May '98 Volume 98.5


This Month

As usual, do yourself a favor, don't miss this month's meeting! This year's annual ladies night banquet will be something special; don't miss it!

The facts are simple: May 1, 1998, Ranch Supper Club(South of Swisher, just off old 218, immediately north of the river, the star on the map marks the spot) Price: $15/person(includes tax and gratuity) 6:30 Cash bar, 7:15 Dinner(buffet), Entertainment, Speaker, Friends

You simply can't go wrong! Call Pat Williams at 395-7405 to see if there is still space available.



This Month


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For Sale

Chapter 33's primary talent scout, Max Dirks, has secured a speaker whom we will all enjoy: Mr. Tom Barrett, Director of the EAA Air Adventure Museum. That in itself is great, but his message is not even about our great museum! Tom's presentation will be "High Altitude Reconnaissance During the Cold War." He'll talk about RB-57F, U-2, and SR-71 operations. Tom's a 10,000+ hour pilot, and many of those hours were gathered above 80,000 feet, 11 hours at a time! You can be certain that you'll learn things about our "spook" operations that you didn't know before, and that both ladies and gentlemen will have questions to keep Tom going well after his video and slide presentation.

This is Your Last Month

...for the Newsletter if you haven't paid your 1998 chapter dues. If you aren't sure if your dues are paid look at your mailing label. If it doesn't say "Paid '98" or "Comp." on it then you are behind. Send your check for $15 to Terry Scherman, 1203 16th Street SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404.

What You Missed...

Last month we had a very interesting meeting in the hangar at PSAir. We were treated to Jim Zangger's beautiful Taylorcraft

and a LongEZ

that is nearly completed. Jim told us the story of how the Taylorcraft ended up in his possession and what it took to restore it. Thanks Jim.

Chapter Business

Our Vice President John Ruyle opened the meeting, due to Keith Williams being out of town. The turn out was quite good, around forty I would say. We are looking for volunteers to work weekends at Oshkosh.

Tim Busch spoke a few words and asked all of us to fly some Young Eagles. Tim pointed out that these kids bring their parents and they might be persuaded to join EAA. We are also looking for suggestions on where and when to have these events. Two are scheduled for June 6th and 20th.

John Ruyle encourages everyone to bring their plane to the Open House at PSAir. It was suggested that we try to limit the display time to 3 hours and use ropes to keep people back.

John brought us up to date on the Kennedy project. EAA says it can be done, but whoever signs off on the project has 17 years exposure of liability. This could be setup so that it falls on the Officers of the Chapter. It was suggested to form a private club within the Chapter to finish the project and assume liability.

A member moved that Keith Williams be reimbursed for his expenses incurred on his trip to the leadership conference. The motion was seconded and passed.

A set of John and Martha King tapes have been donated to the Chapter. Contact Tim Busch to borrow them.

EAA has a new logo(see below).

Officer's Column

I'm just back from flying-a few loops, a few snap-loops, a wicked stall from which recovery was impossible, and a gentle wing-low landing on the second flight. If you haven't tried sport (or stunt) kite flying, give it a whirl! On nice days such as we've enjoyed recently, the blue sky just invites-begs- us to be in it. In my case, often a kite permits instant participation and it's a lot of fun. (Don't laugh. Ben Franklin and Mr. Marconi didn't turn out too badly.)

That's what's so great about Sport Aviation! One size does not fit all; there's a large variety of things which fly from which to choose. No one form is more "right" than the others. As the saying goes, "It depends!" Chapter 33 members illustrate that. We have antiques, classics, store-boughts, homebuilts, biplanes, open cockpits, low-and-slowers, the latest in state-of-the-art metal planes, and slick glass speedsters. And, at least at one time, each one was the best for its proud owner.

With an assortment like that, we should make quite a showing at the first Chapter 33 Open House planned for late July! (More elsewhere.)

The flying season is upon us. In our hobby, a single "problem" may not be very significant in itself. However, the consequences of a simple failure or error can range from inconvenient to disastrous. Everything we do has some risk. Carefully consider the risks and reduce them to the point where the consequences of anything which could happen are acceptable. Then, go forth and enjoy! Don't get lax when it comes to safety!

We're about to wind up the "winter phase" of our chapter year with a banquet, and what a banquet it will be! I was going to promote it as "satisfaction guaranteed" but Pat cautioned against that. But, trust me this once, you'll enjoy it. We have entertainment and perhaps the hottest EAA program going, "High Altitude Reconnaissance During the Cold War", illustrated with video and slides. If you're not already signed up, give Pat a call at 395-7405 and hope there's still room!

--Keith Williams


Board Meeting

The Board of Directors met April 23 to plan summer Chapter events and discuss future actions and activities. Six persons were present.

According to Chapter 33 bylaws (and common sense), meetings of the Board of Directors are open to each member. Since these are often called on short notice, it is not possible to publish a meeting notice in the newsletter beforehand. Therefore, if you would like to be notified of future board meetings so you could attend, please let the president know. Then you'll be advised of future meetings.

June and July meetings were established, and the date of July 26 was set for our Open House.

Our president suggested that the Chapter participate in a self-appraisal exercise which would result in creation of a mission statement and goals. This is more of a winter activity than a summer activity, so no action is being taken in the near future. However, it might be beneficial for the future of the Chapter if a group of interested members would devote some time to the activity.

Tim Busch, Young Eagles coordinator, was present and our Young Eagles activities were planned.


Jim Bacher

The builder and flyer of the beautiful Starduster Too, Jim Bacher, is temporarily self-grounded due to health problems. After many weeks, the medical profession still hasn't yet been able to pinpoint the cause of troublesome headaches. The good news is that they have pretty well ruled out a tumor. So, Jim has two problems: he can't participate in our favorite sport on these nice days, and he has what must be termed a health problem until a solution is found. If you'd care to pass along a word of encouragement during this period of stress, he'd appreciate it.

Chapter Open House

A Chapter 33 Open House is scheduled for Sunday, July 26, in conjunction with the pancake breakfast at PS Air. We'll try to have a wide variety of aircraft on public display and other aviation-related activities which would serve to introduce both youngsters and oldsters to aviation.

In addition, we'll help with the pancake part and share in the proceeds!

PS Air

PS Air cordially invites Chapter 33 members to their end-of-the-month happening. The last Friday of each month, they provide food and drink from 4:30 to 7:30. It's a great opportunity for you to meet other pilots and do some hangar flyin'!

EAA Chapter 33

President Keith Williams (319) 395-7405

Vice President John Ruyle (319) 644-3225

Secretary/Newsletter Editor Dave Griffiths (319) 432-6670

(Send articles to 900 Garfield Ave, Tipton, IA 52772 or griff@netins.net)

Treasurer Terry Scherman

Technical Counselor Marv Hoppenworth (319) 396-6283

Flight Advisor Dave Lammers (319) 337-1425

Young Eagles Tim Busch (319) 393-9069

Directors Tom Olson, John Banes, Roger Smith

Young Eagles

We have two Young Eagles events scheduled for this summer. The first one at Vinton on Saturday June 6th. The second at MacBride on Saturday June 20th. We will try to make this as big an event as possible with possibly parachuters and model airplanes and food, etc.. If you would like to help in any way, we could certainly use it, contact Tim Busch at (319) 393-9069. The events are currently scheduled for 8AM - 12PM. There will be a chapter meeting afterwards on the 20th at MacBride.


Chapter 1158 is raffling off a ride in EAA founder Paul Poberezny's P51 Mustang. Tickets are $25 each. Send your check to Steve Roensch, Board Member, Raffle Chairman, Kettle Moraine EAA Chapter 1158, West Bend, Wisconsin(zip missing).

Trivial Pursuit

Last month's question was: What was the first winged aircraft to break the sound barrier? No one had the answer I was looking for, this is either because my information is incorrect or not widely known. In any event the answer I was looking for was the German V2 rocket. No, not the run of the mill V2. The German's experimented with putting wings on some V2s. These would have been the first supersonic "winged" aircraft I am aware of.

Now for this month's question: Where was the first flight attendant from?

If you know the correct answer, show the rest of us how smart you are and be immortalized in the next Newsletter by being the first one to send it to:

Dave Griffiths
900 Garfield Ave.
Tipton, IA 52772
(319) 432-6670

Next Month

Next Month we will be meeting at MacBride on June 20th at 12PM. Don't forget to come early at 8AM for the Young Eagles event and then stay for the meeting. We will also have a Young Eagles day at Vinton at 8AM on June 6th.


Looking for miscellaneous AN hardware, 4130-N tubing and fittings. Tom Harris (319) 362-6323

For Sale

Acro Sport II, fuselage on gear, wings nearly ready to assemble, fittings cut out, most material to finish. $8,500.00 Warren Lacey (319) 462-4009

Cessna steering mechanism and yokes to sell and a pair of cavalier sides to give away. Tom Harris (319) 362-6323

I produce software for airfoil analysis and plotting. In addition, I am publishing an on-line magazine on the use of computers for aircraft analysis. It will appear in January, 1998. The url is: http://www.hanleyinnovations.com Patrick Hanley, Ph.D. Software Developer. Mail Inquiries to:

Hanley Innovations

PO Box 870

Storrs, CT 06268

Phone: (860) 423-4060

Alexander M. Lippisch Chapter 33

Experimental Aircraft Association

c/o Dave Griffiths

900 Garfield Ave.

Tipton, IA 52772

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Chapter 33 Calendar

May 1 Chapter Meeting/"Ladies Night"

Ranch Supper Club 6:30 PM

May 16 Chapter 509 Pancake Breakfast, Eau Claire, WI

June 6 Young Eagles, Vinton 8AM

June 20 Young Eagles MacBride, 8AM, Chapter Meeting 12PM

July 26 Open House, PSAir