Dad showing one of his pretty legs.

Do you like Daddy Bear's bear hat? Dad wanted glasses on "him", so Kevin and I went to work!

Dad putting his shoe on using
one of his grabbers. He's gotten pretty
good with those grabbers!

Dad getting ready to stand up
with Lynn, Crystal and Woody helping to
steady him and/or the walker.

HE'S UP!   HE'S UP!!
And there are smiles all around!

Dad WALKING into the bathroom.

Dee dee dee dee dee. We'll look at the snowman Steph gave him while he's IN the bathroom. :-)

Dad WALKING out of the bathroom.

Dad getting ready to sit down in the wheelchair.

It was a treat to get to be there for this. As you can see in the pictures, the smiles,laughter and joking didn't stop for more than a few seconds through this entire process...and the job still got done!

What a GREAT group of people!!