COBOL continues to dominate the industry as the language of choice for the development of business software. To continue to move forward COBOL must be able to function effectively in a variety of client/server architectures and integrate with new technologies, like Windows. We have developed these products to do just that.

Exciting News: Users of RM/COBOL-85 can now purchase all our products directly from Liant Software Corporation and their distributors.

Cobol-WOW is a revolutionary new product that provides a seamless interface between COBOL and Windows. It actually makes it seem like Windows was designed just for COBOL! (Who knew?) Closely integrated user interface design and application coding makes building COBOL programs for Windows amazingly simple. If you think we might be stretching the truth, there is a fully functional demo of Cobol-WOW you can download and see for yourself! When you check this out we know you'll say Cobol-WOW!

Cobol-RPC is our implementation of Remote Program Calls for COBOL. It extends the functionality of the standard COBOL CALL statement, allowing a program to CALL a program on a remote computer. With this capability legacy COBOL applications can be quickly moved into a client/server architecture and new distributed applications can be developed. This product works across any network with TCP/IP support, including the Internet!

Cobol-CGI is our "COBOL friendly" Web interface. It eliminates the complexities of standard CGI and adds the capability to separate the COBOL application and data from the Web server. With Cobol-CGI, integrating a COBOL application with the Web is as simple as standard COBOL development.

Cobol-CGIX is our second generation web integration product for COBOL. Cobol-CGIX continues to provide the easy web interfacing included in our first generation product, Cobol-CGI, but adds the ability to format your response pages using any standard HTML editor! This simplifies your COBOL programs and eliminates their sensitivy to changes in the presentation.


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