Ready to build fast, full-featured Windows programs in COBOL? Then you are ready to download our latest fully functional Cobol-WOW v2.10 demonstration.

After you have downloaded Cobol-WOW and completed the User Information form, check out our sample programs page where you can download several additional examples of WOW programming that supplement those on the distribution disk.

The Cobol-WOW demonstration has two components. The first is the Cobol-WOW designer and runtime. The second is the complete on-line documentation. You will need to download, unzip, and install each separately using setup.exe.

To install and run the Cobol-WOW designer you do not need any additional software. However, to run the programs you build you will need the following:

1. An RM/COBOL compiler (DOS or Windows)
2. An RM/COBOL Windows runtime
Note: (versions for other compilers are planned)

We suggest you start by reviewing the online Programmer's Guide. This manual takes you step by step through the concepts of Windows programming. The Reference Manual describes all the features of the designer. Finally, the Function and Message Reference documents the multitude of Windows functions and messages you can use to enhance your programs.

COBOL programming has never been more exciting!

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