Make the move into component technology...

Cobol-WOW’s default toolbox contains all the standard Windows controls, plus a special control for bitmaps. But you can expand the toolbox by adding VBX controls. These VBX controls can then be added to your windows and used by your programs in the same way as the standard Windows controls. This provides an outstanding opportunity to add special features to your user interface.

Cobol coding has never been easier...

The visual approach makes building interactive applications a breeze by easily integrating your program logic with Windows events. Want to execute some COBOL logic when a push button is pressed? Just select the control, select the event, and enter the COBOL code in the code window.

Harness the power of the Windows API...

The Windows API provides an incredible amount of flexibility to control your user interface, and Cobol-WOW makes it easy to use. Just select a function or message in the code window and a fully commented template is automatically inserted into your code. All you have to do is substitute your field names!

COBOL has never looked so good...

Here’s some more of what Cobol-WOW can do...

  • Fully functional demonstration software available!

  • The workshop supports all phases of development; design, coding, compilation, and debugging.

  • Extensive documentation written just for COBOL developers makes sense of Windows architecture and features

  • Applications retain their COBOL business logic and data access.

  • Designed specifically for Windows for maximum performance and ease-of-use.

  • Implements a true Windows event driven programming model.

Click the image below to visit our Download page where you can download the Cobol-WOW demonstration software and on-line documentation.


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