As a MicroFocus user you are presented with an almost overwhelming set of tools for COBOL application development. Let's see where Cobol-RPC fits.

MicroFocus has several products designed for interprogram communication, including CCI and APPI. These products are flexible, but can be complex to use because you have to create the entire communication architecture yourself

We feel that since COBOL programs already have a standard method of communicating and passing parameters (the CALL statement) what is really needed is a way of extending that CALL statement functionality to work between separate computers. That is exactly what Cobol-RPC does.

It doesn't matter if you are creating graphical COBOL client programs using Panels, Dialog System, or the Windows API. If these programs need to be able to execute COBOL logic on the server you need Cobol-RPC. If you are using Visual Basic, Cobol-RPC will work for you too! Cobol-RPC will even let you deploy your application easily across the Internet.

As for the Web, we realize MicroFocus has some Web support in their COBOL. This is great for simple situations, but what if you have a Unix application that you want to connect to the Web, but don't want the Web Server running on your Unix box? Maybe you want to use an NT Web Server for better security, to separate the Web server from the application? Cobol-CGI lets you do that transparently!

These products make possible some very sophisticated application architectures without complex development. Give us a call and let's talk about what you would like to do!


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