With Cobol-RPC you can deploy your aplication across LAN's, WAN's, even the Internet, using Windows or UNIX servers. What's more, you can even have non-Cobol programs on the client, such as Visual Basic programs, call legacy Cobol programs on the server, without recoding the server programs!

Just think, now you can add a graphical user interface to your Unix application! You can relieve network bottlenecks by relocating data intensive programs to the server. You can even run your application across the Internet.

Cobol-RPC is your ticket to client/server. Combining simplicity and rapid redeployment with the ability to design applications geared for the architecture of the next century, you have to try Cobol-RPC today!

What Cobol-RPC Will Do For You...

  • Let you deploy your existing Cobol application in a client/server architecture without recoding
  • Let you use Cobol on the client and the server
  • Let you create non-Cobol programs for the client that call Cobol programs on the server
  • Prevent you from rewriting your server programs
  • Relieve network bottlenecks by relocating data intensive programs to the server
  • Add a Windows graphical user interface to legacy applications running on UNIX servers

How Cobol-RPC Works...

The functional unit of COBOL applications is the program. Cobol applications are built by Cobol programs calling other programs. What Cobol-RPC does is allow this call mechanism to function across any network with TCP/IP protocol support. We call it a remote program call. It is the foundation of client/server programming.

Cobol-RPC client programs can be written in Cobol or non-Cobol languages like Visual Basic. They can call Cobol programs located on the server as easily as if they were locally available. Client programs require little or no special coding, depending on the COBOL being used. With some implementations remote program calls are made with the standard CALL statement, just as if they were local. Other implementations use a special Cobol-RPC function for remote program calls. This special function is analogous to the Cobol CALL statement.

Cobol-RPC server programs require absolutely no special coding. They receive and return parameters in the Linkage Section, just as if they were called locally. Since server programs execute on the server, they can access server data directly without transferring data over the network. Only the parameters passed in a remote program call are transferred across the network. This allows Cobol-RPC to dramatically reduce network traffic and improve performance. Multiple levels of remote program calls are also supported. This means a server program executing on a departmental server can call a server program located on a central server, while executing a remote program call from a client.

For more detailed information on Cobol-RPC check out our library. Or Click the image below to visit our Download page where you can download the Cobol-RPC help file and on-line documentation for various compilers.

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