Welcome to our Cobol-WOW sample programs page. You will find several samples below to choose from to demonstrate some actual programming with Cobol-WOW. You can download these zipped files by clicking the filename or the image associated with it.

wsar.zip - Looking for a serious sample which covers all the bases? This sample AR system provided by a user gives an example of real-life WOW programming, going way beyond the situations we describe in our manual. (226K)

wsgetdc.zip - Want to know a little about the environment your Windows programming is executing in? This sample demonstrates how to use the GetDeviceCaps API function to determine the vertical and horizontal resolution of the display.(6K)

wssettab.zip - Setting tabs in a list box is one of those places where Windows programming seems too much like 'C'! This sample, however, should get you going.(1K)

wstimer.zip - A timer can be a pretty handy little gadget. This sample shows you how to create and destroy a Windows timer.(6K)


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