Welcome to the Environmental Resource Center of Crowder College.  Established in 1959, the ERC was the first school in the nation designed specifically for training water and wastewater professionals.  We offer a wide variety of water, wastewater, safety management and hazardous materials training.  The campus is located in southwest Missouri and has been designated at the Missouri State Training Center or water/wastewater operators by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.  The ERC house in Smith Hall, contains administrative and instructional offices, classrooms and analytical, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic laboratories.


The ERC offers two degree programs through on-campus curriculum.  Option one is the completion of an Environmental Health Technology Certificate.  This certificate can be completed in one year and successful graduates will hold a Class "D" Water Treatment Certification as well as a Class "D" Wastewater Treatment Certification.  This option allows students a minimal educational commitment with immediate employment options. 

Students may choose to complete a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in Environmental Health Technology by completing an additional 12 credit hours.  Degree holders may be more employable and can demand higher salaries and positions of responsibility.  Some students may decide to transfer their AAS degree to a 4 year institution in pursuit of a bachelor's degree in Environmental Health or a related. field. 
The average number of job openings for water/wastewater technicians is 3,820 per year.  Graduates holding the "D" level certification can expect to earn an average of $14.26 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1998
The demand for water is great as is concern for water quality.  Therefore, water and wastewater professionals are in demand.  As populations grow and existing plants expand more operator a re needed.  Our graduates have the benefit of our instructor's first hand knowledge of operation and maintenance, in depth hands-on training, state certification and internship experience.  When ERC graduates leave our doors they are ready for employment, maybe in a town near you. 

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