Cobol-CGIX...More than just an easy interface

How Cobol-CGIX Works

As you begin developing web applications, it is important to remember the lessons learned from creating traditional applications. One of the most important is the tremendous benefit gained from separating the presentation of the user interface from the application logic. Cobol-CGIX provides this benefit by allowing you to format your pages with standard HTML editors and easily insert COBOL data into those pages at runtime with a few simple calls.

Here’s some more of what Cobol-CGIX can do...

  • Easy Windows debugging.

  • Automatically handles variable size arrays.

  • Prevents developer from having to change code for cosmetic reasons.

  • Makes HTML work like a user interface tool designed for RM/COBOL.

  • Allows use of standard HTML design tools for creating and maintaining the presentation.

  • Isolates COBOL logic from changes in presentation to simplify maintenance.

Click the image below to visit our Download page where you can download the Cobol-CGIX help file and on-line documentation for various compilers.


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