February '99 Volume 99.02

This Month

- Keith Williams, President

For our February meeting, we've "borrowed" an act from the Davenport chapter. Ron White attended the "performance" at their meeting, thought it would be very appropriate for our Chapter, so recommended it. Bernie Nitz, Flight Advisor, will give a presentation on several aspects of the Flight Advisor's role. He has recently been "wrung out" at EAA's Flight Advisor "boot camp". Bernie, like many of us, loves airplanes and flying ---- but admits that he was absolutely bushed at the end of the course. He'll share some of those experiences with us.



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He'll also refresh our memories as to the role of a Flight Advisor and share some statistics which demonstrate their effectiveness.

Bernie will share some of the considerations and preparations we should go through before first flight, whether that be in a new homebuilt, a rental plane, or the first flight of the season. (While the other information may be interesting or even entertaining, this information could save our tails!)

Bernie has been flying a Long-EZ for seven years, and has just started building a Cozy Mark IV. (Ron White says Bernie is one of the very few guys with whom he'll fly close formation.) He's been flying for nearly 30 years and has accumulated over 5,000 hours in aircraft ranging from ultralights to single-engine turboprops to light twins. With that kind of experience, he should know of what he speaks!

The meeting will again be in North Liberty at the Hills Bank. Doors open at 7; meeting begins at 7:30 on the first Friday of the month, February 5.

What You Missed...

- Keith Williams, President

Last month we had 37 at the meeting. Two new members were present, Jack Else, who attended with his wife Sarah and son Briley. Jack is looking for hangar space. The Else's moved to CR from Austin, TX, a year ago. David Koelzer is building a Sonex. He and his wife, Bettina, attended and live in Marion. Steve Wilson, Senior Staff Flight Systems Engineer for Rockwell Collins was the guest speaker. Steve gave a very informational discussion of how to evaluate the safety of the design of our experimental aircraft and modifications we might make to them. Steve also discussed how they evaluate the overall safety of commercial aircraft by evaluating the safety of every component and multiplying the results.

Greg Zimmerman reported that he ran into Walter Hewett at Ryan's Steak House and he invites anyone who is interested to visit him in Melbourne, Florida.

Next Month

- Keith Williams, President

Next month's meeting will be held Friday March 5th at 7:30 PM at Hills Bank in North Liberty. Subject to be announced later.

Chapter Business

Greetings from Florida

- John Dane

I hope you are enjoying the brisk Iowa winter--flying, snowmobiling, skiing, whatever. I can tell you that I am enjoying it--right here! It does get monotonous, though--75 daytime, 60 at night. Consequently, there is a lot of flying here. The Venice FBO keeps 6 trainer planes busy instructing new pilots.

We had a nice visit from Greg Downes recently. He flew the Downes-Zimmerman 337 Skymaster to Ft Myers International and rented a condo on the beach for a week. His girls enjoyed the sand and sun while Greg and Terri went visiting.

Allie and I gave them the VIP tour of Venice. That is a standing offer for anyone who wants to venture this way.

My friend here, Bob Hudson, owns a 336 Skymaster, and I ride with him frequently. Our favorite trip is to an EAA fly-in breakfast. Chapter 66, Ft Myers (Page--the old downtown airport) is the first Sunday of the month and Naples is the second. We flew to Page Jan 3, but Naples was socked in on the 10th, so we flew to Sebring where the little cars (I call them Formula 1) race on part of the airport. Bob is building an RV-8. Another friend, George, is building an RV-4. There are several RVs flying here in Venice.

I really enjoy visiting the airports in Florida. Almost all of them were built by the Army and turned over to the City after WWII. Venice was a P-51 base. Sarasota had B-17s and Paul Tibbetts was there when he was a Captain before he became a Colonel and flew the Enola Gay. St Petersburg was commanded at the end of the War by a Colonel who single handedly shot down 4 German planes while protecting a Squadron of B-17s. He was the only flyer in Europe to win the Congressional Medal of honor. He retired in St Pete and died only 5 years ago. Lakeland, the home of Sun/N/Fun had B-24s. The EAA Chapter House at Page sits on an old bomber pod. I could shut my eyes and visualize all the WWII activity.

Change of Job

- Alan Bell

I've change jobs and am now working in "sunny" New Jersey. Kit, my lovely wife, is still back in California, but has already made reservations to come visit me on her birthday, January 31st, and our anniversary, February 14th. She'll be permanently joining me at the first of March, after a vacation in Hawaii.

My first week was very rough, but I am now finding things that need to be done. Now I feel needed.

Please change my mailing address to abell@hr.lucent.com. My old address still works for the time being, but I am not sure how long it will. BTW, I am working at Lucent Technologies in Middletown, New Jersey. It's a balmy 50 today, but has been in the 20's and 30's up till yesterday.

I'm living in a Marriott Residence Inn until January 23rd. Then, I'm moving into a Winter Rental in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. That lease will run out May 31st. I hope I find a house before then.

Something to Consider

- Steve Ciha

Seems like almost every meeting of our chapter, we kick around the idea of where to hanger our airplanes. At the last meeting it was mentioned that Pete's Patch may be for sale. Now, we as a group probably don't have the time, finances, or political savvy to put together a residential airpark type of deal. We need a developed if there is ever going to be a realistic chance of this happening.

My boss, Don Primus, is such a man. I mentioned the idea to him and he is somewhat interested. Since Don isn't a flyer, he doesn't know whether there is sufficient interest in the area to make it go. I told him that I would try to conduct an informal survey. I would ask that you would consider whether or not you would be very interested, somewhat interested, or never would be interested in ever buying a lot and building a home in a residential airpark. Perhaps at our Feb. meeting we can have a brief discussion and take a quick survey to judge which direction to go with this idea.
EAA Chapter 33

President Keith Williams (319) 395-7405

Vice President Tom Olson (319) 393-5531

Secretary/Newsletter Editor Dave Griffiths (319) 432-6670

(Send articles to 900 Garfield Ave, Tipton, IA 52772 or griff@netins.net)

Treasurer Terry Scherman

Technical Counselors Marv Hoppenworth (319) 396-6283

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Ron White (319) 393-6484

Flight Advisor Dave Lammers (319) 337-1425

Young Eagles Tim Busch (319) 393-9069

Directors John Banes, Roger Smith, Greg Zimmerman, John Ruyle

Officer's Column

- Dave Griffiths, Newsletter Editor

The Pres. has asked me to write this month's officer's column. I told him that even though I may be a licensed pilot I don't really have enough knowledge yet to write a competent column on anything involving flight, but Keith says that can be an advantage, so I'll give it a try. I believe I will stick to what I do know something about...

There has been some discussion lately about a library of tools to be made available for lending to chapter members. At the last meeting it was suggested that since we have no central location to keep the tools, a "card catalog" of tools could be kept on our chapter web page. For those of you that may have missed it, we do have a chapter web page and the URL(Universal Resource Locator) or "address" for it is http://showcase.netins.net/web/eaa33/index.html. In case you were wondering, HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol and HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HyperText is just the stuff you see on your screen when you open a web page. I would be willing to keep the list of tools updated as people inform me of the movements of the tools.

While on the subject of the internet, I would like all of you with email access to email me at griff@netins.net so that I can compile a list of email addresses. In your note, please let me know if you have access to the World Wide Web. I would like you to tell me if you are interested in viewing the newsletter on our web page. If there is an interest in this we could save a considerable amount of postage and copying costs this way. Currently we spend about $70 per month on newsletters.



If you are interested in a 1999 EAA calendar contact Terry Scherman, see below.


Don't forget to pay your dues. Dues are $15.00 and are due now. Bring them to the January meeting or send them to:

Terrance Scherman
1203 16th Street SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404



I am looking to find individuals who are interested in owning property on a rural Airpark in Eastern Iowa, Linn, Johnson, Iowa or Benton county. Or simply persons interested in buying land for a private airstrip.

Call Walter M. Rich (319) 364-3733

I am looking for a Taylor monoplane (flying or project) or a Bowers Flybaby. I will give $100 to the person or club that leads to the purchase of the planes or project I buy. I know that the Taylors are hard to find, but would love to have one, but Flybaby would be great also. Please email(aainds@yahoo.com) or call toll free 1 888 754 3980, ask for Dave

Looking for miscellaneous AN hardware, 4130-N tubing and fittings. Tom Harris (319) 362-6323

For Sale

A 40,000 BTU natural gas radiant heater, and a 10" spinner with double back plate and prop cut-out. Call Bob Schrieber, (319) 264-5753.

One set of RV6-6A plans with manuals, some newsletters. Call Merrill Knouse, (319) 732-2861.

Baby Ace type fuselage, all welding done. Call Henry Rahlf, (319) 263-7953.

Small Sears lathe, 30" lathe, drill press, small farm tractor, some blacksmith tools. Call Kenny Kemper (319) 263-8843.

One share of interest in two airplanes based at Greencastle airport, $2,700. The first airplane is a 1946 J-3 Cub($13.00/hour wet). The second is a 1947 Cessna 140($15.00/hour wet). Well maintained and always accessible. Tail wheel endorsement required. Monthly dues of $45.00 for hangar rent and insurance. Dale Yoder (319) 337-7071 or Walter Rich (319) 364-3733.

Acro Sport II, fuselage on gear, wings nearly ready to assemble, fittings cut out, most material to finish. $8,500.00 Warren Lacey (319) 462-4009

I produce software for airfoil analysis and plotting. In addition, I am publishing an on-line magazine on the use of computers for aircraft analysis. It will appear in January, 1998. The url is: http://www.hanleyinnovations.com Patrick Hanley, Ph.D. Software Developer. Mail Inquiries to:
Hanley Innovations
PO Box 870
Storrs, CT 06268
Phone: (860) 423-4060
(920) 426-4800

Share a Ride?

Rides Offered

Walter Rich, Stinson 108(4 place taildragger) weekends, (319) 364-3733 or rich@comic.net

Ride Wanted

Dave Griffiths wants a ride in a Cozy or Velocity, (319) 432-6670.

If you want to get or give a ride, contact:
Dave Griffiths
900 Garfield Ave.
Tipton, IA 52772
(319) 432-6670


The photographer for a national magazine was assigned to get photos of a great forest fire. Smoke at the scene was too thick to get any good shots, so he frantically called his home office to hire a plane. "It will be waiting for you at the airport!" he was assured by his editor. As soon as he got to the small, rural airport, sure enough, a plane was warming up near the runway. He jumped in with his equipment and yelled, "Let's go! Let's go!" The pilot swung the plane into the wind and soon they were in the air. "Fly over the north side of the fire," said the photographer, "and make three or four low level passes." "Why?" asked the pilot. "Because I'm going to take pictures! I'm a photographer, and photographers take pictures!" said the photographer with great exasperation and impatience. After a long pause the pilot said, "You mean you're not the instructor?"


Experimental Aircraft Association
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