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First and foremost, there needs to be a national registry for everyone who wishes to become President of the United States.
Then, everyone who registers should automatically be removed from contention... leaving the office open to only those persons who would never seek it.

Next, the actual selection of  the President should be closely tied to Jury Selection.  I envision that the next President would come home from a hard day of work, stop at his mailbox, and while going through his letters shout out "Oh Crap!".  His next door neighbor overhearing this comment might ask "What's wrong Bill?"  "This card says that I'm supposed to be President for the next four years!"  His neighbor would probably reply "Wow, that really sucks... but I understand it's pretty easy to get out of... you just have to show up and tell them that you're looking forward to it, and they send you home".

I don't really see how this could improve the country... but sadly, I don't see how it could make matters much worse either...


The single greatest argument one can make against democracy, is a five minute conversation with a typical voter. - Winston Churchill

Democracy is the absolute worse form of government.  Except of course, for all the others.  - Winston Churchill

Stuff that Brightens my Day...

Things always look darkest.... right before they go completely black.  - Unknown

Doing a good job here is like wetting your pants in a dark suit.  It gives you a warm feeling, but nobody really notices.  - Unknown.

Nothing I do today is going to make a hill-of-beans worth of difference in another hundred million years.   - Mark Epperson

You can lead a horse to water... but if you can teach him to tap dance you can sell tickets!  - Mark Epperson

Never let an overly developed sense of morals keep you from doing what you know is right.  - Mark Epperson

Always.... Dilbert!

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