Fujitsu is rapidly gaining visibility as a COBOL vendor. We have taken a close look at their compiler and have begun porting our products to Fujitsu COBOL.

We are already shipping our basic web integration product, Cobol-CGI, for Fujitsu COBOL. Cobol-CGI makes it easy to integrate your Fujitsu COBOL applications with the World Wide Web.

Work is in progress to complete the port of Cobol-RPC. This product provides an easy approach to distributed logic and enhances web integration by overcoming the architectural and performance limitiations of CGI.

Cobol-RPC also allows you to connect a graphical front end built with PowerCOBOL to legacy COBOL applications built with another compiler!

These products make possible some very sophisticated application architectures without complex development. Give us a call and let's talk about what you would like to do!


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