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As you can see this is my first time a making a web page. I have been at these computers for thirteen years now and learn the hard way (trial and error -- lots of errors) I own a Full Service gas station selling gas and fixing broken cars and pickups for a living, also tow the wrecks away. Been in business for 45 years now. I change this a lot to keep everyone guessing what will be on next. You can send me a comment on what should be here or what to take out, I might not listen, but try any way.

This page is always

When it gets bad for you....

My Hobby


When it gets that bad, I think I will quit playing the silly game.. (Maybe not)


I'm 12 year old and weigh 8.5# and 7" high,


I'm a black male toy poodle

My E-Mail address is 

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