October '99 Volume 99.08

October Meeting

- Keith Williams, President

Another project visit is on tap for the October meeting, which will be Friday evening October 1. We'll meet at Bill Finley's home north of Marion to view his Honda-powered Long EZ!

For this meeting, the doors will open at 6:30 so we can see the plane outside in natural light. Come early and do your airplane looking, then at 7:30 we'll have a regular chapter meeting. Bring lawn chairs!

Bill's address is 3282 Scott Road. This is just north of County Home Road and just east of Highway 13. (County Home Road is the road that runs from Toddville east toward Anamosa. It's also known as County Road E34.)

Directions if coming from the east: From Highway 13, on County Home Road go west 1 1/2 miles to Scott Road, turn north, first place on the west side of the road (about 1/2 mile).

Directions if coming from the west: On County Home Road, from the stop sign at Alburnett Road go east 2 miles to Scott Road, turn north, first place on the west side of the road (about 1/2 mile).

The location is marked with the fancy new "fire number" sign of "3282."

Officer's Column

- Keith Williams, President

As I write this, Summer is rapidly turning into a beautiful Fall, a great time for pushing out the plane and going for that $50 hamburger. For the low-and-slow crowd, which actually might be the best way to enjoy the scenery, a "cross country" to Amana might be a good bet. The EZ/RV crowd can do Rochester or Owatonna in only a bit more time. That's what you built 'em for, so use 'em!

Pat and I spent one week in June plus a week-and-a-half during the convention at Oshkosh, volunteering at Pioneer Airport. We both enjoyed it and found it very satisfying. I suggest that you put such an activity on your to-do list for next summer. Even if it is only for a weekend work party, do it! Talk to our volunteer coordinator, Steve Ciha. He'll get you set up.

While there, we worked with a retired United Airlines captain. He put it well when he said, "This is the only organization (EAA) which I've belonged to which I feel I own part of!" I think we all tend to feel that way, and if you put in a weekend of more of work at HQ, the number of shares you mentally "own" increases! Try it; you'll like it!

Elsewhere in this newsletter is a paragraph on Chapter Leadership. Please give consideration to serving your Chapter in a capacity which fits your interests and talents. If you'd like to participate in some way, great or small, please let a member of the nominating committee know.

Last Meeting

- Keith Williams, President

Tom and Sue Meeker graciously hosted the Chapter for a modified pot-luck dinner and project visit at their country home in Robins on September 10. Thirty-two folks of all sizes attended and enjoyed the meal and conversation in Meeker's yard. The intent was that each family bring their own meet and cook it on Meeker's grill. However, this turned out to be a great deal for those who don't like to cook, as Sue manned (peopled?) the grill all evening long-cooking each family's meal to perfection. Thanks, Sue!

Meanwhile, back at the garage turned airplane factory, Tom showed off their considerable progress on the Mustang II. Actually, the airplane was in a neat stage for viewing: fuselage from firewall back to just behind the seat, with wing roots of about two feet each. And this was complete with instrument panel and instruments and upholstered seats! It reminded me of a modern-day, well-equipped Link trainer in configuration.
EAA Chapter 33

President Keith Williams (319) 395-7405

Vice President Tom Olson (319) 393-5531

Secretary/Newsletter Editor Dave Griffiths (319) 432-6670

(Send articles to 900 Garfield Ave, Tipton, IA 52772 or griff@netins.net)

Treasurer Terry Scherman (319) 362-8660

Technical Counselors Marv Hoppenworth (319) 396-6283

Tom Olson (319) 393-5531

Ron White (319) 393-6484

Flight Advisor Dave Lammers (319) 337-1425

Young Eagles Tim Busch(t.busch@www.mebbs.com) (319) 393-9069

Directors John Banes, Roger Smith, Greg Zimmerman, John Ruyle

Ethanol Issue

As you are all probably aware, politicians are trying to solve the farm crisis by meddling in the free market. Specifically, they are again considering mandating that only fuel containing corn alcohol may be sold in Iowa. This causes a problem for many of us because ethanol is not an approved fuel for those airplanes approved for using auto fuel via the EAA STC.

Jack Else, a Chapter member for about one year, took the bull by the horns and wrote letters to those who should have letters written to them on this subject. Because of his passion for this subject, the chapter president asked him to serve as the focal point for the Chapter on this subject. Please let Jack know your feelings and what you have done to try to stop this mandate. And Jack may have some things he'd like us to do, too!

Chapter Leadership

It's the time of year to seriously consider leadership of the Chapter for the next year. Elections will be held at the November meeting! The November meeting will be held at Hills Bank in North Liberty.

Dave Yeoman has agreed to chair the nominating committee, with the following members: John Banes, John Ruyle, Justin Fishbaugh, and Alan Kritzman. Please share your ideas of direction the Chapter should take and your opinion as to who might be good leadership material to take it in that direction with any of these gentlemen.

The plan is that their suggested slate of officers will be published in the November newsletter, so you'll have it before the meeting on November 5.

Spirit of St. Louis Visit

The EAA Foundation's Spirit of St. Louis replica was displayed at PS Air Wednesday evening, September 22, courtesy of pilot Dave Lammers. Dave was enroute to the Wings, Wheels, and Water show in Ankeny and stopped off at home base for a few days, thus making this impromptu showing possible.

Tim Busch spear-headed the activity locally and was able to notify several members of the flying community. Upwards of 50 attended, including perhaps a dozen youngsters.

Dave described the airplane and its similarities and differences as compared to the actual Spirit and gave some interesting facts regarding the preparations for the race to be the first to fly non-stop from New York to Paris and win the $25,000 prize.

One similarity is the flying quality; both airplanes are unstable and a real job to fly!

The Spirit, with Dave at the stick, has just completed filming for a one-hour special for National Geographic. Filming was done near Toronto and at OSH. Lake Winnebago magically became the Atlantic Ocean, and the far shore of the lake became Ireland! The show is expected to be released early next year.


Hi there fellow EAA member: I just wanted to let you know about the Tango 2 website. It's at www.teamtango.com . We are going to be following one of our new builders through his Build Center construction this month. He started on Tuesday of this week and already has the spar bonded in and the bottom wing skins on. The website will have weekly updates with the first one up this weekend. Please Join us! Blue skies, David Brainard Team Tango 800-340-4305 dave@teamtango.com P.S. There are opportunities available for Team Tango Distributorships / Build Centers if any of your members are interested.

I would like to introduce our company to your members. We have heard from a local Dayton member that cutting Styrofoam shapes for components would be a great service to those who need a shape to use for wings or canopies. We can cut Styrofoam shapes to your specifications. Fax us your prints and we can make the shape and ship it in one or several pieces.

We are:

Global Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. A member of the Better Business Bureau of Dayton www.globalms.com e-mail: bbankes@globalms.com 937-865-5039 937-865-4749 fax

In an effort to increase the level of communication between the EAA Chapter Office and the Chapters and Squadrons, EAA is asking you to send in your e-mail address to: Chapters@eaa.org


Beg borrow or rent any RV building aids, tools, jigs, patterns, plans, radios, etc.

Jim Neagle (319) 298-9068

I am looking to find individuals who are interested in owning property on a rural Air park in Eastern Iowa, Linn, Johnson, Iowa or Benton county. Or simply persons interested in buying land for a private airstrip.

Call Walter M. Rich (319) 364-3733

I am looking for a Taylor monoplane (flying or project) or a Bowers Flybaby. I will give $100 to the person or club that leads to the purchase of the planes or project I buy. I know that the Taylors are hard to find, but would love to have one, but Flybaby would be great also. Please email(aainds@yahoo.com) or call toll free 1 888 754 3980, ask for Dave

Looking for miscellaneous AN hardware, 4130-N tubing and fittings. Tom Harris (319) 362-6323

For Sale

A 40,000 BTU natural gas radiant heater, and a 10" spinner with double back plate and prop cut-out. Call Bob Schrieber, (319) 264-5753.

One set of RV6-6A plans with manuals, some newsletters. Call Merrill Knouse, (319) 732-2861.

Baby Ace type fuselage, all welding done. Call Henry Rahlf, (319) 263-7953.

Small Sears lathe, 30" lathe, drill press, small farm tractor, some blacksmith tools. Call Kenny Kemper (319) 263-8843.

One share of interest in two airplanes based at Greencastle airport, $2,700. The first airplane is a 1946 J-3 Cub($13.00/hour wet). The second is a 1947 Cessna 140($15.00/hour wet). Well maintained and always accessible. Tail wheel endorsement required. Monthly dues of $45.00 for hangar rent and insurance. Dale Yoder (319) 337-7071 or Walter Rich (319) 364-3733.

Acro Sport II, fuselage on gear, wings nearly ready to assemble, fittings cut out, most material to finish. $8,500.00 Warren Lacey (319) 462-4009

I produce software for airfoil analysis and plotting. In addition, I am publishing an on-line magazine on the use of computers for aircraft analysis. It will appear in January, 1998. The url is: http://www.hanleyinnovations.com Patrick Hanley, Ph.D. Software Developer. Mail Inquiries to:

Hanley Innovations
PO Box 870
Storrs, CT 06268
Phone: (860) 423-4060

Experimental Aircraft Association
Alexander M. Lippisch Chapter 33
c/o Dave Griffiths
900 Garfield Ave.
Tipton, IA 52772