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This Month As usual, do yourself a favor, don't miss this month's meeting! June 6th Young Eagles flights will be from 8-12 (roughly) at McBride airport. Please note the date and place, I had them reversed in the May newsletter. The June Chapter 33 meeting will be at noon (roughly!) with a simple lunch about 1 PM ---- depending on how busy we are with the Young Eagles. This will be a non-meeting meeting, with the concentration being on Flying, Food, Fellowship, and Fun! Come early and help with the Young Eagles (or just watch the smiles), or just come for lunch and fellowship. You might want to bring a lawn chair; furnishings at McBride are a little sparse.

Keith & Pat Williams are looking for two or three couples (or singles) to help with the lunch. We're trying for a simple lunch that is not much work for anyone, yet gives us an excuse to get together and have a good time! Call them at 395-7405.

After lunch, the formal part of the meeting will get underway ----- ride sharing! So, if you pilots of exotic airplanes have always dreamed of riding in a C-172, this may be your big chance --- and vice versa. It's expected the gathering will wind down about 3 PM or so, so you'll still have time to shop, mow the lawn, etc.

This is a different format; let's give it a try and see how much fun we can have!

June 20th we'll try exactly the same format at Vinton. (This can also serve

as a rain day for the McBride Young Eagles.) It won't be a scheduled chapter meeting, but we will plan to have the grill fired up around noon for hungry folks! Come on by and enjoy again!

Tim Busch is coordinating the Young Eagle activities.

(Directions to McBride Airport:)

Blair's Ferry Road runs east and west across the north edge of Cedar Rapids. C Avenue runs north and south and crosses Blair's Ferry Road at the Collins complex on C Ave. Take C Avenue north from Blair's Ferry. After you get past all the new houses

on the right (probably about 1 1/2 or 2 miles), the airport is on the right. There's a faded sign at the entrance, I think. The entrance is immediately

north of a small woods, so it's tough to see very far ahead of time.

-Keith Williams

What You Missed...

I think all who attended last month's meeting will agree it was by far the best we will have all year. About 86 of you showed up for the banquet. At least I think it was 86, you wouldn't stay still long enough for me to count. The food was good, the entertainment great and the speaker was outstanding! Tom Barrett was much more interesting than I had imagined. I could listen to him talk for an entire day.

Thanks to Max Dirks for recruiting him to come down and to all those who helped organize and support the dinner. If you didn't go to the meeting, you really missed out. If you ever get a chance to hear Tom Barrett speak again, don't miss it.

Chapter Business

There really wasn't much business to report except for my goof on the Young Eagles dates this month. Remember it is McBride on June 6th and Vinton on June 20th.

Officer's Column

Hi. For those of you new to the chapter my name is Tom Olson. I was elected to the board last fall. I have been a chapter member for the past 15 years or so and this is the first occasion for me to be in a leadership position in the chapter.

I know that our chapter has struggled for quite some time to establish what we are all about and what we as a chapter should be. The current officers have discussed this subject at some length. I believe it will be difficult to write a concise definition of what our chapter is or should be.

I do know that I am eternally grateful to all those chapter members who have helped me over the years to complete one airplane, nearly complete another, and share in the joy and satisfaction of having done so. Their names are too numerous to mention. I don't believe anyone should attempt such a project without the support of a local EAA chapter.

However, we have many homebuilders and interested people in the local area that choose not to join or participate in our chapter. This has concerned me for many years. Some of these builders have told me they just don't see the benefit.

I believe that this is due in part to a natural human desire not to bother others or feel that it would be an imposition if they were to ask someone they didn't know well for help, to borrow a tool, or get a ride in their airplane. Unfortunately, a genuine friendship cannot develop until we break down these barriers and are willing to ask for help and provide help. I encourage everyone to participate fully in our chapter by both asking and providing help to others. We will know we are successful when nearly everyone in the local area with an interest in the EAA joins our chapter for the friendship and assistance that we provide to each other.

The Tool Loan program we are attempting to establish is definitely a step in the right direction and I applaud all those who are willing to loan their tools. I challenge all of the membership to help the chapter leadership with similar new ideas that will enhance the value of being a chapter member.

On a final note, I would like to announce that the paper work to establish me as a Designee for aluminum airframe work is now complete. I need at least 3 visits per year just to maintain this designation so please don't hesitate to give me a call.

-Tom Olson


Chapter Open House

PSAir has re-decided their pancake breakfast date: July 18. That's a

Saturday, which may actually be better for our Open House, so the Chapter 33 Open House is tentatively scheduled for that date. John Anderson has generously agreed to head up the Open House activities. Please give him all the support you can.

Long EZ

The Long EZ of Randy Hartman and Bernie Hayes, displayed at our April meeting, made its first flight May 9. It probably went so well because of his two wingmen, EZ drivers Ron White and Terry Scherman. Second flight was May 17. Congratulations, guys!


Roger Smith reported that he just investigated the cost of his insurance. He learned that AVEMCO gives a discount to EAA members, and in addition gives a 5% discount if you are a member of an EAA chapter! On top of all that, the deductible is waived if you are an EAA member.

This is one place where it truly pays (in real money!) to be a member of EAA and of a chapter. When your insurance comes due, check it out for your situation. Roger saved a few hundred dollars by doing his homework. He's now back with AVEMCO.

Note: This only applies to aircraft owners not renters.


I received the following message from across the pond...


Just a brief introduction from an EAA member overseas as we surf Chapter web-sites around the world. It's great to see the web being used by aviation enthusiasts to keep coms. from different nations and to proudly show their excellent personal aviation achievements. We are building replica metal warbirds, you may like to view these on http://www.pns.net/Spitfire.

Cheers for now and blue skies

John M Frew

EAA 573072

Supermarine Aircraft Factory

Message Board

I also received this message...

We have just started a Message Board devoted to Sport Aviation . Visit it at


Please feel free to post any messages about any of your interests in aviation. All of the EAA Chapters and other Aviation Clubs that are online are being contacted. If you are looking for hard to get parts, have a problem related to building or repairing, have a plane for sale (individuals only), want to discuss anything about aviation. We are looking forward to reading your posts.

Palmetto Sport Aviation

EAA Chapter 242

Jim Streeter - emouth - Bigmouth

PS Air

PS Air cordially invites Chapter 33 members to their end-of-the-month happening. The last Friday of each month, they provide food and drink from 4:30 to 7:30. It's a great opportunity for you to meet other pilots and do some hangar flyin'!

EAA Chapter 33

President Keith Williams (319) 395-7405

Vice President John Ruyle (319) 644-3225

Secretary/Newsletter Editor Dave Griffiths (319) 432-6670

(Send articles to 900 Garfield Ave, Tipton, IA 52772 or griff@netins.net)

Treasurer Terry Scherman

Technical Counselor Marv Hoppenworth (319) 396-6283

Flight Advisor Dave Lammers (319) 337-1425

Young Eagles Tim Busch (319) 393-9069

Directors Tom Olson, John Banes, Roger Smith

Young Eagles

We have two Young Eagles events scheduled for this summer. The first one at McBride airport on Saturday June 6th. The second at Vinton on Saturday June 20th. We will try to make this as big an event as possible with possibly parachuters and model airplanes and food, etc.. If you would like to help in any way, we could certainly use it, contact Tim Busch at (319) 393-9069. The events are currently scheduled for 8AM - 12PM. There will be a chapter meeting afterwards on the 6th at McBride.

Trivial Pursuit

Last month's question was: Who where was the first flight attendant from? I only received one answer. It was from John Ockenfels of Iowa City. John not only gave the correct location of Cresco, IA, he also gave her name, Ellen Church.

Now for this month's question. Did the United States build a canard pusher prop fighter during WWII? If so who made it and what was it's name?

If you know the correct answer, show the rest of us how smart you are and be immortalized in the next Newsletter by being the first one to send it to:

Dave Griffiths
900 Garfield Ave.
Tipton, IA 52772
(319) 432-6670

Next Month

Next Month we will have an Open House at PS Air on July 18th and possibly a fly-in in Iowa City on the 11th. Watch the newsletter for more information.


Looking for miscellaneous AN hardware, 4130-N tubing and fittings. Tom Harris (319) 362-6323

For Sale

One share of interest in two airplanes based at Greencastle airport, $2,700. The first airplane is a 1946 J-3 Cub($13.00/hour wet). The second is a 1947 Cessna 140($15.00/hour wet). Well maintained and always accessible. Tail wheel endorsement required. Monthly dues of $45.00 for hangar rent and insurance. Dale Yoder (319) 337-7071 or Walter Rich (319) 364-3733.

Acro Sport II, fuselage on gear, wings nearly ready to assemble, fittings cut out, most material to finish. $8,500.00 Warren Lacey (319) 462-4009

Cessna steering mechanism and yokes to sell and a pair of cavalier sides to give away. Tom Harris (319) 362-6323

I produce software for airfoil analysis and plotting. In addition, I am publishing an on-line magazine on the use of computers for aircraft analysis. It will appear in January, 1998. The url is: http://www.hanleyinnovations.com Patrick Hanley, Ph.D. Software Developer. Mail Inquiries to:

Hanley Innovations

PO Box 870

Storrs, CT 06268

Phone: (860) 423-4060

We have FORTAL Aluminum cut offs in hundreds of sizes at our web site stock list. http://www.mousebar.com/fhome.html FORTAL meets or exceeds Spec. 7075-T651 alloy. FULL SPECS AT SITE! If you need the tensile strength of 1020-40 mild steel and the weight of Aluminum, our FORTAL Aluminum is your best bet! This alloy is used by Airbus and is made by Picheney/Rhenalu. If you are need quality Hi Strength Aluminum for your project, we sell mail order for $4 a pound or less, plus shipping cost. You select the size from our list and save yourself the cut off charge that is normally charged by regular suppliers. If you are an aircraft homebuilder or you are a technician, machinist, researcher or inventor and you have a special project that requires a good aerospace aluminum, check our site! We ship the same day as your order is processed and we take Visa/MasterCard and American Express. We only sell the sizes shown in the stock list and the Bunch O' Blocks hobby package, but all of our stock is FORTAL 7075-T651 and you will probably find a size you need. We are always adding stock, so if you can't find a size you need, give us a call. If you are building any of the following you should consider FORTAL! Aircraft parts, racing car components, lightweight recreation equipment, tooling, yachting parts and fittings, bicycle components, jigs and fixtures, scientific apparatus, robotics, machine parts, engine components, production parts, molds, fixtures or any place you need strength and low weight. FORTAL is one of the strongest Aluminum alloys ever made! All material are sorted, sized and condition graded and we can help you with exact sizing if you call. The sizes listed are SMALLER than the actual size by ~.050-.100 to give you a stock allowance for machining or cutting. Email me if you want to be on our mailing list: jaba@mousebar.com. Toll free number 888 (466) 8732 or (414) 895-3005 FAX (414) 895-3600

Chapter 33 Calendar

June 6 Young Eagles, McBride Airport 8AM --- Chapter Meeting 12PM

June 20 Young Eagles Vinton Airport, 8AM,

July 11 Possible Fly-In lunch at Iowa City?

July 18 Open House, PSAir

Other Chapters

June 1-27 Ottumwa, IA Light a/c construction workshop (515) 432-6319

June 21 Osceola, IA Chapter 113 Fly-in Breakfast (734) 342-4230

June 27 Burlington Airport, Chapter 700 Fly-In Brat Supper/Young Eagles, 4-7 PM, PIC eats free! (319) 754-4701

June 27-28 QUAD CITY AIRSHOW, Davenport, (319) 285-7469

Experimental Aircraft Association

Alexander M. Lippisch Chapter 33

c/o Dave Griffiths

900 Garfield Ave.

Tipton, IA 52772