NO respect for life...lunatics)

The ‘Spontaneous,’ ‘Grassroots’ Women’s March – Bankrolled by George Soros (seems more like a greenback rather than grassroots march...)
Philly Educators Asked to Tech “Black Lives Matters” Tenants in Class All Week Long (aren't you glad you don't live in philly...are you sure this isn't going on in your schools...)
NBC Employee Calls Trump’s Ten-Year-Old Son a Serial Killer, NBC Does Nothing… What Happened to Leaving Politicians’ Children Out Of It? (liberals once again show their true colors...#Classless)
Report: Obama Issued A Massive Ammunition Ban Just One Day Before He Left Office (the liberals are truly a vindictive, childish bunch...)
Marie Harf Joins Fox News As Contributor (anyone else think this woman belongs in the "Clueless" movies...fox continues its downward slide with decisions like this...)
DISGUSTING: Look What PSYCHO Trump Hating Mom Has Her LITTLE Daughter Carrying (that kid has ZERO chance with a mom like that...)
NO SPEAKY SPANISH: Look What Trump Did To The WHITE HOUSE Website (we are ONE country...with ONE language...English)
Obama quietly gave $221 million to Palestinians just hours before Trump’s inauguration (obama has always hated America...just look at his actions...small petty man)
Governor Greg Abbott hammers a Texas sheriff after she refuses to comply with immigration laws (fire her...she is either incompetent or a traitor...)
Indiana middle school worksheet describes woman who is ‘very fortunate’ to live under Sharia law (I think it's time to hold teachers accountable for allowing or promoting this garbage...)

DEAR NASTY WOMEN: When Are YOU Going To March Against ISLAM’s Abuse Of Women? (an EXCELLENT question...)
WATCH: Nasty Old Liberal Hag BERATES Trump Supporter On Flight – What Happens To HER Is AWESOME (finally, sanity is being restored...it's what happens when you no longer have a child in the white house...)
Her tweet wonders if ‘someone will be kind enough to assassinate Trump’ — and she pays dearly for it (stupid is as stupid does...)
University Offers Free Massages, Food, Meditation, and Yoga to Help Student Heal from Trump’s Inauguration (Snowflake University...we may have to rename them institutions of "lower learning"...hahaha)
Female Pens POWERFUL Letter that DESTROYS Women’s March Participants (you'll never hear this from the media...)

Gore’s Latest Climate Propaganda Premiering During Blizzard? (too funny...)
Liberal High School Teacher Gives Trump Nazi Makeover (unfortunately, this is all too common the level of educator that is teaching your kids...)

‘SNL’ writer claims Trump’s youngest son will be a school shooter — then Twitter tears into her (the left have no morals or values...sick woman)
Hundreds of thousands of women descend on D.C. to protest against President Donald Trump (not condoning past behavior but...where were these women when bill clinton was elected President...I guess if you are a democrat/liberal it's okay)
VIDEO: Deploraball Attendees Pelted With Eggs (doesn't this remind you of kids having a tantrum, screaming, wailing, and throwing themselves down on the floor because they didn't get their way...snowflakes...)

CNN Hires Inexperienced Daughter of Valerie Jarrett to Cover Trump DOJ (what kind of lunatics are running CNN...someone please get them to a metal health facility)
Fake News? New York Times Faces Backlash After Sole Source Repudiates Anti-Rick Perry Story (does anyone need anymore evidence that the media are as crooked as hillary, and are NOT to be trusted...)
Watch: Anti-Trump protesters break things, vandalize businesses, terrorize the populace (the scary part is that these people got to vote on who our next president was going to be...)
WATCH: Anti-Trump Protesters Get HOSED Down With PEPPER SPRAY And It’s HILARIOUS (if you don't think what you are doing is wrong...why are you covering your face...)
Weapons Found in DC Stashed in Violin Case Along Potomac River (folks the evidence is as plain as day that the criminals are out of control...and by criminals I mean liberals/democrats, media, the establishment - from both sides, big money,...)
CNN Manufactures Fake News ‘Insider Trading’ Bombshell About HHS Secretary Nominee Tom Price (wow...CNN is just tanking...and to think this is where many people got their news...#NeverTrustTheMedia)
HEY, CNN: A Friend Of The CLINTONS Is ARRESTED For Threatening To KILL Trump — Is THAT News? (I guess not...they aren't russians...hahaha)
WTF: CNN, ‘Assassinating Trump Could Keep Obama Admin in Power’ (CNN meltdown...should the government investigate for possible treason...)
#DisruptJ20 Anarchists Congregating at Terror Style Training Camp (kind of telling where the liberals/democrats are getting their marching orders...)
Students Arrested For Constitution Giveaway File Lawsuit (about as stupid as arresting a person for giving away books at a library...#UniversityStupidity)

LMAO: The Trump Haters’ Playmate Of The Month, John Lewis, HASN’T Been Paying His TAXES (this says it all...)
FAKE NEWS SPIGOT, CNN, SAYS: Trump Wants To ‘DELEGITIMIZE’ Journalism (hahaha...too late CNN...you have already accomplished that by yourselves...)
VIDEO: Trump Advisor Roger Stone POISONED (liberals/democrats are really showing their true colors...no wonder they don't see hillary as a criminal...)
Small Business Lost 300,000 Jobs Due To Obamacare (what you get when you elect a person with no experience and who has never worked in the private sector...)

What Did Bill and Hillary Clinton Do With Haiti’s $3.9 Billion in Aid? (well, it never got to Haiti...so we can only conclude they kept it...#Dirtbags)
Obama Setting Landmines for Trump with Staffing Changes (what a small, petty, vindictive, anti-American, jackwagon...#TheEndOfAnError...)
BREAKING: Obama commutes Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence three days before leaving office (are you kidding me...this guy was convicted of treason...history will prove obama to be a traitor...)
Marines Make Landfall in Norway, Russia Not Happy (the actions of a child...slap the guy who has bullied you for 8 years...then run away and let the next president clean up your mess...)
Islamic State Burned Mother & Her Four Young Children (just another day with the religion of peace...this type of behavior is a cancer that MUST be exterminated...)
How CNN And ABC Are Fudging The Poll Numbers To Tank Trump’s Favorability (just plain LIES, and more LIES...#HowPathetic, #Irrelevant)


WATCH: Interracial Couple Gets BERATED By Blacks In PUBLIC! (This is what a REAL racist looks like...it's almost laughable that the video just above this one is obama saying race relations have gotten better under his administration...hahahaha)
CNN panelist says on air that fellow panelist is a ‘mediocre Negro’ for supporting Trump (herein lies the problem with people like marc...they place more importance on being BLACK than being AMERICAN...#Classless, #Racist)
Anti-Trump protesters caught on camera planning acid attack on inauguration ball (jail time!!!)
Michelle Obama’s MLK tweet appears to encourage Trump inaugural boycott (fanning the flames of hate, another one in a position above their pay grade...#classless)
Sunday Times Stokes Trump-Russia Ties with Fake News (the corrupt media spans the globe...take a look at who controls them...smells like a soro's funded attack)
Even More Democrats Planning to Boycott Inauguration (classless...children...have no business holding office...period)
New Law Could Cut Off Aid To Countries That Refuse To Accept Illegal Immigrant Criminals (one-by-one we will undue the damage caused by obama's policies...)

Maryland public school employee fired for correcting a student’s spelling on Twitter (it seems like the wrong person was fired...yet another PC administrator above its paygrade...)
University Sponsoring Weekly ‘Witnessing Whiteness’ Book Discussion (students should ask for a refund from this university...beam me up scotty)
Philadelphia Teachers Union Urging Educators to Teach Students About Black Lives Matter (how is this preparing the students for earning a living...this is simply teaching hate to yet another generation...kind of how they do it over in the middle east)
Controversial Clinton Global Initiative closing its doors for good (I would say this is proof of the clinton's pay-for-play scheme...the clinton's are nothing but criminals...)

Far too much conflicting/bogus news stories to make any sense out of it (a saul alinsky's "rules for radicals" tactic...overwhelm the system...#IgnoreTheMedia)

13 Inconvenient Truths About Obama’s Legacy (the only good point is that we are coming to the end of an error...)
Human Rights Group Portrays America As Major Threat Citing This Absurd Reason! (wow...unable to grasp even a semblance of reality...)
In Total Denial? Democrats Cast Doubts On Trump’s Legitimacy (they really are the biggest sore losers I have ever seen...I think they need a timeout...)


After Attacking Conservatives as ‘Fake News’ BuzzFeed Now Caught Publishing Worst Fake News of the Year (surprise surprise...those crying about fake news are the ones behind the fake news...)
Two Schools on High Alert After Receiving Racial Threats From Twitter User…Guess Who Was Behind Them? (this is a saul alinsky/democrat/liberal MOI...never to be trusted)
Trump Never Got 2-page Summary of Allegations; Intel Director Backpedals (what is going on...the intelligence agencies and the media are in meltdown...loosing any and all credibility...)
IRS Spent $12 Million on E-Mail Archive System It Never Used During Lois Lerner Scandal (really...people need to lose their job and go to jail...)
Neil Cavuto DESTROYS CNN (payback is a bitch...suck it up buttercup...hahahaha)
DEAR CNN: Fox News Got Beat Up By BHO For 8yrs – It’s YOUR Turn NOW! (now the shoe is on the other foot...the difference being that fox aired ACTUAL news (and got beat up for it) while the rest of the media airs FAKE news...)

90,000 Christians Killed For Their Faith Last Year (satan is dancing in the streets...)
We should all pitch in and buy the mayor of Philadelphia an economics textbook (I have no sympathy for those affected by the higher prices...you were the ones that elected the mayor...now you have to live with the consequences)
Nancy Pelosi Says Obamacare was ‘Bipartisan’ Legislation (she is obviously not running on all cylinders...she need's her head examined...literally)
The Top Ten List of Stupid Government Programs of 2016 (let's publicize the names of those that put these into bills...jeez, does $20 trillion in debt mean anything)
Washington Post Reporter Snaps Pics of Rex Tillerson's Paperwork While on Break (can the bar for being a journalist get any lower...)

Senior House Republican: Intel Shows Gitmo Detainees Returning To Terrorism (who could have predicted this...everyone who loves this country...)
Google Plus Now Has a Page Just for Pedophiles (what is wrong with people, and google...how disgusting)
FLASHBACK: Sen Cory Booker Has High Praises For Sen Jeff Sessions’ Civil Rights Record (this is what "unethical" looks like...)
Al Franken accuses Jeff Sessions of lying, Ted Cruz sets the record straight (shouldn't there be only one question...will you uphold the LAW...)
‘We may just have to kick somebody’s ass’: Black Caucus chair sounds off on painting removal (typical behavior we have come to expect from you as a group...how sad and pathetic that you were elected to represent the people...)

MTV News writer faces intense backlash for ‘disgusting’ tweet about Sessions’ Asian granddaughter (it seems the liberal media is full of knuckle dragging buffoons....)
Liberal Actor/Comedian Says he Hopes Airport Shooter ‘is a Trump Supporter AND a Muslim’ (liberals have such hate in their hearts...I guess deep down they know what they are doing is wrong...)
John Kerry apologizes to LGBT for what he calls decades of prejudice (what a sorry excuse for a man...and I use that term loosely)
Whoopi Goldberg Claims Conservatives Prevented Her From Making A Living (I'm not even sure the lights are on...but surely there is no one home...)
Socialism In Action: Venezuelans Go Hungry, Army Begins Selling Food On The Black Market (hey Bernie supporters...READ THIS...or have someone read it to you...)
CBS News accused of misleading report on racially charged Facebook Live beating (LIES LIES LIES...they really are losing their minds...)

Liberal writer to middle America: Jobs would come if you weren’t so ‘racist’ and ‘stupid’ (liberalism is truly a mental disorder...)
Senior Iran Officials Confirm Payments in Excess of $10 Billion by the Obama Admin. (this traitor should have been tried and convicted long ago...I blame the feckless Congress for NOT doing their job...and the dumb***es that elected them...)
Bombshell New Study Suggests that Liberals are Far More Likely to Commit Crime than Conservatives (I don't take these studies too seriously...but duh, it's obvious...hahaha...)
Nancy Pelosi Denounces ‘Accomplices’ in Media for Reporting on WikiLeaks Emails (seems pathetic/untrustworthy/unprofessional)
Catherine Herridge: ‘Absolutely No Backup Data’ For Russian Hacking Narrative (seems like a competent/honest/professional person)

HEY CNN: Here’s That Awkward Moment When RUSSIANS School You In DEMOCRACY (this applies to ALL media...)
WHAT A SCHMUCK: Obama Ignores Ft Lauderdale, Does THIS Instead (#Classless, #Jan20CantComeSoonEnough...)
White House Confirms More Gitmo Transfers Before Obama Leaves Office (if obama is so intent on releasing gitmo prisoners...let move the remaining ones to every house adjoining obama's new residence...)

How DID NBC get access to Top Secret Russian hacking report? (excellent question...track down and prosecute whoever is responsible...)
1st Time Ever: USA Appears on List of Nations Persecuting Christians! (satan sure has come a long way...since we took God out of our lives...)
The Obamas are Building a Wall! (do as I say NOT as I do...)
Feds Announce Takeover of US Electoral Process (THIS IS BS!!!!...the government has NO authority to do this...)
Fort Lauderdale Shooter Esteban Santiago, A Troubled Man Known to the FBI (is the FBI that incompetent or is the obama administration tying their hands...)
Lindsey Graham on Russia: ‘It is Time Now Not to Throw Pebbles, But to Throw Rocks’ (do the people of SC really keep reelecting him...or is it voter fraud...this guy is nuts...)

Matt Lauer: 20 Years of Bias in the Morning (yet another liberal...full of himself...)
Schumer Crying That It’s Not Fair if Republicans Use the “Reid Rule” (how comical....how does this clown keep getting elected...is this what Cruz meant by NY values...)
New Clinton E-mails Reveal Her “Extreme Carelessness;” Shared Passwords, Schedules (it's astonishing that people weren't able to see how incompetent and dangerous she and her groupies were...)
Twitter’s Failed War Against Trump and the Conservative Movement (interesting example of liberal media bias...twitter's search results when searching for Trump's account does not show Trump's account but it does show FAKE Trump accounts...)
Listen to Josh Earnest Try to Spin Why There was NO Response After Chinese Hacked Over 20 Million Government Personnel (this guys retirement location...is going to be very very hot...and for eternity)
Obama: ‘For The Most Part, Race Relations Have Gotten Better’ Under My Presidency (what a buffoon...he needs to have his head examined)
EU Boss: Citizens Should Not Get to Vote on Important Issues (this is exactly what it wrong with career politicians...they believe we are stupid and only they know what's best for us...)

Woman Stuffs Newborn in Toilet With Tissues in His Mouth, Baby Saved When Janitor Hears Crying (what a sick and disgusting woman...)
Democrat Leader says Party will Only Work with Trump if “He Moves Completely In Our Direction And Abandons Republicans” (liberal LA LA land on full display...does anyone on the left have any grasp on reality...)
CNN’s Chris Cuomo wishes they didn’t have to show Chicago torture video on-air (once again the unstable media shows its true colors...they don't want to report a REAL hate crime depicting pure evil...but they have NO problem reporting FAKE attacks on liberals/muslims...how pathetic)
The Seven Lies Liberals Tell Themselves to Sleep At Night! (inside liberal wonderland...)
Illegals Now Qualify for In-State Tuition in Georgia Following Judge’s Ruling (activist judge...who should be removed...)
Obama Sends Special Operations Forces to Russian Border (after almost 8 years in office...and now obama wants to act...he's trying to start WWIII and blame it on Trump...this is what a child looks like...POS)
Rasmussen Poll: CNN Least Trusted Cable News Network (the days of the lying, misleading, biased media are over...hahahahaha)
54 People Shot During First Four Days of 2017 in Gun-Controlled Chicago (hey...maybe they should have strict gun control...those in charge are clearly over their heads)
FAKE NEWS: USA Today Issues Correction After Falsely Branding MILO as ‘White Nationalist,’ ‘Alt-Right’ (once again...the unstable media caught in a LIE)
Black Teens Tie Up, Torture Special Needs White Boy, Yell ‘F*** White People,’ ‘F*** Trump’ (seems as if all of this violence is coming from the "oh so" tolerant left...pure evil...lock them up for life)
BULLSH-T: Chicago’s Top Cop Calls BRUTAL Torture Of WHITE Special Needs Kid By BLACK Thugs “A Prank” (if this cop can't see this as a vile an evil crime then he has NO business being a cop...period)

Federal Debt Climbs $1,054,647,941,626.91 in 2016 (obama OWNs this..he can't blame this on Bush...he took us out of those wars...)
Obama habitually gave ambassadorships to unqualified donors (after 8 years...one thing is clear...being President was WAY ABOVE obama's pay grade)
"Very Strange!” Trump’s Intelligence Briefing on the ‘Russian Hacking’ Has Been Delayed (very telling...)
DISGUSTING: Gang Of THUGS Beat Soldier For Simply Wearing THIS (do the lives of the people who did this cowardly act matter...make them join the military for 4 years)
Scientists Call Global Warming ‘Hot Air’, Show Evidence to Prove It! (global warming is a money laundering scheme...promoted by fear and ignorance...)
National Geographic Devotes Entire Issue in Support of Transgender Kids (how idiotic...does anyone even read this dribble)
Valerie Jarrett: Obama Prides Himself on Never Having a Scandal and Never Embarrassing Himself (this is called taqiyya...a.k.a LYING)
New Study Shows Why Conservative College Students Keep Their Political Views ‘in the Closet’ (ratio of liberal to conservative professors 28:1 in New England colleges...)
Vermont Citizens Don’t Want To ‘Foot The Bill’ For Syrian Refugees (wait...isn't this where "socialist" Bernie Sander's lives...how ironic)
Top Intel Chair hasn’t seen evidence Russia hacked for Trump (it's because it doesn't exist...)
WATCH: U.S. Students Support BARBARIC MUSLIM PRACTICE – This Is A NEW Low! (there are NO qualification for college anymore...)
University program seeks to counter the troubling aspects of ‘masculinity’ (wussies...parents need to seriously consider whether it is worth it to send their kids)

18 Major Scandals in Obama’s ‘Scandal-Free’ Presidency (back on 11-23-2016, obama claimed his administration was scandal free...can you say delusional)
2016 Saw Highest Homicide Rate in Chicago in 20 Years (this from obama's home state, policies and beliefs,...and this is what you got...hahahaha)
American Studies Professor: My Field is Now About Anti-Americanism (all federal and state funding should be pulled from this university...parents, this is the BS your kids are subjected to...)
Here Are a Few of the Most Absurd "Academic Studies" of 2016 (funded at taxpayers expense...)
Jill Stein: Istanbul Terrorism Has Nothing to Do With Islam, Everything to Do with Climate Change (how absurd...and to think she was the green candidate for president...beam me up scotty!!!)

VIDEO: The most outrageous liberal student interviews of 2016 (ignorant or stupid...you decide)
LGBT Activist Attacks Christians for Using Rainbow in Christmas Display (the stupidity is astonishing...)
WATCH: Bat Sh-t Crazy Whoopi Says The MEDIA Did THIS To Elect Trump — WTF? (off here meds...who watches this dribble...#TheView=Nonsense...)
HEY CNN: Refugee STABS Woman For Reading BIBLE — Is THIS News? (nope...it doesn't support their narrative...#CNN-NOTnews)
Black Lives Matter Jerk Spits In Cop’s Coffee, Gets Cheered (it's NOT the color of skin people hate...it's ACTIONS like this...dumb**s)
Top Senate Democrat: We will work to undermine, slow down Trump Cabinet confirmation hearings (schumer is a clone of reid...about as slimy as they come...and not to be trusted)
McCain, Graham Call for ‘Stronger Sanctions’ on Russia for ‘Attack’ on US (there's something about these two that screams...they need to be investigated...perhaps its nothing; maybe incompetence or just plain stupidity)

WATCH: CNN Host Gets WASTED on Air, Makes TOTAL Ass Out Of Himself! (is this is the caliber of people working at CNN...how sad)
TERRORIST DRESSED LIKE SANTA: Slaughters 39 At Celebrity Nightclub (there is no low...that they wont stoop to)
Latest Democrat Excuse For 2016 Defeat: They Were Just Too Bipartisan, “Nice” (they must be referring to obamacare being passed with NO republicans voting for it...liberalism: a mental disorder)
Study: Christians Most Persecuted Religious Group in the World (some truth comes out...but liberals will ignore it...as usual)
Fake News? KKK Members Say They Were Paid to Distort Facts for A&E Series (the media CAN'T be trusted...LIARS...)
Press Wants to Appropriate 'Fake News' Label Center-Right Has Owned For Over a Decade (alinsky tactic...the media is disgraceful...#NotToBeTrusted)
Fake News: 117-Year-Old Story of Pittsburgh ‘Lynching’ Busted
Merkel Finally Realizes The Threat Of Islamist Terrorism (a day late and a dollar short...just another idiotic liberal....)
No U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Now In The Mideast… Leaving Huge Gap (obama is starting WWIII and leaving us unprepared...)
Stop Burning Wood To Keep Warm: EPA To Alaskans In Sub-Zero Temps (yet another 3 letter agency run by idiots...)

Britain scolds U.S. over Israel comments (and obama thinks we are more respected after his 8 years as president...maybe the muslim countries that hate America think that...#ObamaFailure)
WOW: Even Rolling Stone Thinks Obama’s ‘RUSSIAN HACKER’ Story Is Bullsh-t (#FakeNewsByFakePresidentAndFakeAdministration)
Washington Post Stirs Fear After False Report of Power Grid Hack by Russia (clearly we have reached the point where if one still believes the liberal media...the doubt has been removed...you can no longer be classified as ignorant...)
Ars Technica Security Editor: WH Fails to Make Case That Russian Hackers Tampered With Election (there was NEVER any proof...this blame russia campaign was just to take the spotlight off hillary's criminal behavior...)
Report: 800,000 Illegal Voters in California? (this is why we need to take a photo and fingerprint every person when they vote...try and vote twice...go to jail...if you are an illegal alien and try to vote...you get deported immediately)
CNN Spreads Fake News Story About Russia Retaliating Over U.S. Sanctions (proving once again...how incompetent they are. #UselessCNN, #NoCredibilityCNN)
University Prof Who Called for ‘White Genocide’ Gets to Keep His Job (kind of puts into perspective the morality of this college...go elsewhere)

The Top 30 Fake Hate Crimes Busted Since Election Day (seems the liberals are NOT to be trusted...)
Medical School Staffer Takes Disability Over Silly Noose on Campus Flyer (this snowflake is in the wrong profession...)
WHOA!!! House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer BLASTS Obama and Kerry over Betrayal of Israel (sorry steny, you are a liberal...you lie down with the dogs, you get up with fleas...)
These 6 Words Describe Obama’s Mideast Policy (Praise muslims, ignore Christians, Blame Jews...perfect description)
MEDIA BIAS: Not Reporting ALL Available Facts SLANTS The News (no kidding...hahaha)
Writers Catch NBCNews.com Falsely Claiming Israel Still Had Settlements in Gaza (#FradulentNews, #LowLifes)
Fake News: Guardian Caught Deceptively Editing Quotes from Julian Assange Interview (lying lowlifes...are doubling down on the false/misleading reporting)
Media continue to spread false info with sloppy 'hacked election' headlines (the media continues to be a joke...)
Former Congressman Joe Walsh says Obama is a secret Muslim that hates Israel (a no brainer...)
FBI and DHS release joint report formally blaming Russia for the hacking (sorry but these organizations have zero credibility...look who runs them; Jeh Johnson and James Comey)

US is literally paying deported illegal immigrants to stay in their home countries (this is why smaller government is better...)
White House Scrambling to Explain; Caught Red-Handed as a ‘Chief Architect’ of Anti-Israel U.N. Resolution (obama and this administration are the REAL deplorables...)
Obama Admin. Secretly Colluded With Texas Mayor To Admit Syrian Refugees (obama needs to be behind bars...period)
Barack & Michelle Obama: “We Made America More Respected Around the World” (are they delusional...or do they believe their supporters are too stupid to question anything they say...)
Poll: Half of Hillary’s Voters Believe Russia Tampered With the Actual Vote Tallies (partly due to stupidity and the rest  because the liberal media did NOT do their job...)
Steve Martin marks death of ‘beautiful’ Carrie Fisher, triggering feminist website meltdown (clearly liberals are mentally unstable)
Why Didn’t Hawaii Officials Verify Obama’s Birth Certificate Presented by White House? (excellent question...where was the media on this, where was congress on this,...)
Pennsylvania Court Rules that Man Can Marry His Son (this is absurd...)
Obama’s America: Food Stamp Usage Up 32 Percent
JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY: Dan Rather INSPIRED By Election 2016 To Do THIS… (kind of like a pedophile runnin a day care...)
American Universities Teaching Hate, It’s Not Just for Terrorists Anymore
Egyptian Paper Publishes Transcript Proving Obama/Kerry Plotted UN Resolution (two deplorables)
Liberal Icon Alan Dershowitz Scathingly Blasts Obama: An “Appalling, Appalling President” (even liberals are beginning to see obama as a disaster...#NotQualifiedForPUTUS)

CNN’s Brian Stelter Caught Tweeting Out Fake News (this network is supplying FAKE news to America...#NeverToBeTrusted)
University of Washington Officials Attempt to Hide Their Involvement in Selling Aborted Baby Parts (sickening...)
‘F–K YOU. GO TO HELL’: Prof Goes MENTAL On A Muslim Trump Supporter (this is an example of the mentally disturbed liberals teaching your kids...choose your college wisely)

Erdogan says ‘confirmed evidence’ US-led forces supported ISIS (this all falls on obama...)
Texas Hate Hoax: Man Writes ‘N–gger Lovers’ on His Own Home (proving once again...liberalism is a mental disorder)
Obama Outlaws Anti-Government Speech! Establishes Media “Gestapo”! (this is treasonous...can you say hitler all over again?)
Clinton Uranium Deal Gives Russians Direct Link To Hillary (and the truth comes out...)
Germany Seeks to Establish “Ministry of Truth” (jumping on the FAKE news bandwagon...can people be THAT stupid to believe that the government can actually recognize the truth...power corrupts)
During Obama’s Presidency Dems Lost More Than 1,030 Seats In State Legislatures, Governor’s Mansions And Congress (says it all...dems have the wrong path, wrong goals, wrong direction, wrong policies, wrong values,...)

Tapper: A Lot of the Media Thinks a Lot of Trump Supporters Are ‘Deplorable,’ ‘Racist’ (he's mad because the "deplorable" media has been exposed...#FraudulentMedia, #IrrelevantMedia)
ABC News Worries Hate Hoaxes ‘Discredit’ Muslims (seriously...can ABC be that STUPID?)
Democrat Leader says Congress Fails because We Can’t Waste Money on Corrupt Earmarks Anymore (clearly doesn't understand his duty as a senator...thanks a lot Nevada for keeping this fool in power...)
WHOA: White Prof’s RACIST Tweet Was TOO Vile Even For His Liberal School (parents are paying high college costs...for this bozo...#LiberalMeltdown)
Executive Director of CAIR Celebrates Death of Russian Soldiers in Plane Crash (isn't it about time we label this group a terrorist organization)
Netanyahu spokesman: We have ‘ironclad’ info. that Obama ‘helped craft’ anti-Israel resolution (obama is a muslim, a racist and a traitor...clearly unfit to be POTUS)
Josh Earnest is upset because Obama hasn’t been acknowledged as ‘most transparent’ pres. in history (DELUSIONAL...obama's press secretaries=paid liars...very high temps predicted for their ultimate destination...)
George Washington University removes U.S. history from required courses — for history majors (INSANITY - universities are no longer about education...don't waste your money)
Ted Cruz: ” No US $ for UN until reversed” (If you believe that the framers of our constitution were brilliant - as I do - then Ted Cruz is a blessing because he reflects the same principles...obama is such a small and petty person)
Whoa. Senate Homeland Security Chair says CIA Refused to Brief the Committee about Russia (some serious house cleaning is needed on these 3-letter agencies)
College Professors asks Obama to FORCE Trump to Get a Psych Evaluation (hahahaha...the liberal meltdown continues...is this one og Harvard's best...how pathetic)
No Rest for the Left in Pushing the Homosexual Agenda (they can push all they want...but in the end they know it is wrong...and attempting to get everyone to say it is okay...won't make it right)

12-26-2016: Merry Christmas!!!

Public Schools Teaching Kids That Islamic Terrorism Is Christianity’s Fault! (unbelievable...fire all who are involved with this..then go after the those responsible for the book that contains these LIES...)
Over 170 Academics Urge Trump to Continue Obama’s Climate Change Initiatives (it's the funding they are after...like I have always said...follow the money)
VIDEO: Black Boxer Says, ‘I’d NEVER Let A White Boy Beat Me’ – White Boy KICKS HIS ASS! (THIS is what a RACIST looks like...it's not the color of their skin...it's how they act...)
NYT Leaves Out Key Fact About Kellyanne Conway In a YUGE Report! (#NYT=FraudulentNews)
BOOM! Kellyanne ‘I Don’t Play Golf and I Don’t Have a Mistress’ (classic...she is way out of liberals league...children's hour is almost over my friends...)

Former Presidents Avoiding Inauguration – Except For One (If the establishment is shunning Trump...then maybe there is hope for this country...because the establishment has done so well for Americans...)
WATCH: Teen KNOCKS OUT His Granny For Not Buying Him What He Wants (this weasel needs a good beating...maybe bubba in prison will give it to him...)
Unbelievable: Associated Press Sympathizes With Berlin Jihadist (AP living in a fantasy world...#UntrustWorthy)
Petty, Stuck Up Musicians ‘Too Busy’ to perform at Presidential Inauguration (I thought Garth Brooks was better than that...I was wrong...jackwagon)
ISIS spreads video of two Turkish soldiers made to crawl like dogs then burned alive (lowest form of life...)

Ivanka Trump Harassed By Intolerant Liberals On Airplane (yet another example of classless, knuckle dragging liberals)
106 Democrats Ask President-Elect Donald Trump to Force Americans to Pay for Abortions (no respect for life...highlights how low they set the bar on morality)
Obama: My approval rating tanked because of the ‘fictional character’ Fox, Limbaugh created (has anyone seen someone so full of himself?...absolute worst President and American)
Obama dumps Muslim immigrant registry before Trump takes office (absolutely disgusting...obama is doing everything he can to destroy this country...can you say treasonous?)
Screaming lawyer chases down Ivanka Trump and yells at her as she sits with her kids on flight to Florida (more liberal lunatics...watching them meltdown is entertaining...hahahaha)
California’s Barbara Boxer Calls for Trump’s Impeachment (must be voter fraud...no one (even CA) can be that stupid to have elected her so many times)
Car Bomb Attack On Christian Organization In Australia (this is pure evil...time to stand up and fight)
Congress: Obama Fired Scientist to Advance “Climate” Agenda (this is what someone without facts to back up his argument does...pathetic)
Arrest Made in Burning of Black Mississippi Church: Black Suspect Arrested (dirtbag...black man trying to frame whites)
FBI Warrant: Hillary Clinton Emails Posed Exceptionally Grave Risk (and yet she has still NOT been charged...)
Sahara Desert Sees Snow For First Time in Decades (clear a path...this will make snowflakes run to a safe space...media won't report it)
‘Free us or you die, cracker!’: Armed black panthers march against police ‘genocide’ (vile, disgusting, racist, animals...)
BREAKING: Facebook ‘Fact-Checker’ Accused of DEFRAUDING Website To Pay For PROSTITUTES (who could have predicted this...just about anyone whose IQ is greater than their shoe size...)

Federal Scientist Wrongfully Fired For Answering Congress Honestly (obama is a disgrace...as a President, as an American, and as a human being...)
WATCH: Muslim Parents Kiss Daughters Goodbye Before BLOWING Them Up In Terrorist Attack (this is beyond sick...Trump is right...you must eradicate this type of evil)
Christian student’s religious speech halted as ‘disorderly conduct’ by college, lawsuit says (add this college to the list of ones NOT to attend...)
Congressional Investigation Exposes Intimidation, Retaliation, Censorship by Obama Admin. to Advance Climate Agenda (most corrupt president and administration...ever)
California Bill Would Strip Parental Rights in the Child’s “Best Interest” (wow...how dumb do you have to be to think the government (especially CA) knows best for YOUR child)
Obama Encourages Trump to Use the Legislative Process Over Executive Orders: “My Strong Preference Has Always Been to Legislate” (obama must think his supporters are morons...because this LIE won't work with anyone who has been paying attention these last 8 years...)
University Offers Counseling to Those Suffering From ‘Racial Battle Fatigue’ (all state and federal funding needs to be pulled from colleges...let them stand on their own...)
Healthcare.gov Approves Fake GAO Applicants in a STING! (everything about obamacare is a disaster...)

Muslim Army Chaplain says it’s OK to Beat Your Wives (this is a cancer...)
Rep Rohrabacher vs Andrea Mitchell: The Media Cannot Accept That The People Have Rejected Them (andrea...an irrelevant FAKE journalist)
Michael Moore Wants ‘Protesting, Obstructing, Disrupting, Civil Disobedience’ on Inauguration Day (this is what I'd call a sorry excuse for a man...)
PolitiFact Failed to Disclose Possible Conflicts of Interest in Israel Election ‘Fact Check’ (and this is who facebook is having decide what's fake...)
Michael Moore Committed a Felony with Electoral College (the rule of law applies to all...imagine if hillary won and someone tried this)
MSNBC airs liberal freak-out after electors vote for Trump (liberal meltdown...feel bad for her husband - if she has one - and for her kids - if she has some - and for her employer - if she has one...)
See Obama’s New $5.3 Million D.C. Home (highlights liberal insanity...)

Electoral College Threats Move to The Next Level (the behavior of liberals and the media prove just how unstable they are...they should be under constant psychiatric care...)
SICK: 13 Yr. Old Girl FORCED To Marry The 20 Yr. Old Rapist RELATIVE That Got Her Pregnant (LUCIFER in action...how sick is the Tunisian court...)
Donna Brazile Demands Gov’t Investigate Russians for Exposing Democrat Corruption (sorry donna...your lack of morals and integrity have been exposed...why do you still have your job)
University Offers Racist Course on; the Problem of Whiteness’ (this would be acceptable...if there was a similar course titled; the Problem of Blackness)
Obama Vows to Retaliate Against Russia for Exposing Democrats’ ‘Fairly Routine’ Emails (is this another one of his red lines...or is it a yellow line running down his pants)
Obama warns Trump against using the executive order too much — for real (boy...is he a piece of work)
Liberal Logic 101 (need I say more...)
How ‘Neutral’ is PolitiFact? Worse than you thought (quite astonishing given that nearly everything that comes out of hillary's mouth is not true)
The ‘FREE’ PRESS Has Been Giving Democrat Corruption A FREE PASS
FAKE NEWS: Liberal ‘Reporter’ Says Trump Only Had 100s At Rally – This Video Tells Different Story

The sister of Muslim woman behind Trump hate crime hoax lashes out at NYPD (what a vile a disgusting person...and she's one of far too many in this country)
DEMONIC: ‘Religion Of Peace’ Straps Bomb To 7yo. Girl … Then DETONATES (wow...the religion of peace strikes again)
FAKE NEWS: Just HOW Worthless Are Those New ‘Media Monitors’… Here’s A List! (on a scale of 1 to 10...they are a zero)
Did Obamacare Really Insure 20 Million? (Nope...try only 10% of that number...2.2 million...see how you are fed misinformation)

Even Obama Lawyers Admit Birth Certificate Forged: “But Eligibility’s A Separate Matter” (obama is a flipping liar...not worthy of POTUS)
NYT Makes Derogatory and Treasonous Claim About Trump (sad and pathetic...)
12yr. Old Muslim Terrorist Bombs A Christmas Market & City Hall (once again...the religion of peace)
Watch Michael Moore Pitch A Temper Tantrum (someone is off his meds...)
Elizabeth Warren Introduces Bill To FORCE Trump To Set Up Blind Trust or Be IMPEACHED (1/32 Cherokee...31/32 Moron)
TARGETED: 50 Christian Statues DESECRATED in Germany — Guess Who Is RESPONSIBLE? (islam...the religion of peace...right, and a circle has 4 sides)
HEY CNN: At LEAST 820,000 Illegal Immigrants Have MAJOR Criminal Records — Is That News?
Obama’s Chief of Staff: Obama is Our Most Catholic of Presidents – “With a Capital ‘C'” (obama and his administration have been a dismal failure...anyone who voted for him should hang their head in shame)
Obama sets release for one of Gitmo's most dangerous (seems obama is fond of terrorists that want to destroy America...1/20/2017 can't come fast enough)
Fake News: Drunk Trump Supporters Assault Muslim Woman in NYC Subway, Call her a ‘F***ing Terrorist’ (lock her up!)

The HYPOCRISY of The Leftist ‘Fake News’ Peddlers (a MUST see...well worth your time)
BREAKING: Joe Arpaio, ‘Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Fraudulently Created Document’ (I don't believe obama was born in the US...everything about him is a lie)
Snopes Busted Deliberately Omitting Key Details (this is one of facebook's FAKE news fact checkers...how pathetic)
Black Lives Matter Founder: We Won’t Meet With Trump; We’d Rather Protest (this is why they are an irrelevant racist and terrorist group...)
Facebook to Use Left-Wing Snopes, PolitiFact, and FactCheck.Org to Crush Conservative News Sites (liberal social media joining with untrustworthy media...to stamp out facts...I mean FAKE news, #UntrustworthyMedia, #UntrustworthySocialMedia)
LIES OF OMISSION: The Left’s Contribution to the Problem of ‘Fake News’ (media...the real deplorables)
The 7 Worst Examples of Fake News From the Mainstream Media (remember this the next time the media reports anything)
Democrats now want to delay electoral college vote (seriously...democrats/liberals/media are showcasing their true colors...unstable, immature, liars, and corrupt...I love it)
Earnest Falsely Claims There’s Evidence Trump Campaign Knew About Russian Election Interference (another shining example of someone lacking morals and integrity...wait, isn't this FAKE news)
Russia to Obama: Put up or shut up (oh no...the russians called obama on his lie...is he heading for his safe space)
OSU Attacker Was KNOWN Terror Risk… DHS Did Nothing

OUTRAGED VETS: VA Hospital Death — Proof of Obama’s and Democrats’ Indifference (this IS deplorable...people need to be fired)
DHS Hires Designated Terrorist Group CAIR to Train French Officials (how insane is this...obama and his administration act like traitors)
Whoopi Compares Right to Celebrate Christmas with Right to Murder Unborn (the tragic part...she is serious)
WATCH: Whoopi Goes FULL RETARD – DEMANDS Trump ‘Step Down’ Before Inauguration (seriously...she is intellectually impaired...or she's in meltdown mode...hahahaha)
YES! NY Muslim Yasmin Seweid ARRESTED For Filing BOGUS ‘Islamaphobia Report’ (peaceful and honest...NOT!)
CNN’s Fake News Gets Trump-Hating Politico Reporter Fired (seems to me these people in the media are mentally unstable...think twice before you believe anything they report)
WATCH: Keith Olbermann’s UNHINGED Rant About A ‘RUSSIAN COUP’ That Made Trump President (this guy is nuts...who are the 3 people that watch him)
Celebrities Begin To Push Electoral Coup Against Trump (legends in their own mind...hahaha)
Obama Won’t Sign Iran Sanctions Bill (how much more evidence does congress need before they charge obama with treason)

“Holiday” Deemed Offensive on College Campus (clearly these "snowflakes" are not mature enough to be attending college...)
Obama: Racism is Evident When Americans Oppose Federal Programs That Help Minorities (this coming from a BLACK man elected as President...to the American's that put him there...I see a racist...obama)
BUSTED: Was This Married, Self Righteous, ANTI-Trump, TX Elector An ADULTERY Website Customer? (who could have seen this one coming...)
George Stephanopoulos’ Wife Stokes Children’s Fear of Trump (maybe you shouldn't have had children if you are incapable of raising them...)
Liberal TV host comes unhinged, demands that Donald Trump ‘step down’ before his inauguration (liberal meltdown...hahaha...who in their right mind would watch her)
Voting machines recorded too many votes in over one third of Detroit’s precincts (if you are unable to provide a safe/reliable voting system...the votes shouldn't count...then fire and investigate the person in charge)
Salt Lake Tribune: A $2M check, Harry Reid and one frustrated prosecutor (I am sick and tired of this...the rule of law applies to EVERYONE...investigate, prosecute, lock him up)
DNI questions CIA Assessment On Russia hacking (so the CIA is as trustworthy as James Comey and the FBI...drain the swamp)
McConnell Issues Warning to Trump (are you kidding me...this is why we need term limits...how do you think it got to $20 trillion...)
Clinton Tied To Public Relations Firm Behind Electoral College Push (pathetic...she should be behind bars...)

Huh? Josh Earnest ‘China Was Behind the Election Hacking’?? (Russia, China....at this point, what difference does it make?! hahahaha...taken from comments section)
White House Avoids Following Another Law – Lawmakers Demand Answers! (so unprofessional...so incompetent)
DEMONIC: German Map Marks All The RAPES ‘Refugees’ Committed Against Fräuleins (they don't come in peace to assimilate...they come to conquer)
Iceland Interior Minister Reveals Obama Administration Plot to Frame Julian Assange! (this administration is the most corrupt...ever)
AdWeek: #DumpKelloggs Boycott Has Blown a Lasting Hole in Kellogg’s on Social Media ("We the People" have the power...let's keep using it)
Top US Spy Agency Refuses To Endorse CIA’s Russian Hacking Assessment Due To “Lack Of Evidence” (could the russian hack the media is pushing...be FAKE news)
Climate Scare Over: Top Experts Expose Scam at Freedom Confab (it's about time...this was a money laundering scheme)
ABC, NBC Punt on Jill Stein’s Recount Failures in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin (this is how the media keeps its viewers in the dark...)
Rutenberg Says TV News Must Stop Going Easy on Trump (how do these people - the media - function in life...absolutely pathetic)
Ohio State University Students Add Somali Terrorist to List of Black Victims Killed by Police (these students prove that not everyone should go to college)
Oxford Student Union Leaflet Advises Using “Ze” Instead of “He” or “She” (more proof that some people shouldn't go to college)
Med Student Group Declares ‘Racism’ to be ‘Public Health Crisis’ (find another medical facility if members of this group work there)
Obamacare Imploding: Only 4 of 24 Exchanges Remain Open (have you seen the media report this...of course not)
BRAINDEAD: Canada’s ‘Minister of Women’ OPPOSES Self Defense For WOMEN – Her Reason Is RIDICULOUS (clearly her shoe size is larger than her IQ...liberals)

Time’s Joe Klein: ‘Absolutely No Hint of Scandal’ in Obama’s Presidency (can you say delusional...and to think this person's job was to keep American's informed)
Mainstream “Journalist” Calls Trump A “National Emergency” (it amazes me this country survived such a dishonest media...#NeverTrustMedia)
DISGUSTING: Muslims Arm TODDLERS While We Raise SNOWFLAKES! (face it...muslims hate Americans...being nice won't change anything...)
BREAKING: Diplomat Says He KNOWS The DNC Leaker, ‘They’re NOT Russian, They Are… (Trump needs to clean house of all 3-letter agencies and rid it of political hacks, incompetents, and morons)
Philly solicitor linked to Trump vandalism keeps job, gets no charges (this is why the people don't trust the government...the rule of law MUST apply to everyone)
Media omits key context from Trump saying he doesn’t ‘need’ daily intel. briefings (say it ain't so...the media is misleading the public...#PatheticMedia)
Rubin: 'Frightful' Trump Cabinet Are 'Ignoramuses, Billionaires, Generals' (liberals fantasy world is crumbling around them...)
Democratic Congressman: Electors Should Consider ‘Foreign Interference’ Reports Before Casting Votes (should someone who holds public office...be pushing this known FALSE narrative...where is your integrity)
‘Fuller House’ Goes Into Full-On Environmentalism Indoctrination Mode Using Third Graders (the trouble with hollywood is that it can't separate acting from real life)
Slate Columnist: Trump is Going to Turn U.S. into a ‘Racist Police State’ (honestly...the liberal media need psychiatric help)
Chris Cuomo Uses Fake Facts and Fake History to Support Fake Science (actually, it is the liberal news media that are masters at FAKE news...they live in a fantasy)
Conflict of Interest? Fox News Holds Christmas Party at Trump’s Hotel in D.C. (liberal media - MSNBC - reports FAKE news)

Southern Poverty Law Center Calls Islamic and Black Lives Matter Attacks ‘Radical-Right Terrorist Plots’ (what fantasy world is SPLC living in...)
DEAR WHITE PEOPLE: NYT Launches New Feature – ‘This Week In (WHITE) Hate’
Sheriff David Clarke says “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was Real “Fake News” and Cop Killers should get the Death Penalty!

Filtering News Is Direct Threat To 1st Amendment Rights (100% correct)
College professor calls cops because student wearing police uniform made classmates ‘uncomfortable’ (seriously?...this professor is unfit to teach)
CBS Barely Covers Bomb Threat on Trump Project; ABC, NBC Censor (think you are getting ALL the news...think again)
Yahoo Spreads Fake News Story About Hillary Getting Most Votes 'Ever' (#LyingMedia)

72,000 Abortion Activists Donated to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s Name to Shame His Pro-Life Views (some really sick people...in need of psychotherapy)
Georgia Secretary of State: DHS Attacked Our Firewall (holy cow...the government is out of control...heads need to roll)
‘Fake news’: MSNBC anchor tells a whopper about Fox News (the liberal media is in meltdown...this is comical)
Les Incompétents: French Government Bans Pro-Life Websites! (satan in plain sight...)
Obama Says The Color of His Skin ‘Absolutely’ Contributed to Negative Perceptions of Him (words spoken by a true racist...such a small, petty and pathetic man)
Global Warming and Climate Change: Both Are False Narratives (again...what the media won't report)
Media Covered SPLC’s Lies about Trump Crimes, Ignored Crimes Against Trump Supporters! (this is what an irrelevant media does)
The ’97 Percent of Climate Scientists’ Myth (more of a blatant LIE than myth...)
WaPo Admits Some of its ‘Sophisticated Russian Propaganda Campaign’ Article May Not be True (#WorthlessMedia)
‘Peaceful Muslim Refugees’ Attack 60 Minutes Film Crew [VIDEO] (animals...)

U.S. Government Will Soon Be Spending More On Debt Interest Payments Than National Defense (obama's legacy...and just wait till interest rates start climbing)
Incest Embraced By Liberals As “Sexual Diversity” (wow...it's amazing how low society has sunk)
CBS News Ignored Arson at Pro-Life Center, But Covered Planned Parenthood Blaze (can you say...BIASED, #PatheticMedia)
Behar Blames ‘Horrible’ Scott Pruitt on 907 Earthquakes in Oklahoma (truly bizarre...is she off her meds again?)
Prof calls Trump election ‘act of terrorism’ during class; student who shot video gets legal threat (this professor is an embarrassment...why is she upset that what she said is exposed outside the classroom...I guess she is only comfortable saying such things when she holds power over her audience)
WATCH: Muslim Man KICKS Woman Down Stairs Landing On Her FACE! (coming to a town near you -- in the USA...wakeup America)
WATCH: Democrat DUMBASS, Up For DNC Chair, Thinks GERMANS Bombed Pearl Harbor! (way to be informed...)
DEAR OBAMA: Here’s The LIST Of Islamic Terrorist Attacks On The U.S. During YOUR Presidency (obama LIES...as always)
Immigration Group Shielding Known Gang Members And Blocking Trump From “Deportation Database” (seems to me that CA is more interested in protecting illegals than Americans)
Study: Solar Power Contributes to Global Warming (if you buy into the global warming hoax...this will  make your head explode)
CNN Smears GOP as Raging Racist Opposition in Obama Legacy Special (I love it...the liberal media is coming unglued...hahahaha)
NBC Fears Trump’s Pick Will ‘Dismantle’ Obama’s EPA, CBS Smears (quick run to your safe space...)
Senate Dems get a taste of their own Obamacare medicine
New Plans to ‘disrupt’ Trump’s inauguration (more liberal tantrums...)

WaPo: Pentagon Buried Internal Study Exposing $125 BILLION in Administrative Waste
Talk About Fake News! CNN Caught Editing Tape to Accuse Trump of This…
ADL Claims There’s a Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy Trying to Discredit It (the same right wing conspiracy of bill clinton, monica lewinsky and a cigar)
‘IF YOU KNOW GUN ENTHUSIASTS, TURN THEM IN’: Austin Police Chief Says Cops Need To ‘Vet’ Gun Owners (there are some real incompetent people in positions of power)
FYI: UN ‘Human Rights Council’ Just HONORED … FIDEL CASTRO! (the UN Human Rights Council is an oxymoron...)
Michael Moore: Dems In Congress ‘Represent the Majority,’ Their Responsibility to ‘Obstruct’ Trump (liberals really do live in a fantasy world...mental disorder)

Even BASIC Immigrant Vetting Not Occurring Under Obama (let's select a few and train them to be obama's secret service detail when he leaves office...it's only fitting)
Michigan’s Vote Irregularities Favored Democrats (no kidding)
Ohio State Attacker Was Studying “Micro Aggressions”, Social Justice (I guess we just saw what that is good for...)
NBC & CBS Advance Democrat Attacks on Ben Carson ("We the People" have serious concerns about your integrity, mr. schumer)
White House Says World War II Vets Should ‘Get Over’ Pearl Harbor (such a classless statement...but expected from this childish administration)
Liberal Snowflake, Sally Kohn, Complains About ‘FAKE NEWS’ – So We Put Her On FULL BLAST (people in glass houses...sally)

Muslim Teacher CONDONES Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack In Front Of KIDS (this happened in the U.K)
Massive Voter Fraud Discovered in Nevada? (liberals appear to have no problem cheating...)
CNN’s Dana Bash Wants Trump to Stop Attacking the ‘Extremely Dishonest’ Media (boo hoo...maybe try stop being dishonest)
Veterans center employees resign after gruesome discovery (despicable...they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it by resigning)

OSU Staff Member Urges Compassion for the Ohio State Attacker; uses the Hashtag – BlackLivesMatter (is anyone on the left sane)
Only 30 Percent of Aliens Admitted Under Obama “Minors” Program Are Minors (this is BS...track down all involved, fire, charge and prosecute)
Oberlin College President Backs Sanctuary Campus Policy (it's called breaking the law...pull all federal funding...including financial aid from all attending students)
Humor? WashPost Prints Poem on Dropping Trump Out of an Airplane to His Death (substitute obama from Trump...and imagine the backlash...#MediaIrrelevant, #MediaOffItsMEds)
WATCH: Leftists Attack a Guy Wearing a ‘BUILD THE WALL’ Shirt — Check Out His Response (this is what scraping the bottom of the gene pool looks like...mentally unstable?)
WATCH: Well-Dressed Philly Lawyer Sips a Glass of Wine As His Friend Paints ‘F-ck Trump’ Graffiti (the liberals are coming unglued...this guy is a city assistant solicitor)

It’s a new record: Americans not participating in the labor force nears 100 million (so let me get this straight...there are now less people working than when obama took office and there are more people in the country...yet they keep touting the low unemployment rate...sounds like they are counting apples when it's the oranges that matter)
Islamist Group on American Soil Stockpiling Weapons; Expect Confrontation with Feds Under Trump (what you get when you don't secure your borders and let everyone in)
Feds Discover “Glitch” in Naturalization Background Check Process – People Slipping Through (either this administration is doing this purposely...or they are the most incompetent people on the face of the earth)
CNN’s Clueless Host Can’t ‘Fathom that Voter Fraud Actually Occurred’ (liberals live in a fanatasy...time index 1:20)
A Brief History of Democrats Who Heaped Praise on Fidel Castro (read the entire article...liberals do not live in the real world)
LGBT MUSLIM Student Inspires PETITION … To FIRE Conservative PROF (perhaps this little snowflake needs to mature a lot more before she attends college...unprepared for life)
BREAKING: Liberal ‘JOURNALIST’ Tweets Trump Should Be ASSASSINATED (it appears the liberal journalists are quite unstable)

CNN Producer and Reporter Caught on Hot Mic Joking About Donald Trump’s Plane Crashing (more evidence of the unstable liberal media...is this who you want to get your news from...#BiasMedia, #CorruptMedia)
Democrats’ Dirty Electoral College Trick Exposed In Recount Scam (the real deplorables...pathetic)
Bush’s Swift Response Prevented 9/11 Round Two, Says Terrorist (bet you didn't hear this from the media)
Senate Says No to Forcing Women to Register for the Draft (you can't have it both ways...either we are all equal at everything...or we are not)
Former Nobel committee secretary regrets awarding the peace prize to Obama (gee...ya think!)
Dem Rep: Ending Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Would be Un-American (this guy doesn't have a clue what American is...the government forcing people to buy healthcare...now that's Un-American)
Media Silence: NYC Abortion Rate is 60% of Birth Rate (perhaps Cruz was right...this sums up "New York" values, perfectly).
Kellogg’s Dumps Breitbart, Gives To Domestic Terror Group (it's a free country, they can do this...I can also BOYCOTT them)
Record Breaking Cold Headed For U.S. Despite “Global Warming” (it's not science...it's a money laundering scheme...follow the money)

CNN’s Jake Tapper Attacks Trump for Pushing Vote Fraud ‘Conspiracy Theories (hypocrisy at its finest...#CrookedMedia)
Evidence that Andrew Breitbart May Have Been Murdered to Conceal #Pizzagate (WTH...we need people of character in politics...not these evil, peverted, narcissistic maniacs)
Obama Blames Democrat Losses on 'Fox News in Every Bar and Restaurant' (obama always has an excuse...losers usually do...maybe the fact that fox news was NOT in every home like the #CorruptMedia is the reason this country elected an incompetent, anti-American, anti-Christian president)
Iowa State University Attempts To Censor MILO Event With Security Fee Hike (you have to love the oh so tolerant liberals...pathetic...the organizer should sue)
Obama Complains About Fake News but there’s one BIG problem! (this administration is really stupid)
White House Issues WARNING About OSU Incident (the only people obama has been defending these past 8 years...are muslims)
LGBT MUSLIM Student Inspires PETITION … To FIRE Conservative PROF (yet the left has the audacity to call the right intolerant...haha)
Ohio State Attacker Was Studying “Micro Aggressions”, Social Justice (wow...that prepared him for life)
ESPN Ratings Tank After Months Of Liberal Nonsense (companies run by liberals are coming apart at the seams...hahaha)
Apple Joins “Fake” News Gestapo With Removal Of Breitbart (boycott apple...nobody needs apple)
Facebook Employees Jumping Ship After “Fake” News Debacle (boycott...nobody needs facebook)
Hillary Supporter Checks Into Mental Hospital On Election Night (snowflakes...unfit for society)
Jihadist Firebugs Commit Terror Attacks against Israel; Obama Twiddles His Thumbs (should have never been president...absolutely NOT qualified)
PUSSIFICATION: A Muslim Stabs Students At OSU – White House Says, ‘Don’t BLAME …(truly pathetic...not fit for the presidency)
DOUCHE: Obama MEETS With Muslim ‘Clock Boy’ But Has NO Time For This HERO (this is very telling of obama's character)

Three Anti-Voter Fraud Organizations Agree With Trump – Millions Voted Illegally (pay attention...that was 3 organizations that didn't believe there is voter fraud)
Liberals Wrong Again: It Was G.W. Bush Who Stopped Al Qaeda’s Second Major U.S. Attack (despite the media attempting to paint a completly different picture...#DeplorableMedia)
Jill Stein sues Wisconsin after the state refuses to do a hand recount (proof those who voted for her wasted their vote...#NotToBright)
Starbucks Bomber Found To Have Ties To ISIS (this is the 3rd bombing...I didn't even hear about the first two...way to bury stories #CorruptMedia)

Australia Rejects 1800 Muslim Syrians, so Obama Fast-Tracks them to the USA! (it is far past time that obama be tried and convicted of treason)
New OIG Report: Widespread and Systemic Problems in Tracking Illegals (this...by design...by obama...#pathetic)
There is Enough Evidence to Prosecute Clinton for Espionage (Well DUH!...laws are for little people, not the elite)
CNN Admits Peddling Fake ‘White Helmets’ Story (#MediaIrrelevant, #MediaLunacy, #MediaNotToBeTrusted)
Media Blasted for “Fake News” on Trump's Climate Stance (I guess it is the media that is responsible for the fake news)

'This Is Why' 'You're All Going Out of Business!' Scarborough Rips Into Media for Anti-Trump Bias (NO...this highlights the media's incredible stupidity...and why they are IRRELEVANT, #MediaLunatics)
Every Awful Thing We Know About PizzaGate and the DC Pedophiles So Far (this is some very sick stuff...)
#PizzaGate: What Julian Assange Was REALLY Trying to Expose (truly sickening...)

Why Are People Giving Jill Stein Millions Of Dollars? (this shows how crooked and corrupt politicians (and hillary) are...)

The mainstream media is doubling down against the nation (media metldown...they are LIARS...not to be trusted)
Biology Prof.’s Mass Extinction Warning: There Won’t Be a “Human on the Planet in 10 Years” (it's time to examine the qualifications for teaching...this guy is nuts!)
Paul Ryan is Alluring, Funding, and Protecting Illegals Regardless of Innocent Americans (this man has betrayed his country...and must be let go)
Intelligence Suggests Obama Admin Facilitated Iran’s Smuggling of Weapons via Commercial Planes (this is very troubling...high treason?)
Another ‘Hate Crime’ Perpetrated by Trump Supporter Found to be Complete Hoax (liberals have no trouble lying...if it supports their cause...#TrulyPathetic)
Couple Who Planted Bomb Outside Elementary School Wanted to ‘Kill Cops,’ ‘Start a Race War’ (the real racists...)
Surveillance Video Exists in Murder of Implied Wikileaks Informant & DNC Staffer Seth Rich (5 suspicious deaths of people tied to DNC and hillary during campaign...did anyone hear about this from the media?)

17 Vermont Cities and ILLEGAL Democrat Party Ballot Requests (we need to secure our voting system...paper ballots with duplicate copies, take voters picture,...hunt down and prosecute violators -- mandatory jail time, loss of voting rights)
The mainstream media is doubling down against the nation (I forewarned you of this...see above)
NPR Outs “Fake News” Originator As Liberal California Democrat (the liberal media is starting to eat their young...haha)
The Real Story of Thanksgiving Shows Why Freedom Works and Collectivism Doesn’t (I'll bet not many were taught this in school...)
Paul Ryan Shows His True Colors: Refuses to Support Cuts to Muslim Immigration! (I get the feeling that his family was threatened...remember his beard that lasted for a very short time...could have been a sign to the muslims that he is now on their side)


Bernie’s Former Spokeswoman: ‘We Don’t Need White People Leading the Democratic Party’ (now you see the REAL racist)
Surprise, Surprise: Media Twists Trump’s Comments on Global Warming (coming from the FAKE media)
Group Who Beat up White Trump Supporter in Chicago Will NOT be Charged With Hate Crimes (who could have seen this coming...liberals are unfit to hold any office...driven only by what "feels" good)
Actor Robert De Niro bashed Trump before the election. Now he’s reversing course. (hollywood...great at living in fantasy...bad with reality...who cares what they think)
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed reveals al Qaeda’s plan to destroy U.S. through immigration (obama's plan as well)
Abraham Lincoln’s 1864 Thanksgiving Day Proclamation (read this and tell me if you think the founding fathers would agree with the liberal argument of separation of church and state)


Amazon Begins Censorship Of Reviews To Stymy Conservatives (guess I need to add Amazon to boycott)
Donna Brazile: “Voter Suppression” Was Cause for Losses on Nov. 8th (she should remember the saying...better to keep quiet and let people think you are a fool...rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt)
Latest FBI Study Proves Liberals Wrong on Islamophobia… AGAIN! (did you see this on your favorite MEDIA channel?)
More Fake News From CNN: Reports on ‘Wave of Hate Crimes’ Because of Trump…Ignores Attacks on Whites as ‘Other Attacks’ (#ZeroCredibility)
More Fake News: Trump’s So-Called “Muslim Registry” (#CrookedMedia, #UnTrustworthyMedia)
HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of Green Cards Have ‘Gone Missing’ (this was no accident...search, apprehend, prosecute)
REALITY CHECK: Obama BRAGS About His ‘SCANDAL-FREE’ Administration — What About THESE? (not to worry...the media will cover for obama)
Loyola University Says That ‘America’-Themed Parties Are DIVISIVE And OFFENSIVE (liberals are mentally unstable...I guess this means ALL company parties are divisive and offensive too)
PUSSIFICATION: A Message To Post-Election CRYBABIES Is Being INVESTIGATED As A… (oh what a slippery slope we created with hate crimes...it's intent was "control" of the masses)
FDNY Hires Nine Ex-Felons (what ever happened to hiring based on qualifications?)

Obama Administration Fines Police Departments for NOT Hiring Illegal Immigrants! (this sums up this idiotic administration...01-20-17 can't come fast enough)
Outgoing Attorney General to Investigate Post-Election Harassment… but Only where the Victims were Non-Whites! (shes IS a racist)
Obama Admin STILL Covering Key Details Related to the Iran Deal (when all this comes out...obama is going down)
TX Senator attacked by LGBT community for bill preventing schools from hiding info from parents (let me get this straight...LGBT wants the parents out of the loop of their children...that is deplorable)
BREAKING: Trump SLAMS Media Bigwigs To Their FACE in Trump Tower Meeting (it's about time the media got a beat down)
Fashion Designers Boycotting Melania, Shouldn’t Bakers and Florists Have Same Right? (here's the difference...we would just find someone else to give our business)
Professor Blames White Rage For Trump Victory (shouldn't there be some sort of mental stability for teachers)

Major Illegal Border Crossing To Remain Unmanned (ask yourself...why would you purposely not man an active illegal border crossing...)
Professor Threatens Trump Supporting Students With Expulsion (another nut job teaching your kids...parents, make sure your kids choose their college wisely)
BREAKING: Police Officer Ambushed In Florida (this has got to stop...time to unleash the full force of the law on these dirtbags)
PATRIOTS: Obama Says He WILL Speak Out Against Trump – Should He SHUT The Hell Up? (#ClassLess...no surprise here)
WATCH: Supermodel MOCKS Melania During AMA – Gets BRUTAL Backlash! (if obama had a white daughter...)
DISGUSTING: THUGS Shoot 4 Police Officers In Four Cities – COINCIDENCE? (barely a peep on this by the media)
FAKE NEWS: NBC Busted Putting Out BS After Priebus Muslim Registry Interview (fake news coming from the media ...who just yesterday claimed they want to censor fake news...idiotic...#CorruptMedia, #UnethicalMedia)
Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor slyly encourages anti-Trump protests to continue (she should be removed from the bench...she doesn't understand the basic concept of the constitution...it's NOT a living document to be interpreted based on life experiences...jackwagon)
Not Again: Another Liberal Caught Faking “Hate Crime”! (there is no level too low that a liberal won't sink)
Muslim Leader in U.S. Ensures: ‘Islam is Not Here to Integrate…Islam is Here to DOMINATE’ (America...please take note)
Clinton Foundation Losing Millions In Donations (this proves the pay-for-play narrative...)
NPR: After Pollak, No More Live Interviews for Conservatives (unable to defend their bias and corruption...they will ban live interviews with conservative so that they can perform some creative editing...hahahaha...#PatheticMedia)
Obama Says He’ll Speak Out if Trump Needs to Be Reminded of American ‘Values and Ideals’ (his prerogative...also Trump's prerogative to expose ALL of obama's past "illegal" deeds)
Hillary Supporters Threaten Members of Electoral College: ‘I’ll Put a Bullet in Your Fat F***ing Mouth’ if You Vote for Trump! (proof that liberals are mentally unstable...)

Turkey Legalizes Child Rape Through Marriage (sick and perverted)
While the Left Begged Illegals to Vote, they Pushed to Disenfranchise our Soldiers! (now that is deplorable...despicable even)
CNN's Stelter Lumps NewsBusters in with 'BS,' 'Fake News' Headlines, Sites (and so it begins...the push by the media to squash the truth and push their failed agenda...see the next few articles below)
Google Searches on Jeff Sessions Go Straight to the Leftist Fever Swamp (remember during 2016 campaign when a search for "hillary's health" on google produced articles on hillary's healthcare, back from 1990s INSTEAD of her ailing health?...#UntrustworthyGoogle)
NBA Coaches and ESPN Hoops Analysts Dump on Trump (media bias...never mind...who cares what these dimwits think anyway...boycott NBA and ESPN)
Zuckerberg Doubles Down On “Fake” News Malarkey (what's fake is facebook and google...they are no different than the media...#Corrupt, #Crooked, #Unethical, #Immoral, #NotToBeTrusted)
ABC, NBC Smear Trump’s Cabinet Picks as ‘Really Old White Group’ (not even trying to hide their bias anymore)

Absentee Ballot Fraud Mill Being Investigated (wait...I thought the liberals/democrat said voter fraud doesn't exist)
YO, CNN: Here’s The LIST Of Substantiated Attacks On Trump Supporters – Is THIS Newsworthy? (once again...the media is incapable of reporting the news)
Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Jonathan Allen from The Hill and it was AWESOME (this is clearly an unethical person...who has no problem lying, misleading, misinforming in order to support his view...disgusting...read the article below)
Sessions Desegregated Schools and Got Death Penalty for KKK Murderer (see the article above)

ESPN Admits They Mistreat Conservatives (it's time "we the people" grew up and put away our toys...boycott sports, social media, TV, hollywood,...)
Twitter User Replaces Word ‘White’ With ‘Black,’ Gets Banned (this is really quite telling...)
New Judicial Watch Release Shows IRS Targeted Groups Based on ‘Party Affiliation’ (start at the bottom and fire everyone all the way up the chain to the top)
Washington AG Claims that Religious Expression Must Remain Inside the Person (maybe this guy should read the constitution...or have someone read it to him, if he can't read)
Rutgers Professor of Beyonce and Feminism Investigated Over Anti-Trump Twitter Threats (wait...a class on beyonce?...what a waste of time and money...far too many colleges teach nothing of value)
11-year-old suspended for violation of school’s ‘weapons policy’ after sharing fruit with a friend (what happened to common sense...and why are these people in charge of our schools)
Obama Inciting Anti-Trump Protesters (more proof - as if we needed any - that being president was way above his pay grade...#Failure)

UNREAL: Pro-Trump 13yr. Old Boy Was STABBED At School – School’s Response Is DISGUSTING (ahh...the oh so IN-tolerant left)
Mother Suing School District for Providing Transgender Healthcare/Drugs to Minor Son Without Her Permission (they have NO right to do this...sue them all into oblivion)
Jews Still Top FBI Hate Crime Stats, But Muslims Get the Media Focus (let's not let facts get in the way of your argument...)
Once Again Media Lies About the ‘Rise’ In ‘Hate Crimes’ Against Muslims (let's continue to remind everyone the media is dishonest, a.k.a LIARS)
FAIL: University Students Protest Against Racism While Segregating Themselves (this is what stupidity looks like...unfit for society)
Disgraceful: Brown University Students Vandalize Veterans Day Memorial (immature, spoiled, brats...not ready for society)
Conservative News Sources To Be Deemed “Fake” By Google (it's time to send a message...boycott these companies)
Pepsi Co Gets Ugly Surprise After Bashing The President-Elect (takes its place along side, pizza hut, target, nfl, nba,...)

George Soros Admits to Profiting off Nazi War Crimes, has No Sense of “Guilt” (this is the face of...evil)
House To Block Sale of U.S. Aircrafts to Iran (selling aircraft to a known terrorist country...is treasonous)
Majority View News Media as Pro-Hillary and Dishonest (now that's a GOOD thing)
Proof the Left has lost touch with the American People (liberalism is truly a mental disorder...and their reaction support this statement)
Snowflake Students OUTRAGED By Use Of Thomas Jefferson Quote (maybe wait a few years and grow up before you go to college...that goes for those teaching as well)
BREAKING: Hillary Drunkenly Assaulted Podesta On Election Night (no kidding...image her with her finger on the nuclear button)

Google, Facebook Set To Stifle Conservative News Sites (I think most would call this...discrimination)
MSNBC Warns: Trump Ushering in Era of ‘Rage Vote,’ ‘Fringe Candidates’ Around the World (they still don't get it...liberals are the extreme fringe)
Leftist ARRESTED For Threatening to ASSASSINATE Trump On Social Media (this guy deserves...moron of humanity award)
Rahm Emanuel: Chicago will always be sanctuary city (add this city to the list of states to withhold all federal funds)
LAPD chief: Police won't help deport illegal aliens (laws are laws...withhold all federal funds from the state)
CAIR Issues Not-So-Subtle Statement: “Overthrow the U.S. Government” (it's long past time to send this group packing)
George Soros, Elizabeth Warren, Keith Ellison, Nancy Pelosi and More Have Closed Door Meetings (this is telling...about who liberals associate with)
DEMONIC: Woman Run Off Road, Terrorized For TWO HOURS … By ‘DREAMer’ (this is despicable...and obama's fault)
Paid Protests Outed By Fox News, Liberals FURIOUS (the real truth...there is no depth the liberals will sink to) 
High School Student BRUTALLY BEATEN After Posting Support For Trump (animals...where is the media coverage on this?)

RIGGED: Source Says THIS About Three MILLION Votes… Taking Legal Action (3 million non-citizens voted, that's not even counting the dead people who voted democrat)
Compilation of Media Pundits and Politicians Saying Trump Won’t Win ("we the people" are sick and tired of your pompous attitudes...we don't need you)
Anti-Trump Temper Tantrums and Riots: Liberals Aren’t Losing Their Minds, They’re Revealing Them (so true!)
Liberals (a.k.a. – Defenders of Women’s Rights) Protest with “Rape Melania” Sign (truly revealing...)
Liberal Protesters Surround Police, Try to Free Rioters who were being Arrested! (animals...)
Pizza Hut Worker Placed on Leave After Defending Himself From Armed Robbers (pizza hut earns place on the "do not support" list)
Report: Big Three TV Networks Practically Ignored the REAL Issues (#WorthlessMedia)
US Journalist PHYSICALLY Removed From UN Conference… His Press Pass CONFISCATED (a corrupt and worthless organization...who has outlived its usefulness)
CNN Viewership Leaving In Droves After Election Coverage (the people are catching on to your lies...)
Liberal Twitter Allows Disgusting Hashtag To Flourish (more liberal media hogwash...how pathetic)
Russia Claims Trump Victory Avoided WWIII (how was someone who was obviously unqualified able toe secure the democratic nomination...)

Mom who Berated, Cursed, and Mocked Young Child for “Voting” for Trump – Now in Trouble with the Law! (some people should never have children...this is sickening)
These Anti-Trump Protests Are NOT Funded By Who You Think! (what the media...will NEVER report)
CNN Abruptly Cuts Off Muslim Woman Explaining Why She Voted for Trump (why the media - especially CNN - has zero credibility...#NotToBeTrusted)

WHAT? Podesta Blames Hillary’s “Devastating Loss” on Media for Being Pro-Trump (the more we see how they reacted to losing...the more confident I am that the country made the right choice)
High School Student Beaten for Supporting Trump! (the face of a thugs...lock them up)
10 WikiLeaks Releases You Must Know Tonight! (why didn't the media cover this...a very good question)


What Was Obama’s Position on Unification When He Won? (for all you liberals that are demanding "unification"...here's what obama said...)
Iran Caught, AGAIN, Violating the “Treaty” (hellofva treaty you negotiated there...Mr. kerry)
Police: Muslim student fabricated assault by Trump supporters (there needs to be some serious consequences for this type of behavior...throw the book at her)
NAACP Congratulates Trump for ‘Regularizing Racism’ and ‘Mainstreaming Misogyny’ (it's pretty clear that organizations like this...are the real racists)
Skanky Liberal Chick CRAPS, In Public, On Trump Sign! (is this the face --- I mean backside --- of the democratic party?)
Special Snowflakes Meltdown: Angry Mobs Take To The Streets (God help us...the younger generations are unfit for reality)

Trump Tower Gets No Fly Zone Amid Heightened Tensions (it seems liberals have revealed themselves as the "real" deplorables)
WOW: Trump’s Final Numbers Are MASSIVE – The Media Will NEVER Report This (of course they won't)
WATCH: Black THUGS Brutally BEAT Trump Voter (lock them up and throw away the key...they are of no value to society)
Newsweek Recalls 125K Copies of ‘Madam President’ – What Could They Be Used For? (too funny...hahahaha)
GoFundMe Pages Advocate for Donald Trump’s Assassination (far too many people are born from a depleted gene pool)
Dems Kick Trump Poll Watchers Out – Ballots Switch to Hillary Before Voter’s Eyes (cheating democrats...why does it always select the democrat?)
Lib Economist Paul Krugman Says Markets Will NEVER Recover From Trump Win…Dow Hits Record HIGH (these are the so called "experts"...hahahaha)
The Left Demonstrates How Fortunate We’ll Be Not to Have Them Running the Country (ain't that the truth...)
JOURNALISM IS DEAD: It Died KISSING Hillary’s Butt WITHOUT Taking A Breath (the media EXPOSED...it's about time)
Hillary Supporters Showing ‘Respect For Process’ By RIOTING In … (highly unstable and immature...glad to see that goverment children's hour is over)
Did Google manipulate search for Hillary? This Report May SHOCK You (even google is NOT to be trusted...)
Growing protests against Trump’s election victory have sprung up in various cities across America (this is what immature, spoiled brats do when they don't get their way...time to grow up...children)
White House won’t rule out a pardon for Clinton (the crooked protecting their own kind...why would she need a pardon if she did nothing wrong?)
JOURNALISM IS DEAD: It Died KISSING Hillary’s Butt WITHOUT Taking A Breath (remember this when you watch the news...they are NOT to be trusted)

This was a white-lash against a black president’: Angry Van Jones decries Trump election (this is what a race baiter who hates America looks like)
Yale Students Get Day Off After Trump “Triggered” Them (panzies...pathetic...conservatives didn't need day off when obama won)
Donna Brazile Wasn’t the Only One Feeding Info to Hillary’s Campaign (CNN = #CrookedNewsNetwork, #CorruptNewsNetwork, #CriminalNewsNetwork, #ClintonNewsNetwork...)
Liberals Freak Out and Crash Canadian Immigration Website (this is great for them and great for this country)

Pennsylvania Vote Machines Throwing Election To Hillary (our voting system is utterly corrupt...and that's how the politicians want it)
UN “Human Rights” Council Now Officially Controlled by Dictators (stupidity on display...)
Leaked DNC Emails Show FREQUENT Collusion With CNN (they should lose their FCC license)
Hillary Clinton’s Amnesty tax: $15,000 per household (of course 1/2 the households pay no federal taxes...so now it's $30,000)

ICE Union Issues Final Warning to Voters (these are the people on the front lines of our immigration problem)
2016 Civil War Graffiti Discovered In Massachusetts (liberals showing their true colors...and stupidity)
Wikileaks Confirms Media Collusion Against Republicans (no kidding)
Battleground States Are Where Worst Cases Of Voter Fraud Reported (who could have predicted this...everyone)
Soros Spends Millions To Oust Sheriff Joe (this guy is dangerous to freedom)
Clinton Aide E-mail Says Foundation Paid for Chelsea’s Wedding (such a fine upstanding family...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
Report: Chelsea Clinton’s husband used Clinton Foundation to raise hedge fund money

Obama Makes Case For Illegals To Vote (this is treasonous...)
REVEALED: WaPo Uncovers 1,100 Hidden Foreign Clinton Cash Donations
Clinton Foundation Got $1 Million Gift From Qatar…Secretary Clinton Didn’t Report It
WikiLeaks: More Clues That Tie Clintons/Podesta to Child Prostitution Ring

BREAKING: Virginia Gov. Pardons 60,000 Felons, Just Enough To SWING Election (corrupt democrats...this is why character matters...this guy has none)
WIKILEAKS BREAKING: Hillary Had Her Damn MAID Print Out CLASSIFIED Material (hillary is an enemy to this country)
BOMBSHELL: Anonymous Says They Have PICS & VIDEO Of Bill Clinton Sex With MINORS (sickening)
Whistleblower Fired for Reporting There Were People in a Backroom Filling Out Piles of Ballots (sounds fishy to me)

ABC News Caught Staging 'Crime Scene' with Fake Police Tape (#MediaLies)

Bozell & Graham Column: Network Blackout Exposes Corrupt Media (this is a prime example of why you can't trust the media)
Surveillance "Reforms" Allow NSA Greater Access Than Ever to Phone Data (a government willing to trample on the 4th amendment...can also do it for the other 26)
The Great British Betrayal: Brexiteers May Need to Take to The Streets To Ensure We Leave (government in general is corrupt)
Breaking! FBI Expects Multiple Indictments has Secret Recordings of Clinton Foundation!
Report: Indictment ‘Likely’ in Clinton Foundation FBI Investigation (people please consider your vote carefully on Nov 8th, 2016...hillary is a criminal)
Insider Confirms: WikiLeaks’s Source ‘From Within Official Circles in D.C.’…NOT Moscow!
The Fix Is In: NBC Affiliate Accidentally Posts Election Results A Week Early: Hillary Wins Presidency 42% to Trump’s 40% (honestly, the media is NOT to be trusted)

Huma Abedin Received TWO WARNINGS in April 2010 (once again this proves there are two sets of rules...one for us and another for them)
Sources Claim Hillary’s Server HACKED By FIVE Foreign Countries (hillary is a national security threat)
Justice Department Official Offered A ‘Heads Up’ On Clinton Email Developments (should be fired)
BOOM! FBI Docs Show Cheryl Mills Ordered Deletion of Emails (so when is she going to jail...she committed a felony)
Hillary Clinton Caught in a Lie – Again (she can't help herself...she is just a LIAR)
BREAKING VIDEO: Major Hillary Donor, BLACKS Are ‘Seriously F-CKED in The Head’ (this is what they really think about you)
Dem. Senator: There’s “a Legitimate Question” as to Whether or Not Hillary Clinton Broke the Law (she'll take some heat for this statement)
Under the law of the land, Hillary Clinton is disqualified from running for president (the law apparently doesn't apply to hillary)
Downsizing DC: 27% of Federal Employees Say They’re Quitting if Trump Wins (awesome!!!)
Border Patrol Cooking The Books To Assist Hillary (is the entire government is corrupt?)
Democratic Office In Pennsylvania Raided On Account Of Voter Fraud (corrupt democrats)
DOJ Official Supervising Clinton Email Investigation Is Podesta’s Close Friend (the democrats don't even try to hide their unethical behavior)
NY Times has reportedly seen the results of the FBI’s investigation into a Trump-Russia connection (no connection...it was all lies by hillary to take the spotlight off herself)
Morocco Donated $28 MILLION to Clinton Foundation for Two Favors from Secretary Clinton! (and the plot thickens...)
How the FBI Caught a Radical Islamist Spy in the Hillary Clinton’s Office (this is what breads mistrust with our government...they knew...they chose to ignore it)
WikiLeaks Reveals Clinton Poll Oversampling Scheme (sure highlights hillary's lack of ethics)
PA State Police raid Delco offices, seeking evidence of voter registration fraud (but, but, but...the democrats keep telling us there is no voter fraud)
Clinton Campaign Manager: We Should Put Out Credible Leaks as Decoys to Detract from the Truth (are there any people of integrity in hillary's campaign)
Are There 4 Million Dead Voters Waiting To Elect Hillary Clinton? (of course there are...its the only way the democrats can win)
It is ILLEGAL for the Clinton Camp to do this! (illegal...not for the clintons)
BAD JUDGMENT: Hillary’s Camp KNEW 5yrs Ago THIS About Weiner – Did NOTHING About It (it's not bad judgement...it's bad character)

DOJ Tried To Kill FBI’s Clinton Foundation Investigation (folks this is what a corrupt and unethical government looks like...pathetic)
Liberals Just Don’t Understand The Meaning Of Premiums (liberals just don't think...)
WIKILEAKS: Hillary’s Aide, ‘She’s Acting Like A RETARD – She Smells Like Boiled Cabbage, Urine And FARTS’ (this is what hillary's aides think of her...very telling)
WIKILEAKS: Weiner Emails Show DISGUSTING Details About Weiner, Hillary & Bill’s Illegal SEXCAPADES (democrats are supporting these sick individuals?...)
LMAO: Google ‘PATHOLOGICAL LYING’ And See What Pops Up! (this is what the internet really thinks about hillary...before google covers for her)
The VA Paid Out More Than $177 Million in Bonuses in FY 2015 (such a disgrace...)
Wikileaks Catches Donna Brazile Feeding Hillary Another Debate Question (the democrats showing their true colors...once again)
Obama’s “Pivot to Asia” Proving to be a Disaster! (this is what you missed while the media is covering for hillary...)
Facebook Censors Strike Again as Liberal Fascism Rears its Ugly Head (#BoycottFacebook)


The Media Defends Hillary Against the FBI as the Email Scandal Grows! (read this article...to see how the media is trying to cover for hillary...#UntrustworthyMedia)
FBI Finds “Tens of Thousands” of New Emails, Department of Defense Finds at Least 1K more! (unbelievable)
FBI Notes REVEAL Top Clinton Aide Does THIS With Security… WHILE ABROAD! (and to think this will be hillary's top dog is she is elected...)
Chris Wallace lays it down on Clinton Corruption (hillary is in trouble...I predict that the democrats have a special "accident" planned for her...so they can replace her as nominee...)

WATCH: Homeless Woman Guards Trump’s Hollywood Star, Look What DEMOCRATS Did To Her! (hillary's high class supporters...)
IT’S RIGGED: Hillary Supporter BRAGS On Facebook About Voting SEVERAL Times (a hillary supporter...apparently not to bright...)
9 Controversies Obama Didn’t Mention When He Denied Any ‘Major Scandals’ (if obama's mouth is moving...you can be sure he is lying...he sure must think we are really stupid...)
Shock News: Attorney General Loretta Lynch “Pleads the Fifth” on Iran Payoff! (I can't recall every seeing so many people in any administration taking the 5th...I think this speaks volumes)
The State of Georgia is trying to Confiscate Pastor’s Sermons ("we the people" should read up on hitler...it's time to wake up America)
Collusion Between Facebook and Hillary’s Campaign Revealed (the naive are being led around like sheep by the media)

State Dept Told 'Friendly' AP Reporters About Missing Hillary Emails Before Congress (this collusion between state department and hillary's campaign is at best unethical, and at worst illegal)
MSNBC Ends Interview with Black Trump Supporters When They Criticize Media (can't have the truth come out...it will hurt their agenda...#EvilMedia)
TRUMP VOTES TOSSED OUT: Do THIS To Make SURE Your Vote Counts (is there no depth that the democrats will sink to cheat?)
No Joke! Hillary Wants to Appoint Joe Biden as Secretary of State (joe is the very definition of keystone cop...if hillary is elected...childrens hour will coninue for at least 4 more years...)
Flashback: President Bill Clinton ‘Lost’ 1 MILLION Emails Due to ‘Glitch’ (how can anyone not see how corrupt and unethical the clinton's are...there was not glitch...it is what evil people do)

The State Department Won’t Say if Morocco and Sweden got Special Treatment after BIG Donations! (translation...yes they did..and yes it was pay-for-play...fyi: is illegal)
Obamacare Architect: ObamaCare is Working; We Just Need to Penalize More People (need I say more...)
The Great Climate Change Fraud Continues (snowflake warning...this may make you run to your safe space)
Media Completely IGNORES All the Anti-Trump Violence Sweeping the Country (the media...all but useless)
University Condemns ‘Deeply Offensive’ Flyers That Expose Anti-White Racism (I'm sorry...how is this offensive?)
For-Profit Firm Illegally Raised $150 MILLION for Clinton Foundation (my dad always said you can judge a persons character by who they associate with...)
RIGGED: Watch Voter Machine SWITCH Republican Vote To Democrat … In This SWING STATE (watch video...funny how it always benefits the democrats)

E-mails Show Hillary’s Aides’ Concerns Over Her Health (unfit for office...in more ways than one)
State Dept. Can’t Presume to Understand Why Iran Would Think We’d Pay Ransom (this is what a dispicable, corrupted, unethical administration looks like)
Clinton Campaign Chairman Had Multiple Dinners With Top DOJ Official During Clinton Email Investigation (nothing to see here...move along...not a smidgen of corruption/collusion)
Wikileaks Shows Clinton Campaign Is LYING About Trump (still won't matter to her supporters...)
Media Planting Phony Russia Stories To Steer Election? (can the media be any more corrupt?)
Obama KNEW Hillary Had SECRET SERVER – Here’s The DAMNING Proof (obama lied...no kidding...now we know why the fbi didn't indict hillary...would have had to inict obama too)
‘Morning Joe’ panel: Everything conservatives said about Obamacare has come true (extreme left media (oxymoron) finally admits GOP was right about obamacare designed to fail)
DNC chair suggests WikiLeaks emails were ‘doctored,’ technology blog calls her bluff (wikileaks exposed her corrupt ways...she denied...and was immediately proved a liar...emails are valid)
Hillary’s 33,000 emails might not be ‘really’ be missing! (still trust this lying, corrupt president and adminstration?...)
Election Polls and the Media Disinformation Crusade (the lying machine...the media)
Soros Linked Voting Machines Cause for Concern (voter fraud...did you know these machines are not on alist of federally certified providers)

20,000 Turn Out to See Trump in FL; Kaine Rally Draws…30 People! (this is why you can't trust the polls or the media...only massive fraud can elect her)
Obamacare premiums to increase by double digits next year (to those of you who supported this...are you feeling the pain yet...wait unil next year...hahahaha!!!)
Report: Votes Switched From Trump to Hillary in Texas (and so the "ficticious" voter fraud begins...funny how it always seems to vote democrat)
Sorority Seminar: ‘Whites Wanting to be Black’ is an Example of ‘White Privilege’ (this fantasy has gone way beyond ridiculous...and this is supposed to be higher learning...hahahaha!!!)
Unbelievable! Austrian Supreme Court Throws Out Refugee Child Sex Charge (another jackwagon of a judge...who needs to be removed from the bench)

New Podesta Email Exposes Playbook For Rigging Polls Through 'Oversamples' (basically...a howto cheat manual)
Clinton ally gave $500K to wife of FBI agent on email probe (this clinton ally...is also under investigtion by the FBI)
New Undercover VIDEO Shows Hillary DIRECTLY Involved In Rigging Election (come on people...wake up...this woman should be in jail)
Clinton Foundation Gets HACKED – Here’s The GOODS! (#CrookedHillary...doesn't do her justice)
“Ridiculous” says Clinton Ally Accused of Funneling Money to Wife of FBI Agent Who Oversaw Clinton E-mail Investigation (so utterly corrupt)
Famed Watergate Reporter and Retired Federal Prosecutor Agree – Hillary Clinton is Corrupt! (obvious)
Clinton “Fixer”: “Nothing I have heard [about Trump] comes close to the sexual and moral corruption of the Clintons” (we always knew the left are sexual deviants)

Soldiers Punished In Enlistment Bonus Payback Debacle (find the person who mad this decision...and fire him/her...it's time to hold government officials accountable)
Scientists Claim Another Ice Age On The Way (global warming climate change is a hoax...follow the money)
Hillary Campaigns Russian Connection EXPOSED (wait...aren't the democrats trying to tell us the russians are working for trump...whatever a democrat/progressive says...you can bet it is the opposite)
Hillary Clinton Caught Handing Out Press Conference Questions (why doesn't the press just wear hillary for president buttons...journalistic integrity is dead)

NEW Revelations on Robert Creamer: He is MORE than an ordinary thug (and he's with the democrats, this administration, and even the president)
Donna Brazile CAUGHT LYING Again, This Time There's PROOF! (is there any democrat who doesn't lie?)
WHAT A DUMBASS: Sheila Jackson Lee (D) Denounces "WIKIPEDIA' On Live TV (this is what you get when you elect someone based on the color of their skin rather than competence)
Muslim 'REFUGEE' Pleads Guilty To Trying To BOMB Texas Malls For ISIS (time to stop all immigration...until we can properly vet them...oh yeah, this is obama's JV team)
John Kerry's Daughter got $9 Million in Government Contracts after "Fishy" Deals! (when are we going to realize that character matters...and this administration has none...republicans are not immune)
"Calibration Error" Changes GOP Votes to Dem in Illinois County (isn't it interesting that these calibration errors always end up voting for democrats...)
Obama Met 47 Times with Top DNC Official Responsible For Inciting Violence At Trump Rallies (obama is the root of evil...he hates this country and far too many are unwilling or too plain stupid to see it)
WATCH: Obama IMPLIES Obamacare Hasn't Worked Because Of "RACISM“ He Also Says... (history will show electing obama twice...as the two biggest mistakes of this country)
THE $#!^ LIST: Or...Why Nobody In Their RIGHT MIND Should Support Hillary (we better wakeup...or this country is toast)

EXPERT SAYS: It's "Child's Play" To RIG Votes - See How EASY It Is (this is unacceptable)
E-mails Show Clinton's Lawyers Advising Companies Involved with Private Server to Thwart Investigation (jeez...can the people supporting this criminal be that STUPID....yep)
White House Won't Explain Close Ties to Former Felon and Vote Fraudster Robert Creamer (now there's a surprise)
British Politician says Russia has NOTHING to do with the DNC Email Leaks! (see how they made you believe it was about another country trying to influence our election...when in fact it was to take the spot light off their crooked ways)
Pelosi: Republicans Only Support Trump, Because "They Don't Want to Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes" (pelosi is a joke...what part of 0% taxes is fair share...almost 50% of the people pay no federal taxes)
Democrat Operative Admits: We've Been Rigging Elections "for 50 Years" (no kidding...there is a reason why democrats don't want voter ID)
Pentagon: Hillary Should Be Arrested for Leaking Nuclear Intelligence During Debate
Federal Election Commission Complaint Filed Against Hillary's Campaign Following O'Keefe Videos (they paid people to incite violence at trump's rallies...how disgusting)
Hillary reveals TOP SECRET CLASSIFIED nuclear response time on national TV (come on you idiots...how can you still trust her to be your president?..she is unfit)
Hillary ENDS Press Conference Abruptly When Asked About... (more criminal activities from hillary)
New Huma Abedin Email SHOCKER - Is This The END For Hillary? (pay-to-play confirmed...will it matter to the as corrupt DOJ and FBI...NOT!!!)
White House Tries to CLEAN UP Obama's MESS (more lies and deceit from obama and his administration)
Former U.K. Ambassador Visits Assange and comes back with HUGE Info (apparently, clinton, obama and his administration's claims of russian hack is just...another LIE)

BROWSER BIAS: This Explains Why GOOGLE Seems So Damned Political (censoring hillary's health issues...)
Conflict of Interest? Members of "Non-Partisan' Debate Commission are Staunch Hillary Supporters (of course they are...duh!)
UH-OH! New Clinton emails appear to contradict her sworn testimony (won't matter one bit...this administrtion, the DOJ, the FBI are all as corrupt as clinton herself)
Who Rode Roughshod over the FBI during Clinton Investigation (this investigation was done before it even started...it was a dog and pony show...never intended to hold anyone accountable)

The Benghazi Cover-Up and the FBI Bribe are Connected! (like everything else...nothing will be done about this criminal behavior)
DEAR FBI: O'Keefe's Video EXPOSES Deliberate Voter Intimidation. Are YOU Going To INVESTIGATE? (not a chance in hell...as long as the democrats are still in power)
McCain's BETRAYAL Of The Republican Party Is NOW Complete! (this is the very definition of a rino...might as well come clean...and say you are a democrat)
Guess How MANY Times Trump Rally AGITATOR Visited The WHITE HOUSE (enlisting protesters to incite violence at Trump rallies gets you 324 visits to the white house)
Lynch Tied to Soros, Reporters Fund Clinton and Obama Clamps Down on Julian Assange! (this administration is full of corrupt, deplorables...)
Sotomayor: I used to want to hit Scalia with a baseball bat (this is what you get when you hire someone based on race, rather than competency...she has no business being on the bench)
Secretary of State Held Secret Negotiations with Ecuador to Make WikiLeaks Stop Publishing Hillary Clinton's Corruption! (you can get away with beheading, bombing, and terrorism...but attack a democrat...and the full weight of this administration will come down on you......actually, it was a chance meeting on the tarmac, and they were only talking about their kids)
RACIST Hillary refers to Black Man as a Ni**er! (clintons useful idiots...they can't see how they are being used)
Bill Clinton Boasts of Hillary's "Working Relationship" with Muslim Brotherhood (so...she's close with a terrorist organization...how can people not see the corrupt, unethical, deplorable that she is)
The Chick Who STARTED Chicago Trump Riots Was Getting PAID By... (yup...hillary clinton campaign)
Wikileaks Reveals Hillary's Top 13 Acts of Treason against the U.S. (where's the media...that's what I thought...refusing to report this because they are covering for hillary)
Democrat Pollster "Rigged Media Ignoring Investigation" (#BiasUselessCorruptMedia)

Nashville Mayor Signs Proclamation Honoring Planned Parenthood and Its 7 Million Abortions (wow...I wonder if her mother shares this belief)
Shocking Numbers Of "Ineligible & DEAD Voters on The Rolls" (4 million dead people...and you can bet they are all democrats)
Again? Seriously? When Hillary Left the State Dept., She Took the Furniture With Her (she is evil...and not to be trusted)
Remember When Bill Clinton Fought to Keep Refugees Out of His State and Insisted on Screening Them? (I didn't think so...)
FBI Agents Say Comey "Stood In The Way" Of Clinton Email Investigation (lock him up...)
Quid Pro Quo: State Dept. Tried To Bribe FBI To Downgrade Clinton Classified Email (they should all be in jail)
Study: Carbon Taxes Would NOT Change Global Temperatures - But They Would Devastate the Economy! (this won't make one bit of difference to the tree huggers)
New Video Shows Just How NASTY The Hillary Machine REALLY Is (sickening...you hillary supports better wake up)
WATCH: "Proud" Hillary Voters Can't Name One DAMN Thing She's ACCOMPLISHED (the face of stupidity)
Why the media is a failure (muslim woman in MN elected representative of house - married her brother to circumvent our immigration laws...yet she was already married)

Almost Half Of Millennials Would Vote For A Socialist Candidate (these people make forrest gump look like a genius)
Reddit joins Anonymous and WikiLeaks in the WAR Against Hillary Clinton! (wow...this article spells out how corrupt and unethical hillary is)
Leaked E-mail: Facebook Exec Provided Data to Clinton Campaign (can't trust hillary, media or social sites)
Clinton staffers were upset to learn San Bernardino shooter was Muslim instead of white (do you think these people have your back....ha ha ha ha)
Trump's Butler Weighs in on Alleged Sexual Assault Incident (looks like the democrats are showing their true colors...and it ain't pretty)
US Nuclear Arsenal Readies To DEFCON 3 (this is big news...I wonder if the media will report it or continue to cover for hillary...)
Liberals love to talk the talk about tolerance and civility, but they absolutely cannot seem to walk the walk. (these are the so called tolerant...ha ha...animals)

Here's The Evidence Hillary PLANNED To Make Trump Look Like SEXUAL Predator (very revealing of her character...I mean lack of)
The Mannish Looking Trump ACCUSER Just Had Her BS Story Blown All To HELL! (and here's the proof...of above post)
LIAR: "Apprentice" Chick Accuses Trump Of Sexual Assault...There's Just One BIG Problem! (yet another story disproved)
President Obama Issues Order To Battle Space Weather (how can some not see that he is a clown...not worthy of begin president)
Hillary Clinton Admits: Politcal System Designed to Protect Party Establishments; Suggests New Rules to Benefit Democrats (this is what hillary really thinks...but won't tell you)
Attorney Warned Clinton Campaign That Private Email Server "Smacks Of Acting Above The Law" (more proof of her criminal activities)

Man Who Shot Two Boston Police Officers Was Recent Muslim Convert (once again...the religion of peace)
State Department Acknowledges Hillary Never Turned Over Emails Between Herself & Obama (this just keeps getting worse and worse for hillary...the media is already working over time to cover for her)
The Mannish Looking Trump ACCUSER Just Had Her BS Story Blown All To HELL! (well well well...it looks like the despicable morally decrepit democrats are living up to their name)
LIAR: "Apprentice" Chick Accuses Trump Of Sexual Assault...There's Just One BIG Problem! (another shining example of a democrat)
Stupid AP Fact Check Says Trump Was Wrong in Saying Bill Clinton 'Lost' His Law License (#WorthlessMedia, #Dirtbags)
Shock Story: NBC is "Sitting On" Interview that could Destroy Hillary after Releasing Trump "Locker Room" Video! (do we really need any more proof of a #WorthlessMedia, #UnethicalMedia)
Hillary Winning Muslim Vote by a Landslide (this should tell you everything you need)
Chelsea Used This Fake Name to Solicit Donations for Clinton Foundation (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...criminal family)
Internal Audit of the Clinton Foundation PROVES TRUMP RIGHT! (and you are surprised...anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size can see that clinton is corrupt to the core)
BIAS: Media SILENT About These Eight HORRIBLE Hillary Stories (of course they are...#CrookedMedia)

DiCaprio Embroiled in International Charity Embezzlement (it's okay to do this...he's a democrat)
LGBT Group Threatens Johns Hopkins Over Report Concluding that People Aren't "Born" Gay or Transgender (wow...there are far too many people running around without their helmets)
Clinton responds to Judicial Watch's questions in email lawsuit ("I do not recall", 20 times...a criminal through and through)
Twitter Blocks Whistleblower Investigative Journalist James O'Keefe's Twitter Account When He Posts Videos Of Democrat Election Fraud (they are all corrupt)
Emails Reveal State Dept. Did Special Hillary Photo Ops For Clinton Foundation "Primary Sponsors" (these emails expose the corrupt, lying, unethical, criminal that hillary is...yet the media is silent)
Walmart: 'All Lives Matter' Bumper Sticker is Offensive (walmart is offensive)
Black Lives Matter Protest at Indiana U Turns Violent (a terrorist organization)
ISIS-Supporting Qatar Gives Bill Clinton $1 Million for His Birthday (does anyone but progressives/democrats believe this is not pay to play?...treason)
Video From 2008 Shows Obama Flaunting a Particular Body Part (interesting that this comes out after obama has been elected twice...hey cnn, obama says thanks)
Lamestream Media BLOWS OFF Incriminating Wikileaks Emails (they can't report it...it doesn't fit their narrative or bode well for hillary)
WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL: Podesta Exposed (criminals hang with criminals)
Liberty University student president defends Falwell, Jr.: "Majority of students' will vote Trump (media lies...and reports the opposite...#DespicableMedia)

FBI & DOJ Roiled By Comey & Lynch Decision To Let Clinton Slide (like I have been saying comey and lynch have betrayed this country...and should be in jail)
Did Wikileaks Reveal That Justice Scalia Was Murdered? (we the people better wake up...the people in power in this country are no different than the mob)
NBC Covers For Hillary's False Claim That She Had Left State Dept. When Obama Made 'Red Line' Threat (#CorruptMedia, #UnEthicalMedia)
Dem Governor Forced to Admit Affordable Care Act "No Longer Affordable" (remember not one republican voted for this...the democrats own this failure)
Email Leaks Show Conservative Blogger Secretly Working for Hillary Clinton! (there is no depth so low that a progressive/democrat wouldn't stoop)
Washington Post fact checks Obama's claim that "a whole bunch of people who are in charge" at VA were fired (a whole bunch to obama is 3, that's right 3 people were fired...what a dirtbag)
WOW: Arms Dealer Comes Forward With DISGUSTING Intel About HILLARY (this entire administration should be locked up for life...absolute garbage)
CNN Orders Network "BLACK-OUT" On Bill Clinton's BLACK Son (the corrupt media is going all out to protect clinton...no morals whatsoever)
CAUGHT RED HANDED: Media (D) CONSPIRING To KILL Wikileaks Story - They're "With Her" (wow...the media is just as crooked and unethical as the democrats...one in the same...can't trust them)
LIBERTY THIEVES: Why We CAN NOT Believe The MSM...About Almost ANYTHING (it's all coming out about the corrupt media...will you choose to ignore it?)

Black Professor: I Would Much Rather My Children Interact With Drugs Than With Police (anyone in his class should drop it immediately...you will only become dumber for having listened to him)
James Comey and Loretta Lynch Should Be Impeached for Whitewashing Clinton's Crimes (sickening)
PROOF! Democrats on the Benghazi Committee Working with Clinton Team Lawyers! (it is time to clean house...and lock them up for life)
Democrat Leader CAUGHT Explaining How Democrats Use Voter Fraud in New York City! (this is unacceptable...the democrats are dispicable)
Clinton Operative BRAGS, "I Could GRAB Coworker's ASS And Not Get Fired!" (hypocrisy...these democrats have no substance, no morals, no values and no soul)
Federal Judge Says He Sees "No Value" In Studying the Constitution (here is a judge that is unqualified to wear the robe and should be immediately fired)
Merkel's Economic Disaster: Only 1 in 10K New Migrants Employed (coming to a neighborhood near you, in America...still think it is a good idea to accept refugees)
WikiLeaks is Breaking Scandal Upon Scandal… but the Media is Ignoring Them (this is how the media ensures an uninformed public...they don't tell you the news, #DeplorableMedia)
Secret Service Officer "The Hillary I Know is a Complete Pathological Liar" (no kidding)
WIKILEAKS: Clinton Campaign Deliberately Used Benghazi to Distract from Email Scandal (democrats are so easily controlled...just ask james carville)
BUSTED: Leaked Emails Reveal Obama at Root of Voter Fraud (obama should be in jail...period)
Hillary & Lena Dunham Discuss Their DESIRE To See Lenny Kravitz PENIS (I'm shocked...deplorable...she needs to apologize...I have never heard such language)

Hillary's Most Damning Leak To Date (quote by staffer about hillary "I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans"...and the truth comes out)
Hillary Ready To Give Up On Vetting Refugees (she thinks it's impossible...but yet still wants to let them into this country)
YouTube Purposefully Hiding Ad Regarding Hillary's Health (hillary got it wrong...it it the media that is deplorable)
Clinton Campaign Held Off-the-Record Party for Reporters, Anchors, Editors (still think you can trust the media...apparently they are easily bought)
Hidden Camera BUSTS Dem Official Describing MASSIVE Voter Fraud Scheme (there MUST be voter fraud...I refuse to believe "we the people" are that stupid to elect obama TWICE and possibly hilllary)
TOTAL BS: Guess WHO "Conducted" NBC Poll Showing HILLARY Up By 11pts? (don't believe polls...there's a reason why trump's ralies have thousands or people while hillary has couple of hundred)
After calling Black Lives Matter biggest racist group since KKK, college lecturer learns his fate (having an opinion can now get you fired at this college...even when the opinion parallels the truth)
Mother of Navy Sailor Sentenced for Mishandling Classified Info. Slams Hillary: "Americans Should Consider Double Standard" (proof of a double standard...laws are for little people)
Black Man Offering "Free Hugs" to Charlotte Police Officers Immediately Attacked by Race Mob (this kind of behavior is kind of telling...don't you think?)
Obama Administration Rushing Muslim Immigrants into the USA, Estimates 185,000 in 2017! (treasonous)
CNN Reporter Caught on Video Feeding Answer to "Undecided" (#CNN=ClintonNewsNetwork, #CNN=CrappyNewsNetwork, #CNN=CommunistNewsNetwork...take your pick)
BUSTED: Clinton Campaign COLLUDING With State Department (#UnethicalMedia, #CrookedClintons)

Hillary's True Thoughts On Terrorism Exposed In Leak (her words...not a threat to this nation...soft on terrorism)
Leaked Emails Show Conspiracy Between Hillary And Facebook (dump facebook...)
Hillary Vows to Nominate Supreme Court Justices Who Believe in Stricter Gun Control (supreme court justices who legislates stricter gun control...are NOT qualified to wear the robe...please read the constitution, hillary)
DEAR "MEDIA": Guess Who Called A Person A "Miserable C*CK SUCKER"... Trump Or Hillary? (and now for the rest of the story...)
Clinton Campaign Chairman calls Blacks "Never-do-Wells"! (this is someone who is part of hillary's inner circle...what does that say about her)
Emails Prove Debate Moderators Allied with Hillary's Campaign! (exactly what have I been telling you)
Mayor and Others Concealing Secret Plans from small Vermont town people (this is why you don't ever trust the government)

Clinton Chief Podesta Received Intel that Muslim Migration Was Creating "Misery and Mayhem' in Europe (still think you can trust hillary...thing again!)
HEY OBAMA: Your "Beautiful" Religion Is Passing Out Tracts - Definitely NOT "John 3:16" (the religion of peace...if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you)
Hillary Hosts "Volunteer Event in Ohio" The Results Are HILARIOUS! (zero people attended....that's right ZERO...and she is supposed to be leading in the polls...right)
Leaked Emails Show Clinton Wanted To Face Trump In November (and the media took and ran with the orders)
Bill's Travel On Sex Jet Ignored While Trump Is Crucified (Trumps comments were deplorable but why didn't the press go after bill clinton for this...no really why didn't you hear about this)
Geraldo Is SHOCKED At the Trump Video, Does He Remember THIS? (hypocrisy)
ICE Official Tells Trump that ILLEGALS Are Being Fast-Tracked So They Can... (this is unacceptable)

NC State University Installs Surveillance Cameras in Frat Houses to Monitor Student Behavior (American Freedom now means...freedom of govt to control every aspect of its citizens lives)

DEAR "REPORTERS": Look Who's Been Humpin' Russia For $$$...We DARE You To Report It (the people at the top are the most corrupt, unethical I have ever seen...makes Lucifer proud)
LMAO: Video Emerges of Tim Kaine That Has Hillary FREAKING OUT (this is a liberal...who sold his soul to the devil...or maybe he always lacked ethics)
White House Orders MAJOR NETWORK to Keep Email Scandal HUSH-HUSH (#Crooked-obama-Administration)
Serious Evidence Tampering Allegations: FBI Files Reveal Missing Email "Boxes" in Clinton Case (for crying out loud...will someone with a spec of morals/integrity put this woman behind bars)
White House Worked With Hillary Campaign Over Email Scandal (the most corrupt administration ever)
200 Veterans Died in 2015 Waiting for Care (how many refugees did we allow...how many illegal immigrants did we allow...this is absolutely unacceptable...heads need to roll)
Hey Hillary, What Kind of Genius Loses $6 Billion (stupid is as stupid does)
MSNBC: Reporter Says Obama Is Going To Stop HURRICANES By Doing THIS (wow...someone is living in La La land)

Black THUG Kills L.A. Sheriff's Sergeant - He Was Shot In The ... (senseless killing...not by whites)
Black University Students Call For The BLOOD Of Whites...Media Dead Silent (of course they are...)
BLM SUPPORTER WANTS TO "KILL ALL WHITE COPS' (anyone see a pattern here...)
Hillary Campaign Calls For The Murder Of Julian Assange
Guccifer Hack Proves Big Banks Donated to Democrat AFTER being BAILED OUT! (this is how taxpayers get screwed...govt bails out banks...who then donate to democrats)
Michelle O. Supports Hillary Because "We Need Someone Who's Honest and Plays by the Rules" for President (if you believe this it proves that you are not just ignorant...you are stupid)
Believe This? CNN Poll Says Obama Just Secured a 55% Approval Rating (since it's CNN it must be a flat out lie...more likely they forgot the decimal point...5.5%)
Left on Terror: Soft on Jihad Terror...But "Donald Trump is a Domestic Terrorist" (good read on liberals...words kill, but let's ignore violence and terrorism...stupidity on display)
HE'S WITH HER: DOJ Drops Charges Against GUN-RUNNER At 11th Hour BECAUSE... (covering for hillary...the lawlessness of this administration and the democrats)
LEFTIST BS: It's Time To TRASH These 3 LIES For Good
Obama Orders Diversity Measures For These Agencies! (what a pathetic president...and human being)
HILLARY BUSTED SELLING WEAPONS TO ISIS (treason...she needs to be convicted)
Voter Fraud: Denver CBS Station Finds Dead People Voted Repeatedly in Colorado (voter fraud is alive and well and has been for many years...it's what keeps getting democrats elected)
EU Wants Britain Not to Report When Terrorists are Muslims (EU government is as stupid as the US democrats)

Yahoo Invaded Email Privacy At Behest Of Feds (a government out of control...can you say tyranny)
Tim Kaine Loves That The NRA Hates Him (anyone unwilling to uphold the constitution...should be disqualified from holding public office)
State Police raid Indy office in growing voter fraud case (this is how democrats get elected...because they sure can do it on competence)
Obama's Latest Claim: Syrian Civil War Caused By Climate Change (what a fool...this is your brain on drugs...elected by fools)
CNN Busted EDITING Keith Scott Shooting Video (#UnethicalCNN, #CrockedCNN)
The Very LIBERAL NYT Fact Checks Tim Kaine - Hillary HATES This (#hillarysMiniMe)
Student Arrested For Carrying State Flag To Football Game (are you kidding...wake up America)
Communists Mobilize for Hillary Clinton
VIDEO: Campaign Caught Handing Out "Handmade" Signs (with such a dismal turnout and lack of support...it's all but a guarantee that the polls are all LIES...more like 75% (trump) to 25% (hillary))
Oregon Judge Says This About All Guns... (clearly...unfit and unqualified to serve on the bench)
Colbert Late Night - rude, crude, pathetic, vindictive, and spewing vitriol (this is what a small man looks like..simply embarrassing)

Bill Clinton Flips: Now Says Obamacare "Did a World of Good" (this is a LIAR...elected by IDIOTS...twice)
HUGE: Trump Rally Turns AWAY More In One Day Than Hillary Has Had In Attendance Since (pretty easy to see poll numbers are BS...they want it close so no one can claim fraud when she wins)
Democrats Live in a Fantasy Land (democrats...unstable and unfit for society)
DHS Refuses to Investigate Gov't Fast-Tracking of Visas for Hillary's Brother (laws are for little people)
Air Force Announces It Will Mandate Diversity Quotas In Candidate Pools For Key Positions (we never learn...this is how lesser qualified people get positions of power...just look at congress)
Leonardo DiCaprio: Climate change deniers "should not be allowed to hold public office" (people who make a living by pretending, shouldn't be allowed to tell other people what to think)
DISGUSTING: Thugs Crack Teen's SKULL For THIS Facebook Post- Is That A "HATE Crime?" (animals...no value to society)

FBI Allowed 2 Hillary Aides To "Destroy" Their Laptops In Newly Exposed "Side Agreements" (FBI has lost all credibility)
Original Environmentalist Denounces Global Warming Hoax (liberals...get your crayons...and get ready to run to your safe space)
Tim Kaine: Whites Must Become Minority To Atone For Racism (and to think with hillary's health issues, he could be the next president...if the American people don't wake up)
White Alabama Teen Beaten By Black Teens (did you see this on the news...I bet not...#LyingMedia  #CrookedMedia)
New Black Panther Party Leader Tells Fox News This! (racism exists...and its not the whites)
CA Gov. Brown signs law decriminalizing underage prostitution (are you kidding me...maybe someone better watch who attends brown's next party)
LMAO: "I Am Bill Clinton's BLACK Son" Hillary HATES This BLACK Young Man
BREAKING: Hillary Reportedly Wanted To KILL Julian Assange - #Wikileak Tweets (wow)
It's time to impeach FBI Director Comey (he soiled the FBI name...and disgraced himself)
Bombshell: Over 1,000 Illegal Voters in Eight Virginia Localities (it's growing, and this is only for 8 counties)
Confirmed: Trump's Microphone WAS Defective at Presidential Debate (how many believe this was NOT a coincidence, but deliberate)

America Gives Up Control Of Internet (this was an assault on our freedom by obama...and out idiotic congress let it happen...remember this in november...just don't vote democrat)
Journalist says Anyone who Doesn't Support Islam or Muslims - Deserves to be Exterminated like Rats! (the only qualification to be a journalist...is to be a flipping moron)
What's New? Obama Also Secretly Lifted Iranian Sanctions Same Day He Paid Ransom For Hostages (when will he be charged with treason?)
DEAR HILLARY: Remind Us Again How Much BILL Settled a "Sexual Abuse" Lawsuit For ($800,000 and admission of guilt)

Obama Admin Strips "Jerusalem" From Israel (jackwagon...along with those who support this jackwagon)
New Jersey high school demands student undergo psychological evaluation for anti-gun control project (sounds like it is the school teacher and administrators need the psych evaluation)
Hundreds of Noncitizens on Voting Rolls in Swing State of Virginia (more voter fraud...prove democrats wrong...again)
FBI Director James Comey took MILLIONS from a Clinton Foundation Defense Contractor! (and the truth comes out...comey betrayed the FBI and the American people)

Obama May Bypass Congress to Bail-Out Insurance Companies Using Taxpayer Funds (worthless piece of trash...)
Jeh Johnson: DHS Doing What We Can, But "When Have We Ever Had a Clean Electoral Process?" (when people had morals and values...unlike obama, this administration, and yourself)
Obama: "Radical Islamic Terrorism' a "Sort of Manufactured" Issue (tell that to the 9/11 victims...obama will go down as the worst president in history)
Weeks After the 15 Year 9/11 Anniversary, NYC's Mayor Launches Campaign to Silence "Negative Rhetoric" About Islam (is this the actions of a true American...he has no understanding of the constitution)
Cascade Mall Shooter NOT a U.S. Citizen...Voted ILLEGALLY in 3 Elections, Including Presidential Primary (this was by obama's design...we didn't have this problem before he was elected)
Sean Penn: Vote Hillary or "Masturbate Our Way Into Hell" With Trump (classless and irrelevant...this is what democrats/progressives/liberals have to offer)
CNN's Jake Tapper tells Trump supporter the GOP nominee is "surrounded by a philanderers club" (wow...the media is really circling hillary...she must be in trouble...jake has lost all credibility)
USA Today breaks tradition in brutal editorial, warns Trump is "unfit for the presidency" (what a joke...hilary is far more unfit for office...yet not a peep...the elitist club is rattled)
Trump supporter chased down, attacked by crowd protesting fatal police shooting of black man (animals...pure and simple...animals)

BLM Has Solution to Rioting: Remove Police From Communities (this is stupidity at its finest)
University of Michigan Black Lives Matter debate shut down by protesters alleging racism, bigotry (this is what children do when they can't defend their position)
DHS WARNING: Brace for More Terror Attacks (this country is run by complete morons...why is the border not sealed and why do we keep letting refugees in)
Newt Calls Out Director Comey (the man who soiled the FBI name...no one will ever believe him again, #CrookedComey+#CrookedHillary)

DEAR RIOTERS: Black Mom & Lover KILLED Her 6yr. Son...What Time Is Your "PROTEST?' (this is why I can't take BLM serious...they are simply a terrorist organization)
Whitewashed Graffiti Reads: "Kill White People” - No Outrage; Media Silent (#CrookedMedia, #OneSidedMedia, #WrongSidedMedia)
TSA to Run Security at Bus Stops and Train Stations (which part of the constitution gives them this authority...it doesn't)
Ban Knives? FBI Report Says 3 TIMES More People Stabbed Than Shot With Rifles and Shotguns COMBINED (liberals may want to get the crayons and coloring books after reading this)
DEAR DONALD: Here's 22 Things To HAMMER Hillary With During 2nd Debate!
Watch What Happens When WHITE Bro Protests In BLACK Neighborhood
FBI Given Guidance to Exonerate Hillary "At All Costs"? (what most of us already knew...FBI lost all credibility/integrity)

Young Child Cries At Charlotte Council Meeting Over Treatment Of Black People (some people are just not capable of raising a family)
DEAR RIOTERS: Your Boy Was Carrying A STOLEN Gun And His WIFE Filed This Against Him (this is the guy the blacks riot for?)
Leaked FBI Data REVEALS 1000s Of Terrorist Encounters In The USA - The Numbers Are SHOCKING (you still okay with an unsecure border?)
Josh Earnest: Ignore Crime Statistics; U.S. Safer Under Obama Than Previous Four Presidents (ahh...the stupidity of this man...and those who believe him)
Moderator Bias Undermines First Presidential Debate (not a surprise to anyone with an IQ greater than their shoe size)
Social Justice Warriors Go Crazy Defending Safe Spaces at U. Kansas (the future of this country in the hands of people like this...#unfitForSociety, #depressing)
Popular Radio Host Michael Savage Broadcast Shut Down Nationwide as He Discusses Clinton's Health (coordinated effort to stifle free speech...sad day in America...#CorruptMedia)
New Data Manipulation at USGS Spurs Congressional Probe  (government agency caught manipulating data...find ALL those who did and punish them)

INCREDIBLE: FBI Interview with Hillary Clinton About Vince Foster's Death Vanish from National Archives (how convenient)
Clinton's Top Donor Country Holds Sex Slave Auction From ISIS (will it matter to her supports...nope)
DHS Admits Truth in Memo: We Can't Vet Migrants! (so why are we accepting them...and why does obama want more)
Obama's CIA Director Admits to Having Supported the Communist Party! (obama and his ilk are out to destroy AMerica)
Marine Corps Dad Banned from Daughter's High School Graduation had Complained when School Taught her how to Convert to Islam! (public school is utterly corrupt and useless)
Documentary Exposes UNITED NATIONS Program Indoctrinating Children to Kill Jews and Join ISIS (and obama wants to give this group more power)
Mall Shooter NOT Hispanic As Originally Reported (#LyingMedia...caught white washing a muslim shooter)


OBAMA: LIED to America Because He Didn't Want To Admit To Using... (if his mouth is moving...he is lying)
Five BIGGEST Problems Facing Black People - RACE ISN'T One Of Them (BOOM...been saying this for years...the problem is looking back at you in the mirror)
FBI Docs: Cheryl Mills Asked Hillary's IT Guru About This (this is unacceptable...these criminals need to be held accountable...NOW)
Keith Scott BOMBSHELL Revealed By Reporters (it's sad but...once a thug always a thug)
BLM Activist Dominique Alexander Who Seriously Injured Child Gets Out Of Jail After 8 Days (8 days instead of 5 years...what you get with unethical/immoral judges)
BUSTED: The Dead Are Now Voting In Colorado (and the democrats would have you believe there is no voter fraud)

Obama: I've Presided Over "Historic" Lowering of Income Inequality (history will prove obama was the absolute worst president)
Obama Used Fake Name to Communicate With Hillary on Private Server (the most corrupt and unethical president in US history)
Sheriff on Obama: "I Don't Care Where He's From, We Are Looking At A Forged Document, Period!" (obama is a fraud)
Black Protesters Attack Two White Teen Sisters (bet you didn't hear about this from the media)
State Dept reveals FBI uncovered 2,800 MORE New Clinton Emails

University of Georgia SUED by 3 Illegal Immigrants For Denying Them Admission (the title says it all...what part of illegal do you not understand?)
Students forced to change "American BBQ"-themed campus event after school says name is "offensive" (are there any adults in college?)
NOT RACIST: BLM Thugs Attack 2 Teen Sisters Because They Are WHITE
New Liberal Rallying Whine: Mispronouncing Student Names is a MICROAGGRESSION! (if this offends you...then you are unfit for society)
Muslim "Refugee" Sexually Assaults 4-Year Old Boy, Boasts "I'm a Superstar in Afghanistan"! (this is what we are dealing with...pretending it doesn't exist is just stupid)
DHS "Accidentally" Grants Citizenship To 1,800+ Not 858 (is it due to this adminstration's incompetency or is it by design...either way, bunch of dumba**es)
Clintons Stole From And Defaced White House In 2001 (this says everything you need to know about clinton's character...and those who supporter her)

Sweden: Number of 'no-go zones' increased as police lose control over violence (coming to your town soon...thanks to obama, clinton and their ilks)
Teacher: 'No Regrets' for Desecrating American Flag in Classroom (would you want this POS teaching your kids...fire his a**)
So the Clintons Knowingly Stole "Only" $28K Worth of Treasures from WH? (how can people support such a "deplorable" person)
Islam is Part of American History...Just Not the Way Obama Pretends (the whole truth)
Update: Obama's Bio From 1991, 1998, and 2007 All State he was "Born in KENYA" (raises serious questions about his birth place...yet #CrookedMedia ignores this and blames Trump)
Sheriff David Clarke on Charlotte Rioting: "Primitive, Subhuman Behavior" (spot on)
MSNBC Ignores Looters, Complains of Violent Arrests (and then there is the #CrookedMedia fanning the flames of violence...disgusting)
All White People Are F***ing Devils: More Protests Promised After Deadly Charlotte Police Shooting (black cop kills black man and black man screams this...it is clear who the real racist is)
Hillary bad mouths Christians  (and this is news..eveyone knows .satan hates christians)
Bitter Michelle Goes After Melania - Proves, Once Again, She's LOW Class (this couple was not fit to hold public office...let alone the presidency)

UH, OKAY: Black Cop Kills Black Man So Rioters LOOT Walmart And Attack TRUCKERS (you are not adding credibility to your argument with these actions...thugs)
WATCH: Obama Says We Should Give Up THIS For "Security" - Our Founders WARNED Us About Him (obama supporters...does this change your opinion of him...nah, bunch of fools)
CNN Falsely Edits Trump To Make Him Sound Racist- AGAIN (#mediaLies #CNN=CrookedNewsNetwork #CNN=ClintonNewsNetwork)
DEAR CNN: The AP, In 2004, Said Your Boy Obama Was BORN In This Particular Country (#CookedMedia)
Charity: Clinton Foundation Distributed "Watered-Down" AIDS Drugs to Sub-Saharan Africa (hey hillary supporters...do you feel like a fool yet?...nah)
Clinton Haiti Scandal Explodes: Former Senate President makes Bribery Accusation and Leaked Emails Show Corruption! (hillary supporters...feeling pretty stupid yet?...nah)
40% Of The State Department Appointments Hillary Clinton Made As Secretary Were Donors (won't matter to hillary supporers...fools)
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Says Islamic Terrorism Is "Vanishingly" Rare (this is your brain on drugs)
Governor "Moonbeam" Brown Signs Legislation Regulating Cow Flatulence (mental disorder)

Leaked Email: Hillary to Name Huma Abedin Secretary of State (just say NO to hillary for president)
At Least 858 Immigrants "Mistakenly" Granted Citizenship...1 Became a Law Enforcement Officer (this is how obama is NOT protecting/defending this country)
Clinton Foundation Spent 5.7% on Charity; Rest Went to "Salaries" and "Other Expenses" (this shold tell you all you need to know about hillary...alas, her supported won't care)
U.S. Spends $5 TRILLION on War on Terror...Terrorism Increases by 6,500% (that's because we spend it on arming our enemies)
Democrat Mayor Rapes 4-Year-Old, Blames HER as "Willing Participant" (very sick... but par for the course for liberals/progressives/democrats...hillary defended a child rapist and blamed the girl)
Report: George H.W. Bush to Vote for Hillary Clinton (this is why is was a one term president...republicans still have standards)
Obama Blames Conservative Media's "Misinformation" for Close Presidential Election (obama will go down as the biggest failure in American history)
WH Spox: ISIS, ISIL, and Radical Islamists is just a bunch of "narratives" (this guy is a liar...it's gonna be real hot where he ends up)

Hillary Claims This Makes Her Most Qualified To Fight Terrorism... (this is what's wrong with liberals...just because you held an office doesn't mean you are qualified for it...enter obama)
CNN Edits Out Key Word From Clinton Comments on NYC, NJ Explosions (#CorruptMedia)
Somali Bastard Who Knifed 9 In MN Said THIS But "The Media" Still WON'T Call Him A Terrorist (#MediaLies)
Entire Seattle High School Football Team Kneels For National Anthem (if you don't like this country...LEAVE!!!)
Former Meet the Press Host David Gregory Says Hillary's "Deplorables" Comment is Actually Accurate (actually he admits to not being able to back up his claim...what a clown)

Inside the cover up of Hillary's email server (clearly there was criminal activity here...and now we know the FBI and DOJ are in cahoots with them)
Oh the Hypocrisy! Mexico Building Wall to Keep Out Who? (you csn't mke this stuff up...will be interesting to see how the left spins this)
Obama Claims Personal Vendetta Against Trump Supporters (words spoke by a true racist)
Latino Who Criticized Trump For Rape Comment Arrested For...Rape (proving trump was right)
Dem. Rep. Facing 20 Counts of Fraud Charges Seeks Donations for Legal Defense (another classless act in congress)
New Clinton-Blumenthal Leak Exposed and the FBI Knew Before the "Comey Pardon' (confirms my suspicion about comey...he might as well change his name to clinton)
Even MORE Clinton Influence Peddling (how disgraceful...pathetic)

Obama Administration Didn't Report 90% of Crimes Committed by Illegal, Criminal Aliens it Released (if his mouth is moving...you can bet is a lie)
DEAR HILLARY: You And Your Ilk Invented Birtherism - Here's PROOF! (it wasn't hillary...it was a video)
Justice Dept. Killed FBI Attempts to Investigate Clinton Foundation (criminals covering for criminals)
Obama Funded Campaign to "Unseat Israeli PM' Under Investigation (commit a crime then cover your tracks...for those who support and supported such an unethical/immoral man...Shame On You!!!)

Black Radio Host Endorses Trump On-Air And Loses Job Because Of It (ahh...the oh so tolerant left)
Report: Hillary Campaign Stealing from Poorest Donors With Repeated Overcharges (unfit to hold any public office...though I believe most would be okay providing her with an 8x10 jail cell)
Columbia Student Reduced to Tears Seeing Trump Chalking (unprepared for life...meltdown or resort to vilolence if you say something I don't agree with)
Multiple Studies Refute Claims of Rising Seas Due to Global Warming (invest in crayons...the snowflake generation will be running to their safe spaces so they can color in coloring books)
Professors Pen Letter Defending Safe Spaces & Trigger Warnings (college should revisit qualifications for professors...hating America and calling all whites racist is not a qualification)
DHS accused of sitting on damning border report (all liars in this administration...wakeup America)

IDIOT: Anti-Cop, Black Lives Matter "Leader", Gets Robbed...Now He's Singin' A Different TUNE (quick someone get him a box of crayons and a coloring book, then escort him to a safe space)
FULL RETARD: Liberals BELIEVE Trump's Sons Kill Extinct Dinosaurs & Animals - They're PISSED! (the title says it all)
Hillary Clinton's Nonexistent Diagnosis - No Such Condition As "Non Contagious Bacterial Pneumonia" (more lies...expect nothing but lies from her)
State Senator Refuses to Stand During Pledge of Allegiance in "Solidarity" With Colin Kaepernick (I guess her allegiance isn't to her state or this country)

EXPOSED: Media Under Liberal Control (here's a little clip to remind everyone where the media gets its marching orders...the democrats/progressives)
Confirmed! Top ISIS Leader Trained by U.S. Gov't On American Soil (obama's failed foreign policy...or was this all by his design)
Some Occidental College Students Praise Vandals Who Destroyed 9/11 Flag Memorial (higher education is a joke...they produce children unfit for society)
Chelsea Manning to Receive Taxpayer-Funded Gender Transition Surgery After Announcing Hunger Strike (money for sex change for a traitor...but not for our veterans...we are screwed)
Lying enablers and a White House Campaign (The story line has changed from concussion, to speaker's cough, to allergies, to overheating, to pneumonia...what's next - a video caused it)
Scandalous: How Hillary, Bill Secretly Used Arkansas Governor's Mansion to Fund Chelsea's Nanny (is anyone surprised...they are completely unethical and immoral)
"Catholics" for Choice Launches Ad Campaign Saying Women Abort Their Babies "in Good Faith" (isn't this like saying muslims can eat bacon in good faith)
Congress To Host First-Ever Forum In Favor Of This! (antisemitism in congress...wanna bet it is a democrat...racism exists and it is the left leading it...btw - look at those supporting it...code pink?)
Watch MSNBC's Incredibly Defensive Coverage Of Hillary's Episode (the incredible bias in the media...exposed...if you care to accept reality...see the two entries below)
CNN Host: Hillary Victim Of Sexism (the leftist media falling all over themselves to protect hillary - no media bias...haha)
THE MEDIA SUCKS: CBS Cuts Bill's Description Of Hillary's Fainting Fits Because He Said... (bill let the cat out of the bag about hillary...CBS put it back in...pathetic)
Evidence Emerges Of Hillary Brain Damage On 9/11 (pneumonia - I think not...everything coming out of her mouth is a lie)
ISIS Hangs "US Spies" From Hooks, Butchers Them "Like Sheep" To Celebrate Muslim Holiday (but hey...let's not waterboard them)

Omaha School Board Caters to Planned Parenthood Over Parents' Objections (society is deteriorating to the level of animals)
Kerry's State Dept. Funneled More Than $9 Million to His Daughter's Foundation (this type of unethical/immoral behavior is the norm for this administration)
IT Specialist Who Set Up Clinton's Server Ignores Congressional Subpoena (shows he's more afraid of clinton than the law...too many of those who crossed her ended up dead)

CNN Taking Bribes From Government For Bias (THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I HAVE THIS WEBSITE)
DHS Chief Attends Brotherhood-Linked Conference (Department of Homeland in-Security strikes again)

Hillary SLAMS Millions Of Americans - Check Out What She Called YOU (and hillary supporters make up 90%...yeah, that's more that 1/2)
DISGUSTING: Navy Seals FORCED to Abort Hostage Rescue All Because OBAMA Was... (what a sorry excuse for a human being...let alone a president)

Blumenthal Had ABOVE Top Secret Docs Hours After They Appeared (wow...time to clean house)
Clinton Emails Had Multiple Classified Markings Contrary To What Hillary Said (how stupid do you have to be to believe anything coming out of her mouth)
4-Star General Says, "Generals Who DISAGREE With Obama Are Asked To... (obama is systematically destroying this country from within...he is a traitor and should be treated as such)
DISGUSTING: The REAL Reason Media Remained SILENT About A Little Girl's Injuries (I'll bet that your media didn't tell you about this)
71yr. Old WHITE Man Is Out Watering His Lawn, Watch What BLACK Thug Does (thugs...more like unfit human beings)
Illegal alien charged in 'chilling' slaying (anyone coming across the border illegally is a criminal...and they will continue to behave that way once here)
New Report: The Clinton Foundation Misled the IRS on Tax Exemptions from the Start! (don't expect justice...laws are for little people...not the elite)
Liberal University says "Welcome White Week" is Offensive but "Welcome Black Week" is Not! (our education system is producing morons...)
Obama Admin. May Have Ultimately Paid As Much as $33.6 BILLION to Iran (why doesn't congress do its job and convict him of treason)
WikiLeaks Julian Assange Just PROVED that Hillary Clinton LIED to the FBI! (she's a liar and the FBI is corrupt)
Disgrace: Clearly the FBI Intended to Let Hillary Get Away With Breaking National Security Laws (a must read...comey is a disgrace and has soiled the FBI name)

New York Democrat Attorney General Letting the Clinton Foundation Break the Law on Foreign Donors! (corrupt government officials supporting corrupt hillary)
BUSTED: Check Out What Hillary Was WEARING During Last PM's Presidential Forum? (cheating during a presidential forum...how in character for hillary)
McCain's views on immigration depend on the language being used (this doesn't say much about the people who pushed him to victory in the primaries)
Goldman Sachs Bars Senior Employees from Donating to Trump, But Allows Clinton Contributions (says it all...and to think democrats have you believing the republicans are in bed with wall street)
Muslim Doctor Places IED Explosives Under Ground to Slaughter Americans, then Gets Shot After Trying to Murder Police  (what the media won't tell you)
Inside Bill Clinton's nearly $18 million dollar job as WHAT? (corruption...pay to play...you would expect a former president to have more integrity...not with this family)
Team Clinton Destroyed Evidence Under Subpoena? (no kidding...)
Calls for Obstruction of Justice Investigation in Clinton Emails (nothing will come of this...laws don't apply to the elites)
Black voters sue over Alabama's method of electing judges (this is racist...justice is supposed to be colorblind)
REPORT: The ZIKA Panic Is A Bunch Of BULLZIKA...Follow The MONEY (I had always wondered about the "virus du jour" that seems to pop up every year...remember the bird flu)

Obama Regime Confirms U.S. Transferred An Additional 1.3 Billion in Cash to Iran (treasonous)
Clinton Supporters Know NOTHING About Her (this is very difficult to watch)
Emails Suggest Hillary Conspired with Democrat to Manipulate Benghazi Hearing (this is why nobody is ever held accountable...the politicians are as crooked as hillary)
The U.S. Voting System is the DIRTIEST in the World…How we Can FIX It (bring back paper ballots with fingerprinting)
MSNBC's Joy Reid and Rolling Stone's Palast Accuse Republicans of Stealing Elections (honestly...what qualifies for a journalist these days is pathetic)

Border Patrol Agent: 80 Percent of Those Caught at Border Set Free in U.S. (treasonous...time for an obama conviction)
Media Caught in Blatant Lie to Cover For Hillary's Coughing Fits (#mediaLies)
Hillary's "Debt-Free" College Plan is More Than Impossible...It's Insane! (as is she)
State Dept. has no Idea if Hillary Clinton received Security Training (incompetent or just plain lying)
Liberal newspaper admits Hannity's illegal alien inmate stats cited in Austin are true
Doesn't Anyone Remember Hillary Voting to Build a Wall? Or Making Racist Comments About Mexicans? (her supporters don't care...they have no moral compass)

Clinton's Excuses Fall Outside the Realm of Plausible Deniability (this is what a LIAR looks like)
US Media Coverup of ISIS Sex Slave Prisons: Christian Girls Fed from Dog Bowls, Raped, Dismembered and Sent in Bags to Parents (disgusting)
Even More Clinton Classified Devices Lost
FBI Data Dump Shows Clinton is Dishonest, Dumb OR All of the Above
Philippines' President calls Obama a Son of a Whore (r-e-s-p-e-c-t...NOT...ha ha)
Reuters Caught Red Handed With Bias Against Trump (#medialies, #canttrustmedia)

College Republican Posters Disrupting "Safe Space," But the BLM Posters Aren't? (those who demand tolerance on the right aren't so tolerant...now there's a surprise)
Confirmed by FBI: Hillary server was breached (unfit for office).
Political "Sugar-Daddy" Says Trump's HUGE Popular Vote Won't Matter...Because Results Are RIGGED (elections have been rigged for awhile now...you don't honestly think you vote matters)
CNN Anchor Asks for a "Fact Check" on Guest's Stunning Clinton Claim, Gets a Quick Answer (the media doesn't even pretend to be objective)
Hillary gave Donor Access in Return for Free Ride on Private Jet for Bill, FBI: Hillary Doesn't Know what "Classified" Means (come on people...she is unfit to hold any government position)
Obama Dissed at G20: Denied Red Carpet Arrival; Delegation Shouted At, Harassed (obama (and as a result the US)...not well respected around the world)

School District May Drop Valedictorian Title So More Students Can Be "Recognized" at Graduation (the snowflake generation will be unable to function in society)
Louisianans find they can't depend on FEMA, Red Cross (didn't the left/media tell us obama didn't visit because fema was working so well?...#leftLies, #mediaLIES)
WATCH! Obamacare Architect: Fix It by Punishing People More (the architects of obamacare prove that it was ALL lies...stupid sheep)
College President Makes This RIDICULOUS Statement Defending "Safe Spaces" (where do they find these nut jobs...and why would they think they are competent to teach our children)
DAIN BRAMAGE: Hillary's OWN Words To The FBI About Her Health Should FREAK You Out ("I can not recall" is standard for...I did but I won't ever admit it...she is unfit to be president)

Will They Ever Learn? Liberal Media Bias Rings Out This Campaign Season (#worthlessmedia)
Not Shocking: Obama Lied, Iran Deal Included Secret Provisions Allowing for Bomb Sooner than Reported! (liars...time to convict on treason and carry out swift justice)
ISIS Names Their "Enemy Number ONE' And WHY They Chose This Person (do you need any more proof that ISIS is evil)
ANIMALS: Muslims VICIOUSLY Attack Couple Over A Pizza?! (this cancer must be eliminated)
Report: Bill Clinton Used Taxpayer Money for Foundation, Private Email Server (this isn't criminal...does this tick you off)

BLM Protester Found Guilty Of Assault On St. Louis Police Chief (nothing but a terrorist organization)
WH Claims Obama Can Ratify U.N. Climate Treaty Because It's an "Executive Agreement" (impeachment is LONG overdue)
George Washington University Hires Convicted Al Qaeda Terrorist as Security Expert! (yeah...what could go wrong...idiots running the university)
Hillary: Jobs are Created by Taxing Businesses at Higher Rates (you can't fix stupid)
Mexico Facilitating Invasion of US (such dishonesty in governments)
DHS Eyes Special Declaration To Take Charge Of Elections (this is the behavior of a tyrannical government)
Facebook Whistleblower Confirms Massive Liberal Bias (you are very naive if you didn't know this)
Professors Ban Students From Debating Climate Change in University of Colorado Course (can't defend your argument...so use your power and ban discussion...real mature)
BUSTED! Latest Democrat Hack REVEALS Dem Plan To MANIPULATE BLM Activists! (trust me...I'm a democrat and I'm here to help you...Ha Ha Ha...)

Each Job Created Under Obama Presidency Cost a Staggering $2,720,677 PER JOB (now that's government efficiency)
Hillary's Aide Had At Least 45 Emails She'd Forwarded to Personal Accounts Redacted by State Dept. (contained redacted information that even congress can see...must be classified)
State Dept. Identifies E-mails Hillary Withheld as Benghazi-Related (wait...you mean she lied...it wasn't all about yoga classes)
Hillary Clinton Continued E-mailing Classified Info -- After Leaving State Dept.
Federal Judge Orders State Dept. to Produce Employment Records for Huma Abedin (hillary's world is imploding...but it will make no difference to the flipping morons who support her)
Black THUGS Murder 5yr. Old White Girl - No Word Yet From Colin Kaepernick

Hillary Clinton Endorsed by KKK Grand Dragon, Media SILENT
EPA's "Ground-Breaking" New Employee Questionnaire on Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity (government waste...by a politicized agency)
Hillary Says Corporations and Businesses Don't Create Jobs (honestly...how can anyone in their right mind think she is qualified to be president)
Hawaii School District Violated Law Attempting to Force Homeschoolers to Register Kids in Public School

Election Databases Attacked By Foreign Hackers! (I smell a rat...the government offered to scan for vulnerabilities...right, more like plant a trojan horse)
HuffPo Censors Hillary Health Story, Bans Journalist (media bias...#mediaworthless)
Clinton Foundation Donor with Ties to (terrorist group) Hezbollah Denied Entry Into U.S. (he must believe she can be bought)
Clinton Attacks Trump's because David Duke endorsed him -- But Clinton Takes $20,000 From KKK (did your unethical media report that?)
New Mexico Educators Admit: Students Dissecting Aborted Baby Brains (highlights how low society has sunk)
Women Push for Gender Equality on GoTopless Day (just looking for attention...how sad)
Email: Clinton Foundation Asked For Special State Dept Favors & Got Them (corruption)
Judges Give De Facto Amnesty To Criminal Illegals
Grandma Dies After Being BEATEN And BURNED By Black Thugs
BLACK Thug Stabs To Death Two White NUNS!

Refugees Getting 4X The Benefits Of Americans (what do you expect after 8 years of someone who hates this country)
Google andFacebook Censorship Reaches New High (#googlefail, #facebookfail #googlebias, #facebookbias #googlecantbetrusted #facebookcantbetrusted)
Google Caught Censoring Hillary Stories...AGAIN! (#googlefail, #googlebias, #googlecantbetrusted)
Diversity Programs Actually Harm Women And Minorities (hey, let's emphasize our differences...yeah, that will work...I want that striped, polka dot, camo outfit)
Barack Hussein Obama lies (very sad that he was elected even once...let alone twice)

Police Officer Prays with Flood Victims, Red Cross tells Him to Stop! (wait...what!)
Clinton's State Dept. Schedule Won't Be Released Until After Election Day (please for the sake of your kids and grandchildren...don't support this criminal)
49ers QB Colin Kaepernick Refuses to Stand for National Anthem During Pre-Game, Reveals Why (ungrateful...my advice to him...leave)
You Won't Believe How Many Guns Have Been "Lost" by the Pentagon in the Middle East (not lost...they know exactly where they went)
DR. DREW Questions Hillary's SKETCHY Health...Guess What Just Happened To Dr. Drew? (step out of line and this is what happens to you)
Clinton Foundation Shutdown? Here's The Truth (corruption at its finest...and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree)
Even Congress Can't See Highly Classified Info. Sent from Hillary's Non-Secure Server (who uses this to delete emails about yoga classes...oh, and who believes that hillary has ever done yoga)

Harry Reid Calls Mother of Benghazi Victim "Crazy" for being Anti-Clinton! (will the media excoriate him like they did trump with khan...don't hold your breath)
This Democrat Blatantly Break Voting Laws; "Whatever You Can Get Away With, Just Do It" (we are constantly told by liberals/progressives that voter fraud doesn't exist...still believe them?)
"Stop! He's Not White!': Reporter Says His Race Saved Him During Attack at Black Lives Matter Protest (they have started a war)

Obama Admin Refuses Tell Congress How It Paid Iran $1.3 Billion In Taxpayer Funds (should never have been elected...he hates this country)
School District: Don't Tell Parents If Transgender Males Bunk With Daughters On Field Trips (home school! home school! home school!)
Latest Scientific Research Says Homosexuals are Not "Born that Way" and Transgenderism is "Not Supported" by Science! (no kidding...)
Obama Back from Vacation Totally BLOWS OFF Marine Saluting Him (what a jackwagon...)
FBI files linking Hillary to the "suicide" of Vince Foster MISSING from National Archives (how convenient...wake up america)
Here's The Proof: Clinton State Dept. Helped Donor "Felon" Rip-Off Taxpayers For $10 Million! (more pay for play)

U.S. citizens warned not to travel to Iran over fears of being detained: after admission Obama administration paid $400m "ransom'' to free American prisoners (the presidency is so above obama's pay grade)
RIGGED: Trump BEATS Hillary In Poll - What Monmouth Did To The Results CONFIRMS Our Suspicions (caught red handed manipulating poll data in favor of hillary)
Group of Men Shouting "Black Lives Matter" Brutally Attack White Victims, Beating One Unconscious (bet you won't see this being reported by the media)
Bahrain's Prince Got Audience With Sec. of State Clinton After Giving $32M to Clinton Foundation (crooked hillary...pay for play...unfit as a human being)
TSA Actually INVITED Muslim Leaders to See the Screening Processes at Airports (this is insane...the person who allowed this needs to be fired)
Emails Show Huma Abedin Left Classified Material Unsecured in Front Seat of Car (these people are unfit for holding government jobs)
FBI Recovers Nearly 15,000 New Clinton Emails. Will There Be an October Surprise?
Google BURIES 'Clinton Body Count' Searches - LUCKILY We Have Them HERE (no bias here...move along)

School Sends Home Permission Slip for Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance! Updated with Response from the Leon County School District! (what 8 years of obama got us)
It Turns Out Khan Is A PERVERT...Email Traced to SICK Site & Nasty Address (the kid may have died fighting for this country but the dad is another story)
Justice Dept. Declares it "Unconstitutional" to Hold People in Jail, if They Can't Afford Bail (really?)
Leaked Email: Barely Literate Democratic Mayor Blasts Critics as "Racists" (wow - how dumb are the ones who voted for him)
Another College Allowing Men to Play on Women's Sports Teams (I think it is evident that no education is going on at this college)
Trump Motorcade Involved In Liberal Skirmish (read how the media covered it)
"F*** Them Cops': New York Fire Captain's "Double Life' Exposed (more new york values?)
NY POST: Huma Worked at RADICAL Muslim journal for 10 YEARS (and this is just coming out now)

Muslim Exposes Himself, Urinates In Women's Bathroom Sink (sub-human)
Hillary Boards Jet For 20 Mile Flight (the tree huggers are running to their safe space...they will still vote for her though)
Liberal Pundit Doesn't Think Violence Against Whites Should be Called a "Hate Crime" (she also thinks 2+2=22)
Muslim Kills 51 During WEDDING - The AGE Of The Killer Will BLOW Your Mind (approx 12 years old)
Did TRUMP Do The RIGHT Thing Helping Flood Victims? (interesting read...#media-lies)
Cop Shot 7 Times By MUSLIM...I Wonder If "The Media" Will Report THIS? (why isn't this being blasted on all networks...#media-lies)

Racist Hate Attack Ignored By Mainstream Media (if it doesn't fit their narrative...they don't report it)
Teen Murders 85-Year-Old Korean War Vet, Sets Him on Fire (good thing everyone doesn't act like blm otherwise we would have far more riots)
Somalia Refugees Sue Pennsylvania District (ungrateful SOBs...send them back)
Obama's Excuse For NOT Going To Louisiana Will Make You SHOUT, "EFF OFF!' (what complete BS...apparently he can...he is golfing)
TRUMP & FRANKLIN GRAHAM HELP LOUISIANANS: While Obama PLAYS With His Putter & WASHES His Balls (history will show obama was the worst president)

Man Defends Himself Against Gator, Goes To Jail (this is insane...is everyone in the government an idiot)
New Obama Reg.: 9,200 Federally Operated Facilities Must Adopt Transgender Bathroom Policy; White House Exempt (isn't this what kings do...make laws for everyone but exempt themselves)
No Big Surprise: Hillary and Top Aides Skipped Out on Mandatory Ethics Training (utterly corrupt...laws are for little people)
U.S. Paid $150 MILLION in Taxpayer Money for LUXURY HOUSING in Afghanistan
37K Watch TRUMP in Wisconsin...Hillary CAN'T Fill A Damn High School Gym (polls telling you she is ahead are BS...meant to mislead you so you won't be surprised when she wins through fraud)
State Dept Finally Admits Release Of Prisoners Was Contingent On $400M To Iran After Months Of Lying (I told you this administration is a bunch of LIARS...and they admit it)
Obama Let 200 Islamic State Fighters Go Scot-Free (if we had honorable people in congress...obama would have been tried and convicted of treason long ago)
UN Security Council Declines To Label Hezbollah A Terrorist Organization (worthless organization mostly made up of criminals)

New Evidence that the Obama Administration LIED about the Iranian Ransom! (8 years of lies and there are still fools who want to continue this by supporting hillary)
Sanders Avoided Disclosing Personal Finances as a Presidential Contender...Here's How (do bernie's supports feel used?)
Democrat VP Nominee: White People Should Embrace White Guilt because of Alleged Racism and Past Oppression! (does anyone else feel like Dumb and Dumber are the ones running)
$15.00 Minimum Wage Would Put 7-9 Million People Out Of Work
More Revealing Details on the Illegal "Dreamer' Hired By Hillary's Campaign

Biden Says Trump Can't Be Trusted With Nuclear Codes - As He Points Out Agent With Codes (stupid is as stupid does)
Soros Paid Al Gore 30 Million To Push Global Warming Fears In US (another democrat that is easily bought)
New York Fire Department Ordered to Remove U.S. Flags From Trucks (simply un-American...cruz was right about new york)
Federal Prosecutors Reject Navy Sailor's "Clinton Defense" in Classified-Sub Photos Case (proof laws don't apply to the politicians/elite)
Another rapist slapped on the wrist by liberal judge (the justice system needs a massive house cleaning)
How Does an Islamist Get Elected to State Legislature? (these are people wanting to destroy America)
Another Clinton Detractor Found Dead (another hit was ordered)
CNN Caught Selectively Editing the Message to Protesters From the Sister of Milwaukee Police Shooting Victim (this is what a media with no integrity look like...bunch of LIARS)

Global Warming Hoax Busted...128K Years Ago
State Department Wants to Review FBI's Notes on Clinton Before They Go to Congress (I ask you for what purpose is this request...perhaps they want to make changes)
House Oversight Committee Demonstrates How Hillary Lied to Congress (I know this will make no difference to her supporters)
Obama Orders Boots on the Ground in Libya Without Congressional Declaration of War (why do we have laws?)
Germany Now has More than 1,000 Child Marriages! (this is the result of opening your borders to islamic extremists)
Hillary recruits young illegal aliens to register voters (isn't this aiding and abetting a criminal)

Wikileaks Ties Hillary To Pedophile Sex Trafficker (will it matter to her supporters?)
Blockbuster Report shows Pentagon Warning in 2012 that Obama Policies would Lead to Rise of ISIS!
Hezbollah Leader Says Trump's Claim That Obama "Founded" Islamic State "Based on Facts' (coming straight from the terrorists mouths...trump was right)

HYPOCRISY: Hillary Clinton's Property has Massive 10-Foot-High Border Wall (yet she -- and her supporters -- don't want a wall between US and Mexico)
Hillary Clinton's Favorite Charity Herself, Tax Returns Show (you know what would happen if you or I tried this)
LMAO: Nearly 100% Of Hillary's "CHARITABLE Donations' Went To This SHADY "Non-Profit" (if "we the people" tried this...we would be behind bars)

Global Warming Hoax Debunked...AGAIN
State Department Won't Say if Person Recommended By Clinton Foundation Was Hired (I'll take that to mean yes)
Twitter CEO Secretly Censored Mean Comments Directed At Obama (capitalist company doesn't believe in free speech...)
Newly Released Emails Reveal Billionaire Donor George Soros Sent Clinton Foreign Policy Advice
State Dept. Spokesperson: Hillary's Ethics Pledge Didn't Extend to Her Aides -- So, They Could Do Her Dirty Work (hillary has zero ethics...to her supporters -- please educate yourself)
TPP IS the New World Order (are you freaking kidding me)
Border Patrol Is Teaching Illegals How To Sneak Into The U.S. - REALLY (this is nuts...our government is against us)
Marine Court-Martialed For BIBLE Verse...Muslim Terrorist Did Similar Thing And No BIG Deal (if you don't think we are being destroyed by traitors from within...your shoe size has a higher IQ than you)

FOUR MURDERS IN THREE WEEKS Directly Linked to Clintons, DNC (need I say more)
Colleges Building Diversity by Lowering Standards? (education has been hijacked)
Blacks Beat WHITE Grandmother, Set Her On FIRE, Media Pretty Much SILENT (absolutely useless and corrupt media)
Hackers Show Just How Easy it is To Hack the Vote (no kidding)
Busted! ISIS Intelligence Reports Manipulated to Present "Unduly Positive Outlook" (corruption is rampant in this administration)
Newly Released E-mails Show Clinton Donors Rewarded with "Favors" (see below)
Justice Dept. Halts Investigation into Clinton Foundation Cronyism/Corruption (see above)
The Next Perverse Movement being born in New Mexico (this is progressive-ism...how sickening)
Democrat Strickland cheered timing of Scalia's death as audience clapped (this is what a person lacking character look like)
Report: FBI Wanted an Investigation Into the Clinton Foundation...But the Justice Department Declined (this is what a corrupt government looks like)
MALIA LOVES GANJA: Obama's KID Videoed Blazin' A Doobie Just Like Daddy!
TAKE A WILD GUESS: Who are America's BEST Citizens - Concealed Carry Peeps Or Others?
DEAR CNN: Hillary Goes on 9News, Gets BUSTED Telling MASSIVE Lie (where's the media?)
Trump Supporter Beaten With A Crowbar Over T-shirt (where's the media outrage)

New Emails Show Mass Collusion On Clinton's Behalf (corruption at its finest)
Democrats DISMISS Voter Fraud Possibilities...THIS Video Proves IT "IS" REAL! (they dismiss it only because it helps them)
School District to Teachers: Don't Refer to Students as "Boys and Girls"...Use These Terms Instead (stupidity on display...I would be embarrassed to live in NC)
This College Under Fire For Offering Courses for "Blacks Only" (segregation is back but now its the blacks who want it)
Muslim Olympic Boxer Arrested for Attempted Rape of Two Women (women are 2nd class citizens to muslims)
Assange DECLARES Murdered DNC Staffer Was Wikileaks' INFORMANT (translation...the democrats had him killed)
Howard "MUSLIM SCHOLAR" Dean Says "Iran Isn't Islamic" (democrats...just plain stupid)

Sanders' Latest Purchase Has His Supporters ENRAGED (sanders supporters have been duped...let that be a lesson...educate yourselves next time)
John Kasich Says McCain Should Get to Keep Senate Seat Without Voter Approval (this guy short-circuited like hillary...nah he was always a RINO...he needs to read up on the constitution)
Kiss Aetna Healthcare Goodbye Thanks to Obamacare (expect the taxpayer to take it on the chin)
'Mediagate,' the scandal you won't hear about on cable news (#mediaCantBeTrusted)
Movement Gaining Ground in U.S. to Grant TREES Personhood Status (people are really screwed up)
Contrary New Report, Economy Did NOT Add 255,000 Jobs Last Month…Here's Why (you mean the governmen is lying to us...oh noooo)
Muslim Terrorists Attack Hospital Kill 67, Wound 92 More! (not so much the religion of peace)
Europeans Abolished Slavery; Africans/Muslims Still Practice It (hmm...)
FEDS SAY: Gadsen Flag Offensive… Here's The REAL Reason They Hate It (the people involved in this decision need to be fired for incompetency)

Iran Exposes Obama's Lies: Airs Footage of $400 Million "Ransom" for Hostages (proof obama and this administration should never be trusted)
Iran Executed Nuclear Spy Outed By Clinton Emails (besides the obvious...this will hurt further recruitment if hillary becomes president)
Two More of Hillary's Enemies "Mysteriously' Found Dead (criminal...contains long list of mysterious deaths in clintons path)

Black Lives Matter Offended By Picture Of Dogs (who they hell cares)
Man Who Filed Lawsuit Against the DNC over Clinton Fraud, Found Dead! (how convenient...hillary ant the democrats are attempty to destroy this country)
Obama and the U.N. Collude to "Beef Up" and Nationalize America's Police Departments (hitler's germany all over again...read up and inform yourself)

Obama Bypassing Congress To Seek U.N. Resolution To End Nuclear Testing (treasonous)
Democrat Congresswoman Gets Evicted from D.C. Apartment for Not Paying Rent! (no kidding)
Global Warming: This Country is Experiencing Record COLD Temperatures (global warming is a hoax...follow the money)
Father of Benghazi Hero: Hillary Clinton "Stood In Front of My Son's Flag Draped Casket and Lied" (won't  matter to democrats)
New Polls Are Being Rigged for Hillary Up to 9 Points (enough said)
Hillary Gets Slammed For Mock Attempt To Reach Out To GOP Voters (facts don't matter...morons will vote for her anyways)

MUSLIM Olympic Boxer BUSTED For Disgusting Crime, Is THAT "News Worthy?' (the religion of peace...wakeup morons)
Former AG Holder Placed Obama and DNC Donor in Charge of DOJ Investigation of IRS Targeting Scandal (corrupt to the core)

Dem. Attorneys General Sign "Secrecy Agreement" to Hide Details of Climate-Change Dissenters Investigation (I guess they have something to hide)
Freed Hostage Saeed Abedini Said Plane Held Back on Tarmac for HOURS Until Other Plane Arrived ($400 million was ransom...there is zero moral character and zero integrity in this administration)

Man Proves DNC Voter Fraud in "All Hillary" Counties (but we are told there is NO voter fraud)
UN Report: How Taxing Red Meat Will Save the Planet (how about we tax stupidity...)
Major Muslim Leader Makes This Message To All Christians: "If You Refuse To Convert To Islam, Then The Only Thing Between You And Us Is The Sword." (religion of peace...HA HA HA)
Muslim Religious Leader Tells British Boys they CAN Take SEX SLAVES (wow...and this from a MODERATE muslim mosque)
Undercover Video Exposes How Easy it is to get a Ballot without an I.D. (our elections are a scam...they have been for quite awhile...your vote means nothing)
Socialism In Action: $65K Cake To Honor Dead Man While Citizens Starve (this is what happens when you put the trust in government over the people...socialism/communism always fails)
Democratic Strategist BREAKS With "The Media" And BLASTS The Shiitake Out Of "RIGGED SYSTEM" (polls are used to influence the uninformed and ignorant...never believe them)
More Pay-to-Play Exposed as Clinton Foundation Takes ANOTHER Blow (this is why her daughter received a $300K job right out of college...they know her mother can be bought)

NBC Quietly Scrubs Andrea Mitchell's Controversial Characterization of Bill Clinton Accuser: Report (quick cya...we have to mislead the public)
Khizr Khan: Constitution "Must Always Be Subordinated to the Sharia" (and the rest of the story...)
DHS Publishes Guide for Illegals on "Sensitive Locations" Where Immigration Laws Aren't Enforced (aiding an abetting...laws, what good are they if they are not followed)
The ATF Is ILLEGALLY Doing This With Your PERSONAL Info (does anyone else believe that we live under a tyrannical government))
HISTORY FAIL: Leftists Keep Trying Socialism… No Matter How Much It Sucks (the very definition of stupidity)

Guess How MUCH Time Networks Gave KHAN Vs. Benghazi Widow (media bias on full display)
WikiLeaks: Hillary Armed Terrorists and made Money from ISIS Supporters
New FBI Docs Prove IRS Buried Tea Party 501(C)(4) Applications Till AFTER Obama Reelected (IRS employees should be fired and jailed)
Cop Who Was Accused of Racism by "Django" Actress Faces $10K Fine for Leaking Recording to Clear His Name (he's fined for exposing the facts...hmmm)
Proof that Hillary Clinton Shipped Weapons to Terroristsi...But, Facts Don't Matter (treasonous...but she won't be held accountable...that's only for us little people)

Clinton Campaign Doubles Down On Email Lie (have they no shame...I guess not)
The Obama Recovery Is the Worst Since World War II (yet the media praises the obama recovery....lying media)
Harry Reid Broke the Law...and No One Cares (apparently, politicians are exempt from our laws)
College Student Suspended, Given Diversity Training for Suggesting All Lives Matter (this BS has got to stop...NOW)
WaPo Fact-Checks Clinton's "Truthful" Claim in Fox Interview, Comes to Four Pinocchio Conclusion (it means she lied)
After School "Satan Club' for Elementary School Kids? (how sickening...what is wrong with people)
U.S. Navy to Name Ship After This Homosexual Child Molester (this is ludicrous...and just plain wrong)

EXCLUSIVE - NSA Whistleblower: Agency Has All of Clinton's Deleted Emails (looks like the FBI has egg on its face...of course those paying attention already knew that)
Business Informed the Word "Christian" is an Offensive Word...Had Ad Rejected! (this iswhat we have devolved to...how sad)

The IRS Scandal Gets Worse - The FBI Knew about the Targeting of Conservatives and Did NOTHING (seems like every government agency is corrupt and/or incompetent)
As a Teen Cashier Seeing Food Stamp Use, I Changed My Mind About the Democrat Party (when a democrat sees reality)
VA Spends $20 Million on Art...Meanwhile Vets Die Awaiting Medical Care (clearly, whoever made this decision is not qualified to make it)
Venezuela About to Enslave its Citizens: Forced Labor Law (to all the bernie supporters...this is where you are heading...please educate yourself about socialism)
Racist Sign Spotted at Democratic Convention (hypocrits...you need an ID to get into the DNC but NOT to vote in a presidential election...hmm).
Voter ID Laws Struck Down In NC (see above)

WATCH: Check Out What CNN Got BUSTED Doing After Hillary's Speech (useless media)
Twitter Manipulating Search To Stymy Donald Trump (another useless social media outlet)
VIDEO: Chaos At DNC That Mainstream Media Refuses To Show (the media is useless)
Leaked Emails Show Democrats Cheering Job Losses and Economic Downturn! (wow...)
Hey Loretta Lynch, Did You Not Notice the DNC's Clear Violation of Federal Law or Were You Just Ignoring Lawlessness? (apparently, some get to pick and choose which laws to follow)
Black Thugs BEAT Ice Cream Truck Driver with BATS, Media Is Hiding It Because... (if obama had sons...)

New DEA Report Sides with Trump: Says Mexicans are Bringing Drugs into the USA! (hmm...I guess trump was right)
DNC Goons CHEER When Chick Touts Her ABORTION (cheering about having an abortion and killing a child is just wrong...satan is smiling)
Christian Prayer Booed at the DNC...AGAIN (satan is dancing in the streets)
Jesse Jackson, Hillary's character witness, blames 'assault weapons' for dead cops (sometimes its just not possible to fix stupid)
Tucker Carlson Says Nancy Pelosi's Remarks on "White Males" Show Dems Have "Pulled the Mask Off" (we now see who the real racists are)
Firearm killings of police up 78% this year; ambush killings up 300% (one of obama's accomplishments)
#DemExit! Hundreds Walk Out Of Dem Convention But Media Won't Show What's Left!
Bernie Caught on Hot Mic Proves He Was Never a "Real" Candidate (democrat admitting the elections are rigged)
Black Vietnam Veteran Shot for Supporting Donald Trump! (the democrats/liberals/progressives don't quite get tolerance)
WOW: Dems Are DESPERATE to Fill Seats at the DNC, So LOOK How They're Doing It! (the dnc has to buy their support)

Alicia Keys: U.S. "Cannot Claim to Be the Home of the Brave" Until Gun Control is Passed (absolutely disgusting...what a despicable, ungrateful, clearly clueless person)
DEAR FRENCH JUDGES: Your Pussification RELEASED A Terrorist Who Slit A Priest's Throat During Mass (too bad judges can;t be held liable for their, obviously ideological, decisions)
"F-CK TRUMP, F-CK YOU N*GGER": Black Lives Matter THREATEN To Kill Trump Over THIS! (and obama says BLM is not a terrorist group)
WATCH: Black Teen Endorses Trump- Immediately Gets Labeled "N*GGER" By Liberals (and yet it is the republicans who get labeled as racist...bizarro world)

DNC: Pledge of Allegiance Had To Be Put On Teleprompter (how sad)
The DNC is Fighting to Hide Donors List for $60 Million Hillary Coronation (have something to hide, do we)
Muslim Terrorists DECAPITATE Priest During Mass...Others Wounded
Democrat Leader Loses Job after being Unmasked as Corrupt Liar… Immediately Hired by Hillary Clinton (the headline says it all)
Germany Reeling after 4th Muslim Attack in Less than a Week! (this is happening so often that people are no longer paying attention...unfortunately, sticking your head in the sand doesn't solve the problem)
Detailed List of Findings in Wikileaks DNC Document Dump Pre-Convention (are democrats offended by the DNC behavior?...I doubt it, they have no morals/integrity)
DNC Violates Federal Law Section 8 U.S. Code 1324 During Convention...TWICE!
Politico Acknowledges "Mistake" After Reporter's Revealing Email to DNC Is Leaked (you mean it was a mistake to get caught...this isn't a one time event...never trust the media)
"I DO NOT FEEL SAFE!": Newly Released Emails Show Liberal Students Pressured School to Cancel Ben Shapiro Event (what the liberal student meant to say was 'I AM IMMATURE, UNSTABLE AND I NEED PSYCHIATRIC HELP")

GQ Writer Gives Apology After Wishing Mother Of Benghazi Victim Would Be "Beat To Death" (this about sums up the character of people in the media)
DEAR LATINOS: Hacked Emails REVEAL Democrats Think You're A JOKE (and they have the gall to call republicans racist)
Obama Jokes During Statement on Munich Terror Attack (classless...unfit to be President)
ANOTHER MUSLIM TERRORIST ATTACK IN GERMANY: Pregnant Woman HACKED To Death With MACHETE, Others Injured (just another act by the religion of peace)
WATCH: Muslim POS Repeatedly SHOUTS This Phrase At Mourners During #Munich Memorial (again, the religion of peace)

#CrookedHillary: Guess Who Hillary's PAYING To Support Her Online (she pays youth to defend her online...ha ha)
John Kerry: Air Conditioners Are as Life Threatening as ISIS (wow...shouldn't he be in an insane asylum as opposed to secretary of state?)
Civilization Jihad on Full Display at Vernon Hills Illinois High School (look what public schools are teaching your kids)

Obama Celebrates MUSLIM Holiday For 1st Time At The WH (oh but he is a Christian...fools)
Hillary Says, "Public Has NO Right To Know Who's FUNDING DNC Convention' (and you fools continue to support her...stupidity at its finest)
Univ. Offered "Safe Space" During RNC...Coloring Books and Candy to Comfort the Fragile (these people are not fit for society)
Obama: The World Has Never Been Less Violent, Healthier, Better Educated, More Tolerant (the American people must be really stupid to elect this guy...twice)

James Carville Says 80% Of Democrats Are Politically Clueless (I think he is low-balling it)
Mike Brown's Mom Robs & BEATS Her Mother-In-Law, Still SLATED To Speak at DNC (this is representative of the democratic party)
Howard Dean to TheBlaze: Hillary Never Lied About Her Emails (yet another democratic operative off his meds)
Gay Rights Lessons Mandated for California 2nd Graders and UP

DEAR "MEDIA": we heard you report about plagiarism in meliana trump speech...so why didn't you report this?
Obama: "Islam Has a Proud Tradition of Tolerance" (is this guy smoking crack?)
AP Reports: Iran has "Side Deal" Which Allows Tehran to Accelerate Development of Nukes
Hackers Proves Again The Primaries Were Rigged For Clinton

Shepard Smith Yells At Jindal For Saying All Lives Matter (journalism takes on a new low if shepard smith is any indication)

The Media Is Calling These Refugees "Children." (the media lies)
Hmm...D.C. Schools Have More Students Than Children Living in D.C.
Race Baiters Will HATE This BLACK Harvard Prof's REPORT About "Cops & Blacks" (oh no...this doesn't fit their narrative)
"LYNCHING" of Whites Going Unreported...Where's the Media?
42% and 26%  Of Muslim Youth In France & The U.S Support SUICIDE Bombings (enough said)
U.S. Opens Door to U.N. Peacekeeping Troops "to Protect Civilians" (this is treasonous)
Obama Never Met With His Defense Intelligence Chief (this is so telling...)
CNN Host "Isn't Worried" About ISLAM After #Nice Attacks, But of the FAR RIGHT  (can't fix stupid)
FBI Confirms Special Secrecy Agreements in Hillary Email Investigation
Loretta Lynch Ducks 74 Questions From Congress: "Either Avoiding Appearances or Protecting Hillary"
Gruesome Facts France Hid From Public About Paris Bataclan Massacre (here in America we have freedom of the press but they don't report either)

Watch: Gun Control Advocates Recoil When Handed "Gun Free" Sign For Their Homes (stupidity on display)
State Dept Purged Emails About Obama Regime's Secret Campaign (not an honest one in this administration...destroying evidence is a crime)

Despite Ineligibility, Illegals Receiving BILLIONS in Food Stamps
State Dept. Discovered to Have Purged E-mails re: the Administration's Funding of Anti-Netanyahu Campaign
Transgender Arrested For Felony Voyeurism At Target
Congresswoman Asking Feds to Open Public Corruption Investigation into Clinton Foundation

Politifact Makes 13 Errors In a SINGLE Clinton Cash Fact Check
VIRAL: "You BLACK People Are The MOST Violent Mother F-ckers I've Ever Seen'
LIAR: Black Chick Accuses Cops Of ABUSE...The Cop's DASH CAM Tells A Different Tale
DNC Staffer Shot And Murdered In Gun-Free D.C. (wait...but its a gun free zone)
Public University Now Requires "Diversity and Inclusion" Pledge From Applicants (steer clear of this university...you won't be learning anything)
Popular Pastor Leaves School Board Over Policy Teaching Students Safe Homosexual Sex, Abortion (my how schools have changed...do they ever teach anymore)

Jeh Johnson: Too "Early" to Label Dallas Attack a "Hate Crime" (this guy wouldn't recognize a hate crime if it hit him in the face)

BUSTED! Billionaire Clinton Foundation Donor Caught in Illegal Scheme (not only will he go free but the media won't even cover the story)

Another Federal Lab Caught Ignoring Environmental Data Manipulation (climate change...all smoke and mirrors...follow the money)
If White PUNKS Burned Alive Cute Black Teen Girl, Would It Make "The NEWS?" - because THIS didn't (the media is as corrupt as clinton - ASK yourself why this wasn't covered by the media)
FBI Flagged This Congressman as a Terrorist. Here's Why He Opposes a New Gun Ban. (this is why you never give up your liberty or freedom)
BLM Goes On A Rampage Across The Nation (nice going...obama the agitator...he hates America and he is the BIGGEST racist in this country)
DISGUSTING: Sister Of #Dallas Cop Killer Makes OUTRAGEOUS Comment About COPS...Media SILENT (guess its a family trait)
Georgia man lures cop with 911 call, shoots him  (this behavior brought to you by obama and his administration)
Man arrested in TN for shooting at officer, others (people who do such things are despicable)
Billionaire Clinton Foundation Donor Caught in Illegal DNC Voting Scheme (wakeup people, the democratic party is criminal, as corrupt as they come)

FBI Botched Clinton Case Worse Than Imagined (hillary did not swear an oath to tell the truth and it was not recorded...wonder if that would happen to one of us little people)
Congressional Report: TSA is Actually Making us LESS Safe (this is what happens when you put the government in charge...when will we learn)
Obama's Incitement Speech Results in Dallas War Zone: 11 Cops Shot - 5 Dead in Coordinated Attack (what you get when you elect a president who hates America, the West and whites...he stirred the pot)
UNBELIEVABLE: 5 Americans Jailed by Obama for "Mishandling" Information (apparently, they had the wrong last name)
NBC Accidentally Admits That Syrian "Refugees" Are From Same Group of Muslims as ISIS (say it aint so)
Clinton Burned Her Daily Itineraries, Claims Aide (are these actions taken by an honest person with nothing to hide?)
This Power Plant Got 100's of Millions in Federal Subsidies...Now Look How it's Doing (once again, taxpayers take it on the chin while corrupt politicians/insiders walk away rich)
FBI Recently Charged Another For Same Crimes As Hillary (only he WAS prosecuted...perhaps Comey is the one who should be investigated)
Corsi: Comey has long history of cases ending favorable to Clintons

Yet Another Hate Crime Hoax... (is anyone surprised anymore)
U.N. Czar Appointed to Oversee World-Wide "Normalization of Homosexuality and Transgenderism" (this organization is a joke)
You Won't Believe How Many Laws Nancy Pelosi Broke...Just to go Shoe-Shopping! (laws are for little people...not the politicians/elites)
Former Prosecutor Trey Gowdy Relentlessly Grills FBI Director on "Intent", False Statements in Clinton Email Scandal (disgusting)
FBI Director Explains Why He Thinks DOJ Was Right to Prosecute Petraeus and Not Clinton (they claim Comey is a man of integrity...I say BS)
Man Admits Killing Shopkeeper Over "Disrespect" of Islam (need I say more about islam)
Not a Hate Crime - Native American Strikes White Woman and Yells, "I Hate White People!" (hate crime: ridiculous concept - currently used to punish "certain" groups...whites, males, christians)
Muslim Migrants Parade Through This U.S. Neighborhood And Threaten The UNTHINKABLE (these are your refugees)
German Rape Victim Lies to Protect Her Rapist Because of This (proving once again that liberalism is a  mental disorder...idiot)

Proving the "Clinton" Double-Standard: Five Americans Obama Jailed For Mishandling Classified Information

Kevin McCarthy (Republican) Proposes DHS "Pre-Crime Unit" to Seize Guns (guilty until proven innocent)
BREAKING: FBI Says Hillary Broke the Law. Watch Their Recommendation Here (laws are for the little people)
The Secretary of Defense is Destroying the U.S. Military

Report: Clinton Aide Testifies that Official Schedules Were Burned "On More Than One Occasion" (nothing to see here...move along folks)
Concealed Carrier Prevents Mass Shooting at Nightclub…No Wonder the Media Didn't Mention It! (of course they didn't)

Science Proves That Man & Fossil Fuels Are NOT the Cause of Climate Change (word of warning for all you tree huggers...get ready to run to your safe space...nah, facts mean nothing to them)
Business Owner Puts Up 10 American Flags...Gets Visit From Police for "Violation" (anyone want to guess what the founding fathers would have said?)

CNN "Sources" Say FBI Has Decided If Clinton Will Be Charged in Email Probe (interesting...this was reported 4 days before Comey said during his press conference that no one knew about his decision...is there any government agency that is NOT corrupt OR incompetent?)
Marines Roll Out Lowered Physical Fitness Standards to Keep Women from Failing (this "so called equality" is endangering our country...and it's not equality if we have to lower the standards)
Judge Decides "ChristianMingle.Com" Must Include Gay Singles (when did courts get this authority)
You Won't Believe What Public Schools Are Doing Now for Students Hurt by the "Trump Effect" (this is indoctrination...NOT education)

Clinton's DOJ Friends Tampering With FBI Investigation
This Federal Department Caught Ignoring Laws to Hide Info From Public

BREAKING: Hillary's "TOP SECRET" Emails Were "Wide Open to HACKERS' and Run by "Morons" (not surprising)
Hillary Takes $200K In Illegal Donations, Nothing Happens (and the corrupt media yawns)
American College Bans Christians from Speaking About Their Faith! (not sure how much learning can go on at this university if they don't even understand the first amendment)
Justice Dept. Files Motion Requesting 27-Month Delay in Releasing Clinton E-mails (unacceptable...the AG needs to go, obviously she is incapable of fulfilling her duties)
Multiculturalism: A Failed Concept (most patriots know this...Germany finally figured it out...the democrats never will)
Law Enforcement Sources: Gun Used in Paris Terrorist Attacks Came from Phoenix (me thinks this was intentional)
UNREAL: Mom TICKED After School Calls POLICE On Child for Making "Racist" Comment About... (this is insane...we should all start homeschooling)
Don't you just love it when a government entity has a secret vote. Transparency and open government can just be damned. (still think the government is out to help us)

Man-Made Climate Change is Political Science Spin, Not Actual Science (of course its spin...follow the money)
Obama's Muslim Homeland Security Adviser Demands National Gun Registry
Benghazi Committee Final Report Finds Obama and Hillary Clinton in Dereliction of Duty! (and their punishment will be what?)
Supreme Court Forces Washington Pharmacy to Sell This Product (unbelievable...where did the Supreme Court get the authority to tell business what to sell)

Al-Qaeda Fed Up With Their Attacks Being Dismissed as Anything Other Than "Islamic Terror" (proof that obama's refusal to say islamic terrorism is making us less safe)
July 1st - Obama Administration Lifts Ban on Transgenders Serving Openly in Military (is obama acting in the best interest of America...not a chance in hell)
IRONIC: This Anti-Trump Billionaire Builds Giant Border Wall to Keep the "Others" Out (the democrats/liberals/progressives are too stupid to see the hypocrisy...boycott facebook)
College Student Expelled for Expressing Christian Beliefs on His Personal Facebook Page (this insanity has to stop...this happened in the U.K...soon to be coming to the US)
Judge: FBI Transcript Shows Nobody Died in Orlando Shooting Until SWAT Teams entered the Building (it seems there may be more to this story...was this another fast and furious opportunity)
These Dems Have Some Splaining to Do (it won't matter to their constituents...they'll vote for them anyway...useful idiots)
The Supreme Court Endorses Systemic Racism, Baby Murder, and Unsafe Healthcare (just image the idiotic decisions to rendered, if hillary becomes president and gets to appoint 3 justices)
Democrats Release Bullsh** Benghazi Report...Blame Donald Trump for Everything! (the fantasy world liberals live in...how sad)
School Superintendent Receives $787,500 Severance Package After Being Fired for THIS (liberal nonsense)

Judge Nap: Leaks Could Trigger 'Saturday Night Massacre' in Hillary Email Probe (another shining example of hillary lying...though it means nothing to democrats who have no morals or values)
BREAKING: This Man, Set To Testify AGAINST Hillary, Is "MYSTERIOUSLY" Found Dead (seems hillary is continuing her streak of leaving dead bodies in her wake)
Obama Lets 18.7 Million Immigrants Avoid Oath of Allegiance, Pledge to Defend America (it is way past charging him with treason)
Feds admit they're not 'equal partners' with parents (the fact that they even tried is most troubling...this is what a tyrannical government looks like...wakeup America)
BOOM: Trump DROPS "Top 50 Facts About #CrookedHillary" (#19 is DISGUSTING)
Rangel Decries "No Due Process" After Guilty Verdicts on 11 of 13 Ethics Violations (what one does when one has no morals or ethics...lie, cry racism, blame others,...)

Obama's Muslim, Homeland Security Advisor Proves "Gun Registry" Won't Work
SHAMEFUL: Justice Sotomayor Uses Racial "Black Lives Matter' Rant in SCOTUS Case (this is what you get when you appoint judges based on skin color and gender rather than qualifications)
WATCH: Muslim Chick Threatens BOMBING At LAX...No Word From CNN (the corrupt untrustworthy media...on display...oh, and listen to the peaceful religion @7:10 into video))
WATCH: Cop Shot 7 Times By MUSLIM … I Wonder If "The Media" Will Report THIS? (more proof of corrupt untrustworthy media)

Professors Reported then Investigated for "Forcing" Students to Hear Opposing Viewpoints (welcome to the cupcake generation...or is it snowflake generation?)
CAIR Going To Stand Trial For Massive Fraud (this is NOT a legitimate organization...only fools would believe that it is)
We should Judge Islam on What It Teaches and What It Does...Not What Progressives Tell Us. (bingo!...listen you useful idiots)
Liberal Democrat and Illegal Immigration Advocate Caught Funneling Campaign Funds to Family! (another lying, corrupt, good for nothing politician)
NBC Producer Thinks Would-Be Trump Assassin "Good Guy With A Gun" (proof the media is mentally unstable...imagine a conservative attempting to assassinate obama...what would they say then)
Bernie Fails To Pay His Interns A Living Wage (hey bernie supporters...do YOU feel the BERN yet?...ha ha...useful idiots)
Armed DHS Employee May Have Been Planning Attack (how much more evidence do we need to show that DHS is not about homeland security...another obama flunky supposedly protecting us)
Emails Show State Department Worked Overtime & Rushed Security Clearance For Clinton Donor (the old clinton pay for play...imagine the favors she will have to payback if she becomes president)
Obama: Arming Victims Defies Common Sense (idiot...I guess he thinks victims shouldn't hurt the people attacking them...or maybe he wants more victims)

PATRIOTS: The PENTAGON Schedules RAMADAN Celebration... (we cant' say merry Christmas...but this is fine...our government is infiltrated with invaders)
Clinton Failed to Hand Over Key Email to State Department...Here's What We Know (this can't be true...hillary is an honest person...yeah right)

Democratic Congressman Says His Constituents "Shouldn't Have to Carry a Gun' - However, Congress "Deserves" and "Needs" to Be Protected by Them (are any of you useful idiots getting the picture yet?)
Armed Gov't Employees Now Outnumber U.S. Marines (is it becoming clear why the government wants to take our guns?)
State Dept. Disabled THEIR Security To Make Hillary's Email Server Work
Obama Administration Lied to Congress, Criminal Aliens Commit 10x More Crime than Previously Reported! (if his mouth is moving...he is lying)
PATRIOTS: Are You Comfortable With a Muslim Judge Being Sworn In With a Koran? (wanna bet her allegiance is to allah and not the law of this country)
Councilwoman Advocates for "Keeping Guns Away From Dangerous People” but It's Who She Says Is "Dangerous" That Shocks Residents (how in the hell do these morons get elected?)
REVEALING $100 Million Clinton Foundation Memo (criminals...hillary and the democrats are not to be trusted)

MUST SEE! Journalist Demonstrates Media Bias on Islamic Refugees (nothing new to those of us who aren't brain dead)
Loretta Lynch: Respond to Terrorism with Compassion, Unity and Love (haven't we had enough of children's hour yet)
Department of Homeland Security (an oxymoron...needs to be disbanded...immediately)
Horror and Hush-Up in Twin Falls, Idaho (anyone see this...of course not, it's about muslims/refugees)
Highly placed Democrat convicted, could spend life in prison (anyone see this...of course not, he's a democrat...anyone see a pattern here)
Omar Mateen: How did the Government Miss the "Red Flags"? (how...because they were told to by obama and his administration)
A History Lesson for America (this is for the uninformed...and the intellectually deprived -- yes, I mean the stupid)
Democrat Leader says, On Guns, Americans are Guilty until Proven Innocent (what an absolute disgrace...she has no business being in the senate...or to hold any public office)
New Homeland Security Records Reveal Top Officials Were Exempted from Strict Ban Placed on Web-Based Personal Email Accounts Despite Heightened Security Concerns (wanting to hide their crimes)

Democrat Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney Sends Stalker To Harass Opponent's Wife and Three Young Children (what...you haven't heard about this...oh that's right, its a democrat?)
VIDEO: Air Force Vet FORCIBLY Removed From Retirement Ceremony For Mentioning God? (what a damn shame)
AG Lynch: I've never discussed Clinton emails with Obama (she's an idiot for say this...and you're an idiot if you believe her)
Media Buries Misogyny Allegation Against Democrat...Again (the media has long burned their trustworthy card)
WATCH: What These Muslims Did During the National Anthem Is GUARANTEED to Offend You (my question is...why are they here if the hate this country?)
Facebook BANS Another Site, Liberals will be FURIOUS! (ha ha...maybe facebook is a on the side of islam and should be investigated as a potential terrorist)

Oregon court declares person neither gender (how absolutely idiotic)
Thanks To OBAMA'S "Refugees", 6 DISEASES We Wiped Out, Are Coming BACK
Orlando Shooter Pledged Allegiance to ISIS; But the DOJ Doesn't Think That's Relevant
Obama Administration says Orlando Attack was NOT Islamic Terrorism! (liars...all of them)
Obama Admin. Allows Only 2 Christians Out of the Nearly 300 Syrian Refugees Admitted to US (obama claims he's a christian but acts like a muslim)
BREAKING: Why Has The IRS Spent $11 Million on Guns and Ammo? (why would they need this...who authorized it...what other agencies are doing the same)
Guess WHAT Attorney General Lynch Is Leaving OUT Of #Orlando 911 Calls? (she doesn't want "we the people" to know the truth...what a lying POS)
FATHER'S DAY MASSACRE: 18 shot, 6 fatally, NO Word From BHO or CNN (in obama's home town of chicago...where they have the strictest gun laws)

Judge Upholds Suspension of Boy Who Chewed Pop Tart Into Shape of Gun (what a buffoon...perhaps this sissy of a judge needs to run to a safe space)

Muslim Scholar Teaches How to Properly "Beat" Your Wife (ahhh...the religion of peace)
Judge Napolitano reacts to calls from Obama and Democrats to change gun laws in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack. (common sense)
Bombshell! Hillary Email Admits Obama Admin's "Support" for Islamic State
For Democrats "Innocent until Proven Guilty" is a Problem and Should Be Undone
Blockbuster Study Finds that Common Core Fails at Preparing Students for College!

Jeh Johnson: Gun Control Should Be Assigned to DHS As Part of "Public Safety" (DHS is an oxymoron...unconstitutional...and should be disbanded)
Clinton Foundation Quietly Discloses $17.7 Million in Donations from Foreign Governments (while she was secretary of state...she needs to be in jail)
University Dumps Math as Grad. Requirement...Considering "Diversity" as Requirement Instead (next up beer pong, american idol or underwater basket weaving)
AG Lynch Dropping The Gun Control HAMMER! (what...is it a full moon...all the lunatic are out)
DHS Contractor, Who Employed Orlando Shooter, Also Tasked With Transportation of Illegal Aliens into U.S. (are there any patriots left in the government)
This Coulter Quote Shows How DAMN Stupid "The Media" Is When It Comes To ISLAM (spot on)
Global Warming Skeptic Receives Subpoena From Mass. Attorney General...and Sends Back Unsparing Three-Word Response (this attorney general needs to be removed from for incompetency)
UNBELIEVABLE: Obama's DHS is Shuttling Illegals Across the Border Into Arizona (DHS is anything but homeland security)

WATCH: Muslim Kindergarten "Graduation' REVEALS How Mini TERRORISTS Are Trained
(here in America we teach Kindergarteners about gender identity)
Did Hillary STOP the FBI from Investigating the #Orlando Terrorist's Mosque BEFORE The Attack? (and some want her to be the next president)
Half a Million Foreigners Overstay their Visas...Obama Does Nothing
Obama Hires Muslim who Praised 9/11 Attacks for Homeland Security! (time to charge obama with treason...and convict)
Constitutional Law Professor: "It's Time to Repeal the 2nd Amendment" (typical liberal professor...parents keep your kids out of college)
OUTRAGE: This PIG Raped, Burned And Slaughtered Man's Wife And Daughters - LIBERAL Court Gives Him THIS Sentence (yet another liberal judge that need to be removed)
Kasich reneges on his pledge to support the nominee (apparently he had no intention of following through on hid pledge...um, he LIED)

The White House Finally Admits: Hillary Clinton is Under Criminal Investigation! (so apparently up to now, they were covering for her and lying to us...hmm)
Obama Showed SOLIDARITY With Thug's Parents But HASN'T Called FL's Gov After #Orlando Massacre (of course not...but he did call for the thug michael brown in Ferguson)
Orlando Shooter's Mosque had Terror Ties, Muslim Leader Recently Called for Killing of Gays! (wow...who would have guessed)
Imam "Facetiously' Tells Fox News Host That "Some Journalists Need to Be Beheaded' (wakeup America...this is not a religion of peace)
Top Six Jihadi Killers in US Since 9/11Were All Vetted or Under FBI Surveillance (incompetence or did this administration tell them to let it go)
Judge Rules Man Can Legally Adopt a Third Sex..."Non-Binary" (this judge needs to be removed immediately...and tested for a mental disorder)
PUSSIFICATION: Reporter Claims PTSD After Firing an AR-15 (run gersh run...see gersh run...to his safe space...sissy)
How the DHS plans to combat ISIS and it's beyond RIDICULOUS! (yet another fool in this administration...or maybe he is just a traitor like many of the others)
After Russians hack DNC, White House Plays the Blame Game  (honestly, how can anyone believe anything this administration says...complete BS)

DHS Forbids the Use of the Terms "Jihad" and "Sharia" - They're Too "Disrespectful" (jeh johnson is a fool...this organization does everything but provide security to Americans)
Obama Begs America to Bail Out Liberal, Big Spending Puerto Rico (absolutely no bailouts...you reap what you so)
Trump Bans "Phony and Dishonest" Washington Post Reporters From Attending His Campaign Events (I love it...dishonest media finally held accountable)
The ACLU Blames Christians for the Terrorist Attack in Orlando (why does anyone take this organization seriously...they are lunatics)

UNBELIEVABLE: Watch 10 Minutes of Hillary Clinton Lying to Democrats (this is for all of you idiots who think hillary would be a good president)
Did This High-Level Clinton Security Appointee Buy His Position? (of course he did...)
This Democrat Says It's OK to Steal 80% of Some People's Income (wow...just wow)

Graduate Brags About Receiving Free Education as an Illegal Alien (she should have been arrested for being illegal and deported along with her family, never allowed to enter this country again)
DEAR CNN: The Orlando Terrorist Was A Muslim, A Registered Democrat, Who Targeted Gays (boom)
Exposed: Google Caught Trying to Rig Presidential Election For Hillary (yet another company as corrupt as the current administration)
9th Circuit Court says that the 2nd Amendment Does Not Protect Concealed Carry! (what is wrong with these idiotic judges...read the constitution...jackwagons)
School Policies Allow Students to "Transition" Without Parent's Knowledge (when did schools get the right to outrank parents authority...like I always say...indoctrination)
Inside Source Says Paul Ryan Wants Donald Trump to Lose So He Can Run For President in 2020 (not surprised...this isn't this first time he has betrayed "we the people")
DEAR PAUL RYAN: Your Buddy Obama BLOCKED This Judge From Hearing This Case...Is Barack Also A "RACIST'? (can you say...double standard...people are fools to believe the media, liberals, democrats, progressives, socialists...)
DOJ Wants to Hide the Names of Illegal Aliens Granted Amnesty (yet another corrupt arm of the government...time to try them for treason and convict)
Gross. You Won't Believe What a Court in Canada Just Decided about Sex with Animals (this is what liberalism/progressism  leads to...)

DNC's GLARING Hypocrisy with these Latest Convention Tactics (once again this proves liberalism is  mental disorder)
Liberal Sally Kohn Blames "Conservatives" for Stanford Rape (folks this is a prime example of why liberalism is a mental disorder)

Senators Attempt to Stop Obama's $2.5 Billion Obamacare Bailout
U.S. Taxpayers Funding Iran's WHAT? (sure seems like obama and kerry are traitors...they need to be tried and convicted)
COURT SAYS: Sex With PETS is OK As Long As It DOESN'T Entail... (this is what liberals/democrats/progressives/socialists are fighting for...whatever feels good is okay...ugh!!)
Obama Getting Ready to Cede Internet Control and Our Rights to Free Speech

Major News Outlets Have to Warn Employees to Be On the Lookout for Crazed Liberals (weird...all I've ever heard from the media is "crazy right wing radicals"...guess they were wrong...again)
Bill & Hillary Clinton Scammed $16.5 Million From the State Department (wait...what...you mean you didn't hear about this from the media)
San Jose Police Department Defends their Decision to Allow Trump Supporters to be Abused (if the police won't protect you...you must do it yourself...get armed)
Obama Ignored D-Day this Year and Did This Instead...(absolute worthless president...ever)
Ignorance and Idiots Are Becoming the Norm! (socialism fails...always have...always will)
The Rioters in San Jose Fit the FBI's Definition of Domestic Terrorists (you won't hear this from the media)
School Calls Police on First Grader for Sharing Bible Verses (wow...must have some highly qualified liberals/progressives/democrats/socialists running this school)
Hillary Clinton Admits: "One or Two Instances - Slipped Through the Cracks" on Clinton Foundation Disclosures (once hillary knows she is caught red handed...the long stream of lies begin)
Illegals Are Now Doing Something SICK To Kids So They Can Cross Our Border (such fine upstanding individuals...NOT...thanks obama)
AP: Hillary's Emails Could Have Compromised CIA NAMES! (but hey, hillary did nothing wrong...sarcasm off)
$20K REWARD For The Identity Of THUG Who Did THIS To A... (it's what THUGs do)

U.S. Imam Says "Muslims Have The RIGHT To Take Property from FILTHY Christians And Jews" (once again...the religion of peace...seems like this is more like pure evil)
Pakistani Woman Burns Daughter Alive Allegedly Because She Married Against Family's Wishes

Climate Change Alarmists Freak as Global Temperatures PLUMMET! (say it ain't so...but I thought the science was settled?)
Lawless IRS Now Outsourcing Audits? Without Congressional Approval?
Senate Faces Pushback Over Plan To Scale Back Military Housing Pay (we treat terrorists, and criminals, which includes illegal immigrants, better than those who put their life on the line for this country)
State Department Blocks Release Of Hillary's TPP-Related Emails Until After 2016 Election (well isn't that nice...everyone ins this administration needs to be investigated)

Despite Obama's Assurances, Immigrants Committing Crimes at High Rate: Analysis and Report (only the ignorant or stupid are suprised)
WATCH: Two WHITE Men Set On FIRE By Blacks Near Baltimore...Media Silent (ask yourself WHY the MEDIA is SILENT)
Hillary "Absolutely" Racist Says Childhood Friend Of Bill (you don't say)
Obama Hid the Fact That The IRS Targeted Over 400 Groups in 2012 Election (the most corrupt administration ever)

Lawless AG Loretta Lynch Tried to Silence Scientific Debate with Unjust Prosecution! (shouldn't need to silence anyone with facts on your side...guess they have none)
Blockbuster New Study Finds that America's Best Run States are All Republican! (I'll bet conservative run ones would do even better)
Media Fear-mongers on Antarctica Ice Loss...Even though Antarctica's Ice is Growing! (perfect example of why NOT to trust the media)
U.S. Gains Just 38K Jobs, Fewest in 5 Years; Unemployment Rate Falls to 4.7 Percent...but for "Problematic Reason" (let me get this straight...we gain the fewest jobs in 5 years and yet unemployment figure goes down...seems to me like the unemployment figure is BS)
"KNOCKOUT GAME' Forces Media to Report SOME Black-on-White Crime - Here's What They MISSED (wait...what...the media didn't cover a story that didn't fit their narrative...go figure)
WATCH: Welfare Queen's EBT Card Gets REJECTED...All HELL Breaks Loose (people lie this are a drain on society)
You're Hired: Getting Paid to Protest Trump (paid for by hillary)
Authorities Find Accused Somali War Criminal Working as Airport Security Guard in Washington, D.C. (irony...the man responsible for protecting us from terrorists IS a terrorist)
Clinton Protection Racket: Pagliano to Plead the 5th in Email Case (hillary continues to be protected by despicable people)

Venezuela's Socialist Leader Endorses Bernie Sanders (by the way, in Venezuela a hamburger costs $170, add $10 for cheese)
NSFW: "Killing Donald Trump" Page Doesn't Violate Facebook's "Community Standards" (why you should dropkick facebook)
You Won't Believe What Washington Schools Will be Teaching Kindergartners Next Year (nothing like learning lifelong skills in schools)
Guess How Many of the 8 "Coward Proven" Goals Have Already Been Accomplished in America? (a must read)
Why Have the Office of the Inspector General, If It's Going to Be Ignored Anyway? (the productive people in America would also like to know)
The Feds Are Gonna Make Sure You Don't Eat Too Much Salt! (whatever happened to freedom in this country...)
Hillary Clinton's Campaign Admits She LIED about Email During Her U.N. Press Conference! (LIAR!!!...this won't matter to her supporters...they have no morals either)
New California Bill Would Make It Illegal To Videotape a Crime (whoever proposed this bill and those who support it should be thoroughly investigated)
Evil Lesbian Couple found GUILTY of Torturing and Murdering a Baby Boy (very sick people...regardless of their sexual orientation)
Lawless DOJ DEFIES Federal Court Order in Effort to Protect Obama's Amnesty! (seems the government no longer feels the need to follow laws...maybe "we the people" should do the same)
Authorities: Teacher Admits She Became Pregnant by Young Student, Says His Parents Approved of Relationship (wow...with an 8th grader...then had an abortion to cover it up)

Former KGB Agent Describes How to Brainwash a Nation. It Sounds Eerily Familiar.
FBI Wants Easier Access To Your Emails No Court Order Required (this is what an out of control government looks like...our founding fathers warned us)
The $16 Billion Tax-Credit Black Hole
University Professor ENDORSES Severing Hands, Blasphemy Laws...And He's A U.S. Prof  (still think it is a good ides to send your kids to college?...choose wisely)
What Egyptian President Tells 70-Year-Old Christian Woman Stripped Naked by Muslim Mob Might Annoy You Just a Little (aaahh...the religion of piece....maybe POS)
Nothing Changes: Facebook's Now Censuring its own Censorship
Police: Husband Arrested After Beating to Death Man Who Told His Wife, "I'm Going to Rape You" (I guess this is what new york values mean)

Illegal Stole the Identity of Deceased U.S. Vet...Collected Benefits
Project X: The Clintons' First Email Scandal (read this and you will know exactly what to expect from hillary)
Joe Biden: Christians Violate Gay Rights Simply by Existing! (joe should remember the saying about opening your mouth and removing all doubt about your stupidity...oh, and he claims to be catholic)
Check Out What This Nasty CAIR Chick Said About MEMORIAL Day (CAIR is a front for islamic terrorism)

Free Housing for Illegals BUT Not for Our Soldiers? (sickening...time to clean house)
DEAR AMERICA: Why Are The IDENTITIES Of the Houston Shooters NOT Being Reported? (I think those of us paying attention could tell you)
CNN SHOCKED to Learn that ISIS is Sneaking into Europe Among Refugees! (just goes to show the incompetence of the media)
Democrat says Students Shouldn't Recite the Declaration of Independence because it's "a Lie"! (if you don't believe in the declaration of independence...get the hell out!!!!)
Pelicans' Dejean-Jones killed after going to wrong apartment (this headline is what misleading journalism looks like...he was shot because he BROKE into the wrong apartment and was KICKING in the bedroom door NOT because he went to the wrong apartment...shame on you for reporting in a misleading way)

IRS Uses Backdoor Legal Loophole to Further Enslave Americans (when will the fools looking for a handout realize there is no such thing as a free lunch)
Obama Announces New Position Dedicated to "Muslim Outreach" (does anyone seriously not believe obama is a muslim)
Facebook Now Even Censoring Complaints of Censorship (so the zuckerburg meeting with conservatives was a dog and pony show...only the ignorant will be surprised)
   and yet this is OK with facebook (Facebook Page Promotes Sexual Benefits of Islamic Female Genital Mutilation)
Obama Admin. Fighting To Prevent Clinton From Being Deposed In Email Case (and here comes the corrupt obama administration to cover his behind)
Deposition Reveals Hillary Didn't Know How To Use Emails On Computer (people who support this moron are themselves morons)
MSNBC's Williams: We Used Nuclear Weapons Against Japan "In Anger' (what an idiot...if you are so ashamed of this country...get the hell out...that nuke save millions of lives)

Fascist California Strikes Again – Bans Video of Public Meetings (this is why character matters and why we need term limits)
Trans-Insanity - Teacher Gets $60K when Co-Workers Refuse to Call Her "They" (this is insane...IT has no business teaching our kids...shame on the district for settling for $60k of taxpayers money)

NYC To Start Issuing High Salt Fines (its okay to kill a baby...but by golly you better watch the salt...complete idiots)
Katie Couric Caught Red Handed Deceptively Editing Footage in Gun Documentary (yet another example of the lack of integrity in journalism)
    Update: Katie Couric Now Regrets The Deceitful Editing in Her Gun Documentary (translation...she regrets getting caught...pathetic excuse)
California Votes MUST be Disqualified based on Federal Law Prohibiting Non-Citizens from Voting! (absolutely)
Study Proves that Taxing the Rich Won't Fix Income Inequality (of course it wont...stop looking for an easy way out, work hard and apply yourself)

The ACLU Launches Assault on Catholic Hospitals for Not Doing Abortions! (the ACLU is all but useless)
Hillary Failed To Report Hacking Attempts
Climate Change Non-Consensus (listen up tree huggers...head for your safe space)
College Professor Leads "Eco-Sexual" Students to "Marry the Ocean" - NOT A JOKE (honestly...what good is a college degree if it is taught by lunatics like this)
After Warren Slams Trump for "Rooting" for Real Estate Bubble to Burst, MSNBC Host Reminds Democrat of Her Own Actions (pocahontas lies...)
VALERIE JARRETT Spouts MORE Delusions About Barack Obama (family ties to muslim brotherhood...she and obama need to be investigated for treason)

MUST SEE: Welfare Brat Threatens to KILL Trump and Start WAR If He Takes Away FOOD STAMPS (paid for by all the hardworking people who pay taxes)
State Department Audit Faults Clinton in Email Scandal (not surprising to those of us who are paying attention)
Liberal Media is Now Actively Defending Pedophilia! (what you get when you take God out of the equation)
University Students Donate Money to Hamas to Blow Up Schools and Hospitals (apparently, intellectual requirements for college admission are non-existant)
Black Thug STABS White Man - What He YELLED As He Did It Is What's REALLY Sickening (has the media covered this...chirp chirp)

Fed-Up AP Reporter Storms Out Of Briefing When State Dept. Won't Answer This Question (this administration is full of professional liars)
Feds Concerned as Armed Patriots Prepare to Defend Themselves and The Constitution (exactly how our founding fathers intended...government should fear "we the people")
IRS Chief Won't Be Showing Up for His Own Misconduct Hearing (how arrogant...he shouldn't be allowed to hold any public office)
According to the Clinical Definition this Religious Leader was a Mentally Ill Pedophile...Can You Guess Who? (this was a no brainer)
The United States Number One Enemy: Barack Obama (absolutely...no question about it)
Poll Finds Most Germans Believe Muslims "Don't Belong in Germany"! (most people in any country would agree)
This Famous Actor Flew 8,000 Miles in a Private Jet to Accept His "Green" Award (hypocrisy at its best...this guy is a clown)

New Fast and Furious Emails Show Who is BLOCKING Congress! (fast and furious...and the lying, corrupt obama administration)
Biden: More Women and Gays Will Only Make Military Stronger (biden is not the sharpest tool in the shed)
Find Out Why This Professor Says "Islamophobia" is Accelerating "Global Warming" (parents, take your kids out of this college)
Artists in Phoenix Threatened with Jail for Not Serving a Homosexual Wedding!

Venezuela, Where a Hamburger is Now Officially HOW MUCH?!! ($170 dollars...stupid  bernie supporters)
National Park Service Director Makes MIND-BLOWING Comments About Trees Being Racist (shouldn't there be a minimum intelligence requirement for government jobs?)

Target Sues Men For Subduing A Man Stabbing A Girl (since target is pandering to the 0.3%, it's time to show them the other 99.7%...#nevertarget)
Why Is the Media SILENT on This 95-Yr Old Vet Nearly Decapitated by a Black Thug?
Clinton's Received Nearly $85 MILLION from Gulf Leaders (pay for play...this is why she is not qualified to run for president)
New Study Finds that Scientists are Obsessed with Climate Models that Don't Work! (so if they don't work why have them...follow the money, it's a scam)
PC MADNESS: Liberal Town ELIMINATES This Holiday Because It's "RACIST' (liberal indoctrination)

Bachi Bazi: The Horrific Practice of Selling Boys to Islamic Men for Sex (this is perversion...not a religion)
 Google Honors Woman Who Said She "Admires" Osama bin Laden and Mao Tse-tung (how ridiculous)
Al Gore Says He Underestimated How Serious the Climate Crisis Is (and this imbecile was a heartbeat away from the presidency)
Number of Pregnant Women in U.S. With Zika Virus Suddenly Triples Due to New Counting Method (when the facts get in your way, redefine words)
Chinese Gov't Fabricates Several Hundred Million Social Media Posts a Year to Influence Public Opinion About the Country, Researchers Say (exactly what liberals/progressives/democrats are doing)
School Board Votes to Ban Materials That "Cast Doubt' on Climate Change (once again, it's NOT about education)
Security Guard Arrested For Enforcing Bathroom Law (this is ridiculous)
Retired General Fired for Disagreeing with Obama's Transgender Policies!
Hillary Clinton "Lying for 13 Minutes" Goes Viral...You Can See it Here!
A Sting That Exposed Facebook's Liberal Bias (I'm guessing the same would hold true for a conservative versus liberal sting)
#BlackLivesMatter "Leader" Was Just BUSTED For Something That'll Make You FURIOUS (look what kind of people are leading this moronic movement)

Obama Gives $2 Million to "Summer Jobs Program" for Illegals (isn't this aiding and abetting a criminal?)
NC Newspaper Suggests Girls Must Overcome Their "Discomfort" at Seeing Male Genitalia in Public Restrooms (there are some real perverts in the media)
"America Was Never Great": Home Depot Employee's Hat Sparks Threats and Support (then why are you still living here)
North Carolina School Board Votes to Stop Naming Valedictorians Because It's "Unhealthy" (the snowflake generation)

White House Refuses to Let Obama Adviser Ben Rhodes Testify After His Stunningly Candid Remarks on Iran Deal (everyone in the administration needs to be behind bars)
Pro-Turkey Lobbyist Sought Secret Favors From Hillary & Huma
Obama Forces Doctors & Hospitals Getting Federal Funds To Perform Abortions (should read...obama forces doctors & hospitals to commit murder)
Classified Details of Iran's Treatment Of U.S. Sailors Will Shock Nation (how in the world did this morally vacant person get elected a president...TWICE?)
Hillary Dumbfounded When Told Of Rising Obamacare Costs (duh!)
Al Qaeda Magazine Calls For Assassinations Of American Business Leaders
Obama Announces New Rules To Regulate Oil And Gas Industries (congress makes laws not the president, calling it a rule is no different)
ICE Roundup Of Criminal Illegal Aliens Nets A Total Of 84 In One Week (for every one ICE deports, 100 illegals come in...not very effective)
Iran Tortured This Marine, The US Government Refused Do Anything About It (but bergdhal, a muslim sympathizer and deserter is retrieved immediately)
Rep. Chaffetz Castigates EPA Over "Systemic Cultural Problem" as He Reveals Shocking Instances of Employee Misconduct (infuriating)
Black UI student recants claims of racist hate crime (he lied!!!)

05-17-2016:High School Bans Flags, Including Old Glory, in Effort to Not Offend Students — but Officials Were in for Quite a Surprise
Judge tells America - If Law Enforcement Won't Stop Hillary, Voters Have To! (smart lady)
Fact-Check Finds Hillary Clinton Lies IMPOSSIBLE to Believe (hillary is a despicable person)
Classless Obama Uses Rutgers Commencement Speech to Bash Trump and the GOP (the great divider...has no business being president)

Obama Foundation Tries to Oust Homeless Vets to Make Way for Presidential Library (obama is such an embarrassment to this country, and to the human race)
Target Refuses to Remove Creepy Guy From Women's Bathroom (target is free to have such a policy...and I am also free to choose not to shop at target)
Surprise! Electric Vehicles Worse for the Environment than Fossil Fuel Burning Cars!
47 Different Times that the Clinton's Friends Turned UP...DEAD. (Part 1)
TEN More Dead Bodies Left in Clinton's Wake, Part 2
10 More Dead Bodies Connected to the Clintons, Part 3

Fake Mustaches Are Now "DEHUMANIZING" Extension Of Racism (what fantasy world are these screwballs living in?)
Fake Hate Crime Victims Who Fooled Hillary Get Expelled
Liberal College Demands "Sanctuary Campus" where Border Patrol is Excluded (what part of illegal do they not get?)
Little Girl Walks Into Public Bathroom Only to Be CHOKED By This Sicko WAITING for Her
Chicago Students Now Required To Use "Transgender Speak" Or Face Consequences (flipping insanity)
Washington Post Is Writing a Book on Trump, But We Haven't Even Seen Obama's Birth Certificate? (can you say...media bias?)
Talk of Impeachment as House Begins Hearings to Investigate IRS's John Koskinen (this is the most corrupt administration...ever)
Obama's Decree Also Gives Males Access to Female Living Facilities at Colleges (this is what you get when stupidity is in charge)
You Won't Believe How Much This Clinton PAC is Paying Online Trolls (no surprise for me...are YOU listening?)
Flight Logs Reveal SERIOUS Implications on former President Bill Clinton (sick...)
Impeachment Hearings for IRS Commissioner? (doesn't matter...congress will do nothing, as usual)
FIRED! Two Conservatives Fired for their Religious Beliefs, Who's Next?

BREAKING: Blogger Who Tried To Connect CRUZ'S DAD With Lee Harvey Oswald Found DEAD
New email reveals Hillary violated MORE than just email security...
Obama admin to order all public schools to give transgender students access to bathroom of choice
Judge Rules Obama Admin. Usurped Congress's Power of the Purse (lawlessness)

Bombshell Report: Crooked Hillary Took $100 Million From Middle East Regimes: "Massive Conflicts Of Interest" (hillary's lies and lack of moral character speaks volumes about her supporters)
New Benghazi Witness Says U.S. Military Could Have Saved Lives That Day (anyone with a brain knew this)

DISGUSTING: Supreme Leader of Iran Says Sexual Intercourse With Nine-Year-Old Girls Is Permitted (wow)
Gross Charity Fraud is what this whistleblower has found. Stuart Varney sorts it all out below. (why is she not behind bars)
Hillary Laughs As Supporter Introducing Her Takes Under God Out Of Pledge (sickening)
Hillary Rakes In Nearly $75K In Contributions From Employees Of DOJ (if they are supporting hillary they probably aren't trustworthy enough to be working in the DOJ)
QUESTION: Do YOU Think Obama Is A MUSLIM or A Christian? (of course he's a muslim...but the media is still trying to provide cover for him, read these 20 quote by obama)
BRUTAL Truth Bomb By Denmark Teacher EVISCERATES Liberals' Call For "Free Stuff" (listen up bernie supporters...read this, if you can)
Federal Government Throws Journalist into Prison for the "Crime" of Covering BLM Protests! (are we a communist nation now?)
Former DOJ Official: Email Case Against Hillary Clinton "Stinks To High Heaven" (honestly, this woman belongs in prison)
Judicial Watch Lawsuit Uncovers More Hillary Clinton Emails Withheld from State Department
Obama Admin. Suffers Another Technical "Glitch" (hardly a glitch, this was intentional...their criminal behavior is so blatent)

The Federal Gov't Ignoring Biological Facts in Favor of Wishes and Feelings
Lawsuit Alleges Flint, MI Mayor "Redirected" Crisis Funds to Her Election Campaign (and yet democrats would have you believe it is all the republican governor's fault)
FBI Wants to Exempt Biometric Data They're Collecting From the Fed. Privacy Act (symptoms of a government out of control)
Video of a State Dept. Official "Lying" to Reporter James Rosen Mysteriously Deleted...Here's the Government's Response (liars...wasn't this supposed to be the most transparent administration...HAHA!!!)
Judge Rebukes White House for Showing "Bad Faith" and Lack of Transparency (I'm getting carpel tunnel from annotating these links with the word liar...ouch)
Environmental Activist Lied about Research Findings to Smear Opponents! (lies, lies and more lies...it sure seems there is little, if any, truth to what environmentalists are claiming)
The never ending saga of State Dept emails has another shocking turn of events (the corruption surrounding hilllary and everyone around her is astonishing)
Socialism Forcing Citizens to do the UNTHINKABLE for food in Venezuela (hey bernie supporters...this is what socialism brings)
DEAR AMERICA: School APPROVES Mexicans Wearing THIS But Bans U.S. Flag Shirts (it's time to clean house regarding public schools...remove the useless left/liberals/progressives/democrats)

Liberal NYT Columnist Admits Discrimination Against Conservatives On College Campuses (whoops...someone is going to get spanked for going off script)
Feds Put Credit Card Felon In Charge Of VA Purchasing Program (let this be a lesson to all those who think big government is the answer)
Hillary BUSTED Again: Lied About Not Being Contacted To Be Interviewed By FBI (classless, unfit got presidency)
Facebook MADE Black Lives Matter Artificially Trend By Inserting It Into News Feeds Manually (completely untrustworthy...imagine what they will do with your personal information)
NYC Priorities: No One Should Drink Soda, But Pregnant Women Should Be Served Alcohol (this is how insane liberals/left/progressives/democrats are)
Surprise! Obama LIED about Iran! (not for those who have been paying attention)
Alabama Suspends Chief Justice for Standing Up for Traditional Marriage!

It Takes 300 Hours to Become a Shampooer in Tennessee (this is what big government gets you...and why the framers of the constitution were so brilliant)
ESPN Erases Curt Schilling From Baseball History (less than ethical organization...I won't be watching any longer)
An Inconvenient Truth: Liberal Climate Inquisition Can't Explain Past Temperature Changes (once again...global warming is a hoax, a money laundering scheme)
Illegals Feel Threatened by Park Ranger Uniforms - Demand Change (insanity...and tough!!!)
Obama Admin. Fails to Deport Approx. 99.5% of Aliens Who Overstayed Visas (what was the oath he took, oh right...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States)
Department of Education Publishes "Shame List' of Faith-Based Colleges Seeking Title IX Exemption From Transgender Anti-Discrimination Rules (I guess they are more concerned about pushing liberal/progressive/democratic agenda rather than education...this organization needs to be abolished)

Parole Board to Release Muslim Radical Who Wanted to Kill U.S. Soldiers (sounds like a background check is needed on those granting the parole)
The NY Times Just Exposed Obama as a FRAUD Regarding THIS Controversial Deal
QUESTION: Why Is the Media So HESITANT to Report These Black-on-White Murders?

Terrorism Fears Rise Under Obama's New Plan (this is treasonous...he needs to be tried and convicted)
NY Post: Even Hillary's pals can't pretend to believe her lies (but that won't stop them from covering for her and to help her get elected President)
Lawsuit Uncovers MORE Hillary Emails Withheld from State Dept
Investigation Proves Facebook Bias Against Israel (so facebook is a racist)
Traitor! Georgia Governor Vetoes Campus Carry Bill! (this is the very definition of a RINO)

Kerry Warns Assad: There Will Be "Repercussions" If He Breaks Ceasefire (everyone knows kerry and this administration is a joke...no one takes anything they say seriously)
Father-Daughter Dance At Elementary School Canceled: Not Inclusive Enough (this is flipping BS)
Hillary Now Trying To Suck Up To Coal Miners For Votes...  (is anyone concerned that she is able to lie so easily)
NYPost: Pet Owners Deserve "Paw-Ternity" Leave (really pawternity leave...this is insanity)
Virginia Tech Claims They Never Really Disinvited Conservative Columnist...So the Writer Releases the Evidence (are they stupid, a liar or both...you decide)
Do You Know What Your Kids are Watching? Sesame Street Goes Muslim! (more indoctrination)
After 10 Years Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" is still Startlingly Inaccurate (he did become extremely wealthy pushing the green lies)
#BlackLivesMatter Bullsh*t Just CRUSHED Their Student Enrollment, Parents Don't TRUST This University (haha...stupidity bites the university in the rear)

Congress Considering Legislation to Feed Social/Emotional Data on Children to Feds (honestly, is there any teaching going on in schools anymore...it's all big government indoctrination)
Potential for Tyranny Off the Charts as "Digital Cash System" Unveiled on Wall Street (dangerous...you have no control over your money...government back doors,...)
New York's Entire Roster of Democrat Leadership Caught in Various Corruption Scandals!
Consumer Watchdog Received MILLIONS in Hush Money from Google? (seems google is as untrustworthy as the government)
IED found under Texas bridge (seems like we are becoming more and more like the middle east countries)

Universities Actively Promoting Polyamory On Campus
Socialism In Action: Venezuela Runs Out Of Money To Print New Money
Lynch's Climate Gestapo Closely Mirrors 1920-1940 Reich "Protections" (this is scary...this country is crumbling right in front of us and too many can't see it)
POP QUIZ: Guess How Many HOAX "Hate Crimes" There Have Been In The Past Decade?

Obama Drops the F-Bomb at Press Cor. Dinner (that's about right...for the level of class he has shown as President)
Major Corruption Questions as the EPA is Caught Hiding Billions of Dollars in Slush Fund-Like Accounts!

WATCH: White Teenage Girl Bitten And Beat By BLACK Thugs (No Word From Obama Yet)

Shock Report: John Kerry has Millions Hiding in Offshore Tax Havens! (this is the same person who docked his yacht out of state to save $500,000 in taxes)
Kansas Required Work for Food Stamps. Here's What Happened.

Oops! The Left Was Caught Red-Handed Stuffing the Ballot Box (the left only knows lies/deceit/corruption...so does the right but the left has mastered it)
Trump holds massive rally as protesters riot, fly Mexican flags (one question to all Mexican illegals...if you love Mexico, why did you come to the US?)
ICEGATE: Guess Who Got Caught Tampering With Climate Records? (a settled science sure needs a lot of tampering of the data to keep the lie going)

DOE Encourages Teachers to Introduce Islam to Protect Muslims from Bullying
House Passes Measure That Would Force Women to Sign Up for the Draft (let's just see if women want equality...or special status)
#BUILDTHEWALL: 19,723 Criminal Illegals RELEASED, Guess How Many Murderers & Rapists Were INCLUDED?
SOCIALISM: Refrigerators TURNED OFF as Venezuela Rationing Hits (listen up all you bernie fans...this is what socialism gets you)
The Danish Council of Ethics voted in favor of taxing red meat for the purpose of curbing global warming. (stupidity)
FYI: Here Are The TOP 20 Sex Crimes That Were Committed At Target Stores Across America

More Insanity From the WH as They Legitimize Iran's Nuclear Program
Congressman says Most of Congress is so Corrupt they should be in Prison (duh!)
Do as they say, not as they do: Kerry, Heinz family have millions invested in offshore tax havens (hypocrite)

UPDATE: State Dept Hid Key Clinton Benghazi Email (and she will be the democratic presidential nominee...stupidity at its finest)
Pro-Hillary PAC Enlists Internet Trolls to Attack Negative Comments About Her on Social Media (nothing new to me...see the caveat link at the top of the page)
For all the Bernie Sanders supporters across the nation, this post is for you. (this is what socialism brings...wake up people)
Is This MAJOR Relief Organization Misusing YOUR Generous Donations? (the larger the organization...the less efficient and more corrupt...just look at the federal government)
Just when you thought that "Dirty" Harry Reid could not surprise you any more (actually no, I'm not surprised)
7 Enviro Predictions From Earth Day 1970 That Were Just Dead Wrong (epic fail)
Student Kicked Out of Masters Program for being a Christian! (war on Christians -- or maybe good vs evil)
Black Mob VICIOUSLY Beats Blonde Girl At SCHOOL (animals)

Harvard Administration Caught Secretly Investigating Conservative Students! (America's colleges...a breeding ground for leftist/progressive/democrats)

Insanity!! Students Ordered to Stop Singing National Anthem...Cause They Didn't Have a Permit (do we even have a constitution anymore?)

Border Patrol Council VP Just Dropped a BOMB About What Obama Has Secretly Been Doing (he took an oath to uphold the constitution and is doing the exact opposite...treasonous)
Costly Broken Wind Turbines Give College Whopping Negative 99.14% Return On Investment (it's all a money laundering scheme...just check out who profits from this)
Smoking Gun: Newly Revealed FBI "Document 17" Officially Proves The Connection Between The 9/11 Terrorists And The Saudi Arabian Embassy (all governments are corrupt that is why our (brilliant) founding fathers sought to limit their powers)
Maryland Sheriff says Immigrants are Responsible for a Recent Spike in Violence!
What the State Dept Did to the Benghazi Files AFTER they were Subpoenaed (corruption at its finest...jail time...more of this is what you get with hillary as president)
HUGE Amount of Illegal Immigrants Apprehended by Rio Grande

Female Islamic Scholar Says Muslims Can Rape "Non-Muslim Women'
KARMA: Black Lives Matter Leader BUSTED in Swindle (this is what justice looks like)
1,180 Documented Examples of Barack Obama's Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, Hypocrisy, Waste, Etc.
28 Senators Send Letter Demanding That John Kerry Obey the Law (and if he doesn't we'll send another letter only this time in ALL CAPS)
Testimony Before Congress: "There is Proof" Abortion Clinics Profited from Sale of Fetuses (absolutely sickening...shows just how far society has fallen, morally)
House Republicans Introduce Resolution to Investigate Obama for High Crimes and Misdemeanors! (dog and pony show...none have the guts to do their job...and no one is ever held accountable anyway)
Obama Admin Awards $270K to Islamic Group Outlawed in Israel and UAE (aiding our enemies...how much more proof do we need before trying this sorry excuse of a President for treason)
GA Dept of Public Health Fires Doctor for Christian Beliefs (how dare someone have morals and integrity...fire him)

White Guy Tells College Students He's a "Chinese Woman" - Then HILARITY Ensues (home school and skip college...you can do so much better)
BOMBSHELL! Proof Clinton Lied about Benghazi, Phone Call Catches Her Admitting Her Lie! (how is it that democrats are so easily fooled into thinking she would be a good President?)
What Does Science Really Say About "Climate Change"? (hint: it's not what democrats/progressives/environmentalist want you to believe)
WATCH: Dude Says Whites OWE Him Reparations, What He Said NEXT Has People Pissed Off
DEAR AMERICA: Federal Court Just RULED on Bathrooms, Get Ready To Feed The "SWEAR Jar (where do they find these idiotic judges?)
LIBERAL PROFESSOR Calls Non-Whites Unruly, Lying, Lazy, and Losers - Where's the Outrage?
FEC Democrats to BAN Drudge, NYT, Free Media on Election Eve? (I can only assume that they don't want you to know what is going on)
PROOF! New Study Proves that Violence Follows Black Lives Matter!
Target Takes Stand on Transgender Bathrooms, Receives Immediate Backlash

REVEALED: Eric Holder participated in coordinated effort to obstruct Congress on Fast and Furious (time to start holding people accountable for their actions...jail time)
The Only Thing Renewable About Solar Energy is Failure (I repeat...this is all a money laundering scheme...CEO's pay themselves huge salaries and provide political donations in return)
Weeks After Fox News Hosts Smeared Cruz, Voters Are Still Buying Into Their Lies (seems like is the media is the one doing the lying)
Obama's final attempt to destroy the US! He just undermined our national security! (remember who let them go...when they return to commit terrorism)
Judge Allows Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturer (more idiotic judges...does this mean overweight people can sue the companies that make forks?)

Spoiled Brats Get a Judge to Rule They Can Sue the Gov't for Climate Change Inaction (idiotic judges like this are what is helping to kill America)
Lawless Government Unjustly Imprisons a Patriot for Defending Innocent Citizens
Branch of the Federal Reserve Caught Lying, Cooking the Books on Energy?
Syria Debacle: CIA-Armed Militia Are Shooting Pentagon-Armed Militia (I used to think this administration was children's hour...now I'm not so sure they are even ready for that)

What's the Difference between "Whiteness" and Being "White"? (more BS from college professors)
FACT: Islamic Terrorists Have Entered Texas via Mexico
Not So Subtle Takeover Plan: Islamist Party Held "Fall of Capitalism and Rise of Islam" Conf. in IL (they are flaunting their intentions and we still can't see them)
IRS Commissioner Not Too Concerned By Illegals' Theft of SSNs...As Long As They're Paying Taxes (this man is not competent to hold his job)
Farmer Says He's Getting Harassed, Threatened by Protesters Who Want to Save Cow He Raised to Feed His Family: "They're Trying to Tell Us How to Live
"We Are Working Hard to Eradicate the Disease" Why Group of Iowa State Students Are Advising White Peers to "Head to the Doctor" (instead of excuses and blaming others...why not look in a mirror)
Hillary Clinton Mocks America..."You'll Never See Me in Handcuffs"!
Obama Administration Admits it's Running Scared on Foreign Policy!
Almost ALL Obamacare Co-ops Expected to Collapse in 2016! (once again...remember this is ALL on the democrats, no republican voted for this)

Robert Spencer EXPOSES The Islamophobia SCAM In This Epic Takedown (probably too long for most...the word is intended to squelch any dissent)
CAIR Is Covering Up This DISTURBING New Poll from Muslims (caveat emptor)
#BlackLivesMatter SPITS On Trump Rally Attendant (vermin)
President Obama Pushes the "Fair Share" Fallacy Again (what part of zero is a fair share?)
Border Patrol ordered to release illegals "still soaking wet’ from Rio Grande (are we no longer a nation of laws?)

Obama Maintains He Doesn't Need Legislative Approval for Paris Climate Deal

Twitter Makes STUNNING Decision After Banks Calls For Palin GANG-RAPE (guess you can add social media to the deception game)
Justice Dept. Fails Again to Comply With Court-Ordered Subpoena (many many people in this administration need to be put behind bars)
Hillary Campaign Used Noise Machines to Block Reporters from Hearing This Speech (honestly, you have to be insane to consider voting for this dirtbag)
Uncovered: Why The Climate Change Business Is A CON Job [Meme]
Taxpayers Are Paying Over Half a Million Dollars For This Ridiculous Study (seriously...we are more than $19 trillion dollars in debt and we spend money on this?)
United Nations Troops Caught in Another Child Sex-Trafficking Scandal! (tell me again why we have this organization and why we foot the majority of the bill?)
When You Elect a "Community Organizer", You Get a Race-Baiting, Lawless Fool (speaks volumes about those who voted for the fool)

Kentucky Congressman Explains how Bribery and Corruption Runs Washington, D.C.
Black Lives Matter Founder Tweets About "Killing White Folks" Lashes Out at Critics... (I believe all people are created equal...some just choose to not do much after that)
Hillary Clinton Declares "Not Even Remotest Chance" She'll Be Charged in Email Scandal (she's obviously lying, off her rocker OR the fix is already in)


About "Whiteness" & "Privilege" Is Unbelievable (this is the crap that is pushed onto your kids when they go to college)
Muslim Public Schools Prove that Islamic "Extremism" is Mainstream (can't say that you weren't warned)
Obama Claims to Have "Discretion" to Grant Illegals Social Security/Disability Benefits
Arizona College Imposes Mandatory Fee to Fund Scholarship for Illegal Immigrants (this is absolutely mind boggling)
White House to Deal with Pressing Issue of Toys That Perpetuate Gender Stereotypes (are you serious...how in the world did this clown get elected president...twice?)
Texas School Bans Parents From Walking Children Onto and From School Property, and Principal Is "Threatening to Arrest" Those Who Try

Gov't Raids Home/Seizes Property of Activist Responsible for Planned Parenthood Videos (this is what government tyranny looks like)
Watch These College Students Prove How Clueless They Are About The Supreme Court (this is the product of our education system...time to start over)
Watch What Happens When Reporter Asks College Students to Point to New Hampshire on a Map
Mom Unleashes Fury After Teacher Sends Children Home With This "Privilege" Assignment (this is the BS that schools teach)
CNN Host ABRUPTLY Ends Interview Over Hillary's Defense Of Rapist (the media providing cover for hillary)
Liberals Dumbfounded as Hillary Clinton asks Former Employee and Friend to Moderate Debates! (hillary isn't even trying to hide it)
WATCH: Hillary Goes On "The View" and the Hosts Take @ss Kissing to a Whole NEW Level

Americans just got screwed by the Supreme Court one again (this is bull...why are we counting illegals)
Here’s The TRUTH About Welfare Leeches That Liberals DON'T Want You to Know
Guess How Many MUSLIMS Have FAILED To Register In Germany In Last 18mos? (merkel is transforming germany just like obama is America)
John Kerry: Thanks to Obama's Deal, Iran is "Not as Dangerous" (this man is delusional...or a traitor)
ICE Director (Sarah Saldana): Vehicular Homicide Not Enough to Detain Illegal Immigrants (as idiotic as kerry)
White House Issues Warning: EXTREME Global Warming Threatens to Kill (right...and the root cause for this is --- an internet video)
Leader of Group Trying to Force Unisex Bathrooms in Charlotte is Hiding an Ugly Secret (he's a sex offender)
Rapper Suggests Palin "Needs" to be Gang-Raped by Black Men (an embarrassment to the human race)
Muslim Mom Sues Tampon Company- She Says It Took Her Daughter's Virginity... (stupidity on display)
Sidewalks are a local county issue. Not a federal issue. (ridiculous...children's hour at the white house and his administration can't end quick enough)
According to John Kerry - We Are Winning the War Against ISIS!

Student Accused of Violating Campus "Safe Space" Policy After Raising Her Hands During a Meeting (this is where we are headed...just look at mizzou)

260,000 Veterans Have Had Their Gun Rights Revoked by the VA Since December 2015 (this is how the president and his administration treat our veterans...pathetic)
New Utah Law Requires Anesthesia for Babies Being Aborted at 20+ Weeks (if it is a mass of flesh, as some would have you believe, then why does it need anesthesia)
Chicago's murder rate soars 72% in 2016; shootings up more than 88% (keep in mind that Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country)
How Are Cyberterrorists Able to Hack US Water Treatment Facilities? (what else has been hacked that we are not told about...)
WATCH: Trump Protesters Can't Figure Out Why They're Protesting Donald Trump (the definition of useful idiots)

Watch as Muslims Protest FOR Terrorism NOT Against It (folks this is what evil looks like...and what we are up against)
Colleges Now Feature "Drag Shows" while Censoring Conservative Speech! (and all this only cost you $15K per year...what a bargain)
HEY, CNN: Watch Black Protester Shout Homophobic Slurs at Black Trump Vendor (NSFW) (whoa...the media can't air this...it would ruin their credibility)
Megyn Kelly And Her Crew LOSE IT When Harvard Student Explains This... (this is absolutely crazy...I barely recognize this country anymore)
California Democrats Pushing Law that will Crack Down on Global Warming "Skeptics"! (democrats/liberals/progressives live in La La land)
UNREAL: The White House EDITED Out this Little Word from the French President (lying to "we the people"...completely unfit to hold public office)
Taxpayers Are Footing Bill for Solar Project That Doesn't Work (as I have said before...this is nothing but a money laundering scheme...follow the money)
Calls for Fracking Bans Ignore Sound Science

Obama Is FUMING After Seeing this ONE Word Insult from the Cuban State Media (even cuba thinks obama is a fool)
Teen Thugs Make RAP Video Calling for MURDER of Trump...Will the FEDS Investigate? (I don't see much of a bright future for this kid, if he continues on this path)
Another Climate Scientist Calls B.S. On 97% Consensus Claim (the liberal's fantasy world is crumbling all around them)
Woman Who Claimed That a Man Called Her a "Terrorist" and Slashed Her Face Changes Her Story (lacking morals)
HEY, CNN: Muslims Celebrated In The STREETS After Brussels Massacr...Is THAT Not News?

EXTREME DANGER! It seems as if Illegal Aliens are above the law (ridiculous...illegal was arrested 24 times before being put in prison)
Stunning New Report Shows Massive Increase in Deaths by Terrorist During the Obama Era
Federal Judge Shuts Down Free Speech Rights of the Oregon Protesters...Orders them to Stay Silent! (something smells rotten here...wake up America!!!!)
Trump Campaign Manager Admits Cruz Not Involved in Melania Ad
A List of PHONY Studies The Left Counts on to Advance Their Agenda (you won't see this covered by the media)
Emmy Award-Wining Pittsburgh Anchor Wendy Bell Fired After Posting and Apologizing for Controversial Facebook Post (you will conform)
Oops Democrat Candidate Not on DC Primary Ballot After "Registration Error" (ha ha...was it incompetence or intentional...I say the latter)

Leading Journalist Admits that the Main Stream Media Constantly Lies (more proof)
Operation Mockingbird...From The Inside Out (more proof)
Propaganda 101: Operation Mockingbird Continues (more proof)
Dem AG's Form "Climate Change" Coalition: "Deniers" Face Investigations, Fines, etc. (this is what a tyrannical government look like...wake up America)
Tense Scene Unfolds When Black Woman Accuses White Student of Cultural Appropriation for Dreadlocks (childish)
Cops Respond to 17 Men Firing & Shouting "ALLAHU AKBAR" In THIS U.S. City (just because the media doesn't report it doesn't mean it isn't happening)

Obama's Plan To Give Iran Extra Sanctions Relief (Beyond Nuke Deal) (aiding and abetting the enemy is treasonous)
Feds Want to Fine Schools for Not Obeying Michelle O's Lunch Rules (this is insanity...we have a tyrannical government)
Obama's Homeland Security Chief says Illegal Immigrants are "In Effect" US Citizens! (no, they are criminals)
Syria: Islamic Militias Armed by Pentagon are now Fighting Those Armed by the CIA (this administration is completely incompetent)
College Professor Ordered to Apologize for His Beliefs... or be FIRED! (college is fast becoming a waste of money)
"The View" Co-Host Says It'd Be "Satisfying" If Cruz Really Cheated on His Wife (wow...wishing immoral behavior on someone...now there's real character and morals)

This Dairy Queen Owner Is Muslim- Enacts Sharia Apartheid To Ban Certain People... (lets see if he gets fined $135K like the Christian bakers did...don't hold your breath)
Obama: We'll Win the War with ISIL By Welcoming Refugees and Partnering With Muslims (ridiculous...only those with an IQ smaller than their shoe size will believe this)
One Detail Was Noticeably Missing From State Department Statement on Pakistan Taliban Attack (no mention that Easter celebrating Christians were targeted )

North Korea Threatens Nuclear Attack on D.C.


Microsoft 'deeply sorry' for racist and sexist tweets by AI chatbot (learned after only 16 hours...you might want to keep your kids away from social media)
Brussels Jihadis Plotting a NUCLEAR BOMB ATTACK (did you hear about this? No. Why not?)
Another Muslim Has Been Caught Faking a "Hate Crime" (taqiyya - lying is permitted in Islam)
15 Times Obama B**CHED About America During His Visit to Cuba and Argentina (clearly the wrong choice for a President of the US...pathetic)
Democrat State Senator says "If I was a White Guy, I'd get my Semiautomatic Weapon and...Mow Everybody Down" (why would people elect such a person)
New Jersey Insanity - Actor Faces Hard Time for Using a Prop-Pellet Gun while Filming a Movie! (Chris Christie's State...and he claims to be a republican)

Obama: "There's Little Difference Between Communism And Capitalism" (well....they both start with the letter 'C' and end with a 'M')
Blatant Admission: "We Redistribute De Facto the World's Wealth By Climate Policy" (to all you tree huggers...it has ALWAYS been a LIE)
CBO: Cost of Obamacare Subsidies $600 BILLION in 2016 (remember who is responsible for this...it is ALL on the democrats)

Obama Admin. Engaged in Backroom Deals With Iran...Returns Artifacts and Makes Nearly $2 Billion in Payments (isn't this treasonous?)
University Student Government Demands Staff Paycuts to Fund Student Abortions! (wow)
College Students Left Feeling "Afraid" and "in Pain" After Seeing Presidential Campaign Messages Chalked on Campus (Generation Snowflake)
BREAKING: 400 ISIS Ops Trained For European "WAVE of BLOODSHED" (obama's JV team)
After The Brussels Attacks, Hillary Doesn't Want YOU To SEE This Tweet (delusional)
BORDER CHIEF: Feds Fudging Numbers of Illegals & It Get's Worse!! (must read)
Brussels Ran An Ad Mocking Notion of Islamic Violence A Short 2 Months Ago. (fools)

Watch GOP Rep. Destroy Obama's Defense Sec. For Not Presenting A Plan to Defeat ISIS (folks this is what the obama administration looks like...incompetence)
Obama Annoyed When Asked About ISIS Strategy: "I've Got A Lot Of Things On My Plate" (obama is the worst president ever, those of you who voted for him should hide your head in shame, those of you who voted for him twice should refrain from ever voting again)
WATCH: CAIR Calls For Islamic Revolution In The USA (pure evil)
After The Brussels Attacks, NBC Warns About "The Rise Of The Right Wing" (what an absolute ridiculous thing to say, this goes to show you how incompetent and downright nasty the media have become, in my opinion their actions are simply treasonous as they are always pushing an anti-American BS narrative...sickening)
HORRIFYING Video Captures Moment 6-Year-Old is Taken Away by Authorities Because Foster Parents are the Wrong Race (stupid government and politicians for making up these ridiculous laws. kids are not merchandise, a mother/father are the ones that love, care and raise them...any male can be a donor and any woman can be an incubator)
Belgium is Attacked by ISIS, and This is What Obama Calls a Response? (obama is only about gun control for "we the people", nothing else matters to him)
Tucson Cop: Trump Protesters "Most Hateful People I've Ever Seen" (read it again...it's the scumbag protesters)

Small Town in NY Bans Pledge of Allegiance (if you don't like this country then get the hell out but don't ruin it for everyone else)
LIBERAL Teacher Takes 1st Grade Students To Black Lives Matter March...Parents Are OUTRAGED! (this is what happens when the student are intelligent than the teacher)


Illegal Immigrants Allegedly Drag Woman From Boyfriend to Rape Her (illegal immigrants don't follow the law when entering US, why follow them while in US)
Florida Man Is Turned Down After Trying to Buy $60K BMW With Food Stamps. (fraud in food stamps program...who would have guessed?)
Soros, Alinsky Behind Trump Protestor Violence (make no mistake it is the left/democrats/progressives that are responsible for the violence)
WATCH: White Journalist Gets RUN OVER In MUSLIM "No-Go Zone" In SWEDEN (it's time to wake up as to what is going on around the world)
Liberal University Forces Students to Read Professor's Sexual Fantasies! (what kind of perverts are teaching our kids?)
AZ COP: Describes The DIFFERENCE Between Trump Supporters And Trump Protesters (so its' the protestors funded by Soros that are the violent ones)

Soros Board Member is Head of Firm Running Online Elections for THIS Caucus?!?! (still think your vote actually counts?)
Bill Introduced to Strip Police Powers from Federal Agencies (It's about time!)
Soros-Funded John Kasich Called an Anti-Gun "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" (the latest on the establishment's replacement for  Jeb, Rubio, Kasich)
Tennis School Bans Girls With Big BOOBS Because Bouncing Hooters OFFEND Muslims
BREAKING: Muslims RIOT And Attack Cops AFTER The Arrest Of The Paris Terrorist (muslims support terrorist acts rather than denounce them)
Whoa! New Program Brings GUNS to School To Teach Safety & Marksmanship

Middle Schoolers Horrified After Teacher Shows Them ISIS Beheading (only fined $300...how about fired -- by the way, this woman makes $105,000 per year)
Obama Has Set a New Record… (most corrupt and unethical president...ever)
New Evidence that the Government Ordered the Murder of Oregon Protester LaVoy Finicum? (this is starting to get serious...tyrannical government)
California Allows Non-Citizens to Vote, Which is Illegal, So Every California Vote should be Disqualified (AGREE: states that don't follow the law should be barred from federal elections)

Hillary: We've Done A Really Good Job Securing the Border (next she'll be saying they did a good job protecting the ambassador in Benghazi)
Black Lives Matter Protester Threatens, if Trump Wins We Riot! (not only a racist but an idiot to boot)
Are THESE Black-On-White Crimes Ignored Because They Don't Fit The Media's Narrative? (a must read)
Watch Elizabeth Warren Literally Dodge Answering 11 Questions in a Row During CBS Interview (it's like watching a deer in headlights)
Senate Committee Demands Jeh Johnson Cough Up ALL Documents on Whistleblower smear (such upstanding people in the obama administration...NOT!)
When You See Why This Murderous Illegal Alien Got Let Off, Your Blood Will BOIL
Teacher Crosses MAJOR Boundaries At SCHOOL, Recruits For #BlackLivesMatter (Parents Are FURIOUS) (this is who is teaching your kids)

Democrat Poll Worker Caught Attempting Voter Fraud (is anyone surprised?)
Trey Gowdy Scolds Elijah Cummings-Sets Up New Rules To Prevent Benghazi Leaks (how does someone with such low values get elected)
DHS Sends Permanent Residency Green Cards to People Who Didn't Apply for Them (are they that incompetent...or is all this planned)
Former Defense Secretary Says Obama Went Against the "Entire National Security Team" on Egypt Coup (obama instigated the arab springs)
Trump Says He'd Kill Terrorists' Families, But Obama Already Has (media hypocrisy...where was the outrage when obama actually killed the terrorist family)

VIDEO: SR GOP OFFICIAL: VOTERS DON'T PICK NOMINEE...WE DO! (time for a 3rd party that is upfront with "we the people", these two are one in the same)
Relatives of Thug Burglar Outraged After He's SHOT By Homeowners: "How Else Was He Gonna..." (put him and his relative under the "drain on society" category)
Military Leader says Obama's National Security Team is FULL of Unqualified Activists!

Did Clinton JUST Say The U.S. "Didn't Lose A Single Person In Libya?... (Benghazi is in Libya...can Hillary be that stupid?)
CNN Reporter: Was it RIGHT for Hillary to tell the TRUTH?! [VIDEO] (such biased reporting....the media is all but useless)
BUSTED: George Soros Donated $200K To Kasich GOP Candidate
DEAR HILLARY: You Just Got An EMBARRASSING Endorsement… Should We Tell CNN? (the media jumped all over Trump for David Duke's endorsement (which was a lie that the media made up) but now that a KKK member actually endorses Hillary...not a peep from the media)
BREAKING: Look At How MANY Democratic Rallies CONSERVATIVES Have DISRUPTED (here's the real story...that the media will not report)
Kasich Co-Chair On Donald Trump: "You've Got To Take Him Out With a HEAD SHOT" (I guess this doesn't fit the medias agenda...so why report it, right/)
This Russian Who Lived Through Communism SLAMS Bernie (hey liberals, don't let fact get in your way)

ACLU Board Member URGED People To KILL Trump Supporters
Lebanon Passenger Flight Bound for Portland, Oregon Contained 2 HELLFIRE MISSILES
Video of Worker Urinating on Kellogg's Cereal Assembly Line Surfaces (this person doesn't deserve minimum wage...let alone in a job)

Media is MUTE After Another Workplace Shooting - THIS Is What They Are HIDING! (ask yourself why the media chose not to cover this story)
Media Praises Lesbian For Telling Her "Hate Crime" Story, Then The TRUE Story Came Out (she deserves jail time and a lot of community service)

FBI tells teachers to INFORM on their students for expressing THESE political beliefs! (government out of control...I don't even recognize America anymore)
Poetic Justice! Liberal University Caves to Black Lives Matter Protesters and then This Happens!

The army lied by making Congress think they killed a $725 million program. They didn't. (when is the court marshal?)
Obama: I Can't Be Blamed for Polarization in Politics (someone is off their meds again)
Arizona Sheriff Can't Take It Anymore, Spills Obama's Deep Dark Border Patrol Secret (aiding and abetting the enemy...sounds like treason to me)
ISIS fanatics rape little girl in room with other captives - But what the captives did was terrible (this is what evil looks like)

Angela Merkel Forces Immigration Solution Worse than the Crisis! (stupid is as stupid does)
Shocker: Union Official Admits She Let Veterans Die For This Reason... (wow)
This Illegal Alien SLAUGHTERED 5 Americans…Here's A GREAT Reason For A WALL (media bias argument is supported)
YO, EUROPE: Top Danish Imam Admits WHY Islam Is Invading The EU (convinced yet?)
AG Lynch Testifies: Justice Dept. Has "Discussed" Civil Legal Action Against Climate Change Deniers (this is lunacy...when will the asylums take back their patients?)
NFL Great, Mike Ditka, Gets AXED By ESPN After Saying THIS About Obama (speak the truth and get fired; it's their choice...it's also our choice to NOT watch ESPN)
700K Watched Trump's Victory Speech On Fox, 1M Changed The Channel After He Finished (so the obvious question is...how did they know you changed the channel?)
Culturally Sensitive Germany Just Swore Off THIS Food Because of Muslims (you have to wonder about Merkel's thought process...if there is one)

Muslim Attacks Crew, Threatens to Blow Up Plane in Air Over NYC? Media Bury the Story! (WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN REPORTED!!!!)
H&R Block: Customers Owe Twice as Much as Last Year Because of Obamacare
MEXICAN GANG BANGERS Busted After Destroying Trump Sign and Pulling Gun on Trump Supporter
Crime, Sexual Assault, Murder, and Treason a Clinton Family Dynasty!

ALERT: North Korea Threatens "pre-emptive nuclear strike of justice" against the U.S. Mainland! (what we get with such a weak President)
HORROR: Jihadists Target Catholic Nursing Home... (the so called religion of peace)
Bill de Blasio Mandates Transgender Access to NYC Bathrooms (is this what they were talking about when they said New York values?)
Muslim Professor says Marriage has No Age Barrier and Muslims Have No Need to be Ashamed about Sex with Children
MSNBC Accidentally Airs Exchange Between Anchor, Clinton Spox Before Live Interview: "Can You Guys Hear What We're Saying Here?" (media bias)
Convicted Sex Offender Leads Transgender Rights Effort in North Carolina

Alabama Supreme Court tells Supreme Court to Take a Hike on Marriage Opinion
Bill Clinton Breaks Massachusetts Law - Now 60K+ People are Calling for His Arrest! (apparently, ALL clinton's are above the law)
Muslims In THIS U.S. City Chant "DEATH To America" (No Word From CNN OR FOX, Yet)

Clinton, on her private server, wrote 104 emails the government says are classified
"Dead Broke"? Hillary Pays Herself Over $250K From Campaign Coffers
Here's What The Media Didn't Tell You About Last Week's Mass Shooting - If They Even Mentioned It At All (what the media doesn't tell you is very telling of their bias)
Making Up a Fake Hate Crime Hoax is OK, Says Professor (not it is not and this should be grounds for firing this professor)
Hey Criminals! Washington, D.C. Wants to Pay You to Obey the Laws! (stupidity is rampart in  government)
Parents in Uproar Over This School Project in NYC (sounds like treason to me)

FBI Investigating If Clinton Aides Shared Passwords to Access Classified Info (how can anyone in good conscious vote for her)
Rubio Campaign Manager Plots Brokered Convention to TAKE Nomination (he seems to be operate like a democrat - not worthy of the office)
Air Force General: These 15 Applicants Won't Do...Not "Diverse" Enough (here's a novel idea, how about we hire the most qualified)
The Inconvenient Facts the Media Ignore About Climate Change (biggest snow job ever...want the truth, just follow the money)
South Dakota GOP Governor Has No Problem With Boys in Girls' Locker Rooms (red flag alert...maybe they should check into the governor's behavior)

John Kasich NEVER Balanced The Federal Budget..NEVER! (he claims he does at every debate...I wonder why the media hasn't called him out)
Obama FAILS Again says Muslim Terrorists Killing Christians is NOT Genocide! (seriously, how can anyone believe a word that comes out of his mouth)
Facebook DECLINES To Delete "ASSASSINATE Donald Trump" Page (but be politically incorrect and you will suffer the wrath)

FBI Investigating Clinton Aides For Possibility of THIS?!
Judge Napolitano Says Hillary Clinton "Should Be Terrified" of New Revelation in Email Scandal...and the Answer to This Simple Question
Obama's State Dept. Says It Isn't Going to Rush to Review Clinton's E-mails
Florida Man Charged with Hate Crime for Leaving Slab of Bacon at Mosque...May Go to Prison for Life (how ridiculous)
Have You Heard About Obama's Secret Plan For Refugees He Is Quietly Pushing Through?
Exclusive Breitbart Audio - Rubio Campaign Manager Plots Brokered Convention In Manhattan Donor Meeting To Take Nomination From Trump. (Rubio is untrustworthy)
Fox News' Roger Ailes "We're FINISHED with Rubio"  (seems to confirm the media bias and its attempt to sway opinion rather than report news)
CHELSEA CLINTON: How She's Carrying the "Right-Wing Conspiracy" Torch for Mom (left the church at 6 years old...I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree)


Little Marco Rubio HATES This Video Of Him VOTING For A Gun BAN (sorry Rubio, calling others a liar won't negate this hard evidence)
Rampant Voter Fraud and Manipulation Thanks to Electronic Voting and Dirty Politicians
Obama's Job Czar Agrees with Conservatives - "Most Government Policy is Anti-Growth"

BREAKING: KKK's David Duke Says He NEVER Endorsed Trump (the media is just making up stuff)


German Court Let's Muslim Go Free...But GUESS What He Was Charged With! (stupidity is worldwide)
Our Principles PAC Explains the Difference between what You Believe and What Donald Trump Believes

BOMBSHELL: New Report Reveals Fox News Colluded with Rubio To Do THIS for Illegal Aliens (I rest my case)
Need More Proof that Hillary Isn't Qualified to Be President?
DEAR AMERICA: Here's Where 76,000 Muslim Refugees Will Be Housed, Is Your City On This List?

WATCH: Joe Biden Just Humiliated America by Apologizing to Mexican Officials for THIS (do any democrats like America?)
Feds Flag Thousands of Illegal Bernie Sanders Contributions


New York Daily News Front Page Hypes Donald Trump's Support From the Klan: "Ex-KKK Leader: Vote for Donald, He's Just Like Us!" (and this is where people get their information from...no wonder most are uninformed)
Three Black College Students Say They Were Racially Attacked; Outrage and Protests Follow. But New Information Just Turned the Tables. (liars) 
Upstate N.Y. students who claimed bias attack face criminal charges
One in four sex offenders in Norway last year had a migrant background, study finds
UNREAL: Dad Walks Into His Daughter's Classroom And Finds THIS Anti-Police Art (perhaps we need to raise the bar on qualifications for teaching)
BREAKING: Workplace Shooting In Kansas; 4-7 People Killed, 20 Injured (imagine the media coverage had the shooter been white)

Panel Advises Obama: Screen Everyone Over Age 12 for "Mental Health" Disorders (on what authority...oh, and what constitutes a mental disorder (like they could identify one anyway), being a patriot, christian, republican, white,...)
Indoctrination Education: Schools Spending Millions on "White Privilege" Training
World peace' hitcher is murdered (liberalism really is a mental disorder)
Seattle Allows Man to Lounge Naked in Front of Little Girls, Charlotte Next?

Hillary Rep Says Email Scandal Is A Right-Wing Conspiracy, Then CNN Drops This Inconvenient Fact (how stupid do they think we are, it was a judge's decision and the judge was appointed by Hillary's husband Bill -- but it's still a right wing conspiracy)
Feds Clueless About Tax Dollars Lost in Medicare, Medicaid Fraud 
Teens Who Allegedly Knocked Decorated Marine Unconscious After Asking Him if "Black Lives Matter" Won't Be Charged With Hate Crime (this is unbelievable)
1958 Communist Warning About America Eerily Happening Now
Obama Praises #BlackLivesMatter Leaders' - Leaders Who Fueled The Murders Of Cops Nationwide

Bernie Sanders Supporter Cries Uncontrollably Because Trump Voters Were "Mean" to Her (if this represents our future...we are screwed)
Video: Obama jokes about Scalia’s death, audience laughs (this is what class isn't...those who voted for this clown should hang your head in shame)
Why Whitewater Matters: Newly Released Documents Show A Pattern Of Clinton Deception (I guess some are above the law)
DEAR AMERICA: 90,000 Illegal Immigrant Criminals Were Released Last Year, Do You Approve?

Jihadist Is Shown Giving His Son A Goodbye Kiss- Before Sending His 11-Yr Old Off, To Blow Himself Up (not a father but a coward)
Justice Dept. Enabling the Effort to Allow Voting Rights for Non-Citizens (Loretta Lynch is just another Eric Holder)
Social Security Administration Confirms: Illegal Aliens To Begin Collecting Benefits In 2017


Rubio Just Got Caught LYING About An ICE Agent to This Major News Network (his campaign is run like the democrats, deny, deny, deny and call everyone else a liar...expect a big push by the republican establishment for this guy now that Jeb is out...you have been warned)
QUESTION: Did You Know Rubio's "Gang Of 8" Bill Would've Opened The Floodgates To Islamic Refugees?
MALKIN: The Open-Borders BIG Money Peeps LOVE Marco Rubio
CAUGHT ON TAPE: Hillary Clinton supporters allegedly register AFTER voting? (anyone surprised?)
Twitter "Trust & Safety Council" "Shadowbanning" Policy In Effect (stealthily banning opinions they don't agree with...more liberal media bias)

VOTERS EVE: ICE OFFICERS WARN VOTERS "BEWARE OF RUBIO" (voters you have been warned about this candidate)
Watchdog Report: Border Patrol Leaving Security Gates Wide Open! (WAKE UP  AMERICA!!!)
QUESTION: Why Isn't CNN Harping On This Video of Black THUGS Attacking This Famous MARINE?
Liberal Students Are Complaining About FLUNKING School Because They're Too Busy Doing THIS (liberals sure are a bunch of whiners)

DEAR AMERICA: What Do YOU Think Of This Muslim CHILD Bride Video? (need I say more?)
Liberal Scientists Now Argue...Killing Newborns is "No Different" than Abortion (we told you abortion was a slippery slope)
MIT Climate Scientist says There is NO Consensus on Climate Change! (listen up tree huggers)
In New Hampshire Bernie Experiences the Harsh Reality of Socialism (Bernie gets a taste of his Socialism)
Sorry, Girls Just Have to Deal With Being Assaulted for the Sake of Trans People (really, this is insanity)

Intelligence Analysts say Superiors Altering Reports to make Obama "Look Better" (is anyone in the obama administration capable of telling the truth?)
THE POTUS IS A POS: Obama Snubs Justice Scalia's Funeral (obama showing his true character...I mean lack of character)
Horrible VIDEO of children lined up and "shot in the head" sickening game played by ISIS jihadis (evil breeds evil)

A Nurse's Perspective: Justice Scalia's Death in Texas is the 21st Century Version of the Assassination of JFK (regardless of whether you buy into this there are sure a lot of incompetent and/or corrupt people who hold power in this country)
Treason According to US Constitution - Barack & Hillary Are Guilty!
"Deconstructing Whiteness": A Weekly Northwestern University Program for White People (if you chose to accept this lunacy then maybe you shouldn't be attending college)

JEB'S SUCH A JEB: "It's Really Not Important to Me" Whether Senate Gives Obama SCOTUS Nominee a Vote (this is why Jeb is not Presidential material)
ISLAM ON DISPLAY: Muslim Molests Toddler Granddaughter, Mom Comes Up With DISGUSTING "Fix" (pure evil: trump is right on this...ban all muslims, forever).
DISGRACED Race-Baiting Professor Is BUSTED On Newly Released Video Going PSYCHO On Cop (the caliber of liberal professors at universities)
DON’T TOUCH MY WEAVE: Black Chick, Unhappy With Her Hair Cut, Tries To Kill Everyone At The Salon
Sanders Supporters Fighting Back Against Superdelegates (the establishment in both parties are against "we the people")
Undercover Journalists in New Hampshire find Democrat Poll Workers and Sanders Campaign Staffers Encouraging Voter Fraud! (the poll workers that encouraged this should go to jail)

Muslim Leader Demands that Western Countries Allow Muslim Child Brides because "It's Part of their Culture"!

Obama-Backed "Rebels" Fighting Obama-backed Militias in Syria (depicts obama's idiotic foreign policy)
Gov't Employee to Miner: My Authority Supersedes the United States Constitution (someone needs to read the constitution)
Former Daily Show Producer Stoops To NEW Low Regarding Scalia's DEATH (this truly exposes the lack of morals in the media - the tweets are absolutely disgusting, my how low progressives/liberals have sunk)                     
Just Guess How Keith Olbermann, Dan Savage and the Onion React to the Death of Conservative Justice Scalia
After News Broke of Justice Scalia's Death, a BuzzFeed News Editor Tweeted This
15 percent of latest Clinton emails marked classified; 551 released Saturday


National Debt Surpasses $19 Trillion (has anyone seen this reported by the media?)
$750M in ObamaCare subsidies to illegals could be lost
This Professor's Solution for Stopping Muslim Terror Will Make Your JAW DROP (what reality do these professors live in....and why are we letting them teach our children?)
BREAKING: Obama Administration Attempting to Cover Up Thursday Muslim Attack (proof of media deception...who is controlling the media?)
MILO: Twitter "Embarking on a War Against Conservative Points of View" (it's not just regular media...we now need to add social media to the deception)

Ethically Squirrelly! Hillary Linked To At Least Four Investigations By Feds (this is what qualifies you to run for President as a democrat)
Muslim Kills Sister With Hammer, Sets Body On Fire, For This RIDICULOUS Reason (more from the religion of peace)
Pro-Choice Staffer of Major College Allegedly Posts "Offer to Rape" Pro-Lifer's Relatives. School Takes No Action (this is the type of person employed at liberal colleges)


If You Receive Social Security... the Obama Administration is Coming for Your Guns!
Congressman Who Yelled "You Lie" During Obama's State of the Union was Right!
Turkey's President says Obama has Created a "Sea of Blood"! (congrats obama, not only do our enemies hate us but now so do our allies)
WATCH MUSLIM "REFUGEES": Savagely Attack Mother & Daughter In Germany (VIEWER WARNING) (watch the whole video and tell me you still want to allow this vermin into your country)
After Crushing Defeat, DNC Quirk Still Gives Hillary More New Hampshire Delegates Than Sanders (come on Bernie, its called sharing the wealth, ha ha...seriously though this is how the political elite keep getting elected)
ASTONISHING New Revelations in Ever Widening Clinton Email Scandal (clearly Hillary and everyone else in this administration are unfit to hold a security clearance)
China Just Purchased Stock Exchange...Trump Was Right All Along (China just a key to to hack stock exchange...this won't be good)
GEORGE SOROS: American-Hating, Democrat-Financing, Puppeteer, Liar and Traitor ($5 billion...explains a lot about democrats and the media)


Watch As Undercover Video Exposes Flagrant Voter Fraud In New Hampshire Primary (bet NH isn't the only place where voter fraud exists)
New Tech. Allows Feds To Track Your Child's "Mindset" "Attitude", "Cognitive Process" (this can't be good)
Judge Mocks: Hillary "Wants to be President, and She's a Felon"!
Common Core Confusion – Your Daily Dose of Crazy (this is considered education in our public schools....really?)


Watch the "White Guilt" Video Shown to High School Students That Has Some Parents in an Uproar


DHS Scrubs Records of Hundreds of Muslim Terrorists (anyone else believe DHS is an oxymoron?)
Military's New Directive: "Prioritize Climate Change" (no it is not, 2017 can not come fast enough)


YOU KIDDING!? It's "Racist" And "Insensitive" To Tell Refugees Not To Poop On The Floor (wow)
OMG Bathrooms Get Strange Addition To Prevent Muslims From Being DISGUSTING...sigh
Wait...WHAT! FBI Posts Surveillance Team Outside Radical Mosque...Guess Who Just Went Inside
Mitch McConnell Sponsors Bill that Would Open Up Use of US Military Force to Obama Anywhere at His Discretion, both Foreign & Domestic
North Korea Launches Rocket Testing Missile Technology Designed to Hit US
Horrifying! Investigative Report Reveals Obama Admin. Placed Children With Human Traffickers
DISGUSTING: Black Teen Thug Punches Old Man In The Face While Friends Film and Yuck It Up (sickening...where's the media outrage on this?) 
ISLAM: 14 Year-Old Belgian Muslim Videotapes "Migrants' Gang Raping Girl (the face of evil)
AMERICAN MUSLIM MAN: "It's My Dream To BEHEAD Someone" (make no mistake they ARE at war with us)
GOP Establishment Tells Jeb To Knock Off The Attacks on WHO?? (still think the establishment doesn't control elections? -- but only if you let them)
BORDER BATTLE: "Spike in people from terrorist nations crossing" our U.S. Southern Border. (America better wake up)

New Report: ISIS Fighters Entering Europe Disguised As WHAT? (well duh!)
Find Out How Much Bernie Sanders Supporters ACTUALLY Know About Him (absolutely stunned)
REVEALED: Why The Global Warming/Climate Change Industry Is a Massive SCAM (it's a scam, always was, just follow the money)
British City Council Gives Children 25 "Gender Options" to Identify Themselves (this is idiotic...this madness has to stop)
Stand Down Given To Border Patrol? (this is ridiculous)
Rush Limbaugh Asks ONE Question About Obama’s LOVE for Islam: "Why Would He?" (obama is NOT a christian, don't listen to what he says just look at his actions -- kind of like saying I'm a republican but I always vote democrat)
BORDER AGENT: Immigration Laws ABOLISHED..."We Will Be Fired If We Try To..."

John Kerry in the Hot Seat: Asked to Justify 1.7 Billion Payment to Iran
14 Things That Are WRONG With Common Core In America
Europe Is Teaching Women How to Prevent #RAPEfugees...By Using Invisible "Force" (who ever came up with this is incompetent)
Texas takes a Stand Against Sharia Law says American Law is Supreme!
Liberal Democrats Lead the Way...In LIES: A Long History of Tall Tales (facts simply don't matter to democrats/liberals)
Germany Considering Forcing German Kids to Study Arabic!
Trump Uses Only 5 Words to Completely OBLITERATE Obama's Mosque Visit (this is spot on)
Obama Wanted Jesus "Hidden" At Catholic University, But LOOK What He Did With Allah (anyone that still believes this clown is a Christian...I have a bridge to sell you)
Marco Rubio Just Proved Why He Should NOT Be President..."Amnesty First, Then..." (shameful...not to be trusted)

Military Officials Call for Women To Register for the Draft
Illinois Elections Board: Cruz a "Natural Born Citizen"...Further Discussion Is Unnecessary"
"Stop the Fed" Campaign Launched to End Common Core and Abolish DOE
BREAKING: Obama Scrambles After Iran Naval Cmdr. Admits Truth About Captured Sailors...
Israeli Reporters Stunned by "Unreal" CBS News Headline on Terror Attack Near Jerusalem Holy Sites (this is EXACTLY what I call media bias)
Professor Explains how the Young Voters' Attraction to Bernie Sanders Proves that the American Education System has Failed


BRUTAL Meme Reveals Truth About European Socialist Countries (this is a must read)
ISIS Does This to 14 Year-Old Boy in Front of Parents...His Crime? Missing Prayers. (the religion of peace?)
"GUN-FREE" CHICAGO Records 51 Homicides In January, It's The Highest Toll Since...
Texas Governor Storms: Why is DHS Reducing Our Border Monitoring? (there is only one reason why DHS is doing this, they don' want you to know who/what they are letting in)
CNN Host Asks Bernie Sanders Supporters to Define "Socialism”...Take a Look at Their Answers
Secret Documents: Obama Misled Congress on Debt Crisis
Under Obama: USA From 6th Freest Economy to This!

Intelligence Official Confirms: Hillary’s Personal Email System Jeopardized "Sources, Methods and Lives"
"You Got Egg on My Face": After Bernie Sanders Supporters Excoriate Billionaires, They Get Hit With an Uncomfortable Truth (facts don't matter to liberals/socialists - as long as they get free stuff)
Former IG Just Made Serious Accusations Against State Dept and Hillary!
Billionaire SOROS Makes MEGA-DONATION In Support of THIS Candidate (Hillary)
Obama Gets Caught In a HUGE Lie...But No One Is Saying a WORD About It

How does a Democrat win reelection...'FROM JAIL! Insanity has hit us hard (unreal)
SCANDAL REVEALED: Muslim Refugees LYING About Their Age...Children Who LOOK Like Adults! (evil running amok -- stupidity allowing it to exist)
Marine Sues School After Daughter Was FORCED To Convert To Islam In SCHOOL
Phoenix City Council To Allow Satanic Temple To Do WHAT?
Issa: FBI director would like to indict Clinton and Abedin
US father taken to court for THEFT after he took his 12-year-old daughter's phone as punishment
School Principal Bans "Dominant Holidays" Because It Might Offend...
BREAKING: Obama Refuses to Release Some of Hillary's Emails Because They're Too...

Iran's Leader Says the Holocaust is a Hoax (this guy is either living in his own reality or he thinks people are stupid)
A Liberal Explains which Conservative He Fears the Most (interesting read)
Mitt Romney's Bain Capital Sends its Money to Hillary Clinton (kind of like the political establishment against "we the people")
Legal Counsel for Operation Rescue Has Damning Planned Parenthood Invoices


UH-OH! It's About To Get Really NASTY: Clinton's Former MISTRESS Speaks Out!! (this woman's facebook post says a lot about Clinton)
Guess What a Mob Did When Police Rescued a Raped Boy
Classified Emails on Lost Blackberry of Hillary Chief of Staff (is anyone else sick of children's hour in our government?)
Hillary Exposed Intel From Human Spying
Texas City Councilman Caught Smuggling Illegal Aliens! (lawlessness)
Emails Prove that the Government is Working with Liberal Activists against Conservatives! (the government is out of control -- too big and corrupt)
GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER: Look Who Gets to Question The GOP Candidates... (anyone still think Fox News is conservative?)
ISN'T THAT SPECIAL: Fox News' "Debate Chief" Has Daughter Working for Rubio (FAIR & BALANCED?)

NY Couple Ordered to Complete "Re-education" to Contradict Religious Beliefs About Marriage (WTH!)
Massachusetts Liberals say No 2nd Amendment Unless You Pay the Government and Compose an Essay first!
Unbelievable. Houston Justice Clears Planned Parenthood but Indicts Undercover Investigator in Baby Parts Scandal!
Unjust DA Persecuting Pro-Life Activist has Ties to Planned Parenthood's Board of Directors! (and now we know why)
Nominate Barack Obama to the Supreme Court? Hillary Says "Great Idea"! (just in case you don't think it matters who gets elected president in 2016)
What freedom of speech? 11 year-old reprimanded by teacher when he supports Donald Trump (not that I'm a Trump fan, but I'm wondering what the teacher's reaction would have been if the boy wrote down Obama, Hillary or Bernie's name)
EYEWITNESS: OR Militiaman Was Murdered by Cops… "He Had His Hands in the Air"
UNREAL: Teen Fights Off Muslim "Rapist"¦ And Now She's In Trouble (really?)

Hillary made millions off secret Wall Street speeches (from which the press was routinely banned) (hmmm...I thought it was the rich republicans than took money from wall street)
THIS CITY Bans Muslims From Nightclubs Because They're Molesting Women In Bathrooms After Drugging Their Drinks
"YOU ARE A F...KING SLUT": Muslim "Migrants" Abuse Female Reporter On Live TV
CHILLING NEW WARNING: ISIS has created a whole "industry" out of the production of fake passports [VIDEO]
Here We Go Again...IRS Destroys Another Hard Drive


Muslims DEMAND A Ban On ALL Alcohol Or They Say, The SEX ATTACKS Will Continue! (and they are spreading link a cancer)
Seattle Prosecutor: "STRICT MUSLIM," Charged with Slaughtering 4, was on Terrorism Watch List
Campus "Diversity"? Of 1300 Teachers/Professors...Not ONE is a Conservative (these are the people with influence over your children and the power to destroy their careers if they don't conform)
Too good to play? Rogers basketball team kicked out of league (this is what happens when feelings overrule common sense; this is how you bring everyone DOWN to the lowest common denominator)


This Is the SICKEST Video of a Muslim Threatening a CHILD You Will EVER See
VA Program Specialist Claims VA is Spying on Whistleblower Emails [VIDEO] (highlights the contempt this administration and the VA have for our veterans...you know the ones that put their lives on the line to protect this country)
DEVELOPING: Iranians Exchanged for Our 3 Americans Never Boarded Flight Back to Iran (these terrorists were in gitmo and now they are roaming free in the US...unbelievable)

German Teen Posts Video Apparently Telling Angela Merkel She's "Destroyed" Their Nation by Allowing Huge Migrant Influx. But Is Facebook Censoring It? (anyone notice how easy it is to shut down free speech...I mean speech that disagrees with the government; remember once you give up free speech it is gone forever)
Data Show These 6 Big Cities Aren't Faring Well After Minimum Wage Hikes (every time government intervenes, we the people suffer)
Muslim says "Christian Girls are only meant for one thing - the pleasure of Muslim Men"! (wow...need I say more?)
SICK: Watch Muslim Refugee KICK and PUNCH a Woman and Her Child In PUBLIC (wait...wasn't swedish police instructed to withhold race and religion from the public, how is that working out? -- see 01-17-2016 below)

Crazy. During Hearing on Constitutionality of Obama's Gun Grab Democrat Senator says She Doesn't Want to Hear about the Constitution! (I guess the oath she took to uphold the constitution was a lie...stupid people who elect idiots like this woman are destroying this country and when it's gone, it's gone forever).
This Video PROVES The Anti-American Agenda In Common Core (SHOCKING) (education is not about education, it's about indoctrination)


Female Muslim Professor says it's Okay for Muslims to Capture Slave Girls and then Rape them to "Humiliate" Them


Inspector General: Clinton emails had intel from most secretive, classified programs (anyone else would have already been behind bars...WAKEUP people)
After California Police Arrest Panhandler, Officers Make a Peculiar Discovery While Searching Him (what's astonishing is that you need a permit to beg...what's next, a 6 month certification?)
THUGS "CELEBRATE" MLK's Birthday By Breaking The Law, Laughing At Cops And Putting Citizens At Risk (it's not your skin color, it's your behavior)

BREAKING: Defense Secretary Slips Up, Reveals Obama Admin LED IRAN Straight to Our Sailors (does this make anyone else sick to their stomach?)
Gross and REAL! Masturbation Station Pops Up in NYC to Help Men Handle Stress While Working (new york values?)
Clinton's 'no individual too big to jail' tweet backfires ... hard (can she really be that dumb?)
Report: U.S. Rescue Team Was on Its Way to Benghazi, But Was Turned Back
FRAUD!!! Obama Lied And Misled About Iran Deal/Hostage Exchange On Sunday
RAPED FOR 30HRS: 13 Year-Old School Girl Kidnapped by 3 Muslim "Migrants" Who SAVAGED Her (Trump is right on this one)

Swedish Police Instructed to Withhold From Public Suspects' Skin Color and Ethnicity to Avoid Being Labeled Racist (stupidity on display)


Hillary Takes $20Mil From Her Most DASTARDLY Donor Yet And It Gets WORSE (wait...we are funding planned parenthood with tax dollars who then turns around and donates $2 million to Hillary's campaign -- WTH)
Author of Va. Bill That Requires Students Use Bathroom That Corresponds With "Anatomical Sex" Responds to Controversy (how did we get to a place where we select the restroom or locker room based on what gender we feel like?)
Religion of Peace? In 2015 99.6% of Suicide Bombers were Muslim
Bill Banning Child Marriage In Pakistan Fails After It Is Declared "Un-Islamic"
MUSLIM "REFUGEES" Molested Three Girls at Austrian School for MONTHS Before Cops Notified
German Leisure Center Bans Muslim "Refugees" After Schoolgirl Was Raped At Public Pool
Lesbian Couple Beats 5-Year-Old With Hammer, Duct Tapes Eyes, Kick Groin Until He Suffered Strokes
QUESTION: Why Is "The Media" SILENT About Black Thug Stabbing White Child Multiple Times In The HEAD? (everyone should ask themselves this)


"This Is Embarrassing": New York Daily News Blasted for "Disgusting" Cover Attacking Ted Cruz
Watch These Americans' Responses When Asked What Country Mount Rushmore Is Located In (how very sad...)
Iraqi ISIS "Refugee" Arrested In Texas Who Was Planning to BLOW UP These Places (ISIS is NOT contained)

UK REPORT: Muslim Men 200X More Prone To Rape Children Than Non-Muslims


BEHOLD, The 5 BLACK THUGS Who GANG RAPED 18yr. Girl In Front Of Her DAD
Obama: "There Are No Existential Threats" To The U.S. (delusional?)
Congress: More Than 179,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants Roaming Free in U.S.

Biden: "The Second Amendment Says You Can Limit Who Can Own A Gun" (wow....has he even read the 2nd amendment?)
Meme About Solving "Poverty" by Redistributing $1.3 Billion Lottery Jackpot Goes Viral...Can You Spot the Irreconcilable Problem? (are we uneducated or just plain stupid?)
"PRETEND TO BE A CHRISTIAN": Handbook Instructs Muslims To Shave Beard, Wear Cross Before Killing (and they want us to believe this is the religion of peace?)
WATCH: Muslim Men Shoot Up Nightclub, Govt And Media Refuse To Use The "M" Word


Report: The FBI Expands Investigation of Hillary Emails for Possible Public Corruption (I'm convinced that even if she is charged and convicted there will still be those that will vote for her)
Watch PBS Panel of Journalists Call Ted Cruz and His Father "Satanic" (wow...is this what qualifies for journalism these days...and to think tax payer dollars pay for this)
NY Times Op-Ed Writer Has a Pretty Good Idea Where to Point Finger Over Migrants Accused of Sexual Assault in Germany (Hint: It's Not at Migrants) (living in la la land)
Politics: Checkmate: Hillary ordered aide to strip classification markings to get around security protocols (still think she is Presidential material?)


Black Thug Slashes Woman While Yelling "White B*tch"...Did The MSM Tell You About It? (anyone?....seriously anyone?....chirp chirp)
State Department Official Is DUMBFOUNDED When This Reporter Asked ONE Question (my gosh, this administration is run by a bunch of idiots))
Obama's Town Hall Event, Closed To HONEST Questions? (a staged event...how this administration and media mislead "we the people")
Columnist: I'm More Afraid Of Legal Gun Owners Than Gun-Wielding Criminals (wow...this has to be the very definition of stupid)
Another Islamic Attack, Another Round of Denials


This Soldier Asked for a Military Discount. What He Was Told? I'm Speechless... (great story)
JOY BEHAR: Would Vote In Rapist As Long As They Voted Her Way (wow....showing her true colors)
Feds Spending Millions to Arm Agencies That Don't Need Guns  (we cut military funding for fighting our enemies outside the US and arm agencies within the US, it would seem that this President thinks that "we the people" are the real threat....hmm that's exactly what the enemies outside the US think)
WATCH: American Sniper Widow, Rape Survivor And Sheriff Put Obama On FULL BLAST During His Townhall Gun Meeting
Troops Killed and Wounded but We Mustn't Call it "Combat" (when "words" have no meaning)
Liberals Choose Islam over Sexual Assault Victims (to a liberal, criminals are the victims)
Liberals Make it Illegal to Feed the Homeless - Armed Patriots Disobey! (how in the world did we arrive here?)
Samuel L. Jackson Decided to Bash America — Now This Black Man Has a Message for Him (well worth reading)


Police Close 3 Mosques, 334 WAR Grade Weapons Found! (think this isn't happening in mosques here?)
Congress gives Native American lands to foreign mining company with new NDAA (why is congress giving "our" land away, shame on you Senator McCain and all others who allow this)
State Department misled public on Clinton emails, investigation concludes (loyal to Hillary, OK to mislead public)


A Muslim Leader from Florida Praises Terrorists, Calls Jews "Monkeys" and "Pigs" (evil hiding in plain sight)
GOP Rep. Drops Terrifying Revelation After Two Pakistani Men Are Apprehended at U.S. Southern Border
PHOTO: Cameras Catch What Obama Did Immediately Before He Cried on Air...He's a Fraud (who cries out of only one eye?)
Obama's Not The Only Leader To CRY And Get All DRAMATIC
Former Clinton Crony says Hillary Clinton Hired Secret Police to "Go After" Bill Clinton's Victims!
"YOU CAN'T JUST MAKE SH*T UP": Gun Lovers JACKHAMMER Obama's "Fear-Mongering Falsehoods" With EPIC Truth Bombs (can you say "liar")
Ben Franklin WARNED America About GUN-GRABBERS Like BHO 200 Years Ago
PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Who Obama NEVER Wept Over...
Clinton Mercilessly Grilled on MSNBC: "What's the Difference Between a Democrat and a Socialist?" (why can't she answer this question?)

Teacher sexually assaults boy in her house...while HIS mother sat at the dinner table downstairs
Sorry, Obama. Only 2% Believe Guns Are our Most Important Problem. More Worry about Government and the Economy.
Bernie Sanders Says His 25 Years in Congress Show He's not a Career Politician (stupidity on display, and to think 30% of Democrats support him)
Chicago Cops "Protecting Us" at O'Hare Airport Told to "Run and Hide" in Active Shooter Situation

White Female Student Executed By Black Thugs in Texas

REAL Islamic State Law States: Have Compassion When Forcing Your Female Slaves To Have Sex


Paper: Scientists Still Can't Explain The "Grand Hiatus" In Global Warming (good bet the major news/media outlets won't report this)
German Police Under-Reporting Muslim Crimes (after reading this article ask yourself if you can trust what the government (or the media aligned/controlled by the government) tells you; obviously the masses are just too stupid and irrational to be told the truth)
Would-be Teacher Admits He Approves Adult-Child Sex. How Many Others? (the liberal "if it feels good, do it" mantra)
Houston Mosque Burned Down... by Muslim Faking a "Hate Crime" (clearly trying to stir the pot)
9 Incidents That Prove The Left Is Trying to Destroy Western Culture
A Christian is Martyred by Muslims Every 5 Minutes; Obama says "There's Nothing We Can Do"
Here's The List Of WOMEN Hillary Attacked & Shamed AFTER Bill Molested Them (the real war on women)

The whipping girl: Screaming in agony, a woman collapses as she and a man are caned under Sharia law in Indonesia merely for being 'seen in close proximity' to each other without being married (the religion of peace)


2015: Hillary Clinton's Year of 111 Scandals, Lies and Flip-Flops (holy cow, when will people realize she is NOT presidential material)
It begins: Massachusetts Court tells Catholic School it Must Hire Homosexuals (and we were told this wouldn't happen)
You Could be Fined $250,000 for using the Wrong Pronoun (absolutely ridiculous)
Muslim Family Whines "Racism" For Being Kicked Off Plane, LOOK What We Just Caught Them Doing


Christ Hidden in Our Schools, While Muhammad Roams the Halls Freely
College Kids Actually Trying to BAN "White Christmas" because... RACISM (if these kids are our future, then God help us)


Emails Show Hillary Ignored Concerns About Device Security
A Third of Syrian Rebels Agree with ISIS (and these are the people Obama is arming)
When You See How Cruz's Children Were Depicted in WaPo Cartoon, You'll Understand Why He's Not Happy (can you imagine the outrage if the media portrayed Obama's daughters like this)
Ted Cruz Fires Back at Washington Post With Cartoon of His Own: "Seems Like a Better Idea" (Ted's response)
$7,500 A NIGHT: Want to See How Obama's Spending Your Money For Christmas Vacation? (1 night = rent for a year)
School CRUMBLES after teachers told not to punish minority students because of white privilege                    
Teacher Sues School After Nearly DYING, The Reason Why Will Make You ANGRY AS HELL
SHOCKING 1995 Video Surfaces of Barack Obama Revealing Who Obama REALLY Is [VIDEO]
Hamas-CAIR tied Deputy Sheriff Teaches Jihadis How to Use Guns in US Mosque


Media Says Trump Supporter Threatened to Blow Up Mosque, But Here's Who He REALLY Supported
Trump Told The Cameramen To Zoom Out...Now The MSM Doesn't Want You To See This


Judge Jeanine: Hillary poses greatest danger to our safety [VIDEO] (holy cow, you don't want to miss this)
Muslim EXPLODES After Hearing White Man's 6-Word Joke...Then Stranger Comes Forward, Destroys Her (Bias?)


More Evidence Global Warming Is a Hoax

BREAKING: 17 Black Thugs Arrested for Burning White Girl Alive...The MSM Is SILENT
Obama Reportedly Makes Eyebrow-Raising Terrorism Remark in Private Talk With Columnists... A Short Time Later, Comment Disappears From NY Times Story (Bias?)

Hillary Clinton: The criminal investigation keeps moving forward


The DHS Monitors YOUR Social Media Accounts, But REFUSES To Monitor These…
Professor Offers Extra Credit on Exam to Students Who Choose "Correct’ Definition of Donald Trump

Troubling and Unanswered Questions About the San Bernardino Massacre
Cops Made WEIRD Discovery Buried Where MUSLIMS Bought Cellphones



Loretta Lynch’s Pro-Muslim Rhetoric Stems from Her Own Ties to a Pro-Terrorist Group


SHOCK: 72 'Homeland Security' Employees on Terrorist Watch List

At Least 22 Verified Islamic Terror Training Camps in US – All Under the Watchful Eye of the FBI

Islamic Child Abuse gets you Probation in Arizona

In my opinion "people in power who have betrayed America"

Rule #1: Always assume stories are reported with a bias. (example)

Just because a news/media organization, the president, a senator, congressman or a political appointee states something as if its fact -- it doesn't mean its true. Always seek confirmation from multiple sources.

Note: This is a personal website. I am not paid for my effort of maintaining this site and the anecdotal comments are my personal opinion. Simply put, I do this out of frustration of the very corrupt media and for the number of uninformed people running around this country. I do not claim that all of the news articles are 100% accurate. I am simply informing you of additional facts, or information the news/media organizations are hiding from you.

Caveat: Don't be fooled into thinking that those in control will give it up willingly. They have devised unique ways to mislead, misinform or simply flat out lie to "we the people". Examples include website with names designed to make you think they are trustworthy, fake social media accounts, professional commentaries (whose job is to seek out and comment on news articles that support their agenda in order to appear as if it is normal everyday people commenting), repeating lies through use of multiple outlets (again in order to make it appear more legitimate)...