November '99 Volume 99.09
November Meeting

The November 5th meeting will be at our "Winter home" - the Hills Bank and Trust Company in North Liberty. The meeting will begin at 7:30, with the doors opening at 7. The most significant business at this meeting will be the election of officers to lead the chapter for the next year.
A short presentation on the Technical Counselor program will be presented by our three Counselors: Marv Hoppenworth, Tom Olson, and Ron White. Following that, we'll view a video on bush flying in Alaska, courtesy of Marv Hoppenworth. Marv says there's some good flying, and there should be some great scenery to go with it!
This is the first meeting of the "indoor season" and an important meeting organizationally because of the election. Please plan to attend!

Officer's Column

- Keith Williams, President

I've had a Commercial Radiotelephone Operator's License for well over three decades and a Commercial Pilot's License for nearly three. But I've never held a Commercial Drivers License valid for tractor-trailers, so felt it was time to get one!
There are many similarities with learning to fly! First, you need a "CFI" with whom you feel comfortable and with whom you can communicate. And, in my case, one who is patient. (I lucked out; I got one the first try.) Just like in other human relationships, not just any two people can get along. If you aren't enjoying your lessons and it is because of "people incompatibility," by all means switch instructors!
As in flying, the first problem is not so bad. However, the second, third, and on up problems come with increasing rapidity. That's the main reason to not let the first one happen, even though it may not be serious by itself.
There are many ways you can ruin your day, as in flying. There are blind spots, big blind spots. You share the traffic lanes with others whose minds you can not read and whose skills, knowledge, or common sense might not be as good as they should be for the task.
And there are many ways to simply get hurt. You can walk into the trailing edge of a wing, or slip trying to climb onto a flat-bed trailer. In either case, you can be seriously injured. Regardless of the type of machine, one must be ever vigilant while around them.
And then there's the experience thing. The driving equivalent of holding altitude might be turning corners without those 60-feet-behind-you wheels running up onto the curb. The smooth-landings equivalent might be shifting smoothly, both upward and downward, through all ten gears.
Remembering the frustrations of learning to fly and the smoothness which developed with experience has helped put this new learning experience in perspective. I know that, like flying, I can do it successfully and well. It will just take a little time to get the feel. Perhaps this same philosophy can be applied to something you're doing to make life a little less frustrating.

Last Meeting

- Keith Williams, President

About 20 people attended the October meeting at Bill Finley's country estate north of Marion. The main center of attention was the Honda installation in his Long EZ. The engine was hung but not plumbed nor the accessories installed. Bill recognizes that his is a real pioneering effort, but seems up to the task. He's done tons of research, so feels relatively comfortable with his decision to go the auto-engine route and the challenges before him.
The Chapter News video from EAA was also shown.
Jack Else gave an update on the ethanol issue.


Hi there fellow EAA member: I just wanted to let you know about the Tango 2 website. It's at . We are going to be following one of our new builders through his Build Center construction this month. He started on Tuesday of this week and already has the spar bonded in and the bottom wing skins on. The website will have weekly updates with the first one up this weekend. Please Join us! Blue skies, David Brainard Team Tango 800-340-4305 P.S. There are opportunities available for Team Tango Distributorships / Build Centers if any of your members are interested.

I would like to introduce our company to your members. We have heard from a local Dayton member that cutting Styrofoam shapes for components would be a great service to those who need a shape to use for wings or canopies. We can cut Styrofoam shapes to your specifications. Fax us your prints and we can make the shape and ship it in one or several pieces.

We are:

Global Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. A member of the Better Business Bureau of Dayton e-mail: 937-865-5039 937-865-4749 fax

In an effort to increase the level of communication between the EAA Chapter Office and the Chapters and Squadrons, EAA is asking you to send in your e-mail address to:


Beg borrow or rent any RV building aids, tools, jigs, patterns, plans, radios, etc.

Jim Neagle (319) 298-9068

I am looking to find individuals who are interested in owning property on a rural Air park in Eastern Iowa, Linn, Johnson, Iowa or Benton county. Or simply persons interested in buying land for a private airstrip.

Call Walter M. Rich (319) 364-3733

I am looking for a Taylor monoplane (flying or project) or a Bowers Flybaby. I will give $100 to the person or club that leads to the purchase of the planes or project I buy. I know that the Taylors are hard to find, but would love to have one, but Flybaby would be great also. Please email( or call toll free 1 888 754 3980, ask for Dave

Looking for miscellaneous AN hardware, 4130-N tubing and fittings. Tom Harris (319) 362-6323

For Sale

A 40,000 BTU natural gas radiant heater, and a 10" spinner with double back plate and prop cut-out. Call Bob Schrieber, (319) 264-5753.

One set of RV6-6A plans with manuals, some newsletters. Call Merrill Knouse, (319) 732-2861.

Baby Ace type fuselage, all welding done. Call Henry Rahlf, (319) 263-7953.

Small Sears lathe, 30" lathe, drill press, small farm tractor, some blacksmith tools. Call Kenny Kemper (319) 263-8843.

One share of interest in two airplanes based at Greencastle airport, $2,700. The first airplane is a 1946 J-3 Cub($13.00/hour wet). The second is a 1947 Cessna 140($15.00/hour wet). Well maintained and always accessible. Tail wheel endorsement required. Monthly dues of $45.00 for hangar rent and insurance. Dale Yoder (319) 337-7071 or Walter Rich (319) 364-3733.

Acro Sport II, fuselage on gear, wings nearly ready to assemble, fittings cut out, most material to finish. $8,500.00 Warren Lacey (319) 462-4009

I produce software for airfoil analysis and plotting. In addition, I am publishing an on-line magazine on the use of computers for aircraft analysis. It will appear in January, 1998. The url is: Patrick Hanley, Ph.D. Software Developer. Mail Inquiries to:

Hanley Innovations
PO Box 870
Storrs, CT 06268
Phone: (860) 423-4060

Experimental Aircraft Association
Alexander M. Lippisch Chapter 33
c/o Dave Griffiths
900 Garfield Ave.
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