March '99 Volume 99.03

This Month

- Keith Williams, President

Note change of meeting place: Rockwell Collins in CR, not at Hills Bank!
The March meeting will be at Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids on March 5. We've met at "The Radio Company" every few years in the past, and it has always been a very popular meeting. This year, Tom Olson has done a great job of arranging for a factory tour and a visit to what we call "systems rigs". You'll see all the neat stuff our members who work at Collins create for use in the latest business jets and regional airliners.

From the corner of Collins Road and C Ave. NE, go North and turn left (west) into the first driveway. Continue straight west past the first entrance to the second entrance. (This is near the SW corner of the building.) Park in the general area and go through the door to the guard station. A chapter member/employee will be at the door to sign in guests and take them to the Building 106 Auditorium.

Attendees must be age 16 or over.
Arrive at the door between 7:00 and 7:20 so you can be signed in and escorted to the meeting room by 7:30 so the meeting can start on time. (Meeting room = 106 Auditorium) For everyone's convenience, Collinsemployees may wish to wear their badges.


What You Missed...

- Dave Griffiths, Newsletter Editor
Last month the meeting got under way at the usual time. The meeting started with a few announcements: Jim Bacher is healthy now and will be flying again. Apparently the cure for his ailment is caffeine.

Roger Fiblekorn(sp?) which some of you may have known has passed away.

Tom Olson announced that there will be an airshow in Ankeny on September 25th and 26th. The air show will be a huge festival to celebrate the opening of a new air park. It will feature the Thunderbirds, EAA's Spirit of St. Louis and John McLaughlin's(sp?) RV-6.

Steve Ciha is interested in getting "Pete's Patch"(3 mi. S. of Alburnette) turned into a residential air park. He suggests we locate a developer if there is enough interest in it. If you would seriously consider paying $50,000 for a 1-3 acre lot, contact Steve Ciha at (319) 438-1204.

Finally, the main event, Ron White introduced Bernie Nitz Flight Advisor from Chapters 75(Davenport) and 1000(Edwards Air Force Base). Bernie has been flying for thirty years and has more than 5,000 hours. He built and flies a Vari-EZ. Bernie attended a flight testing seminar at the EAA lodge and he says that it is an excellent facility, somewhat like a mountain lodge might look like and the people their eat sleep and breath flying and will convey a wealth of information to you. He recommends you go if you get a chance. Some of the other people who attended the flight testing seminar were a 747 captain, a former F4 pilot and an NTSB crash investigator. Bernie said he felt somewhat humbled by the quality of the other attendees.

Next Bernie began his program. He spoke about the Flight Advisor program which began in August of 1994. His program was too long and filled with valuable information to list it all here, but I will try to give you as much as I can.

The object of the Flight Advisor program is to increase safety during the first hours of flights. Before 1994 20% of all home-builts crashed during the first two flights. After the introduction of the Flight Advisors program that has dropped to less than 1% of participating pilots.

Some reasons you should participate in the Flight Advisors program: Access to over 400 Flight Advisors with knowledge of many, many aircraft; help deciding which aircraft to build; they can help you locate flight instruction in the plane you want to build; they can help you develop flight test programs; 60 % of Flight Advisors are CFIs, but they do not provide flight instruction for liability reasons; All have more than 1000 hours flight time, many with more than 10,000 hours; most Flight Advisors have been involved in testing several new aircraft; participation is a form of life insurance; your aircraft insurance will be lower; you are helping all of sport aviation by preventing additional regulations; finally it is the "smart" thing to do.

Bernie says the role of the Flight Advisor is to: advise, evaluate, influence, educate, represent EAA and provide resources. He also says the Flight Advisor program is not limited to amateur-built aircraft, but is open to anyone who is going to fly an aircraft that is new to them.

Bernie noted that after the John Denver crash the FAA decided to require that controls be easily accessible and marked. John Denver's Long-EZ had a tank switch that was difficult to reach and unmarked.

Bernie says that first flight hazards we should try to avoid are: excitement and anticipation; cockpit workload; unproven equipment(have anybody and everybody inspect your aircraft, TEST, TEST, TEST before your first flight, especially fuel flow!); low pilot proficiency(get some time in type); bad weather(skies should be clear and winds should be light); traffic(pick a low traffic situation); a parachute; a fire extinguisher handy in the cockpit.

Other suggestions for a first flight are: minimize excitement and distractions; have a designated flight test crew; limit spectators to only those people that have a function; NO MEDIA!(nothing good can come out of their presence); select a time when the airport is inactive; have all personal matters resolved, so that you mind is on what your doing; have an established flight test plan; use flight test cards; minimize manual data recording.

Finally, use an airport with a control tower and crash crew and coordinate with both of these before your flight.


Next Month

- Keith Williams, President
Next month's meeting will be at Hills Bank in North Liberty at 7:30pm, doors open at 7:00pm. The subject is Tom and Terry (+??) with a first-hand report of Sun 'n Fun!


Chapter Business

1999 Chapter Leadership Workshops
Each year, EAA puts on about a half-dozen Chapter Leadership Workshops. This year, the closest one is in Aurora, IL, on April 24. This is a l-o-n-g one-day drive or a short flight, but is definitely within reach of Chapter 33 members. Pat and I attended one last year in Indiana and found it very worth while.

It would be especially beneficial to those currently in leadership positions in the Chapter, those who are interested in ways to make the Chapter really hum, or those who think they might, in the future, be interested in becoming more active in the leadership of the local group. If you're in either of these groups, or just want to go, I highly recommend it.

The Chapter will cover some, if not all, expenses of attendees. It would make a great fly-out for some of our fast-airplane members!

Annual Banquet
Mark May 22 as the evening for the annual Chapter 33 banquet! As of this writing, the location has not been determined but other details are set.

Bob Mackey of EAA will be our guest. If Bob's enthusiasm doesn't get you excited about the EAA, the Chapter, and life in general no one can. And, there'll be entertainment while we're dining! Plan to come, and stay tuned for details.

Volunteer Work Parties
Spring is coming-the letter from EAA announcing the summer schedule of work parties at Oshkosh arrived last week! They run from May 1 through July 17, so there are several opportunities to serve your organization and have some fun doing it.

Steve Ciha is the volunteer coordinator so if you have any interest in participating, let Steve know. If you can plant a flower, drive a lawnmower, paint a garage, prune a tree, or most anything else, your help will be welcomed. And usually there's an opportunity for a tour of the museum or something, too.

Did you know that OSH is less than two hours away in a fast airplane?

Bolkow Jr.
Tom Harris is building a Bolkow Jr. and would appreciate contact with anyone who has any experience with one. Call Tom Harris at (319)

EAA Chapter 33

President Keith Williams (319) 395-7405

Vice President Tom Olson (319) 393-5531

Secretary/Newsletter Editor Dave Griffiths (319) 432-6670

(Send articles to 900 Garfield Ave, Tipton, IA 52772 or

Treasurer Terry Scherman (319) 362-8660

Technical Counselors Marv Hoppenworth (319) 396-6283

Tom Olson (319) 393-5531

Ron White (319) 393-6484

Flight Advisor Dave Lammers (319) 337-1425

Young Eagles Tim Busch (319) 393-9069

Directors John Banes, Roger Smith, Greg Zimmerman, John Ruyle

Officer's Column

- Keith Williams, President
You'll notice that this issue of the newsletter contains a calendar of the events for the entire year. You might want to put it on the refrigerator, right next to the doctor's appointment card and under the hairdresser's appointment or, if you're a younger family, next to Tommy's A+ paper. We hope this will be a useful reference throughout the year.

You'll notice that there are four planned Young Eagles events: McBride, Tipton, Belle Plaine, and Washington. The Chapter leadership feels these are very worthwhile activities and are a lot of fun. We are expanding the program to other locations this year so youngsters in other areas can experience the thrill of becoming an Eagle. This year, Tim Busch, Young Eagle Coordinator, will have the assistance of Jill Fishbaugh and Steve Rezabec-triple the horsepower of last year! They'll be providing details as the time nears. Remember, we have never had too much help on the ground so come on out and get involved.

We also have visits to a couple of projects planned for the Fall. We've been a bit short on those the last few years, so if you'd like to show off your project sometime, let us know! We could even arrange a special Saturday meeting. No one builder has all the answers, so this is a good way to share knowledge.

The schedule is changeable and there is always next year. If you have an idea for a meeting, let one of the officers know about it and we'll consider it. Good meetings bring great attendance so we want to provide the best meetings possible.

Finally, I'd like to thank the other officers and directors for giving up an evening to help plan the activities for the year. This sort of thing is a huge task for one person but a group of folks interested in sport aviation can do it, with good results, in one evening! And a special thanks to the Zimmerman's for hosting the meeting!


Don't forget to pay your dues. Dues are $15.00 and are due now. If you saw the words: "Last Issue" printed in red in the upper right corner of your address label then you have not paid your dues and this will be your last newsletter. Bring them to the March meeting or send them to:
Terrance Scherman
1203 16th Street SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404


I am looking to find individuals who are interested in owning property on a rural Air park in Eastern Iowa, Linn, Johnson, Iowa or Benton county. Or simply persons interested in buying land for a private airstrip.
Call Walter M. Rich (319) 364-3733

I am looking for a Taylor monoplane (flying or project) or a Bowers Flybaby. I will give $100 to the person or club that leads to the purchase of the planes or project I buy. I know that the Taylors are hard to find, but would love to have one, but Flybaby would be great also. Please email( or call toll free 1 888 754 3980, ask for Dave

Looking for miscellaneous AN hardware, 4130-N tubing and fittings. Tom Harris (319) 362-6323

For Sale

A 40,000 BTU natural gas radiant heater, and a 10" spinner with double back plate and prop cut-out. Call Bob Schrieber, (319) 264-5753.

One set of RV6-6A plans with manuals, some newsletters. Call Merrill Knouse, (319) 732-2861.

Baby Ace type fuselage, all welding done. Call Henry Rahlf, (319) 263-7953.

Small Sears lathe, 30" lathe, drill press, small farm tractor, some blacksmith tools. Call Kenny Kemper (319) 263-8843.

One share of interest in two airplanes based at Greencastle airport, $2,700. The first airplane is a 1946 J-3 Cub($13.00/hour wet). The second is a 1947 Cessna 140($15.00/hour wet). Well maintained and always accessible. Tail wheel endorsement required. Monthly dues of $45.00 for hangar rent and insurance. Dale Yoder (319) 337-7071 or Walter Rich (319) 364-3733.

Acro Sport II, fuselage on gear, wings nearly ready to assemble, fittings cut out, most material to finish. $8,500.00 Warren Lacey (319) 462-4009

I produce software for airfoil analysis and plotting. In addition, I am publishing an on-line magazine on the use of computers for aircraft analysis. It will appear in January, 1998. The url is: Patrick Hanley, Ph.D. Software Developer. Mail Inquiries to:
Hanley Innovations
PO Box 870
Storrs, CT 06268
Phone: (860) 423-4060
20) 426-4800

Share a Ride?

Rides Offered
Walter Rich, Stinson 108(4 place taildragger) weekends, (319) 364-3733 or

Ride Wanted
Dave Griffiths wants a ride in a Cozy or Velocity, (319) 432-6670.

If you want to get or give a ride, contact:
Dave Griffiths
900 Garfield Ave.
Tipton, IA 52772
(319) 432-6670

Experimental Aircraft Association
Alexander M. Lippisch Chapter 33
c/o Dave Griffiths
900 Garfield Ave.
Tipton, IA 52772

EAA Chapter 33

1999 Calendar of Events








7:30 PM

Hills Bank

Steve Wilson
Reliability and safety considerations in design



7:30 PM

Hills Bank

Bernie Nitz
Flight Advisor program



7:30 PM

Rockwell Collins

View latest systems rigs and plant tour.



7:30 PM

Hills Bank

Tom and Terry (+??) with a first-hand report of Sun 'n Fun!



Annual Banquet
Bob Mackey, EAA



McBride Airport

Young Eagles + Chapter meeting (pot-luck lunch)


Tipton Airport

Young Eagles


Greencastle Airport

Sunday afternoon at the airport. Pot-luck supper.



Belle Plaine

Young Eagles


Oshkosh Campground

Annual pot-luck supper.



Washington Airport

Young Eagles



7:30 PM

Meeker's in Robins

Visit Tom's Mustang II project



Cars, Planes, and Boats expo



7:30 PM

Finley's North of Marion

Visit Bill Finley's auto-engine-powered Long EZ project



7:30 PM

Hills Bank

Don Gurnett with an out-of-this-world report on space exploration. Election of officers.



North Liberty Community Center

Christmas Party pot-luck supper.

* Indicates starting time. Doors open ½ hour prior.

Changes will occur; always check current newsletter for latest information.