The Acucobol world is abuzz with excitement about the new graphical capabilities of Acucobol-GT and Acuscreens-GT. We at ETS are equally excited. Acucobol has given you a practical approach to creating graphical applications in COBOL. We know that the need for distributed processing is right behind.

As you create your graphical applications using GT, you will certainly want to deploy them in a client/server architecture. AcuServer is an important part of this, allowing your client programs to access data stored on a server. However, when you want to run reports or perform posting processes AcuServer is not the best approach. It requires all the data being accessed and updated to move up and down the network. This can create serious performance problems.

Cobol-RPC can solve this problem by allowing your posting and report programs to execute on the server, eliminating the network overhead. This capability works with both Unix and Windows servers and is completely transparent!

Another possibility is that you will want to deploy the user interface of your application on a client connected to a server across the Internet. The Web isn't the only way to Internet enable your application, you know. With Cobol-RPC you can create an Acucobol program to run on the client that CALL's an Acucobol program on the server across the Internet. With the features of GT you can create a better user interface this way then by using the Web.

Of course, if you want to build an Internet application that can be accessed by anybody with a browser, the Web is the way to go. With Cobol-CGI you can easily link Acucobol programs to your Web pages.

These products make possible some very sophisticated application architectures without complex development. Give us a call and let's talk about what you would like to do!

For more information follow this link to the Acucobol web site.


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