A revolutionary new visual tool for developing full featured windows applications quickly, easily, and completely in COBOL!

COBOL applications lead the industry with their application features and functionality, but have lacked a full featured Windows interface. Not because the COBOL language is inadequate for Windows development, but because the right tool did not exist to allow COBOL programs to fully exploit the power of the Windows operating system.

Now that tool is here! Cobol-WOW provides seamless integration between COBOL and Windows and full access to Windows capabilities. Now there is no need to look beyond COBOL to build outstanding Windows applications.

Here’s a glimpse of Cobol-WOW key features...

  • The world’s most popular programming language integrated with the world’s most popular operating system.

  • Fully compatible with client/server products like InfoExpress andCobol-RPC.

  • Works with Windows 3.1, Windows NT, andWindows 95.

  • Works with 16 and 32-bit RM/COBOL runtimes.

  • Fully functional demonstration software available!

Click the image below to learn more about Cobol-WOW and how to get it!


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