ETS has a long history of creating RM/COBOL products. As the authors of the RM/PANELS products we have a special interest in RM/COBOL users. We are proud to offer several products that make it easy to deploy RM/COBOL applications in client/server and Internet architectures.

If you want to use Visual Basic to create your client software, Cobol-RPC is the product you need to connect your Visual Basic programs to your legacy COBOL programs. Cobol-RPC is the fastest, simplest, easiest to configure, and most flexible approach to integrating Visual Basic and RM/COBOL. Cobol-RPC allows your Visual Basic programs to pass standard data to your COBOL programs, eliminating the need for special calls in your VB code. Cobol-RPC allows your server programs to remain completely standard, receiving parameters in the LINKAGE SECTION, again eliminating the need for special calls and dramatically simplifying the integration process. Check out Visual Basic Programming with Cobol-RPC for more details.

If you are staying with the all-COBOL approach using RM/Panels you have two options. If you want to restructure your application into a multi-tier architecture, separating your user-interface logic from your business logic, Cobol-RPC provides the distributing processing capabilities you need to seamlessly connect client and server logic.

There is another approach to client/server with RM/PANELS that is very exciting. This is the RM/PANELS thin-client approach. By combining Cobol-RPC with RM/PANELS you can actually run your Unix application using Windows clients with a true graphical user interface without rewriting or restructuring your application. For details on this exciting architecture check out RM/PANELS Client/Server.

Another possibility is that you will want to deploy the user interface of your application on a client connected to a server across the Internet. The Web isn't the only way to Internet enable your application, you know! With Cobol-RPC you can create an RM/COBOL program to run on the client that CALL's an RM/COBOL program on the server across the Internet. With the features of RM/COBOL you can create a better user interface this way then by using the Web.

Of course, if you want to build an Internet application that can be accessed by anybody with a browser, the Web is the way to go. With Cobol-CGI you can easily link RM/COBOL programs to your Web pages.

These products make possible some very sophisticated application architectures without complex development. Give us a call and let's talk about what you would like to do!

For more information about RM/COBOL follow this link to Liant's web site.


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