Welcome to ETS and thank you for visiting our site. If you do COBOL development for Windows or are thinking about client/server or the Internet, we have a lot to offer you.

Exciting News: Cobol-WOW v2.10 is now shipping and a fully functional demo is available to download.

If you are even thinking about writing COBOL programs for Windows, you just have to check out Cobol-WOW (you can download a demonstration copy here!). Our Windows Object Workshop is the ideal interface between COBOL and Windows. Now you can easily combine the straightforward syntax and industrial strength of COBOL with the power and flexibility of the Windows user interface. You have to see it to believe it. COBOL never looked so good!

If you already have Cobol-WOW check out our WOW sample programs page where you can download several additional examples of WOW programming that supplement those on the distribution disk.

Are you ready to move your COBOL application to a client/server architecture, or do you need to build a COBOL application with distributed logic? If so, check out Cobol-RPC, a breakthrough implementation of distributed logic for COBOL!

Are you ready to put your application on the web? Cobol-CGIX makes it easy to build applications combining HTML pages and COBOL programs. You can build your pages in any HTML editor, and write COBOL programs that contain just business logic and standard COBOL data access. Cobol-CGIX makes HTML act like a COBOL user-interface tool!

Cobol-CGIX users visit our CGIX sample programs page where you can download samples to help you deal with some of the special issues in web application development.

What compiler do you use? We tailor our products specifically to each compiler's features and functionality. Check out what we are doing with Acucobol, RM/COBOL-85, MicroFocus, Fujitsu, mbp/Visual COBOL, and CA-Realia.

If you already own ETS products please take a few minutes to fill out our product registration page. This is not required, but will help us follow up with product support and keep you updated on enhancements and new releases which will benefit your COBOL development.

We hope our products will assist you as they are many others in moving COBOL into modern application architectures.


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