Eldon C. Stutsman, Inc.

Eldon C. Stutsman, Inc.


Guided by three generations of Stutsmans, our people are the heart of our business. Division managers include (front row, l to r) Larry Culver, Roger Slaughter, Jim Stutsman and Ron Stutsman. (Back row, l to r) Dan Beck, Tom Bayliss, John Yoder, Pat Mougin, Scott Stutsman and Steve Meyerholz.


For over six decades we've put our customers first. As a diversified agribusiness we offer exceptional access to products, materials and services. What's more, we take food production seriously because all of us are members of farming families.


Our employees average over 15 years of experience in their areas of expertise and everyone participates in ongoing education and cross-training. As a result, our employee longevity is exceptional, so you can count on the same skilled individuals serving you year after year.


From developing the region's first computerized mixing station to incorporating new GPS and on-line technologies, at Eldon C. Stutsman, Inc., we continuously combine innovation, education and experience to keep us a step ahead.

Environmental Respect

As a multi-generational business we genuinely respect the land and its inhabitants, so we evaluate each new item for quality and environmental soundness. That means--whether your account is large or small--you will always receive the best.

We deliver more than quality products. Since 1934 our personal service, everyday, has kept our customers ahead of the rest.

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