The English Valleys Class of 1964 celebrated its 50-year reunion yesterday at Knoll Ridge Country Club on Saturday, September 20 with 37 class members in attendance. Those attending were back Rowena (Dobbins) Jones, Nancy (Rusbult) Keating, Rebecca (Shaw) Auld, Connie (Fehlberg) Beachy, Maxine (Casteel) MacDonald, Louise (Smith) Avery, LeRoy Butler, Max Colbert, Michelle (Gilmore) Blaylock, Carolyn (Warner) Elwood, Darcy (Brown) Koehn, Virginia (Hall) Miller, Linda (Snakenberg) Melsha, Patty (Struble) Buswell, Helen (Westfall) Popham, Janice (Netser) Trumpold, Jill (Wemer) Mason, Linda (Frederickson) Schmidt, Georgia (Newman) Jones, front Jerry Dennis, Jack Winegarden, Jim Lee, Kelly Newhouse, Mick Yoss, Greg Brower, Kathy (Coffman) Stevens, Vance Hall, Virginia (Gilchrist) Kleppinger, Sam Wade, Les Collingwood, John Glanz, Richard Fry, Darrell Aldrich, John Lown, Gary Schultz, Francis Johnston, and John Culp.
Class of 1949 in 2014: back Dean Gibbens, Myron Bohrn, John Banes, Larry Spence, Larry Coffman, Harold Bohrn, Bill Berry, front Ardys (Claypool) Weber, Benny Osweiler, Helen Marie (Lockridge) Davis, Gerry (Johnston) Van Dee, Joyce (MIller) Denslow, Etheldene (Keller) Abbott, and Jeanette (Dougherty) Nayadley.

The Class of 2009 had a great time at their five-year reunion during Fun Days: front Audrey Shaull, Brittney Adams, Chelsy (Mast) Sellers, Samantha Valentine, Jackie Dillon, Tilly Schmidt, 2nd row left to right Stephanie Rank, Morgan Glaspie, Robby Gorsch, David Black, Luke Morrison, Spencer Coffman third row, Stephanie Agnew, Jorie Icenbice, Drew Buckley, back Ryan Faas, Preston Grimm, Clayton Voss, Tyler Voss, Ryan Grimm, and Joe Warren.

Class of 1984: back John Grimm, Mark Miller, David Vercande, Chris (Gorsh) Hester, Mary (Long) Glaspie, Larry Thurman, Ron Wehr, front Jeff Miller, Frosty Plank, Doreen (Denison) Ferris, Tammy (Vitt) Stanerson, Vickie (Knipfer) Sherman, Phil Hester, Tammy Claypool, Jeff Reber, Jody (Blaylock) Moler, Jody Bringman, Angie (Neuhaus) Myers, and James Myers.

Class of 1994: back Bobbi Jaeger, Trista (Caskey) Schaffner, Cindy (Hervey) Menke, AJ Kisling, Jen (O’Rourke) Steckly, middle Mike Holt, Steve Rauch, Amy Rowe, Andrea (Hall) Cerwinske, Brock Moore, Chris Goodman, Jon Reed, Jeremy Fisher, front Will Axmear.

Class of 1969: back Pat Bates, Anne (Himler) Zavis, Ken Faas, Steve Carter, Wyman Jacobs,middle, Randy Foubert, Sherry Hershberger, Janie (Kerr) Miller, Linda (Strasser) Huff, Donna (Wallace) Loux, Marilee (Dillon) Reasoner, Julie (Coxe) Stanerson, front Alice (Florang) Stramer, Julie (Dudrey) Brown, Ed Hervey, David Seaba, Raymond Holsclaw, Gary Davisson, and Bonnie (Eash) Pospisil.

Some classmates from the EV Class of 1961 enjoyed a little get together last Thursday at the EV History Center. Those who were able to attend were Linda (Reed) Lee, Rose (Chittick) Wilcox, Patricia (Montross) Gaherty, Janet (Learned) Hevey, Betty Jane (Marine) Woodward, Patricia (McNally) Denison, front Ken Harris, and Chester Ballard.

The North English High School Class of 1953 got together recently to celebrate their 60th year. Those in attendance were: back Gene Cobb, Ira Berstler, Ross Knipfer, Gene Denison, Morris Bohrn, Dick Miller, front Mary Ann (Harris) Fuller, Mary Ann (Hahn) Trimpe, Robert Harris, and Stanley Kolosik.

English Valleys Class of 1963 in 2013: back John Cobb, Lois (Ott) Bassett, Kermith Shettler, Ken Wallace, Terry Caskey, Diane (Hedges) Gent, Gary Worrall, second row Denise (Hogendorn) Naughton, Bonnie (Ballard) Bergman, Karen (Banes) Westfall, Barb (Netser) Womer, Dixie (Newman) Knipfer, Rosalie (Peck) Smith, Karyl (Blaylock) Miller, Edwin Jordan, third row Lorrie (Bucher) Niman, Linda (Vitt) Hohenshell, Tim Winegarden, Duane Gibson, Hubert Gent, Bob Miller, Stanley Knipfer, Don Dorrance, Tom Chittick, front Sheila (Watson) Chapman, Lynn Moffitt, Kathy (Hollingsworth) Moore, Bob Niman, Glenn Knipfer, and Karen (Van Dee) Kerkove.

Some EV Girls of 1964 got together recently at Galena, Illinois, to enjoy each other's company and to begin planning their reunion for next year. Those in the group were back Michelle (Gilmore) Blaylock, Virginia (Hall) Miller, Georgia (Newman) Jones, Kathy (Coffman) Stevens, Virginia (Gilchrist) Kleppinger, Louise (Smith) Avery, Linda (Snakenburg) Melsha, Linda (Frederickson) Schmidt, Janice (Netser) Trumpold, Jill (Wemer) Mason, middle Nancy (Rusbult) Keating, Carolyn (Warner) Elwood, Darcy (Brown) Koehn, Patricia (Struble) Buswell, Helen (Westfall) Popham, front Maxine (Casteel) MacDonald,  Connie (Fehlberg) Beachy, and Rowena (Dobbins) Jones.

The English Valleys Class of 1958 met recently to celebrate their 55th year since graduation. Those in attendance at the Ox Yoke Inn in Amana were back Don Kirkpatrick, Pat (Bower) Wade, Mary Ann (O’Rourke) McKenna, Lanny Hall, Chuck Garringer, Janice (Gilchrist) Giblin, front Pat McKenna, Elaine (Faas) Salonitro, Tressa (Cobb) Slaubaugh, Treva (Cobb) Middlekauf, and Linda (Van Auken) Conner-Rathman.

The Class of 1973 celebrated its 40th class reunion during Fun Days on July 27. Those attending were: back Marc Romine, Kim Coffman, Jacki (Garringer) McDermott, Jeff Parsons, David Sauter, Steve Stoner, Jim Hoylman, Jim Frazier, Rick Ayers, Ron Good, Ralph Rowe, Kevin Brower, Greg Klipp, front Nancy Weber, Debbie (O'Brien) Fier, Connie (Dennis) Peiffer, Diann (Bonnater) Cassens, Helen (Kirkpatrick) Schweitert, Janet (Griner) Butler, and Pam Denison.

The English Valleys Class of 1968 celebrated its 45th year since high school at Knoll Ridge Country Club on July 20. Those in attendance were: back Lloyd Warner, Jan (Miller) Sauter, John Hall, Marie (Garringer) Eberhardt, Bonnie (Netser) Romine, Delores (Scandridge) Reinhart, Richard Henson, Randy Lown, Jon Harris, Dale Chittick, middle Deb (Shafer) Goldsmith, Patty (Van Dyke) Wille, Karen “Susie” (Popham) Summers, Nancy (Kessel) Townsend, Karyl (Bouslog) Thomas, Judy (McAllister) Tinnes, Connie (Van Dee) Greene, Julie (Johnston) Richards, Mary Miller, front David Stutzman, Jim Wade, Gary Kolosik, Ken Chaney, Doyal Roberts, Gary Miller, and Ben Vercande.

The EV Class of 1983 enjoyed their 30th reunion on June 29th at Knoll Ridge Country Club. Those attending were:  back Alan Ackerman, Dan Knipfer, Ron Johannsen, Ed Long, Robin Blaylock, Brad Coffman, Brad Miller, front Bill King, Mary (Osweiler) Gent, Sally (Bucher) Long, Mollie (Grove) Loving, and Joe Westfall.

The Class of 2003 got together on June 22 at the Field House in North Liberty to celebrate the ten years that have passed since they graduated from EVHS. Those in attendance were: back Justin Larson, Lynston (Blaine) Hummer, Andrew Miller, Dennis Long, Stacy (Gavin) Jennings, Adam Gent, Brian Fischer, David Brandon,  front Jessica Ludwig, Jennifer Icenbice, Christin Rodgers, Juliann (Robison) Murphy, Ryan Montross, Jeremy Thomas, and Amberley Lucas.

At their 15th reunion, the Class of 1997 met at Knoll Ridge on Saturday evening, December 15. The former classmates in attendance were: back Jamie (Benson) Fleming, Tanner Morrison, Jon Kolosik, Steve Axmear, Drew Achenbach, front Jennifer (Smith) Roberts, Beverly Flint, Brook (Reed) Ritchie, Sarah (Kolosik) Brecht, and Katie Tippie.

The Class of 1977 enjoyed a large get together this summer at Knoll Ridge: Front row left to right: Melia Wilkerson - Snakenberg, Lynn Morrison, Anita Montross - Koopmans, Randy Moyer, Terry Harriman, Mike Hahn.
Second row left to right: Deb Gent - Rethman, Deb Smith - Hall, Crystal Shettler - Stoner, Daryl Hervey, Maxine Matthes - Hervey, Mariann Casteel - Gibson, Bill Weber, Bob Chittick, Barry McCombs, Doug Osweiler, Mike (Chip) Garringer,
Third row left to right: Cathy Stephenson - Fry, Brenda Smith - Custer, John (Hoss) Calvin, Rick Lee, Bill Hoylman, Jeff Gorsh, Steve Rose, Jim Conrad.

Some members of the EV Class of 2002 had a good time getting together at Knoll Ridge Country Club on the homecoming weekend of September 22. Shown here are: back Logan Lee, Ashley Clubb, Andrea Frazier Achenbach, Greg O’Rourke, Will Luers, Christina Levers Grissom, Becci Holden, Lisa Brandon Vargas, Anthony Forbes, front Todd Achenbach, Amanda Weldon Miller, Stacey Carson Huedepohl, Danielle Lyle Render, and Danica Morrison Roe.

The Class of 1967 enjoyed celebrating their 45th year during the Fun Days event last weekend. After a full day in the parade and at the Malt Shop and History Center, they got together in the evening at City Park. Here they are shown in the upper shelter: back Leo Gent, Denny Denton, Dan McDonald, Myron Stoner, Art Peck, Ron Banes, Ron Struble, Steve Miller, Bob Dillon, Linda Hedrick Schroeder, front Honore Hogendorn Johnston, Linda Coffman Markowski, Jackie Lockridge Wallace, Bev Hayes Brink, Carolyn Van Fleet Toomer, and Cheryl Morse Stufflebeam.
The Class of 1967 met at the EV Malt Shop for lunch on Fun Days Saturday on July 28, 2012, after riding a float in the Fun Days Parade. Later in the day, they also got together with even more classmates in the Upper Shelter at City Park.
During the Fun Days weekend of 2012, the Class of 1987 celebrated its 25th year since graduation. In this photo, we see Cory Clabaugh, Phil Baker, Sharon Northup Kriegel, Sherry Mahan Weber, Lynn Pope, Bryan Coffman, Brian Hayes, front, Dan Vercande, Aaron Romine, Shellie O'Brien Striegel, Chris Carter, Bill Scandridge, Laura Hester Stallman, and Brent Moore.
The Class of 1992 had a small, cozy gathering at the Community Center in North English on the Saturday evening of Fun Days. In this photo, we see Bob Smith, Keats Allison, Galen Young, Travis Kerkove, Chad Clabaugh, Pete Sanders, front, Beth Elwood Faidley, Kim Knipfer Cobb, Heather Popham Stoner, and Sarah Romine Ernst.

This is a class photo that comes to us late. On June 22, 2007, the North English Class of 1951 met at the Colony Village Restaurant at Little Amana. In this photo we see Carroll Bauer, Loren Tedrow, Marlyn Downing, Marlene (Schauff) Todd, Bonnie (Voss) Smith, Margaret (McKenna) Malloy,  Naoma (Greenlee) Hauser, Larry Banes (deceased), Charles Johnston (deceased), and Peggy (Swartz) Vercande.

Class of 1996: back Jesse Axmear, Wes Marks, Dustin Stutzman, Jeremi Lown, Hunter Moffitt, Nate Snakenberg, front Kim (O’Rourke) Schleusner, Erin (Huber) Koehn, Jayme (O’Rourke) Mews, Brande (Hervey) Lehman, Katy (Van Dyke) McDonald, Wendy (Sampson) Sebetka, and Melissa Hunt.

Class of 1986: Connie (Shafranek) Reyerson, Corinna (Clubb) Wonderlich, Nancy (Long) Morrison, Renee (Wehr) Ouellette, Nancy (Vercande) Wilkerson, Laure (Lee) Coffman, with Joel Adams in front.

Class of 2001: back Betsy (Knipfer) Frazier, Mitchell Frazier, Sarah (Klipp) Hettinger, Kyle Wade, Katy Griner, Annie (Weber) Schott, Angie Myers, Tim Conrad, Lisa (Grimm) Conrad, front Stella O'Rourke, Amy Gorsh, and Stacy (Axmear) Ackerman. Not pictured, but present: Steven Banes, Allen Bestland, Tina Lucas, Billie Jo (Selck) Gibson, Justin Render, and Skylar Shifflett.

Still fabulous at 65… Here’s a group of classmates that enjoys getting together whenever they can. A number of girls from the EV Class of 1964 got together for a fun weekend at Galena, Illinois recently, and here’s the photo to show it. In this photo, we see back Maxine Casteel MacDonald, Kathy Coffman Stevens, Ginny Hall Miller, Virginia Gilchrist Kleppinger, Carolyn Warner Elwood, Louise Smith Avery, Michelle Gilmore Blaylock, Georgia Newman Jones, Linda Fredericksen Schmidt,  front Nancy Rusbult Keating, Darcy Brown Koehn, Linda Snakenburg Melsha, Patricia Struble Buswell, and Helen Westfall Popham.

The Class of 1981 had a rip-roaring reunion weekend with a variety of events to celebrate their 30th year. After an enjoyable evening of float-building, they rode in the Saturday morning parade on Main Street to start their busy day. And...

The Class of 1981 then met at Knoll Ridge in the afternoon to dine together and to renew old friendships. Those shown here are: back Mike Dye, Dan Sauter, Kirk Holeton, Dan Bauer, Rick Lown, John Gent, Doug Lanphier, Tom Voss, John O'Brien, Kenny Klipp, Bob Scandridge, Dave Morrison, Brad Aldrich, Daina Wilkerson, Mary Tyrrell McCullough, Bob Berstler, Scott Clubb, Mike Cobb, Brian Elwood, front Greg Parmenter, Robin Rich Taylor, Monica Leinenweaver Klipp, Shirley Grove Kelderman, Tammie Minear Manley, Denita Coffman Nelson, Shelley Knipfer McClellan, Renee O'Brien Weldon, Bea Prado, Cindy Moyer Hovell, Julie Glandon James, and Andy Weber. And...
To complete the day, the Class of 1981 met at City Park in the evening to enjoy the music and fireworks with their classmates from 30 years ago. In this photo, we see back Scott Clubb, Brad Aldrich, Bob Scandridge, Daina Wilkerson, John O'Brien, Kirk Holeton, Cindy Flanegan McCombs, Roxy Wehr Robinson, Bob Berstler, Bonnie Sorden Tremmel, Monica Leinenweaver Klipp, Lorrie Smith, front Brian Elwood, Cynthia Moyer Hovell, Renee O'Brien Weldon, Tracy Mason Swalbach, Bea Prado Patrus, Julie Sorden, Betty Bullard Sorden, and Julie Glandon James.
The Class of 1971 celebrated their 40th year as graduates of EVHS by meeting at the upper shelter in City Park on Fun Days Saturday, July 30. Those attending were: back Meri Beorkrem Coash, Rhonda Pilkington Heck, Joellyn Seaba Caskey, Sherry Bouslog Strohman, Elaine Roller Kolosik, Christine Ballard Goldman, Connie Brubaker Scanlon, Alan Glandon, front Stanley Chittick, Dan Thomas, Gregg Wilkerson, Dan Strohman, Scott Holden, Dean Winegarden, and Denny Achenbach.
The Class of 1969 has this unusual habit of getting together at Fun Days every year because they always have so much fun. In this photo, from the left, Jane Greene, Sherry Hershberger Patterson, Ed Hervey, Suellen Wilkerson Seaba, Mrs. Carter, Janet Holsclaw, Raymond Holsclaw, Kenneth Faas, Marilee Dillon Reasoner, Mr. Reasoner, Mr. Zavis, Anne Himler Zavis, David Seaba, and Steve Carter all met at City Park and enjoyed the evening together.
The English Valleys Class of 1966 enjoyed getting together for their 45th year reunion at Knoll Ridge Country Club on Saturday, July 23, 2011. Class members in attendance were: back Richard Morrison, Louise Ballard Davis, Lynette Newberry Rickels, Gene Walters, Gary Williams, John Garringer, Jane Gilmore Axmear, Tony Miller, Marsha Morrison Steinhart, Ed Sauter, middle Richard Coffman, Mike Bates, Marsha Cram Newhouse, Vickie Kolosik Parker, John Hester, Linda Hahn Gilliland, Kathy Kurtz Rogers, front John Gregan, Linda Greiner Packard, Phyllis Peirce Morrison, Paul O'Rourke, and Pam Stoner Williams.
The English Valleys Class of 1961 held their 50th year class reunion at Knoll Ridge Country Club in North English on Saturday evening, May 28, 2011. Class members in attendance were: front Coleen Miller McArtor, Linda Reed Lee, Rose Chittick Wilcox, Rita Bower Barnett, middle Rosemary Bouslog Lyon, Carolyn Miller Newman, Betty Jane Marine Woodward, Linda Popham Vikel, Patricia Montross Gaherty, Pat McNally Denison, Bonnie Robison Myers, back David Wade, Jerry Kerkove, Lyle Miller, Gary Blaylock, Brenda Morgan Hollingsworth, Gary Wemer, Susanne Kurtz Wolrab, Chester Ballard, Roger Ron Evans, Linda Coxe Hayes, Bill Riess, and Larry McArtor.
Class of 1975: back Dallas Zimmerman, David Smith, Dan Lown, Robert Coffman, Rick Cavanaugh, Gordon Troyer, Joe Strohman,
middle Bill Bowman, Susan (Lockridge) Miller, Pat Ackerman, Melody (Heath) Van Dee, Barbara Thurman, Carol (Lown) Trier, Tracy Kolosik, front Scott Wilkerson, Cindy Weber, April (Hogendorn) Rouner, Maggie (Herman) Bickford, Patty (Littrel) Skokan, and Brenda (Stephenson) Lown.

Class of 2000 in 2010: back Matt Miller, Shaun Kukuzke, Ean Caskey, Tyler Van Dee, Brad Robison, Sasha (Sorden) Hoylman, Corey Ackerman, Maria Gorsch,  Doug Schaffner, front Kristin Hunt, Amanda Mikesell, Chrissy Van Berkum, Brandy (Claypool) Vercande, Jessica (Snakenberg) Kukuzke, Amy Osweiler, Elicia Olsen, Alason (Husband) Jones, Krystle (Gent) Davis, Heather (James) Steele, and Lynnae (Luers) Callison.

Class of 1965: back Sue Boley Jorgenson, Cheryl Zimmerman Hall, Vickie Van Dee Plank, Kathy Snedigar Monaghan, Patricia Garrett Marks, Karen Gascho Dunn, Janice Humphreys Finch, Leslie Hogendorn Slaubaugh, Diana Shull Tjornehoj, Pam Cavenaugh Schiel, Jelene Roberts McCain, Charlene Fehlberg Roth, front  Lyle Hervey, Gary Walton, Ted Rogers, Ron Miller, Keith Van Dee, Jim O’Rourke, Mike Johnston, and Scott Romine.

Class of 1969: back David Seaba, Kenneth Faas, Steve Carter, Edward Hervey, Randy Foubert, front Alice Florang Stramer, Marilee Dillon Reasoner, Sherry Hershberger Patterson, and Anne Himler Zavis. 

“Our class, with a larger representation last year during our 40th, decided we had so much fun rekindling friendships that we should have our 41st this year!” – Alice Stramer

Class of 1990: back Jeff Cobb, Amney Axmear Pope, Damon Winegarden, Kathryn Elwood Moreland, DeLisa Chittick Baker, Peter Elwood, Brian Moore, second  Mike Northup, Bonnie McAllister Schlak, Patricia Bower, Joani Blosser Westhoff,  Jennifer Thein Walter, Stacy Ayers Hester, Keya Winegarden Cox, Tina Ayers Haack, Julie Blosser Zuber, front Phil Grimm, and Brad Wade.

Alumni Banquet 2010 – *Click here for more scenes*

The NEHS Class of 1955 celebrated their graduation of 55 years ago by gathering at the Colony Village Restaurant in Little Amana the evening of May 28.  The following were in attendance: 1st Row – Shirley Hals Karrar, Atkins; Margaret Marine Lown, North English; Robert Bucher, St. Joseph, MO; Mary Fancher Boes, Golden, CO; Richard Fancher, Hayden Lake, ID, 2nd Row – Robert Moffit, North English; Kay Stansbury Davisson, West Branch; Ann Van Dee Berstler, Marengo; Larry Faas, Tempe, AZ; Lynn Harriman, Ottumwa, 3rd Row – Marcia Newhouse Clemmens, Cedar Rapids, Darlene Denison Sissel, Anamosa; JoRae Hogendorn Peiffer, Murray, KY; Joyce Martin Molander, Crawfordsville; Sandra Walsh Spain, What Cheer; Connie Robu Baack, Homestead; Robert Wilkerson, North English; Larry Fuller, North English.

Celebrating their 60th year!
The North English High School Class of 1950 held their 60-year class reunion at noon Friday, May 28, at the Ox Yoke Interstate Restaurant. This photo shows those who attended from the NEHS Class of 1950: back Dick Grimm, North English; Jay Vest, Keokuk, IA; Jerry Harris, North English; Mary Lou (Lockridge) Harris, North English; Dick Smith, Walford, IA; Gene Popham, Rathdrum, ID, middle Patty (Netser) Davisson; Marjorie (DeBont) Burden, Mt. Pleasant, IA; Rex Cheney, Monticello, IA; Don Smith, Stewartsville, MN; Kenneth Donahue, North English, front Joyce (Worrall) McCullough, Deep River, IA; Imogene (Osweiler) Steele, Deep River, IA; Betty Jo (Gilchrist) Donahue, North English; Marie (Hahn) Snakenberg, Sigourney, IA; Marie (Ruth) Gibbens, Cedar Rapids, IA; Phyllis (Grove) James, Fort Worth, TX.

Class of 1964 Fun Days Reunion 2009: back John Scandridge, Darrell Aldridch, Virginia Gilchrist Kleppinger, Greg Brower, Kelly Newhouse, second Connie Fehlberg Beachy, Pat Struble Buswell, Linda Snakenberg Melsha, Janice Netser Trumphold, John Glanz, Sam Wade, third Nancy Rusbult Keating, Maxine Casteel MacDonald, Carolyn Warner Elwood, Virginia Hall Miller, fourth Richard Peirce, Jim Lee, John O’Rourke, John Reed, John Lown, Jack Winegarden, Max Colbert, Mickey Yoss, fifth Leanne Bair Junko, Linda Frederickson Schmidt, Louise Smith Avery, Becky Cassidy Stanley, Michelle Gilmore Blaylock, Darcy Brown Koehn, Helen Westfall Popham, Georgia Newman Jones, Jerry Dennis, front Les Collingwood, Daryl Newberry, Kathy Coffman Stevens, and Vance Hall.

Class of 1969 Fun Days Reunion 2009: back Anne (Himler) Zavis, Ray Holsclaw, Wyman Jacobs, Terry Lee, Ed Hervey, Randy Foubert, Ken Faas, Pat Gent, front Bonnie (Eash) Pospisil, Marilee (Dillon) Reasoner, Martha (O'Rourke) Mikesell, David Seaba, Alice (Florang) Stramer
EVents around EV
Class of 1982 Reunion in September 2009: back R. J. Mahan, Mary Beth Woodward (Knipfer), Donna Mast (Hatzenbuehler),  Tom Garringer, Alan Shifflett, Georgia Ackerman (Gent), Mary Westfall, middle Jody Cavenaugh, David Knipfer, Andy Clubb, Don Ballard, Randy Weber, Mike Bucher, Kevin Parmenter, Mike Claypool, front Brenda Vercande (Hooper), and Becky Scandridge (Hofmeister)
The senior basketball girls of 1990 enjoyed getting together at a Saturday night ballgame at EV on Jan. 30, 2010. In the back row, Amy Northup Stevens, Tina Ayers Haack, Kathryn Elwood Moreland, DeLisa Chittick Baker, Stacy Ayers Hester, front Holli Newberry Welsh, Keya Winegarden Cox, Jennifer Thein Walter, and Bonnie McAllister Schlak.
Class of 1979 Fun Days Reunion 2009: back Bob Voss, Bryan Ruegsegger, Ron Bodkins, Dave Axmear, middle Susan Hervey Fowler, Julie Coffman Fahnle, Leonard Phillips, Brenda Frazier McArtor , Deanne Denison Cornelison, Larry Achenbach, Gloria Grimm Mesick, Kim Bucher Maxwell, Deb Fetzer Boyd, front Suzanne Moyer Hedges, Lora Lee Shettler Fisher, Melody Reinert Schwenke, and Joni Shifflett Jensen.

Class of 1994 Fun Days Reunion 2009: Bobbie Jo Kracht, Steve Rauch, Jeremy Fisher, Anne Elwood Gross, Andrea Cerwinske, Jason Lyle, Amy Rowe, Will Axmear, Troy Banning, Jen O'Rourke Steckly, Jamie Thein, Cindy Banes Kruse, Mindy Strohman Steele, Marcy Westphal Bueti, Carl Kukuzke, Cindy Menke, Danette Bazyn Moore, Tara Henson Heyne, Trista Caskey Schaffner, Bobbi Jaeger, and Mike Holt.

Class of 1959 Fun Days Reunion 2009: back Gary Mullin, Lynn Aldrich, Russell Prandy, Jim Strausser, Dean Riess, Fred Axmear, Larry Clubb, Lyle Collingwood, Bob Esser, Larry McCallister, John McKenna, Pat O'Rourke, Chuck Bower, front Karen Goody White, Jane Wade Dietze, Karen Coffman Wadsworth, Sandra Hahn Shettler, Darlene Cheney Morgan, Darlene Lown Vercande, Sharon Wilhite Hagen, Judy Andrews Hunt, Helen Coffman Murray, Arnold Carter, Kathleen Powell Troyer, Ned Casady, Phyllis Reed Shoemaker, Margaret Mumm Seeber, and Tom Thurman


Class of 1958 with one extra “kid”: back Ron Morgan, Brent Morgan, Lanny Hall, Carl Fehlberg middle Tom Thurman (1959), Bill Kolosik, Margaret Goody Christy, Mary Anne O’Rourke McKenna, Marsha Hogendorn Raitt, Janice Gilchrist Gilpin, seated Pat McKenna, and Don Kirkpatrick.


Class of 1963: standing behind Tim Winegarden, Lois Ott Bassett, Duane Gibson, John Cobb, Don Dorrance, Kermit Shettler, Edwin Jordan, Kenny Wallace, Bob Miller, Glenn Knipfer, Larry Simeons, Bob Niman, Terry Caskey, Lynn Moffit, seated in front Dick Hall, Bonnie Ballard Bergman, Kathy Moore Hollingsworth, Denise Hogendorn Naughton, Dixie Newman Knipfer, Barb Netser Womer, Lorrie Bucher Niman, and Gary Worrall.


Class of 1978: back Dan Foubert, David Foubert, David Wilkerson, Curtis Wilkerson, Paul Weber, Kim Gorsh Wilkerson, Mike Meiborg, Bryan Lee, Bill Van Dee, Patty Voss, Kristie Moffit Hargis, Cindy Banes Belland, Jeff Brower, Sandra Sondag McNamar, Steve Coffman, Bill McArtor, front John Frazier, Jill Coffman, Phil Osweiler, Deb Flanagan Troyer, Crystal Denison Weiss, Diana Green Bayes, Marla Myers, Mary Ann Holeton Teggatz, and Mark Claypool laying down in front.

These members of the Class of 1968 celebrated their 40th during the North English Fun Days on Saturday, July 26. From the left: Lloyd Warner, Dick Henson, Bonnie Netser Romine, John Hall, Rita Florang Northup, Marie Garringer Eberhardt, Julie Johnston Thein, Larry Lee, Karen Allum Hohle, Gary Miller, Susan Kerkove Lee, Jim Smith, Jim Wade, Connie Van Dee Greene, Randy Lown, Shirley Glider Knight, Kathy Keiser O'Rourke, and Karyl Bouslog Thomas. Not pictured are Ken Chaney and Chris Boley.
At the Saturday, Dec 15 basketball game against Keota at English Valleys, members of the girls team of 1977 and boys team of 1978 were recognized, along with some of their coaches. These basketball teams of 30 years ago were the first EV girls to compete in state competition and the SICL boys conference champions. From the left, Coach David Hutchcroft, Kim Gorsh Wilkerson, Patty Voss, Crystal Shettler Stoner, Linda Frazier Adams, Cindy Banes Belland, Chaperone Sue Banning, Assistant Coach Don Banning, Brad Kirkpatrick, Curtis Wilkerson, John Conrad, David Foubert, Larry Achenbach, and David Wilkerson. After the games, there was an alumni gathering at Knoll Ridge.



On a rainy morning on the Main Street of North English, before the celebration parade began, these ladies of the Class of 1957 were out, looking at the town. They are Agnes Pope Guzzardo, Roscoe, IL; Julia Martin Reber, North English; Betty Colbert Hellman, Waterloo, IA; Mary Sue Grove Hawk, Denver, CO; Janice Schultz Westerholm, Albuquerque, NM; Jane Andrews Hedden, Green Valley, AZ.

These members of the Class of 1967 visited the History Center with some of their spouses: Mike Thomas (Francis Worrall's husband), Helen and Bob Jorgenson, Donna Swink Hospordarsky, Honore Hogendorn Johnston, Arthur Peck, Francis Worrall Thomas, Peggy Murphy Osbourne, Beverly Hayes Brink, Denny Denton, and Darrell Seaba.