With Cobol-CGI you directly connect your Web pages to COBOL programs. No need for a Perl interpreter or scripts. No need to rewrite your server programs to be event driven. No need to embed special flags in your HTML forms. Cobol-CGI makes it easy for your COBOL application to communicate directly with the Web.

With Cobol-CGI you can create a Web based user interface and easily connect it to your legacy COBOL programs without rewriting them. Cobol-CGI can execute COBOL programs directly on the Web server, or on a separate application server!

Cobol-CGI is your ticket to the Web. With it's low cost, simplicity, and the opportunity to make your application available to Web clients, get on board with Cobol-CGI today!

Cobol-CGI makes Web Integration
as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

Web browser client calls a COBOL program passing form data

Cobol program retrieves values, processes them, and returns a Web page

Client displays Web page returned by COBOL program

You create Web pages for the client using any HTML tool, editor, or feature you want, including Java or Java Script. The Web pages do not need any special preparation to call COBOL.

To call a COBOL program from the Web page, simply include the COBOL runtime as the ACTION for a form or directly in a URL. This will cause the Web server to execute your COBOL program. Cobol-CGI will allow the COBOL program on the server to easily access the necessary information from the client so that no special handling is required in your Web pages.

The server program needs to retrieve data from the client, such as the values entered on a form. Cobol-CGI provides a simple COBOL approach to getting this data. The COBOL program just calls a special function, CGIREAD, and supplies the name of the form fields or environment variables it wants to retrieve the values for. Cobol-CGi returns the values. Then the COBOL program can process the data using standard COBOL feature.

The server program also needs to create a Web page to return to the client as a response. Cobol-CGI makes this easy, too. The COBOL program calls another special function, CGIWRITE, and passes the HTML text lines that make up the response page. Cobol-CGI returns them to the client.

The client displays the Web page created by the COBOL program. This page can use any feature of HTML, even forms!

That's all there is to it! Cobol-CGI makes the interface between the Web browser and the COBOL program so simple that it doesn't complicate the development process. You can spend your time creating great Web pages and great COBOL programs, not struggling to integrate them! Why not get started today?


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