Advanced COBOL Development for the World Wide Web

Ready to put your application on the web?

It’s much easier than you think!

Cobol-CGIX extends the web’s CGI interface and turns COBOL into a powerhouse web programming language. It allows you to develop outstanding web applications using an HTML editor and a few simple calls.

Cobol-CGIX makes HTML work like a COBOL user interface tool, speeding development and simplifying maintenance. In fact, you can change the format and appearance of your web pages without changing or recompiling your programs.

Here’s a glimpse of Cobol-CGIX key features...

  • Second generation web integration product from a leader in COBOL client\server tools.

  • No complex interfacing required.

  • Works with all popular Windows and Unix Web servers.

  • Eliminates complex parsing and character translation code.

  • Compatible with all HTML editors

  • Complete with documentation and sample programs

Click the image below to learn more about Cobol-CGIX and what it can do!


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